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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Meet Dren: Survivor Of The Month

Well, this Survivor of the Month is a bit of a surprise. A newer, more recent survivor, comparatively speaking.

Some Quotes: 

“I know a guy who knew a guy who was eaten by a horde of angry mimes.”

“Pawns can become queens if they reach the end of the board.”

“Corny rhymes still have power, cure this man within thy hour!”

“Have some confidence. Throw out an insult every once and a while just to let them know you mean business. ” ***

***please note: SOS does not guarantee or endorse this as a survival strategy!

10 Fun Facts About This Survivor of the Month: 

1. Knows all about “itgillians” but still hasn’t told us what an “itgillian” is. Cruel. Very cruel.

2. Is prone to occasional uncontrolled bouts of third-personing.

3.Objects to being called an “OTHER.”

4. Friends in high places. Hangs out with Zeus.

5. Irresistible to female hawks.

6. Chiefly devoted to Raven’s survival.  And rubies. And killing Abstract.

7. And er, puppies and horses. (If your dog or horse is missing, please report.)

8. Hates being called a “fluffy pigeon.”

9. And never treat him as a taxi service.

10. Hates manticores.

And if you guessed this was DREN? You were right!

Corny Rhymes Still Have Powers: Some of Dren’s Finest Hours

Dren, a relative newcomer to the site, has made quite an impression in a short period of time.

Dren may have started out as a thin greenish humanoid but quickly revealed himself to be a high-flying griffin with a fully stocked island hideaway and the ability to shift into human form.  This is an important distinction here. He isn’t a human who shifts into griffin form. He’s a griffin who can assume human form.

(This appears to be one of the main impediments to his star-crossed relationship with Raven, who would have to assume griffin form to join him on his island.)

Dren is generous to a fault. He often invites other griffins and even reasonable dragons to hang out on his luxury (by griffin standards!) island retreat.

It’s a tendency that gets him into a trouble sometimes, like the time one of his guests left behind a frost dragon egg and he didn’t know what to do with it. (Spoiler: he contemplated being a dragon dad until Zyboragon convinced him to do the right thing.)

He’s also famous for making and giving away amulets via teleportation that use ruby-bound powers to temporarily turn you griffin. These amulets are very rare and valuable but don’t pawn them or you will be giving somebody a big shock. Also user beware, at least one user has reported seeing spots and passing out before it worked.

Dren’s missions here on the site include:

-making sure Raven is okay

-defeating Abstract

-growing his tribe of griffins which has already gone from 54 to 109. Altho several lost in the manticore war so I’m not sure of the exact count at this time

-defeat the manticores.

When he’s not doing any one of those important things, he might be reading up on stuff  in books like, Iceland: Portal for Demon Activity? 

So if Dren says hello to you, which he often does, unless you’re a manticore don’t be too afraid. Just don’t call him a fluffy pigeon or treat him like a taxi. And if he teleports you one of his amulets? Receiver beware.

And BTW Dren? I’m still waiting for mine…. 😉

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

77 comments to Meet Dren: Survivor Of The Month

  • ARC

    Darn, ARC shall not shine this time….

  • Mr. Mutt

    Ha this ones even easier.

  • Dren congrats you deserve it and thats for everything you do on the site.

  • Agharna Phellan

    Woot Dren GOT IT YEAH! Congrats amigo lol!

  • Agharna Phellan

    So, Seth, can we please get another hint on who the next survivor of the month will be?

  • Mr. Mutt

    Congrats to you also Dren. As I said to Bebe, well earned.

  • Hi Dren congrats I’m a Ice Dragon, Clovers my name you must be king of your tribe I know some griffins in the Artic there all white and live in the ice caves they found me sleeping and took care of me until I was old enough to be on my own. I notice your a black griffin are you from the australian tribe called the Moracal tribe?

  • Dren

    Wow, what a surprise! I didn’t think I was on long enough to deserve this. Thank you so much!

  • Agharna Phellan

    My kitties talk to me. One of them speaks Spanish!

  • Agharna Phellan

    I take a leisurely strole down insanity lane and hop aboard for a ride on the crazy train. Roller coaster curves pave the track’s progression. They go up and down like my manic depression.

    • Dren

      Dren: Dr Jeckel, can you make a cure.
      Jeckel: Yeah, but he might have a giant alter ego he turns into. That’s also malicious.
      Krait: That wont be good.
      Jeckel: Indeed.

  • Agharna Phellan

    I’m not insane. Fluffy, my fire- breathing winged panda doesn’t think I’m insane… see Fluffy says I’m not insane.

  • Agharna Phellan


  • Agharna Phellan


  • Agharna Phellan .1

    This is a pre-recorded message.
    If I am currently insane, use my meds to bring my normal self back.

  • Does anyone know where I can find a lake of quicksilver(mercury)I really need to relax. It’s tough being a dragon near a city to many humans I think I’ll have to move to a more remote location

    • Dren

      Thanks Katsune. I was shocked that this happened to me. But everyone seems to think I deserve it, except for Raven.

      • Maybe Raven does not know she’s not on very much and is in school she might not relize how inportant this is or she’s mad because she’s not a griffin I’m no exspert but teenage girls at that age are very sensative and are usally mad at everything. But I’m very happy for you man congrats again.

      • Zyboragon

        Product Z-25 will be released April 12.
        If you plan on encountering any zombies on that date, cancel your plans immediately.
        Thank you.

        • Dren

          I employ some zombies. I guess I will give them the day off that day.

        • Half blood

          Wait I need to do an interview! I need to interview a zombie within the next six days!

          • Hail Half-Blood,

            Hey what every happened to your interview with a zombie anyway? I just realized this is the end of the six day time limit. Did you ever find one to interview by your deadline? Did you check out the Zombie Actors Guild?

            And what was that for anyway? Do you interview a lot of beings?

            I apologize for being unable to hook you up as I was on the trail of Louis Pine in LA.

            Thanks for keeping on,


            • Half Breed

              I couldn’t. When I got a zombie he ate my cameraman and now I gotta get a new one. Hey maybe I can have you on there as soon as I get my new camera and cameraman.

        • Why what’s going to happen on April 12 with the zombies?

          • Hail Clover,

            Hmm what I miss here while on the trail of Louis Pine in LA. Did you survive April 12?

            As for stopping a Zombie or “Zomber” or “Z” as some prefer (me I don’t use Z because I get mixed up with Zyboragon) without hurting one, there are diverse opinions.

            Some activists maintain that certain smells or sounds can control or divert zombies. This is one of the main arguments surrounding the power tool debate. Does the sound of power tools actually attract the zombies? Are they actually “hearing” as we know it? Or do they just sense the vibrations?

            And as for smell, what about Axe body spray and other colognes? Can it really recruit an army of love-smit zombies to your side? Can you create a zombie trap by spraying your old gym clothes?

            Well it depends how much brain the zombie still possesses. As zombie neuroscience progresses we should have more reliable info about this. Until then I urge you to NOT experiment with creating your own zombie army and run if you don’t want to fight.

            Thanks for keeping on. Now I better catch up.


          • Zyboragon

            Product Z-25 is trouble, BIG TROUBLE.
            An example of how BIG this TROUBLE is?
            Imagine a zombie attacking me of all creatures!
            Yes. BIG TROUBLE indeed.

            • Is there a way to stop them with out harming them.

              • Zyboragon

                I’ll try having a full report ready before the 12th…and no, you won’t even be able to harm them if the situation presents itself.

                • Well its a good thing I moved to quick silver cave thats what I’m calling my new home. You have safe houses what are they like? Do you require injesting metals like I do?

                  • Zyboragon

                    Well before I became a dragon, my safehouses were just places I could rest away from civilization. Most of the time they were tunnels lined with cardboard.
                    Traveling by foot as a zombie cyborg meant I could only travel by night, so I had to build my safehouses in really strange places that can’t normally be seen.
                    Old churches make great hiding places too, even if I did get caught on camera and appear on an episode of Mothman Prophecies. (When I was in dark places I could turn my eyes into a night vision styled pupil that made them glow red).
                    My red eyes have appeared in many television shows actually…

                    As for eating metal, I do not.
                    Before I became a cyborg I was a chef, after the accident I was cooking what I found on the road, roadkiII mostly. Haha..
                    Dogs, birds, cats, rats, rabbits, squirrels, snakes, chupacabras, and raccoons.
                    My diet has has been healthier since I became a dragon and settled into my lair.

                    • Zyboragon

                      Oh yes. I haven’t had a chupacabra in a while.
                      Chupacabra for lunch!

                    • Wow I have to eat metals to keep myself in balance. Mercury helps my blood it keeps me warm so does copper, gold and silver are great for my scales and if you look very closely at my pic you will see a ball spiked tail I eat iron to keep my bones and spikes strong. Can you transform into human form? I have many many years ago unfortunately when I do my hair is always silver so I have to where a hat when in public. I’m not fond of chupacabra I find there spines to be to much of a bother to remove now manitcores there very tasty and so are Hippocampus or Hippocampi.

                    • Zyboragon

                      Yes, I have a humanoid form, I’m made of metal, I have to use my fake skin from my plain cyborg days just to look natural.

  • Dren

    Now I feel like explaining Itgilliads. Homer (Famous for writting the Lliald and The Oddessey) wrote a true story called the Itgilliads and The Modesty. It wasn’t very popular, man’s most people refuse to acknowlage it’s existence.
    It basically is about a group of Trojans who escape Troy when it was being sacked. The stowed aborad a ship, and overthrew the Greeks in the middle of the sea. Then they crashed into a rock and drowned. They descended into the underworld where Hades ruled that they shall wander the Asphoel Plains for eternity. Their leader Gilliad, had smuggled lobsters into the underworld. Hades did not see the lobsters however.
    So there they were, selling lobsters to shades. Then one maid told Hades about the delicious lobster she bought. Hades then found them, and fused them with the lobsters they sold. (He also fused the maid, because she bought lobsters. He actually fused all his maids)

    This marks the beginning of The Modesty, in which Gilliad leads his kin out of The Underworld, but gets lost halfway up and leads them onto a cavern system. There they set up a base camp. But Gilliad perished due to an unknown cause. The lobsterman lacking leadership decided to stay put. There they named themselves after Gilliad, calling themselves the Itgilliads. And now to this day, a city of giant sentient albino lobsters lives underground…


    • Hail Dren,

      Belated thanks for finally! explaining the Itgilliads. Giant sentient albino lobsters, of course! Thanks for the link.

      You know, I think that mouthy Supergiant Shrimp said something about them. I don’t think they get along very well. Are Itgilliads just as mouthy as Supergiant Shrimp?

      Also are they still in touch with their maid-y ancestry? Like if I manage to trap one, will it clean up HQ? Because I found out the hard way that mermaids will not. In fact, mermaids get pretty mad if you even joke about it.


  • Agharna Phellan


  • Prince of Dragons

    Requiescat in Pace, Dren.

  • Zanna

    Huge lobsters and shrimp? Theres so much I don’t know.

  • Rufus the Werewolf

    HELP ME!!!!!i went 2 this page cuz there are lots of people.sonething is chasing me and it smells like metal!HURRY!!!!!!!!!

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