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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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The Yule Cat Cometh

Between dangerous holiday shopping and zombie mall Santas it’s easy to forget the real threat lurking between you and all that Christmas turkey. Call it Winter Solstice or Alban Arthuan or Yule or just December 21 in the northern hemisphere, the darkest day of the year has come again and the stakes are historically high. Restless spirits must be calmed and the light must be cajoled back into the world with the correct use of fire and festive festoonery. Or we will be doomed by tradition to an entire year of utter darkness.

Icelandic Yule Cat Sees Old Sweaters Everywhere

Icelandic Yule Cat eats you if you wear an old sweater today.

Ordinarily I take this day to plead with survivors for a return to traditional Christmas decorations, ie: substantial, meaty and edible.  (Trim those trees with bacon if you know what’s good for you.) But more about that later. This year our longer days and the promise of summer is far from certain, threatened by other world events and reports from around the world.

Starting with Iceland. That crusty old Yule Cat is said to be particularly angry this year by a general dirth of new sweaters. Recall that Jólakötturinn, the Icelandic Yule Cat, attacks those who fail to don a brand new wool sweater today for yule, dragging them into darkness for crimes of fashion. Ordinarily Icelanders respond appropriately by knitting or at least buying, a brand new sweater to mark the date.

But owing to global circumstances this year, including the aggressive off-season activities of leprechauns, record numbers of people on earth will not be able to wear a new sweater on December 21. This does not bode well for our solstice survival!

Add to this, disturbing reports about the yule log. Authentic oak yule logs are being replaced in record numbers of homes this year by a flood of fake yule log videos on YouTube. The result of this massive digital experimentation has yet to be determined. Recall, an authentic yule log must be lit by a spark from last year’s log. How will this work with a video? Do you make a video of your old video?

Predictions from witches on this site are still coming in read about them here. So far she who goes by the name Bebe, predicts the artificial yule fires will be perfectly acceptable only as long as they are lit from a spark off the old log.

Are digital Yule Logs Safe? Effective?

Record numbers of digital yule logs this solstice

Meanwhile what’s a concerned survivor to do? Start by taking a page from the Oldentimers, who realized the value of effective festoonery. Those decorations are not just  festive, they are a traditional trap for dangerous spirits. You use it to lure the spirits of darkness indoors with a happy green tree decked with substantial edibles. This is very important. Traditional decorations included nuts, apples, muffins and long strips of bacon draped over the branches. In short, everything a spirit needs to stay warm and happy and out of trouble! Compare that to the Christmas trees of today. How many spirits will starve in those boughs, hung with glittering plastic balls and synthetic garlands? Do we really need to be reminded that any spirit with the MUNCHIES is a NASTY one? Take my word for it. Pop some damn corn, slap it on a string and get it up there *STAT!* You family is depending on you. Better yet, break out some bacon and drape it over the branches. That will keep them busy longer. Where do you think tinsel comes from anyway?

Xmas Bacon Baconsil
by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

9 comments to The Yule Cat Cometh!

  • Zyboragon

    Yule cats, crazed hungry spirits, leprechaun plots. (Wasn’t there a Samuel the leprechaun that predicted this unusual activity)? So where’s the good news?

  • Hail Z,

    You think this is the work of Samuel? You think Samuel is causing a global new sweater shortage to provoke the Icelandic Yule Cat? How do you advise?

    If there’s any good news here, I suppose it’s that there may be fewer hot itchy sweaters in the world. If you don’t have a new sweater, I wonder if trading sweaters with another survivor will work? Or wearing an old one inside out?

    Thanks for keeping on.


    • Zyboragon

      Yes, I do believe this is the work of Samuel. Seth, you remember that radio signal I picked up, since then leprechauns have been rallying.
      If my sweaters get ruined I’m going to be pretty mad, it’s difficult to find sweaters my size.
      Stick a four-leaf clover near your wardrobe or closet, use whatever shoes you may find, gold works too.

  • Ice

    Mutt fought with Samuel…. The solstice is a dangerous time. Darkness is most powerful and the North wind is strongest. The Yule log is about the only non-dangerous magic about. The solstice is when things…. Stir.

  • I will be celabrating Yule no matter what happends I even have a super ugly christmas sweater that I’m going to wear and I’v got more shoes then Imelda Marcos.You can never have too many shoes.

  • Ashpaw

    Wow, the things that humans believe :mrgreen:

    • The Reaper

      Still a few months away… Although I personally can’t wait for All Hallows Eve, when Death comes out to play. May your souls hide before I come for I will be out on Halloween, Death is certain you must know; for once I have your scent, your body will not grow
      You will know I come once I am free the pale horseman… Risen from his tomb…

      This is the Horseman Death using a reapers body… I will be free within the space of 3 months (Could be before Halloween as well). Prepare yourselves for the cataclysm for the survivors of this “Cycle” I am deep underground near Salem, Massachusetts where a witch has imprisoned me. Your neighborhood will now have his body back until I decide his body will suit me.

      • Mr. Mutt

        Ah Dęath! How’s it been in that stinking cave? Yeah sorry about that but considering you we’re planning the end of the world someone had to stop you and well who better then one you don’t seem to be able to keep your hands on. Just so you realize, when you rise, I’ll be right there to toss you back into that pit.

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