Seth On Survival – Episode 1 – Zombiology 101.3
Seth On Survival – Episode 2 – Zombie Autopsy
Seth On Survival – Episode 3 – Zombie Quarantine
Seth On Survival – Episode 4 – The Great Zombie Debate
Seth On Survival – Episode 5 – Zombie Battle
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  • Werewolf13

    Well Seth what do you suggest if I am going to zombie proof my room?

    • There are many things to zombie proof your room, like putting torches on your walls. But if you want to do something your parents will agree will, try setting up a camera in your room. Sorry, that has nothing to do with setting a zombie proof room. But I do know one thing… Zombies hat dogs. Keep any kind of dog in your room at all times. Big dog, yappy dog, ect. Just no little dogs. (Could get eaten) 💡

  • The real werewolf

    Seth i think i am a werewolf 😕

    • Hail TRW,

      Thanks for this self-report. Thinking you are a werewolf is often the first step to actually being a werewolf. I note from your emails that you first began to howl immediately following the Harvest Moon. Do you recall what happened on the nights of September 30 – October 2?

      Keep on keeping on,


      • Esper

        Hi Seth, I think I am something like a werewolf. I actually think I’m a were-coyote, because I love coyotes so much! Do you know how I can tell- and what I can do? (note: don’t email me, my mail got canceled)

  • Evranth(turtleman)

    Seth have you been watching the walking dead I’ve just fineshed seson2 and have started playing the game its great! =-)

  • magnus

    how i become a werewolf

    • Jaffassassin

      By learning Grammar.

      • Zyboragon

        Hail magnus, I’m not sure of we’ve met before, (so many names).
        Please excuse Jaffa, he has become quite… rude as of late.

        There are many ways one can become a werewolf, being bitten is probably the most common, then you have your lunar curses, witch/warlock curses, etc.

        One of the recommended ways is to find someone who is a werewolf that can control him/her self and is willing to teach you how to control your wolf if they decided to share some of their werewolf blood.

        There are probably more accurate, safe, and better ways to become one, I’m afraid you’ll need to speak to a werewolf in order to get more insight, as my knowledge is based mostly on stories that Enigma told me.

        Hope this helps.

      • Sugar

        Hey, that’s not very nice,

    • Jaffassassin

      Sorry, force of habit. Another way to become a werewolf is to have a wolf spirit placed in you. Many say that you can also drink out of a wolves paw or paw print, however I don’t know whether that’s true. However, if you would like, I could also teach you to how to change your shape.

    • Chauncey 2.0

      I have a way. Bring me the heart of a sheep, liver of a dog, hand of a man, bone of a dragon and the pelt of a wolf. And a gallon of the blood of a virgin.

      Or maybe you shouldn’t trust me. I highly recommend you don’t. But it’s the quickest way to become one.

      • Hail Chauncey 2.0,

        Belated thanks for checking in after your long hibernation. It takes a big person or person-like thing to admit when he can’t be trusted so well, kudos for that. Why were you hibernating anyway? Do you hibernate often? If so how?

        I’m still deciding if I will play your games, the Chauncey 2.0 Games. I mean, I like games but your last games? Not so much. What are the prizes this time?

        But I will go to your games comment and propose a spot and then I will decide if I should play or warn the world about your activities…


        • Chauncey 2.0

          Seth, the winner of the Chauncey games gets Dren’s soul, a retreat for the afterlife, courtesy of Angels & Deamons Real Estate LLC.

          And the honor of saying you can kįll everyone.

    • Hail Magnus,

      Thanks for checking into Survival. SOS is a community normally pretty helpful supernatural survivors just like you. Things do get a bit ah complicated around here on the full moon as you can tell, so just keep your real name secret and never tell your real location no matter how helpful anyone seems. Your survival is our survival. So allow me to introduce your advisors here:

      Mr. Jaffa, who you can read about here, is normally a very helpful magic user but he’s under an assassin imperative at the moment so definitely keep that in mind when you read his advice. At least until we know is current orders.

      Zyboragon, like anyone with a big, metal ghost dragon form, has a lot of great advice you can read about Zyboragon here but he’s currently in mourning so keep that in mind.

      Chauncey 2.0 is well, a cybernetic being with some issues, to say the least. Apparently he just came out of hibernation. But he is hosting his own games though on the site I hear, the Chauncey Games, which you can read about here. Although they sounded pretty fun at first, I’m still deciding if I will play. I like games…

      Shadowhunter’s comment to you is linked here. Shadowhunter is on the search for a greater demon but seems pretty sensible aside from that. You know anything about Greater Demons?

      Now back to you. Are you a human? Like a full human, 99.98%? OR something else?

      Keep on keeping on.


    • Sugar

      1. a person can become a werewolf by being born a werewolf, bitten by a werewolf, cursed by someone you have wronged in some way, and being given the power threw sorcery. These are the only real ways.


  • Shadowhunter

    For the love of the Angel, why would anyone want to become a werewolf intentionally?

    • Zyboragon

      A valid question Shadowhunter, the only thought I have is the old saying “curiosity kiIIed the cat”, granted we aren’t talking cats here, curiosity may be a considerable cause. One further note, there is impulse, before a human matures, they may act on impulse, perhaps a way to satisfy power hunger or confidence?

    • Sugar

      I don’t like being a werewolf, but there is no cure to the curse 🙁
      That’s been proven


  • Gabriella5917

    If next your doing a vampire…. PLEASE DONT GET HYPNOTIZED!

  • magnus

    hail seth im still a 100% human but i would die to be a werewolf

    from Magnus

    • Sugar

      Lets switch lives. I hate being a werewolf think about it this way

      Killing, running away destroying, clawing, bloody fur, unpopularity, wolffish eyes,
      You’ll lose friends, enemies with vampires,

  • shadow claw

    I think I might be a werewolf, but I’m not sure, is it weird to have a dream about a small pack of werewolves going wild on the full moon and killing a lot of people in the woods except for me, then when I finally wake up, I’m literally sweating from the dream, and my body was gasping for breath, what does this mean?!

  • Wolf lover

    Hey think I have the spirt of a shadow werewolf clan in me I drool and love muffins my firend and I have this culb we call the pack and nomelry I have dreams of killing livestock and wake up with the taste of raw meat in my mouth and I love any goth and shadow thats why I think I am shadow wolf

    • Moon Song

      There is an app that’s been made by the folks at yourlupinelife to test to see what kind of wolf you are. But based on your description I think you are right.

    • Sugar

      There are I such thing as shadow wolves. Get YourLupineLife app! And goth has nothing to do with werewolves, as goth worship Satan. Every werewolf likes muffins (well 98.79% do) and killing livestock? You’re trying to hard. I’m sorry but you may just be a wannabe 🙁 you sound like a psycho actually


  • Jorge

    I am i werewolf my dad talked to me about the moon and i dream about a white wolf

  • Romie.Wolfan

    Seth, I’m trying to protect my friend. I’m a werewolf and she understand that she wants to protect me, but i want her to know the dangers of helping me on those nights. that she can get really hurt or even die. When I ask her to not come to me or my crib on full moons, she says she can’t leave me out there with no help. Can you please make a video in half for me and my friend about the dangers of going to my crib when I transform. Thank you

    • Hail Romie Wolfam,

      A somewhat belated thanks for this advice. Is your friend a human? If so, on behalf of humans thanks for trying to protect them.

      It’s a good point that you make. What if you choose a human for your crib keeper? Or a fairy? Sometimes things don’t turn out. I will take your educational video suggestion under advisement for my next next videos (My next videos will be out for Easter and feature one survivors recent adventures with a Frost Werewolf – more about that later.) But if in the meanwhile, you or any other survivors would like to make an educational video for werewolves, I would be more than happy to post and promote it. Just make sure you wear dark sunglasses to disguise your identity and don’t give away your location!

      You know what? I like your idea so much, I will offer a small prize to any survivor who makes this important educational video.

      Thanks for keeping on.


  • Seth, I think I am a werewolf, but my friends don’t think so and just say I’m crazy. But I have this….. Feeling in my gut. Can you help figure out if I am right of not? 😐

  • Do you know anything that can help me learn to control my werewolf self, or to help my friends become familiar about them ❓

    • Werewolf13

      Hello Black Magic I’m WW13! Nice to meet you! I see you have found out that you are indeed a were so I will help you with other things. Controlling your wolf is not that hard. All you need is patience and muffins. Just make sure you have a good sturdy crib for nights of full moon and that you can keep your anger on a low level. As for your friends, I would advise you to keep it a secret. You can’t trust everyone with information like this and you don’t want to have to end up explaining to a bunch of people that werewolves are real or worse, running from A-51 because they found out the truth. If you have anything else you need to know just ask!

      • Thank for your help! My grandma is good at makeing muffins. I’ll just tell her to put a pinch of wolfs bane in them…

        • Hail Black Magic!

          A good thought here but as a werewolf who has not transformed yet, I cannot in good conscience recommend this. While some WWs think this is a myth, I contend that wolfsbane is poisonous and especially poisonous to young werewolves. It’s not uncommon for parents to plant wolfsbane or have it in the house in the hopes of suspending or at least delaying their lycan children from transforming, but ingesting it is NOT recommended. Sure, dry some out and put it in a corner. You can even put some in a silver bag or locket and wear it, if you don’t want to transform. But above please don’t ingest it.

          Have you looking into the nano-silver clothing? It’s stylish and known to suppress lycanthropic impulses. For this reason, most experienced werewolves don’t like the nano-silver gear but if you are trying to keep the inner wolf at bay, every bit helps. Let me link that…

          Thanks for keeping on. If you are keeping on. I hope.


  • I just went on the ipad app Mylupinlife and found out I am a ghost werewolf from the atapan legion and my past is from the dog lord! ➡ You should really check it out Seth!

    • Hail Black Magic,

      Thanks for your SOS message. Although I have the app – indeed I helped the creators to make it – I’m not familiar with all of the results as I am still lamentably 99.98% human. What does that mean? Do you summon a dog lord ghost? Or…? Do you summon them with cherry pie? Or something else.

      Welcome to SOS. There’s one big survival rule here – no real names, ages or locations.

      Long may you keep on keeping on,


  • Seth, would you mind making a how to survive a werewolf attack? Me and my vampire friend would really love to know. (Also I think many of the humans out there might want to know, just in case……)

    • Hail Black Magic,

      Thanks for your video suggestion. I will add this to my list of survival video suggestions – did you mean a video? I can definitely see the urgent need for this. Who knows, maybe a wily Survivor will beat me to it and send in their video so I can post it!

      But it should be noted that the ways and means of surviving a werewolf attack vary somewhat across species. Take this example: it is often recommended to begin with a long soak in a tub filled with colloidal silver solution. (If you don’t have any colloidal silver, I highly recommend making some. All it takes is a battery, a wire and a piece of silverware or silver jewellery. Oh yeah and some water.) However if you don’t have any colloidal silver water on hand, it can’t hurt to just dump a load of silverware or silver jewelry into the tub. Unless your mom finds out. Then it can hurt, unfortunately. Now colloidal silver water is readily available at human health food stores. Unfortunately, if you are a vampire, this silver water solution can be dangerous. You see the complications? Anyway, let me work on this suggestion.

      Meanwhile I will add more info to the werewolves page and FEEL FREE TO MAKE AND SUBMIT YOUR OWN ADVICE VIDEO! Just remember to disguise your true identity… it’s the first rule of Survival.

      And thanks for keeping on.


  • Romie.Wolfan

    Ha, well if there’s a little prize I might go into this. Also I care for my friends a lot, I’ve known a lot of them since I was a baby so I care and protect them as if they are my own. So I take care and be warry when they go near my crib when it’s my time to change. I even make sure there houses are far from where my crib is, they lock it an i watch them leave as far as I can see which is pretty far. After I just wait till I become a werewolf, but I do remember a little that my friend did come back while I was becoming a werewolf. They saw only a glimps of me as I yelled to leave, they wanted to stay but I had to how them my face for them to leave. They saw my pain but they knew they had to leave so they did, but they did one mistake, left the door unlocked. I ran out but I tried to control myself not to go I’m there direction but I didnt go to there way.

  • Black Magic

    And one more thing. What if I get caught on tv without me knowing it? Like in the background or something when I’m getting… Angery?! 😯

  • Poppy

    I’m a werewolf you know Seth I watch your videos and they help 😈

  • Jdt

    How do you protect against werewolves? ❓

  • New werewolf

    Hi I’m a werewolf and I want to know how to control it do you know how?

  • werewolfgirl

    seth i am going to turn into a bonewerewolf on february 2014 i go to a school named p.s.55

  • Are there any werevamps on this site?

  • Seth, are you a werewolf like me?

  • New werewolf

    I’m a werewolf do any of you know how to be aboul to transform wham ever I want and control it ❓

  • Wild Moon

    Hi I’m a werewolf and I wanted to no how to prepar for the next wild moon?

    • Hail Wild Moon,

      Thanks for your SOS message. I will contact the werewolves at yourlupinlife.com for specific Wild Moon advice. Meanwhile, the full Death Moon is in approximately 72 hours so you need to begin preparing. First things first:

      1. Are you a bitten wolf or a genetic werewolf? If you are a bitten werewolf do you know who bit you?
      2. Have you experienced your first transformation yet? The first transformation is hardest because you will not be able to control it and your first nights as a wolf will be very confusing.

      As you can see here on the site, the vast majority of werewolves do not survive their first transformation without support of an experienced wolf or wolf pack.

      Thanks for keeping on.


  • Wolf link

    Ummm (agg) I th

  • Wolfy138

    Hi Seth I’m a werewolf that transforms on all full moons I have not had my first transformation yet bet I know it’s every full moon because my dad is a
    Werewolf and he transforms every full moon how to I prepare for it. ❓

    • Sugar

      Have you been a werewolf for a while? If yes you should be able to transform on will, I can and so can all my friends except 1 she’s only been a wolf for 2 moons


    • Sugar

      But the full moon, yah it forces you to transform. You should build a wolf crib. If you don’t know what that is, it’s some kind of security shelter. Have a trusted friend to lock you in too! For example: I have a shed! LOL. Read up there about wolf cribs.

    • Sugar

      Muffins! Don’t forget the muffins and meat! Never forget the 2 M’s of lycanthropy! 😀 THINK OF WEREWOLF M&M’S lol, what kind of help do you need?


  • supernaturalcataloger

    Do you guys know of any werewolves alliances in the michigan area?

  • supernaturalcataloger

    Wolfy138 I would suggest to make yourself a comfy crib for yourself

  • Alice wolfs

    I’m a genetic wolf, my friend suspects something I think she is a vampire luckily I’m a frost wolf but my other friends think I’m weird I get strong urges to bite my friends and people sometimes when I’m annoyed I can run really fast and I have to shave twice a week I’m really strong and I can tell who people are by there sent and I have amazing hearing. I’m female and in year 7 I could do with tips anyone help?

  • Wollfbabes2

    I’ve not transformed yet but I’m convinced I’m a werewolf XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and I can run faster than anyone I’m the strongest in my year and I can jump really high also I never get tired. On full moons I get really weird and pace round I can identify people by there smell and have really good hearing. I have a best friend who can sense things and she’s always serious about supernatural things and when I run and stuff she always shouts embrace your iner wolf and this same friend I feel really protective of but the want to bite her? Her big sister also looks at me like she’s trying to entimadate me and stuff. I think I’m a genetic wolf as I’ve never been attach/scratched by a wolf. Can any one help me or give me tips btw I’m a girl and I think that my transformation is coming soon

    Edited by Seth: Please do not post personal information like you full real name or age or location or email address. It is for your safety, your survival is important.

  • Sugar

    You might HAVE been bitten. Do any of your parents act suspiciously around the full moon? Remember, not all werewolves remember getting bitten, your brain instantly forgets what happened as a defence mechanism. Do you have any strange scars or marks that you don’t know how you got them? Yes, the full moon IS coming! April 23 through 25! 3 days of the full moon! Frost wolf? Nice. Have you read about your werewolf breed on YourLupineLife.com? You might find something interested about yourself 🙂


  • Wollfbabes2

    I don’t have any scars but genetics can miss out generations and the gene could occur in anyone in the blood line it could take 100 years for it to occur or1000 years to occur

  • Wolfy138

    Ok thanks I have one ready ❗

  • Marney

    Hello Seth. I am a Werewolf and I do not remember when my first or last change was. For a while now I have stopped changing and do not know why.. I may be a Wild Wolf. But any advise on why this is happening? Stress depression something else? Any advise will help. thank you. Also muffins for me DO NOT WORK but throw me seafood, crabcakes and I’ll be your friend for life lol (I live in Maryland so real crabcakes only or any seafood)

  • Alexwollfings

    I’m a genetic werewolf and even thou none of my living family are I know I am as since I started high school (I’m year 7) I can run faster jump higher and longer and am now very strong also on full moons I just want to be running round and pace round my room, is it true that you can have a protection urge with someone? Coz I’m very protective of my mates. I haven’t transformed but I can feel it this month dunno why or how but I can. My friends think I’m a bit weird do you have any tips that might help me deal with the full moon and help me not act so weird with my friends?

  • Alexwollfings

    I also get very angered and sad and feel things really deeply

  • Help4marney

    Some times you transform once every year or only on certain moons like the blue moon clan only transform on a blue moon on a leap year unless they can force themselves btw I’m alice wolfs in another name on this I just don’t know fully how to reply

  • Poppy

    Hey Seth How do I know if I’m a real werewolf I did spells I was bitten what?

    So yeah bye

  • Poppy

    😀 😎 hey I a, one I think probe i am.

    So if you want a werewolf spell just go on youtube type werewolf spell.

    So yeah bye Seth Your so cool

  • Wolf Mountain

    Hi Seth, I’m new here, found this awesome website by accident, must have been fate. Anyways, I think I’m a werewolf. I’m showing all the signs of lycanthropy. I’m strong, fast, have sharp teeth, very acute senses, the whole lot. So based on the signs, do you think I really am a werewolf? I haven’t transformed on a full moon, does the transformation happen at a certain age? Please reply ASAP. I need answers.
    By the way, LOVE the videos! 🙂

  • Wizard Overlord

    🙂 😀 o. O I am flattered by these people just to say ;! werewolves are so real and I a real dragon and like to talk * slaps self * if I know zombies (which I do) an easy way to take them out is to lock them in a glass container and shoot the joints

  • AliceGr

    I think I may be a werewolf even though I haven’t transformed yet, because I grow hair very quickly eg I have to shave twice a week and I’ve only been shaving since September and I’m a girl btw also in primary school I was a slow runner and now I’m one of the fastest and strongest and this sounds so much like I’m living but I like to stick my head out of window in the car and on full moons I feel weird like my muscles want to run and leap about but my head feels sleepy also I have a really bad temper and when I get emotional like anger sorrow nervous I put my hands in my pockets and dig my nails in. Is anyone able to help me.? Am I a wolf? And if I am could you help me with it tips and things?

    Edited by Seth: Please do not post any personal information for your own safety. Your survival is important.

    • Hail AliceGr,

      Thanks for your SOS message. It certainly sounds like you may be dealing with lycanthropy but it may be too soon to tell. If this has been happening since September I think we can rule out acquired or bitten lycanthropy. Unless did anything weird happen in September that you can recall? Any suspicious family members who disappear on the full moon?

      Do you ever wake up with dirty feet? Grass in your hair?

      I will try to send some more experienced werewolves your way meanwhile you can also check out the lycans at yourlupinelife.com. Meanwhile, try to keep your head in the car!

      Keep on keeping on,


      • AliceGr

        What do you mean by to early to tell? I’ve been going on lupine life for a while now and it has proved very good. Do you mean that lycanthropy can come on in stages? Also can you transform when you get angry nervous or scared? Also is it possible to partly transform like a leg or arm or eyes as I have seen my eyes go yellow? Please if you know any answers reply

  • Does any one have advice on being an angel/ angel hybrid?
    Like books, videos and stuff such as that. Personal experiences are welcome too!

  • wolfgirl630

    Hi I’m a angel witch and vampire hybrid currently but I dont have my wings and I have trouble with casting spells I can do it but it doesn’t always work and I recently joined a coven any help on my magic or wings or anything please please reply to me.

  • Countess Kalille

    Seth please help I am so sure I am a vampire. Last night I caught myself sucking the blood out of my friend and at night I can’t sleep until it gets light. Right now I’m struggling to keep my eyes open

  • Esper

    I already posted- I think I am a werewolf-like creature! I think I’m a werecoyote, because I love them and have seen them alot, and I have just seen coyote pups! I accidentally made them move (I was riding), and I regret it but took a leftover bit of coyote fur! I’ve had very close encounters (not attacks) with coyotes, they have been 10-30 feet away, standing and staring at me. I have to shave twice a week, sometimes more, and at full moons I get rather shifty(nervous), and very odd. I have a bad temper but later I regret what I said often. I can hold a grudge and sometimes hate my dad (my all-time FAVORITE FAVORITE person in the world). I am so confused! Anybody have ways to tell/ help me!? I’m not really afraid of my animal side. Oh yeah, at times I wish I could have a coyote family to romp with. Somewhere I feel different. I need help! I love raw beef, if I can get ahold of it. Please help me! One thing my biological father is unknown! I’m also an outcast in my school! HELP PLEASE!

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