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I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

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Wendigo You May Be Dealing With a Wendigo


Would you know a wendigo? And if so should you stay or should you go?

Here at SOS we have received repeated requests to add the Wendigo or Windigo to the list of monsters detectable by The Monstrometer. And it’s not that we don’t want to add this terrifying, shifty, flesh-eating cannibalistic being to our list of Monstrometer alerts.

No, it’s just that unlike other supernatural beings from fairies to demons and everything in between, SOS does not, unfortunately, receive much first-hand intel from Wendigo survivors.

In fact we count zero self-declared wendigo among the 6 million to visit and/or join the active SOS community to share supernatural secrets. And only one self-declared wendigo attack survivor.

Why no wendigo survivors on SOS?

Why no wendigo survivors on SOS?

Unfortunately -or fortunately-  depending how you look at this supernatural situation – there may be several reasons for this. Consider:

A) The traditional Aboriginal wendigo hunters have been effectively keeping this shifty population at bay and there are very few real ones left.

B) Nobody survives a wendigo encounter or

C) Nobody knows because of the wendigo’s shape-shifting ways and/or strong resemblance to other beings including some zombies and hungry cannibals.

In any event, you can see the situation. It’s not that SOS doesn’t want to respond to your urgent supernatural survival needs. It’s just that it would be supernaturally irresponsible to pass on more second or even third-hand information.

(After all, SOS does have a reputation to uphold as the third most popular and first most reliable supernatural survivology site on the Interwebs!)

But by way of reply to recently received requests, we post the following information, submitted to the SOS community by survivors Raven269, Ravenwillow and Assanjin:

3 Tips to Survive a Wendigo Attack

1. Wendi-stay, Wendi-go…

Wendigo are therianthropes of the second order and as such they can mimic both voices and shapes. Understandably, this makes them hard to detect.

Hard, but not impossible. Like most beings driven by insatiable hunger, Wendigo prefer inhabiting large, carnivorous forms with massive teeth and jaws over say, staplers and/or insects.

Animal horns are a dead giveaway. Wendigo use them to lure unsuspecting trophy hunters to their death. Just see someone sprout a rack on his head? Time to make yourself scarce.

2. Shhhh…

Most people who encounter a wendigo die because they made the mistake of screaming. The one weakness of the wendigo is eyesight. So don’t alert them to your exact location aka: DON’T SCREAM! Just move away as quickly and quietly as possible. 

3. Avoid Eye Contact

While generally a good rule of thumb to follow with almost any being that shines red light out of its eyeballs, with wendigo this is particularly important. Ever see a deer caught in the headlights? Well with wendigo, this appears to work in reverse. This deer is hunting you.

That’s all we have for now survivors. Until we know more, you may wish to contact members of the survival community, see Raven269 or Assanjin and shoot them a reply-comment.

And thanks as ever for keeping on, keeping on!

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

53 comments to Wendigo You May Be Dealing With a Wendigo

  • Assanjin

    I had survived an encounter with a wendigo, really tall and pale, had antlers. His body adorned with the hides of animals and his hands had long claws and on his back there was a woven basket. You’d be surprised to know they have surprising cognitive skills and aren’t mindless like the common zombie, they are merely very overwhelmed by massive unending hunger. One must never look them in the eyes however as then their hunger is maximized and they lock on to your soul and will follow you until they are killed or you are eaten.The best way to appease them is to leave them some food like fruit or meat. They cannot harm larger or tougher mythical creatures such as I at that time so he did not try to attack but I didn’t look him in the eyes so he wouldn’t follow me.They shall try to trick you into being their meal, or their slave or their companion, by tricking you to look at their eyes, by having you answer a riddle or by giving you a gift (don’t accept). They fear bears as bears are the only forrest creature that can hurt them, so it is best to have a necklace with a bear’s claw on hand. Nanuks especially make Wendigos fear for their lives (Nanuk are a spirit bear from the far north). Wendigos are bony thin, hair is ragged and bloody, the atmosphere around them is vold and depressing, you can just feel the woe in the air around them. A wendigo gains entry to a homd by knocking 8 times onwall next to the door and waiting for someone to open it, if the door is opened by the door of the house you are in deep whodo.

    • Hail Assanjin,

      Thanks for adding to the article with your first-hand experience. This is the first I have heard that Wendigo are riddlers. Good to know.

      Long may you keeping on keeping on,


      • Assanjin

        Any time Seth, any time at all. I answer the questions that need answering for when I am needed I will always return, but these days the need of me has fallen very low so I skulk and linger in shadow, plus I moved away from my home and to America. More wendigo encounters here on out or maybe I’ll wrestle an alligator nearby on my way to the Magic Kingdom (live 25 minutes away from it).

    • Jackson

      Hey dude just wanted to let you know wendihos are not friendly at all they do not speak or riddle you questions you are correct about the eyes thing they can and will stun you if you look into their eyes for too long. Blessingway songs usually work to ward them off for a good bit. Also try and channel you spirit animal cigars and wolves can hurt these monsters my spirit animal is a timber wolf First time I saw a wendigo I channeled my spirit animal in my mind it does take CONCENTRATION. And I growled at it and inhuman growl and it scared it. Also carry ghost beads with you they work well too

    • They do not speak they do not offer gifts they do not riddle they will not approach you to speak they will approach to kill

  • Mr. Mutt

    Interesting points on Wendigo. Though I can’t technically say I survived my contact with one I have encountered one in the past. Contrary to what Assajin stated the Wendigo did attack me, though I was a physically stronger opponent. Perhaps Wendigos don’t like dragons. Anywho everything else is pretty accurate, paper thin, shapeshifting, has anyone mentioned their hearts yet? Wendigos have a block of ice in place of their heart. Thus the only way to dispatch a Wendigo is with fire. Hmm what else… They’re native to North America… Insanely fast… Ah yes there is several legends that state that Wendigos are created when a person who is starving during a particularly harsh winter eats another person. This could explain why they’re so uncommon these days. I mean come on, practically no one in the northern regions of North America is starving these days.

    • Assanjin

      In my island there were also a few. They inhabitted the high mountains and deep caves. Though we did not call them Wendigo, they were known as hachos.The tall ones whom walk in the forests at night in search of foolish people wandering around at night.Different name but exactly the same. He had not even tried to attack me though, maybe indeed they fear draconians, then again not many would mess with a draconian I suppose since they are quite tough in their nature. Other than that nothing else.

    • Hail Mr. Mutt,

      Thanks for adding to the intel on Wendigo despite your most current supernatural situation and congrats on your epic Wendigo survival. Any idea how you managed to encounter one ie: was it purely a case of bad luck? Or were there external controllable in hindsight circumstances also at play?

      Long may you keep on keeping on,


    • Fenrir Iceborn

      There are still the elder wendigo (see my post below). Starvation cannibalism creates lesser wendigo and even those are incredibly strong and hard to destroy. Still I saw one challenge a powerful shaman and get roasted once. He called me after to return its soul to the world of Ice.

  • Ravenwillow

    It seems so slow around here lately…

  • Raven269

    I realize I’ve been of the site for quite a while, and I apoligize for that. School and whatnot. Anyways, I can’t really say that I’ve fought one (in this species-state, I guess that’s what you would call it), but I was in the woods right behind my house. I usually go there to relax, to relieve stress and calm my anxiety, but that day a depressing and felt kind of… empty. It was strong enough to a point that I decided to follow it, but I climbed a tree to stay out of the creatures line of vision. I usually never felt such auras in the woods, and it was honestly confusing to me. I followed the aura for a while before coming across the creature. It was pale, hunched over a lifeless deer, and I could hear the snapping and crunching of bone. The antlers of this being was what set me off. Thank the gods and goddesses, it didn’t look up into the trees.

    I climbed through the trees the rest of the way until I reached the edge of the forest. I dropped from the trees and ran to my house. What terrifies me, and not much does, was how close the Wendigo was to my house. I feared, still fear, for my family.


  • Fenrir Iceborn

    I can shed some light they were spirits cast out of the Wildhunt for taking to much. While cast put they maintained their abilities but became even more twisted. Now they serve some unknown end. Fourtunately they aren’t exactly allied with the demons. Unfourtunately they can possess people and hunger for human flesh.
    They can be driven off or killed with fire. But most stories say someone has to sacrifice themself to lure the beast into the flames. Which may account for the lack of survivals. They are essentially hunger spirits and can’t be reasoned with I suggest you run fast.
    Really they’re almost as bad as greater demons. Not something to mess with.

  • Rusty

    Seth, I regret to inform you that you left out a key point. Wendigo are summoned by someone verbally speaking their name. It will then hunt down the person, usually disguised as someone they trust and manipulate its voice to trick the said person into false security. It then proceeds to kill and eat the host

    • Alex

      I have said the name of this creature many times in the past, nothing has happened yet, is this luck or what?

      • Reaper

        I’m afraid he was mistaken. You see, he has confused Skinwalkers with Wendigo. However unless you speak the true Navajo name of the Skinwalker it will not appear. At least that’s how I personally understand it

        • Nytloq

          Sorry, but according to the Algonquian legends, he’s right. Even the utterance of the “w” word (or writing/typing of it, depending on who you ask) can be enough to catch its interest.

          Whether or not it WANTS you to see it is a completely different story, as is whether or not it considers you a prime candidate for a meal.

          It makes sense though. Some people live for the hunt, for seeing their prey scared; others prefer a surprise attack. Why should that mindset cease once it fully becomes?

  • Alex

    Just wondering, I have said the name of this beast several times not knowing that It could track this, but still nothing has happened, is this luck or what? Please reply so I can know for sure.

  • Wrenee

    I believe that I Have had a problem with a wendigo. I have never heard of them before tonight when some people were discussing something they saw in the woods by their house.

    I encountered on of these spirits when somehow it got into my apartment building. I heard it growling on the roof first and then a few weeks later inside and then a month or two later I could feel its full shape and size, about four feet wide and square and about 8 feet tall, possibly crouched in my neighbors living room. It was growling and scratching and I could feel its evilness. He was having some food problems at the time. He was offered food and wouldn’t always accept it. A few weeks later after that he burned the building down. He said he felt like he was under attack from evil spirits. It seemed to be interested mostly in him. It didn’t seem to be able to come into my place, perhaps because I had a cat. I was in the hospital for several weeks due to smoke inhalation and my cat died in the fire. I had to get my ankle fused as I broke it going out the second story window. What do you think of this?

    To follow-up on tis – I stayed with my mother for a few weeks and I could feel it looking at me through her windows. However, it could not come in and seemed to leave. What do you think of this? Is it gone or will it come back? Is it in my neighbor (he is in jail)? Should I be afraid still? Why would this come to me? Was it random? Is it possible that someone in my family who visits sweat lodges could have brought this around me? Any feedback, insights or comments are welcome. Thanks.

  • Landon Thrower

    Hello, my name is Landon and I think I have encountered a wendigo and I am still being hunted down by it. Last week I went to the woods to a favorite spot of mine and I saw a homeless man. The next day I went back to that spot and the homeless man was there but he looked dead with an arm ripped off and he tried to attack me. The next couple days passed and I tried going back to see what that was but I got distracted by some noises I heard in a house being built nearby. I went in there and I saw a tall figure, really bony and pale with razor sharp tree. I ran out of there and for the past couple days I have been experiencing weird and dangerous events. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    • Scarlett Lupa

      Brace yourself. An easy solution to protect yourself is fire. So get some flare guns and fireworks. Also make sure you have good cardio your going to need it.

      • Scarlett Lupa

        I would also like to add that an Anazi symbol is good for protection as well. It’s not a complete solution but at least you’ll survive another day.

    • Vorian

      Scarlett has some good suggestions. Break their ice heart with a weapon and they will die. If you live in America shoot it in the heart. I know the death palm isnt something you would know, so I wont be recommending that… Watch out though their reflexes vastly surpass that of a human!

  • Helper

    Landon, do you have any family you feel secure with? Surrounding yourself with loved ones will help. Also have you been experiencing any dreams or waking hallucinations? Have you been experimenting with any ‘left-of-field’ practices or know anyone that has recently? Also have you experienced any other strange phenomena previous to this encounter recently?

  • k9wolflord

    the one winigo i encounters was easily distracted by noise. so throw a rock away from you. they also hate it when you shoot at them. Dogs seem to diter them too. I have no idea. If it was not a winigo, then it was a insane deer or man or what ever.

  • zyrci

    so this sounds crazy but a few friends and i were actually planning on going wendigo hunting. The information here is invaluable. First i need some opinions first being for conventional firearms, ive already acquired large caliber incendiary rounds as well as homemade incendiary devices not at liberty to say what but for our sake i cant say. Does anyone see any reason they shouldn’t work? also this might sound off or crazy but when we set this thing on fire is it going to run around on fire for a bit or is it just going straight to ashes. ive also heard that your supposed to some how cut its heart out and bury it on hallowed ground or even near or in a church or equivalent holy place. its hard to route out what will work and what doesn’t considering they’re already elusive and rarely heard of, but one thing is consistent and that is a weakness to fire. at this point any further theories or wards would be helpful. one thing is for certain. when we find it we plan on hitting it fast and hard.

    • wrenee

      Sorry but wendigos are psychic creatures and can rarely be seen by human eyes but if you are psychic or under extreme circumstances you may sense or “see” one. They are not a joke. The only way to battle them is if you are trained psychically – shamans can do this, perhaps priests, wiccans maybe. I am a wiccan / white witch and I had a hard time with it. It appeared in a psychically dense form similar to being in hyperspace like when you played pace invaders when you were young. Remember that?

      It created a fire by possessing someone in the apartment building I was in and getting him to start it. I felt its presence a few weeks before this happened. It started with a growling outside the second story kitchen window when I was watching dishes. I felt it. It came into the building in someone else’s space – a shared space for awhile before it got stronger. I heard it scratching and growling once or twice then it was one for awhile. I thought it had left for good. Boy was I wrong! It was in a fully materialized psychic form, meaning in hyperspace – could be felt and heard but not seen. You could see it and feel it in your mind but your eyes could not see it. I never would have believed that anything like this existed.

      My cat died in the fire. My friend who is a practicing shaman said this probably had to happen and she saved my life. It was kind of like a demon. I should have called a priest. Maybe it was sent to purge my life in a good way. In the end I have actually been helped alot by being able to move on and restart my life in great new ways and my music production business in a new and even more profitable way. Maybe it was God’s way of helping me. I was having some major health problems too and I was able to get treatment for those also. They save wendigos are always sent by someone or come for some reason. Who knows?

  • Vorian

    I am not even joking demon hunting squads trained to Shaolin Monk level with guns and swords, have been taken out by the more highly evolved Wendigos. Vampires can be powerful, but they are not in the same league as Wendigos.

  • Wolfy

    I’ve been doing a lot of research on wendigo for a project. I’ve read in quite a few places that they hibernate. Not why, for how long, or when, just that they do. Anyone know details?

    Also, I’ve read that they store/save/reserve food. … but why would they save it when they want to eat it all immediately? If they hibernate, how long can they go without a meal?

    Is it true that they’re afraid of bears?

    Also, I can’t find anything on Elder Wendigo.

  • wrenee

    Wolfy – see my recent comments on Wendigoes being psychic creatures. They are not a joke. They are similar to skinwalkers. I am not sure how all these creatures work myself. Do you watch Grimm on TV. That show deals with some of that type of thing. I would not seek one out or hope to meet one. You may not be as lucky as me to survive. I had some good comments from someone that explained that the native indian sign which is similar to a swastika can be protective. I thank anyone for the information they sent to me.

  • Katelyn

    Can anybody tell why this creature follows me? Like, he doesnt get close.or too far. Hes. Never made contact with me. And has never tried to harm me in any way. I dont get it. His red glowing eyes. The closest I’ve ever come to with him was maybe 2 feet. And I’m pretty positive I’ve never ate human flesh.. Im just finding out his name. And just curious what his business is with me. But like I said he does more of watching over me than attacking me. Help??

    • Fenrir Iceborn

      Is it Actually all skeletal or does it just have antlers, cause red eyes and antlers can be loads of things.

      If it looks mostly human In every other way I’d say it’s probably a fey associated with the wild hunt than a wendigo.

  • Chayce

    I think i heard one it sounded like a man but it did not sound normal then the next day witch is today i huerd it yestetday my dad and brother herd me my voice calling for my dog down the black path but i was insaid with my dsoui know that wendigos can repeat
    The human language but i dont know btw
    It is 2017 nov 11

  • UndeadWulf

    Like withall shapeshifters silver can hurt or kill windchims of bear bones scare of keep a fire lite even if I’m a stove a pentigram will keep them at by or trap them depending on the one you use salt rings well keep them away they are no longer human but evil spirits aka demons if you do have time to look at one look around his neck if it has a talisman on run don’t worry about stealth try to get to holy ground the ones with talismans on use to be healers of spirits and can leave your spirit damaged in anyway they want and will before they try to kill you

  • Gibson Vaughn

    My name is Gibson, i wish to submit an encounter me and my cat had with a Wendigo. One night i was with my brother Adam watching tv, when all of the sudden we hear my cat scream, we thing he is fighting with another cat or being hurt by a dog so i run outside to check on him. He is ok but when i looked at him he was growling as if he were rabid. when i looked what he was looking at i nearly died, There was a tall antlered figure in the dark in was nearly 4 feet from my porch and it was tall. i grabbed my cat and ran in. the next day i come back out to see hoof prints implanted in the ground. I dont know what i seen but i do believe, It was a Wendigo.

  • FoAteAZombie

    I have a story. This was told to me and a few friends from my friends grandfather he was just 12 years old hiplaying in the woods with a few buddies. They heard other people in the woods and hid and they saw them walking with a calf and they just tied it to the tree and left. They thought nothing of it bc I guess it was it was the norm in their small town. Him and his buddies decided to try smoking that same night so they went back to the woods and they heard the calf wailing and another animal like a scream it freaked them out and they ran got separated in the woods he was with one of his buddies and they both heard one of the boys scream and heard the other screaming for help they found one of the boys large gash on the side of his face they heard the same animal scream again and this time much closer and of course bolted out but my friends grandpa managed to catch a glimpse of something he described a tall frail thing with a head of a buck and the body of a man. The next day was a search party to find the fourth boy. For 2 weeks they searched but never found him. The one boy who had the gash flung himself off a bridge couple months later. So according to a the town legend that town was scared land to the nearing tribe of Indians. And they marked the surrounding woods basically as a warning bc it belonged to a wendigo. Now I read that someone said only psychics can see them. Now I don’t believe those 12 year old boys were the long island medium lol ever sense that little ghost story I kinda became obsessed about the wendigo. Some of these comments baffle me I guess I go in with a semi skeptic mind. As for wendigo hunting? Bad idea. It’s an evil spirit by definition as I see it you can’t kill something that isn’t dead or Alive.

  • CuspOfRebirth

    I seen one it was very dark i was driving with my ex husband and son..they were asleep.i noticed in my headlights a humanlike being with buck like rack on its head..face was dark like the rest of him..like a shadowy being didnt have red eyes..think it didnt expect to been seen so only had time to hide mostly its face but not the shape of the shoulders and rack..it was really tall though..over 6’2 for sure.i went in reverse cause i was curious my ex woke up then asked what i was doing lil startled..i told him i seen something..he told me to go home. But when i shine the beams back where i seen this thing it was gone. Explained what i seen when we got home he googled it n it pulled up wendigo..looking like it but with more details than what i seen.

  • Kevin

    I’ve only told one person about this, and that’s my brother, and that’s mostly because he was in the dream as well, but also because he’s interested in the cryptid things as well. Anyways, onto the possible encounter.

    I say possible because it happened in a dream, but the dream was out of left field, I hadn’t looked into the Wendigo in years, and I think the last time I’d even thought about it was the Wendigo episode on Supernatural.

    Anyways, on to the dream. I was sitting in the living room, and we’re a big hunting family. I’m sitting in the living room, and me and my mother see what looks like a massive buck cross in front of the window of the house, so we go out to look, we step out onto the front porch and it’s just massive with a huge rack, walking away from the door, we look at it for a while and it turns sideways like its watching us, my mother goes about halfway down the sidewalk, we look for a few moments, then she turns back to walk into the house, when she turns her back on it it starts to follow her, I see it so I let her get in the house then go to shut the door, when it is almost closed suddenly this thing is right on top of it pushing trying to get in the door, I’m shoving back and from the open edge of the door curling around it pushing are these almost demonic looking hands, and this thing glaring in the window at me as I struggle to keep it outside, I start yelling for someone to grab a gun, but the dream doesn’t make it that long, I wake up immediately after I start calling for someone to grab a gun. I woke up grasping for breath covered in sweat. I had no trouble moving or anything, I wasn’t held in place so I dont think it was sleep paralysis.

    Could it have been a dream? Sure, could it have been a wendigo making a pass at me? If I didn’t think it was a possibility then I’ve probably got into the wrong interest with cryptids. Am I gonna get a couple laughs out of some of y’all, probably. But hey,just tossing it out there.

  • They do not speak they do not offer gifts they do not riddle they will not approach you to speak they will approach to kill

  • Etonymous

    I have heard plenty of these strange humanoid critters. I’ve never seen one, but I have friends that know what they are. All I know is the damned things are as hard as hell to kill, they don’t just attack humans, but anything that moves. They apparently have really good eyesight, possibly night vision, and can imitate human voices. I don’t know if they can shapeshift, but I don’t think I want to find out. The only known ways to kill them are fire (good luck burning it), or much like a werewolf, use the most purest metal, silver. Like I said, never seen one, don’t care to. But for any eager monster hunters out there, I hope this is helpful to you, just don’t die. Good luck, and please don’t do anything stupid.

  • wendigo surviver

    hello my name does not lie i survived a wendigo i was up in the mountain on my ski’s i herd my mothers voice but my mom was still at her house that i knew what i did know was that what i was hearing was about to hunt me down i saw a deer like creature with giant legs and 3 feet long horns i grabbed my ski poles and started hauling down the mountain i wasn’t that far from the base but i was tackled by the wendigo i stabbed the wendigo in the heart with a silver blade (it has to be silver or it wont work) i took of mt ski’s and ran away and got into the car i didn’t have time to look back i turned my car on and booked it out of there im writing this to let you all know nothing almost nothing can destroy these beings

  • Michael

    I’m Michael and I have an experience with what I believe to have been a Wendigo whilst I was hunting with my Jackson

  • Sickling

    I live in Texas, my three sisters and I are witches. Since the blood moon spirits have been high and such as usual but we’ve seen a dark being lingering around put property which is by the Trinity river and a forrest. Also my older sister lives an hour away and she’s been seeing simular things but she lives closer to the city. I did research and apparently the natives that lived on these lands were cannibals or did cannibalistic rituals either way. I know wendigos are created from cannibalism or of the sorts. I hear a howls at night that sound like the wind but also don’t sound like an animal native to this area. I was hoping to see if there were anyother beings for my experience is lacking here.

  • Luna Rodgers

    There is so much about the wendigo that this site is lacking. The Wendigo doesn’t shapeshift at all there are two forms though, one is the half rotting emaciated deer on two legs the other is a rake-like being and that is what the original rake was based on. Wendigo does speak but you must pay no mind and do not reply or speak to it. They also mimic your loved one’s voices but it sounds metallic like an old recording. Wendigo is always hungry due to the cannibalistic way it was formed. Wendigo also has supernatural speed making this beast very dangerous. Most wendigo also lives in the northern states and Canada. One more thing, Never ever say its name out loud.

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