Sasquatch: How To Deal With a Bigfoot


Sasquatch or Bigfoot is not publicity hungry like ghosts or demons. That’s why you don’t see them very often, their mamas don’t raise fools. If you do encounter a lost bigfoot, please remember:

1. If you must take photos or video, be sensitive. He or she probably remembers the frontier days when there was a bounty on their heads and hunters took trophy photos like this one. Just the sight of camera could cause him or her to panic.

If you do upload Sasquatch photos to this site, please do not include the geo-coordinates and try to blur the faces of any minor Sasquatches under 100 years old.

2.  Do not feed the Sasquatch. They are very strict vegans and there is no way you can accommodate this diet in the city.

3. Help Bigfoot find his or her way home. Travel at night to not attract attention. Avoid impressionable spots where footprints will give away your location.

4. Don’t get too close, no matter how cold you get or how nice he seems. Sasquatches are very cuddly but also VERY strong. Think of it this way –  grizzly bears refer to dangerously tight hugs as “Sasquatch Hugs.”