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  1. Zyboragon says

    Hmm Homemade Vanilla Extract. Oh….um err… This is an outrage! Believe it or not.. Zombies have actually been selling products like this (at the price of two brains a head (no pun intended)). Using my connections with zombies, I decided to ask right after seeing this post, I asked my good zombie friend teeeerrrrriiiieeee..(Terry) why zombies were doing this, he responded “hurrrrr urrrr errrr”, a rough translation of “spread the wealth”.
    Also Terry wants to make a business deal with you, Seth, for zombie specimens… He was asking a crazy price so I told him you declined.

    • Seth says

      Hail Zyboragon,

      Interesting information. Apparently zombies are often named Terry. I personally know several zombies named Terry and there a number of other zombies named Terry (or variations on Terry) that have become semi famous online. Makes me wonder if humans named Terry are more susceptible to ZSE than other humans or if they have some personality trait that makes them more inclined to get into situations where they get chewed on by the undead or if zombies just like the name Terry because you can say it without nuding your lits? Any thoughts?

      Thanks again and keep on keeping on.


      P.S. Good call on the zombie specimens. After my last attempt at a zombie autopsy I am a bit leery of trying again. Not to mention that the Zombie Actors Guild is still after me. Something about failure to pay residuals or something like that.

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