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I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

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My Lupine Life by Louis Pine

Lest your face be turning blue holding your breath – or even if it isn’t – they’re finally here! All 13 episodes of “My Lupine Life” By Louis Pine, proving yet again that once in a blue moon Graham and I can actually get our act together. Sort of.

Quick re-cap for those of you who missed it. Last summer, a survivor and suspected lycanthrope named Louis Pine contacted SOS for supernatural help and advice. Many of you pitched in and then I took to the road to meet him, the longest pizza delivery in history. These videos are the result…

“My Lupine Life” By Louis Pine

My name is Louis Pine and I think I’m a genetic werewolf on my dad’s side. Unfortunately nobody believes me. That’s why I made these videos, to prove it.

Play all 13 episodes in order! (this Playlist only works on a Mac or PC. If you have an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone then please watch individual episodes below)

Episode 01 – Crib Notes:
After a hard day of lycanthropy testing, Mauricio and I go check out an old werewolf crib in the woods.

Episode 02 – Were’s Mauricio?:
Looks like I’m not the only lycanthrope here. All I’m saying is Mauricio should not have wandered off alone.

Episode 03 – Werewolf Intervention:
It’s an old fashioned werewolf intervention, complete with colloidal silver (I made it myself) and sterile bandages. Unfortunately my neighbor Sydney wants to help.

Episode 04 – The First 48:
Acquired or bitten lycanthropy can be cured in the first 48 hours post-bite, any genetic lycanthrope knows that. Now if I can just convince Mauricio before it’s too late.

Episode 05 – Stage Two:
Great. Mauricio’s still mad at me even though I cured him and now Sydney wants to be my keeper. What next? Oh yeah, the full moon is coming…

Episode 06 – Cribbing:
Full moon fever, Part I.

Episode 07 – Keep On Keeping On:
Hey! It’s that guy from the Internet, Seth On Survival. Turns out he was reading my messages too.**

**Uh yeah Louis, think the email seth@sethonsurvival might have been a clue?

Episode 08 – Were Dad?
My mom is pretty mad at me for staying out all night.

Episode 09 – Uncle Lincoln
My mom called in my dad’s identical twin brother Uncle Lincoln to straighten me out. Yeesh. What is that thing he gave me????

Episode 10 – The Cure
Well it’s official. The results are in and I am cured.

Episode 11 – Dragon Moon Part I
Did I tell you there’s no such thing as a Dragon Moon? See for yourself.

Episode 12 – Dragon Moon Part II
AAAAAArrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfgggggghhhhhfffff. Nuff said.

Episode 13 – Dragon Moon Part III
Is that really me? And what happened to Sydney?

That’s all the videos that I’ve got right now. Thanks to Louis for contacting survival with his story and for sharing the result.

And big thanks to everyone here who just keeps on creeping on with SOS, offering your help and advice and your awesome stories. You make survival possible. Thank you.


by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

74 comments to My Lupine Life by Louis Pine

  • Tear Drinker

    cool!!! I can’t wait to see the videos!!

  • Zyboragon

    Haha. Interesting.
    Do I smell Void Chipmunks? I guess not..

  • Silvermoon

    Is there going to be only 13 episodes?

    • Hail Silvermoon,

      Well I guess if there are going to be more episodes depends on if anyone can find Louis. He has been missing since the end of episode 13 and so if you and everyone else can tell everyone you know that they should watch these videos and be on the look out for Louis then that would really help find him. The more eyes looking for him the more likely we will be to be able to find him. I know that I for one can’t wait to find out what happened to him.


  • mrjaffa

    I actually really enjoyed these.

  • LOLstigmaLOL

    Looks like you finally got the vids up and running. I was waiting for a werewolf survival video since… Last summer. 😛 I still have the head poppy electrical gun from that time, but the light bulbs on it are going dim.

  • Pauzzis97

    Hey guys ! Wow I haven’t been here in forever , but I miss talking to all of you guys ! I just started high school so I’m really busy that’s why I haven’t been on ! But I wanted to check on you guys , if you remember me say hi and if you don’t lol this just got awkward…. And Seth if your reading this I just want to say hi 🙂 and that I miss all of you ! – Paola

    • Pauzzis Survives!

      I’m very happy to know of your ongoing epic survival. The solar flares…the Cabo mermish spell…the lost locket… not to mention the excitement of The Hunger Games! I was worried that last one got you. Are you resting up for the next one?

      (You might have heard, there are some unscrupulous humans who have begun to operate real-life “Hunger Games” training facilities for the zombie apocalypse.)

      We’re keeping on keeping on here. We’re all still deep in the supernatural survival research around here. As you yourself predicted about this leap year with a leap second and a Blue Moon, we had a summer of time travelers and aliens, I think it’s fair to say.

      I know you’re busy, so let me find some links for you. Meanwhile…

      [Pleasing hold music of your choice]

      Okay well here’s a link to our last randomly chosen Survivor of the Month, The Doctor. It’s a new thing around here on the full moon, in honor of Scar and P5t5r who suggested it.

      And here’s Dazai, one of the new less harmful aliens who appeared while you were gone. Dazai is a planty alien being who only here to study everyone.

      (Earl has an excellent theory that the Olympics actually attracts alien activity – a prime time to study humanity in action.)

      There’s lots more but I know you’re busy with high school and just stopping by. Keep on out there, we miss you too. Check in whenever you it’s safe again.


      • Pauzzis97

        SETH !!!!!!!! Ok so i read this book series about mers and omg i found what type of mermaid i am , i’m a floater !!!!!!! which is 70 % mermaid :mrgreen: it’s called the water lilies series by deborah smith , it’s more of a girl series but at the end it has parts of the POPULI AQUARUM – AN APPENDUM OF FACTS & FABLES REGARDING MER PEOPLE ! I learned so much , i can’t transform full on mermaid now because well it just stopped ! but i found out why , it’s because i don’t live near the coast and my mer side is fading , i was a singer ( webbing on the toes and the ability to sing in other’s minds ) and i need a cure or something ! help , also my vampire side is getting stronger , today at cooking class we made meat and i was staring at it like crazy , also today i forgot my necklace at my house and i had THE WORST HEADACHE in the history of the world ! any info that might help balance my mer / vamp / human sides ? – Paola

        • Hail Pauzzis,

          Thanks for the research lead. I will look into this. I’m sorry to hear about your mer side fading but it is interesting to know this happens. Will it be re-activated on holidays? I wonder. Also an SOS for you today. The Florida Aquarium appears to have mer-napped two of your cousins and put them in a tank to perform. Rescue efforts are being discussed. Any advice or tips for them? Do you think mermaids can live happily in a tank?

          Thanks for keeping on,


          • Pauzzis97

            I think it will re activate on the holidays ! i been taking a ton of showers and i’m growing stronger every day 😀 That’s horrible , mers should not be captured , Some mers work at aquariums to perform but don’t tell they are mers , but if they catch you well that’s horrible , we are people too well 50% of the time 😛 but that doesn’t give them the right to do that ! I’m going to send a really long angry email to them ! – Paola :mrgreen:

    • Bebe

      Paola!!! How are you I missed you….I’m glad your doing great and that your doing great in school…. 🙂 giggle

      • Pauzzis97

        Wow a lot of things have happened ! Well the highlights of my life right now well I got another necklace , you know my locket ? Well now I combined my two creatures in one. It’s a necklace in the shape of a fish and it has the power to control my mer side and also it works as a daylight protector 😀 also OMG after watching THG i was like omg what is earth I loved it so much ! I have seen it like almost every day since it came out on iTunes ! Also I dyed the tips of my hair pink into an ombré purple and I’m in loooove !!!!! Also I been getting into music a lot before I was not a big music person but now omg I can’t live without music ! But I don’t like dance / pop music , you know Florence + the machine ? I LOVE HER SO MUCH , also One Direction 😛 hehehe Harry is so cute :3 lol fangirl moment ! I will probably be on every two days or so , I have an iPhone now so everytime you respond to my comment I get an email so I can respond ! Yay * happy dance * also Seth do you have a tumblr ? If you don’t you should 😀 I have one and I blog about ocean stuff and mermaids and hipster stuff 😛 I guess that’s another label I have , hipster ! My blog is paolascouture ! Very original name I know ! Hahahahahahaha well hope you guys have an awesome day and I’ll update you if something happens in my boring life ! I might move to a new house so that’s kind of cool I guess ! BYEEEEE LOVE YOU GUYS

    • Zyboragon

      Good to see you again Pauzzis.

  • Evranth(turtleman)

    Hi Bebe I have given up on becomeing a witch and was wondering how dose one become a dragon blood (dragon) do you have to be born one or how did become a dragon

    • Zyboragon

      Oh! A dragon question?
      I’m certainly not Bebe but I can help.
      Bebe became a dragon because I gifted her one of my metal scales, she eventually connected to it and she has been one ever since. (I’m leaving out a few details).

      One way of becoming a dragon is by pleasing one, many dragons will share their gift to those who they believe will carry out good will, many believe dragons are fierce creatures that demand to rule, dragons are actually the opposite, we have no desire to monarchy, no real concern for power and generally help those in need.

      Jaffa is an example of a dragons goodwill, he could summon dragons that would aid him, this is because they believed him an agent of good.

      Dragons are usually born dragons, some not finding out until later in life (such as myself) you may already be a dragon but not know it, meditating is one of the most effective ways to find out.

      There are different methods to becoming a dragon, becoming connected to a dragons scale, curses, spells, but really, the most effective and proper way is to find an elder dragon, they share wisdom from their experiences and could possibly make you a sworn dragon, which will require oath.

      • Hail Z & Evranth,

        Thanks for this perspective on Draconians, Z. Good for Evranth to know that not all dragon kind are power-hungry crusty-eyed curmudgeons like a certain draconian who we all know who shall not be named because SHHHHH let’s hope he’s gone back to sleep for the next fifty years or so.

        (Fair warning to you Evranth, not all draconians who hang out here on survival are helpful like Z.)

        But hey Z, about that whole dragon scale gift business again. I know you don’t want to tell all the details but what happens with it again? Does she wear it near her heart? Or sleep with it under her pillow? Or eat it? What happens if she loses it?

        Thanks for keeping on.


  • Evranth(turtleman)

    Do you know of any elder dragons in Wales. the welsh flag is a dragon should I just worship my national flag

    • Zyboragon

      Dragons don’t care to worshiped, these means idols (flags) aren’t needed. Elder dragons can only be found when a person needs guidance, the first step you should take is finding out if being a dragon is what you really want.

  • Evranth(turtleman)

    Why dose no one like grunge,rock and/metal/punk anymore I’m like the 2nd kid in my age area who has a good taste I’m music apart from the mini band I met them at a gig my band was playing at im a great bassist for my age I don’t like to brag but I’m the randy Rhodes of bass playing I would never compare my self to cliff burton that would disrepcting the god of bass playing

  • Evranth(turtleman)

    I’m a vampire now but I think that becomeing a dragon would be cool not only will I be able to turn pepole on the ground into vampires but also in the air (insane laugh) like that one mid way though the song land of sunshine by faith no more

  • Evranth(turtleman)

    There’s an insane laugh half way though the song I was talking about

  • Evranth(turtleman)

    There’s an insane laugh half way though the song I was talking about

  • Evranth(turtleman)

    Z I was joking man yeah though do you know any elder dragons at all

  • Evranth(turtleman)

    My goal in life is to one day get my band on britans got talent

  • Evranth(turtleman)

    Ive obtained a dragon scale don’t ask how,but what should I do with it to become a dragon but befor you tell me are there any things I should know about like the pros and cons of being a draconian

  • Zyboragon

    Well, dragon scales don’t really affect draconian stages unless you feel emotionally connected to the dragon you obtained it from, (which is how Bebe’s scale turned her into one).

    Pros and Cons?
    Being a dragon isn’t something to look for benefits from or anything, dragons do whatever possible to make things better for others, many dragons give blessings, some even give wealth or fortune, we have powers that are be restrained for the progression of species in the universe, truthfully, there are no pros or cons, just rights and wrongs.

  • Zyboragon

    Please excuse the wait, my comment must’ve had an agrument with the filter.

  • Zyboragon

    An elder has spoken to me, your purposes must be true if you are to understand our ways, currently, they fail to see any truth in your purpose.

    Of all the creatures, why would you choose a dragon?

  • Evranth(turtleman)

    Z I’ve made a necklace out of the dragon scale i found I’m wereing it I feel weird like my bodie is under going changes almost like I’m under going a transformations

    • Zyboragon

      Scales have nothing to do with becoming a dragon, your haste is deceiving you, your continued arrogance is dishonoring the race that is dragon kind.

      What you are feeling is madness, the elders haven’t even shown you the way, I honestly believe you aren’t fit for this race, dragons need patience and understanding, you are too hasty.
      As I’ve stated, some dragons need time, learn more about life and slow down a bit, for your own safety.

  • Little Devil

    Hey y’all. I love this series!!!!!!!!! I think I’m a werewolf too, just like Louis. My dad left me as a baby but I lived in the city….. Where would his crib be??? Anyways, the transformation looks painful and yet slightly cool. I may have to go through that….:/ Oh well, I love the Episdoe 13 where Sydney tried to kiss him or whatever but because she is half vampire she hisses coz vampire and werewolf are enemies….
    I wonder if Louis got to see his dad? Or he got shot? Or he was werewolf still and after couldn’t find his iPod? Let’s hope Louis is okay… When I transform (as the full moon is coming up) I will try to howl for him…?
    Also anyone know if October 30 is a full moon?
    I was born October 30 5:21 P.M. alberta time.
    Lol, looking for bite marks right now.
    Could be my real dad is a werewolf…… Anybody agree?

  • Little Devil

    I wonder what happened to Sydney…. The wolf form looks copl tho.

  • Beast Girl

    What an interesting story. Well done. But perhaps I could suggest music? 😉 If you hadn’t thought of adding music already or haven’t found someone to do it yet I know someone who MIGHT (not guaranteeing anything, he has quite a busy schedule) do it. With a price of course, but he is an amazing composer and guarantee it will be worth it. His name is Austin Lawrence. Reply back to me Louis (or Seth talking for him) if you would like to find out more. 🙂

  • Beast Girl

    Oh and how did you find a real or hybrid wolf??? Or is it just “copied” as I could tell. (But barely though. Great work editing if you did.)

  • Necrotis

    The 9th episode. the thing he gives Louie is a dried piece of… werewolf dung. Known to have certain curing properties.

  • Leaa the vampire

    Hey Mr.pine make more videos ple when you get this message!

    • Hail Leaa the Vampire,

      Thanks for your SOS message. I will try to convey this message to Louis but he hasn’t exactly been keeping in touch. All I can hope is that he is keeping on out there somewhere and not in an Area 51 trap.


  • Leaa the vampire

    Help me I am 99.99 persent vampire and 1persent human Seth help me!!!!!!!!!SOS

    • Hail Leaa the vampire,

      99.99 percent is a pretty definitive score. I think it’s safe at this point to rule out thrall victim. Do you know how this happened? A strange mark appear one day? Anyone recently save your life with a kiss of death? Or try to kill you and fail? Do you have any pale friends? These are all thinks which can lead to a vampiric transformation but each has dramatically different implications for your life – or unlife! – and your future. Please try to recall.

      And thanks for keeping on keeping on.


      PS – Please remember – no real names, locations or ages on the site. Your survival is important to me.

  • redman2234

    hey has anyone found luis yet ❓ im not on this comment thing much im on the werewolf one but still what hapioned to that poor boy ❓ and seth where should i look if he hasent been found 😕 i hope hes okay 😥

  • mary

    Didn’t Louis go home after he changed back into a human again

  • werewolfwanttobe

    Didn’t Louis go home after he changed back into a human

  • Vianna

    WE HAVE TO FIND HIM! I will scan the Everglades from above!!! I hope we find him!

  • Devorah

    To be honest I think he is fine

  • BrokenBlood

    Louis has been missing for.. like a whole year. He had to like be captured or dead, or just roaming around, far from here.
    I do have a question, how do you guys have such good camera shots? Like you usually get the action scenes. Do you like have camera’s everywhere, on all the time?

    • Hail Broken Blood,

      Thanks for the email and for checking out SOS on the Dragon Moon. Things get crazy around Survival, especially on the full moon. As for the werewolves at yourlupinelife.com, I just want to clarify something. While I do advise them and help out from time to time, as a human, I am not allowed to be a part of their lupine operation. Much as I would like to be.

      (However, just between you and me I can tell you that I have been receiving messages from Louis’ friends Sydney and Mauricio. As soon as I corroborate their story, I think I can reveal what happened to Louis.)

      Congratulations on your lycanthropy. Did you acquire it (bitten) or inherit it?

      Thanks for keeping on,


  • BrokenBlood

    Thanks Seth for your interest in my lycanthropy. I actually was bitten, I had not known how I may or may not be a werewolf until I had remember a friend of mine.. acts very wolfish, and I like to annoy people when I’m bored, and well– He bit me after I had poked him after a couple times. Yes.. it was painful but, I’m fine. It was only last weekend he had bit me. And email me about the Louis info thing.

  • AlphaWolfGirl

    I think that I saw Louis out in a forest when my family went camping one night. So this is what has happend. One night a week ago my family suggested to go on a night hike so every one said sure. While the family was looking and hiking I saw a wolf. I dont know if it was Louis or not.:)



  • Cyborg Beast Cop

    Ha. He thinks wolfing out normally is painful? Try doing it with cybernetic arms.

  • LightningWolf990

    What happened to these videos? As a Lightning Wolf I’d like to know what was going on with my fellow werewolves. This is super interesting to me as I only recently found out about my lycan heritage.

    • Hatter

      Sorry bud but Louis pine went missing and so they couldn’t continue the series, everyone hopes that they can eventually find Louis to continue the series

  • wolfgirl10

    I hope there are more episodes I want to be a werewolf 😉 .

  • Wolfie

    if Louis is “missing” then what happened to Sydney? ❓

    • Hail Wolfie,

      Thanks for your SOS message. I’m glad you asked about this because I have for the last ten months been receiving communications from somebody claiming to be Sydney but until I can confirm the authenticity of the sender I cannot gauge the veracity of the messages’ contents. I hope to get to the bottom of it soon.

      Long may you keep on keeping on!


  • wolfshadow

    if Louis has “wolf powers” then couldn’t he have found his way back home by following his scent instead of being missing?

    • Hail Wolfshadow,

      Thanks for your SOS message. While this is a question better addressed to a werewolf or indeed Louis himself, your point it is well taken. Werewolves are exceptionally good at finding their way home in full wolf form – or indeed for that matter in their half or part wolf or “wolfman” form. Unless of course something-or someone- very serious intervenes to prevent it…..

      Thanks for keeping on keeping on.


  • Alexxxxx_13

    I remember having an entire binge on these episodes. I haven’t been on this website in like a year because of school, parents, etc. My parents think I’m stupid because of the whole werewolf thing. But ayeeee. But I honestly feel as if someone may have gotten a hold of Louis. Which makes me really sad being a fellow werewolf and all.

  • Shadowheart

    🙂 hi! i was kinda 🙁 that he didnt make episodes…. idk if he actually got lost, but i dont think he made more cause he might be a little too old for this. just saying!



    • Hail Vampire Girl,

      Thanks for your SOS message. While the fate of Louis Pine remains a great supernatural mystery, I will admit to receiving periodic updates from parties who claim to know the truth. I have been investigating these claims for some time now and hope to be able to validate or debunk them soon-ish.

      It may be too late for Louis, but I remain hopeful we will uncover the truth about his fate.

      Long may you keep on keeping on,




  • survivormichygirl

    I loved the lupine life videos???✌️☺️☺️

  • wolf boy

    hmmm very similar to my story and Seth if you read this been a long time fan and I can’t seem to join lupine life every time I put in a supernatural being it says security question wrong. can you help me?

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