Seth On Survival – Episode 1 – Zombiology 101.3
Seth On Survival – Episode 2 – Zombie Autopsy
Seth On Survival – Episode 3 – Zombie Quarantine
Seth On Survival – Episode 4 – The Great Zombie Debate
Seth On Survival – Episode 5 – Zombie Battle
by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

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  • please all of you. you are the first to hear my words. life and death only has one answer ( IDK )
    i understand if it will take you awhile but, this is the first. solve this >( gnitiaw.eth.detinu)

  • AdmiralEpic13

    Hey Seth, isn’t your hair a bit to long for you to be performing an autopsy on a zombie. Same goes for Graham.

    • Hail Admiral,

      Thanks for your SOS message despite its hairy critique. Please tell, what iyho is the correct hair measurements for an effective zombie autopsy and why?

      Keep on keeping on,


      • Seth I am being you how do you down load your monstronameter on iTunes I don’t know how it shows me pictures descriptions bot no download button nothing please help me

        • Hail Meyonce,

          Here is a link for you:


          This should take you where you need to go.

          Keep on keeping on.


          • Seth I am I’m on iTunes when I do it I don’t know what button to push can you put it on playlist for me to download it im on android I don’t know how to download it on android

            • Hail Meyonce,

              Thanks for your patience with the limitations of SOS. Unfortunately there is STILL no Android version of The Monstrometer. My apologies for this fact but it really goes back to survival. SOS survives, somehow, supernaturally day to day against all odds on the contribution energy of great survivors like you and the other contributors you see here on the site. We have yet to find the right sale for our soul! Which means, unfortunately, no Android version of The Monstrometer πŸ™ —however on the πŸ™‚ side, we still have lots of soul to sell!


            • But while the Monstrometer may not be available on Android you can watch all of my videos here on the site. And maybe you have a friend who has an iPad or an iPhone who can download the Monstrometer for you and then you can try it out.

  • I tried this werewolf potion I think it worked I’m in pain for two 1st not telling 2nd pain in my stomach light headed after I did it I growled like a wolf I coulda never made a sound close to that my friends is a vampire after he did the potion now my other friend wants to do it

  • Who has seen the moon the last few nights and seen how bright it is?

  • Hey seth, im really worried, your app said that im a time traveler, but then after it said im a vampire, is that possible? Well, time traveler was 98% but so was vampire. I really hope you can help me. Im lost.


    • Hail Bekki,

      Thanks for your SOS message and for keeping on keeping on out there during the dark holiday season. It is indeed possible to be both a time traveller and a vampire. Indeed most vampires will jump at the chance to travel back in time usually to the time just before their change, to visit the ones they loved first. However only time and regular scanning with the Monstrometer can confirm if this is the case for you. Do you suspect you are a genetic vampire or have you been bitten?


  • Hi Seth, my name is Chesney and I have a bunch of questions but I’ll just ask you two for now. If anyone was born on a full moon, would that mean they are part werewolf? And also, is it possible for someone turn themselves into vampires without another vampire?

  • Hi Seth. My name is chesney and I have a bunch of questions but I will just start withtwo. Could anyone turn themselves into a vampire without another vampire and I someone was born on a full moon would that mean they are part werewolf?

    • Hail Chesney,

      Thanks for your supernatural query. As I understand vampires now the answer to your question is no and yes and depends. No a non-vampire cannot turn themselves vampire without the intervention of an already affected/infected third party. However, if you carry the genetic sequences of a genetic vampire the answer is yes, maybe. Whether or not you express this genetic heritage is indeed up to you and dependant on part on your choices in life. That’s why knowing yourself and your family heritage is so important. And the answer to your second question is yes, many genetic werewolves are indeed born on a full moon indeed on a particular full moon that is special to them and from which they draw extra powers. Do you know your moon? If not, a visit to yourlupinelife.com can help you to figure that out.

      Thanks for keeping on keeping on in the dark season!


      • werewolf girl

        seth i was born on a day that was a full moon but i was born in the day not the night i was born around 2 in the afternoon

      • Beast

        Hi Seth can you help me my name is beast I can turn into a werewolf that drinks blood its an evil white wolf with blood red eyes with pearl white fangs I can’t control it can break through metal it’s as big as a pickup truck I think I’m also half vampire my mom is definitely a vampire she has skin that burns in the sun she dosent really change over the years we’ll just her skin changes but her face is always the same every time I talk about Transylvania she tries to change the subject or ignores me how can I control this blood drinking wolf its also evil and kills people to not only drink there blood or eat them sometimes it kills just for fun for pure pleasure my mom is 100% vampire and my dad 100% werewolf and me a vampiric demonic werewolf how can I control this monster inside of me.

  • Nightstalker

    Hey Seth need some help. I’m new here and I have some questions but I’ll just narrow it down. Nearing the halfway mark of 2015 I had a strange dream that I need some help fully understanding. I have my suspicions but thought I should get someone else’s opinion. I am running down a bush track with large trees on both sides of me and I am running somewhere where I don’t know but I feel free and I keep running until not long after I start running on all fours. I keep running for a while when I come across something that’s eating what seems to be the remains of a person and it looks up at me I hear it growl, even from the long distance I was from it and it runs full pelt towards me but I just speed up and just as I am about to leap at it it snarls at me and runs off into the woods so I just keep running again. Also one time I asked my parents about our family history they said its nothing important and to just not bring up the subject again so naturally I keep bringing it back up until they ignored me so that night I started doing my research but then my parents caught me and they got really angry. Have any idea what that may mean? My folks have never been weird like that before and haven’t been since but I still can’t get it out of my head.

    • LeighWolf

      Hey nightstalker i have a question. Was the creatures fur brown, red eyes and long jagged k9s? Because i had the same dream on the night and before and after my 13th birthday then things changed. Even tho my family doesnt know about it. Ive trying to get help on here but no one seems o be helping cause i need a demons help this time cause even tho im part wolf im also part demon and i cant control my abilities so yeah. But if you need help feel free to ask im on here every day.

      • Nightstalker

        Thanks for the response guys. The creature does match LeighWolf’s description except it was a like brown coat. Also the other day a guy was shoving me around so I shoved him back but when he swung a punch my body suddenly reacted and I ended up hurting him badly, I don’t know why but got the sudden urge to tear him apart with not just my hands but teeth? This doesn’t always happen but I have always had a bit of an anger problem but I usually subdue it until it breaks loose and it feels like it has a mid of it’s own.

    • Fenrir Iceborn

      Your mind knows something is going to happen.
      This creature what did it look like. Certain clans have certain features, also hello.
      The avoidance of family history is interesting in your case. They probably know something but we’re hoping it wouldn’t effect you and now can’t accept that it is.
      I would say your probably a genetic wolf and going to change soon. The extra Adrenaline in your system would explain the dream. You’re going to be sorta wild for a bit. Should start to fade after shifting.

  • Nightstalker

    Hey guys my name is nightstalker. I recently posted a question that went through but didn’t come up in the comments. Anyone know what’s up?

  • Nightstalker

    Oh, never mind about the one asking why it hasn’t come up 😳 πŸ™‚

  • LeighWolf

    Hey seth can you please help me out im half wolf and half demon and im not able to control my abilities can you give me any tips or find someone to help me out

  • LeighWolf03

    Hey is there any werewolves or demons or wolf demons out there that can help me out?

  • I need help, my temper has risen a ton after my last birthday and also now I can growl like a wolf and my eyes sometimes glow blue like a wolfs, what does this mean?

    • Fenrir Iceborn

      Natural wolves have gold eyes. Only dogs have blue eyes, your television had lied to you. Dogs and halfbreeds have blue eyes, wolves’ eyes are yellow, gold, or greenish.
      Now that that mistake is corrected, your condition is still interesting. Hmmm strange. You may be a werewolf nearing a shift, but it sounds more like your a Berserker. They were powerful warriors who fought in a state of channeled rage. They wore bearskin cloaks.

  • Nightstalker

    How do I know what moon I am to shift under if I truely am a Lycan?

  • Leighwolf

    I need help lately my anger issues gotten worse sense the past full moon and im having extreme loss of control of my actions and im terrorified of whats going on pl e ase help someone

  • dragonswerewolf

    why.. are the videos.. all… ZUMBIES O_O πŸ˜• just wondering XD

  • dragonswerewolf

    leigh wolf.. i would help.. if……… o-o i … wasent.. a new wereowlf.. but i am.. IM IM SCARED OVER iT O_O

  • dragonswerewolf

    i mean i did to a twilight spell and eh.. my friend told mne to -_- seeing as.. i was gonna be one already thx to a bite -_- but that dont mater..

  • dragonswerewolf

    MY RIGHT EYE GOLDEN ISH red.. idk wer ethe red is from o-o

  • Werewolfme17

    How do I become a werewolf please tell me and if the only way is getting bit anyone know any werewolves to turn me into one.

  • Hello

    I’m a witch and I can give you some tips on witches and witchcraft and what it’s like

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