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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Survivor of the Month - LycanTheProtector

Meet LycanTheProtector:  Wolfman of Many Forms & Friendly Lycanthropous Flowers

Protector can summon a two-leg form with the emotion of sadness.

Once again the app chose aptly for the last survivor of the month in 2012 – LycanTheProtector.  If you haven’t met him already, well you just haven’t tried very hard yet. He’s a wolfman of many forms and a friendly florist who comes armed with  lycanthropous flowers for everyone.

Well sure his lycanthropous flowers MIGHT kill you or cause you to be trapped in werewolf form forever, but they could also allow you to try out being a werewolf for 24 hours! Which is something that if you ask Devorah, a braces-bound pre-werewolf, would totally be worth the risk.

Devorah begged the Lycan for one of his flowers after nobody on the site would break the strict no-bite rule to help turn her. He promised to deliver one to her home, but it’s still unclear if he found the right home because she lives in two of them. How did it all turn out? Did she find the flower and try it?

Protector also gave one of his famous flowers to Half-Breed. Well sort of.  Actually Half-Breed just kind of leapt on it and munched it right out of Protector’s hand while he was offering it to somebody else.. Now here’s where things get weird – er. Half-Breed as you probably know is already a lycanthrope. So what effect could the flower have?

Well it’s too early to say for sure – and Half-Breed denies it – but so far the dread flower seems to have a strangely romantic effect. While the whole incident appears to have alarmed Beast Girl who as a shape-shifter became understandably concerned. Time – and hopefully Half-Breed himself – will tell the final effect on Half-Breed.  Until then, other survivors would be well advised to accept Lycan’s flowers with more caution because they may have unintended side effects on supernaturals.

Oh really Half-Breed? It didn’t affect you AT ALL???

Where does he find those flowers anyway?

Does he cultivate them? Or find and pick them? How do you pick and store them? I

Protector means well though. Maybe he is a bit of a menace the way he likes to play inter-dimensional space-time tag with The Doctor through the shadow realms. And yeah, maybe he is prone to dazzling displays of fire and ice – but he is friendly with his flowers and quick with a greeting or survival advice and anecdotes.

So if he seems a little lycanthrololo at times to you, consider this. LycanTheProtector saw his whole pack hunted for their pelts. A 99.98% true story. I remember reading about it at the time. Do these hunters try to kill them when they are in their most valuable form, say gold or silver fur? Or do their pelts retain the abiity to change after they are removed? Maybe he can tell us, if it’s not too hard to talk about.

Either way, he saw his mate Luna die in his arms. And now he is the last surviving one of his pack, a wolf with many elemental forms and a broken heart. Which gives him a lot in common with Ice, the last surviving Ice Wolf on the site. If they can just keep from freezing each other and everyone else, who knows, they could team up.

Luckily, LycanTheProtector doesn’t seem bent on revenge. Yet.  So far he mainly appears to be trying to move on by helping others. So I hope you won’t be afraid to say hello if Mr. TheProtector greets you with a flower. Be just afraid enough…

NO but seriously – Protector has a lot to offer survival. For instance, did you know he has a developed a unique shifting technique that he can control with his emotions? It’s true. He has a two-leg or wolf-man form that he can summon with sad thoughts. And a playful puppy form that emerges with happy thoughts? Very educational. This marks the first time that a werewolf on the site would tell the secret of a puppy form.  I had no idea but it makes a lot of sense. How better to maintain the speed, agility and tracking senses of your wolf form without alerting other beings?

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

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