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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Survivor of the Month: Wolf Princess

Here’s the first clue to the Survivor of the Month for the Dragon Moon, 2012:

Do you recognize this Survivor of the Month?

1. Είμαι με κανένα τρόπο αυτοκτονίας, αλλά να κάνω έντονα την επιθυμία να είναι με την αγάπη μου και πάλι.

2. Is a vegetarian who loves meat ice cream.

3. Has braces in human form but transforms regularly with no additional pain or difficulty

4. A rare, 100% werewolf turned white demon wolf with red eyes:

By now you’ve probably guessed, this Survivor of the Month is Wolf Princess!

The Harrowing Tale (And Red Eyes & White Fur & Braces) Of a Wolf Princess:

Wolf Princess is a rare, 100% werewolf of suspected genetic origin. She first came here with a simple question, should I join a pack? Or remain a lone wolf?

Wolf Princess revealed that she had been spending her moons alone in the yard. For safety, she instructed her sister to lock her out of the house. Then she roamed the neighborhood trying to avoid contact with others, particularly humans with cameras. But it wasn’t working. Somebody eventually snapped a photo. She found it on the Internet and the other survivors had to talk her out of taking revenge on the photographer.

Shortly after this, Wolf Princess built her own secret crib so she could avoid these situations.

Unfortunately, before she could even use this new crib for the first time, there was a rash of A-51 attacks on the site that caught a lot of survivors, including Wolf Princess. She was caught mid-transformation and collared with a silver collar.

(This attack caused a lot of survivors to question the level of the security of the site and remains to this day the single biggest reason for the no names, no ages, no real locations policy!)

Wolf Princess managed to fight off her attackers but was trapped mid-transformation, half-human, half-wolf. Very embarrassing. Her sister hid her until she could figure out how to get out of the silver collar.

Desperate Wolf Princess tried everything to get it off, right down to the tried-and-true throw-yourself-against-the-wall maneuver.

Nothing worked. Finally another survivor on the site, Goddess of Fate, a demi-god who used to grace us with her presence sometimes, gave Wolf Princess a sword of celestial bronze. Well it worked and Wolf Princess carries it to this day.

Understandably, after this early A-51 encounter, Wolf Princess changed. Her fur went all white as a result of the stress. But there were more changes to come for Wolf Princess.

Needing a holiday after her terrible transformation, she agreed to a dream-cation with the enigmatic Night Wolf, a friendly demon wolf who used to check in sometimes.

Night Wolf and Wolf Princess met in Times Square in their dreams one night – but only one of them returned. And it wasn’t Night Wolf.

In fact, Night Wolf was never heard from again. And we don’t know the full details of what happened that night. Maybe Wolf Princess will never tell us. But that night changed her even further. Now her eyes glowed red and she too was a demon wolf. What really happened that night, Wolf Princess? Will you ever tell?

Either way, the Princess brought back souvenirs for everyone so that was nice. Although you can only claim them in your dreams. (I’m still looking for mine. Last night I looked behind the balloon clown who stole my teeth. He didn’t have it.)

Anyway it turned out to be a good thing, because Wolf Princess needed every power she could muster for the next attack. A pack of creatures surrounded her house one night. They almost killed her and her family and destroyed her home. She thought it was A-51 again but later discovered it was not A-51 at all but it turned out to be a pack of hell hounds sent out by somebody unknown. Did this have anything to do with her new demon powers? We still don’t know.

Lucky thing Bebe’s aunt had a 140 bedroom home that was empty. **HINT: When somebody tells you they have a 140 bedroom home empty? Be very suspicious!  

Wolf Princess brought her family to Bebe’s aunty’s home and it turned out to be a trap. Not one laid by Bebe, but by her annoyingly dangerous warlock brother Spark. Anyway something good came out of this – Time Kitsune saved Wolf Princess’ life and a different spark was ignited between them. Wolf Princess was no longer a lone wolf.

But the partnership of TK and Wolf Princess had many ups and downs. Understandably it was difficult. Kitsune and werewolves do not normally pair up. They seemed to attract danger to each other. Maybe it was the matching collars they wore to track each other at all times, no matter where they were in the universe.

When TK was eventually killed in battle against Zanthre trying to free Wolf Princess who was being used as a weapon against Ice, Wolf Princess was devastated.

After Bebe healed Wolf Princess and told her everything, it broke her heart. Things got very sad around here for a while as Wolf Princess tried everything she could to resurrect TK, every spell she could get her hands on or that Alex could give her. Survivors might remember how a Tear Drinker visited the site several times during this time.

Not even Mr. Jaffa’s fluffy bunny spell could cheer her up. Her demon wolf side began to infect her human side and her eyes glowed red now even in human form. The other kids started to tease her and she had to lock herself into her crib to control herself:

And another thing. Some analysis by Zyboragon revealed evidence of dangerous chemical in her system. Then in her next transformation, Wolf Princess discovered wings. Which I don’t have to tell you makes her dangerously close to the WWs who hunt angels. How did it happen? A healing spell gone wrong? Or back to Night Wolf?

Meanwhile Alex was finally able to ressurect TK in Supreme Fire’s body but only long enough for Wolf Princess to say goodbye. Supreme Fire also gave her TK’s old collar, the one that used to lead them to each other.

Wolf Princess was later relieved to learn then that TK was not dead but dimension-shifted, so although sometimes they can still communicate, they can’t see each other.

Despite this, Wolf Princess has become a great survivor. She dotes on little TK and has lots of good advice for A-51 battle strategy and rage control techniques. She’s a fierce defender of other survivors and well-deserved survivor of the month!

Thanks to Wolf Princess and to everyone here who contributed to survival this month!

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

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