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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Survivor of the Month Curse Continues 2014 First Survivor of the Month

SOS Survivor of the Month

If you’re still keeping on with SOS after surviving the first full full moon of 2014 – first, congratulation, many thanks and second, the bad-good news continues, thanks to the Hatter, The Reaper and Fenrir a new carrier of the curse has been selected. Will they be strong enough to make it through another month? Or will it all collapse like a pile of zombies? We will see. Meanwhile if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read about the Survivor of the Month so you can avoid being one. Otherwise, let’s see if you can guess the clues….

Guess The Survivor of the Month

Who will it be?

Who will it be?

This Survivor:

1. Describes himself mysteriously as, “An ordinary run of the mill mythic…with all the right gear.” Sound like Batman to you? Well he’s not. He’s even better in most of the ways that count. He can fix your biomech. Something I’ve been meaning to ask him about ever since Robowolf ssent me that home exoskeleton kit…

2. In fact he once very nobly volunteered to be the Mayor of Mythics. Anything for the sake of a plan… 

3. Really, really, really hates wraiths. Really? Really.

4. Has a powerful Draconian brother goes by the name of Drakko.

5. Enlisted the help of many on the site to help him turn his friend – a genetic werewolf – ie: trigger his first transformation to help in a full moon fight against a team of hunters brought on by the Sentinel Cycle. So did he use silver as Chaoswolf suggested? Or Mutt’s suggestion of a fear trap? I’m still searching the archives to find out. Oh there it is. Clearly it worked but unclear how.6.. Is a master of propaganda and the public-stunt-coverup plan but seems to have a problem with aliens. For some reason he thinks mentioning aliens in a plan strains credibility. Huh.

6. Has met a lot of inarticulate reapers whose total vocabularies consisted of two words: “Burn,” or “Die,” which explains why he made an fast ally frenemy? of The Reaper. (Note: don’t say they teamed up. The Reaper hates that…)

7. Don’t ask him to volunteer for Area 51 research in search of Rusty. Why? He might actually do it. Although he might also get bored, trash the lab and take all the funding to Vegas, which might not be so bad except he could end up captured by Cirque du Soleil, swinging on a trapeze. Actually he might like that too. Point is, he just likes it when a plan comes together.

8. Coached Knox the Hovering through a trust crisis when it seemed his pack was turning on him last summer. Okay yeah, maybe Knox did disappear never to be heard from again shortly thereafter but I for one found his words inspiring and appreciated his efforts on behalf of a fellow survivor.

9. Sometimes spends his holidays in the Crypts of Nocturne. Mainly after violating his mythic contract with a council of 14 apocalyptic deities, leaking confidential mythic files and being locked there against his will. Wonder what it’s like there? Let’s see if he reports about that…

10. Was a big protector of Mary on the site, for which I for one was very grateful.

 These clues in progress. Think you already know who it is? Feel free to post your own clues below. Did you see the first Monstrometer Report yet? If not, please watch here…

In case you haven’t already guessed the Survivor of the Month is Velanko. Watch for his Survivor of the Month post tomorrow and in the meantime go watch this.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

45 comments to Survivor of the Month Curse Continues 2014 First Survivor of the Month

  • Velanko… No… Lord please no…

    • Hatter

      Sorry reaper you said it you locked it in place

      • I know… It’s my curse… Seth, there is no one way to avoid the curse. It hits people in different ways. Hatter, has not been affected yet. Velanko was cursed before you set him in the hall of fame, Kzazier disappeared, Mary has had a string of bad luck since her moon, and of course there’s me. My curse is an interesting one. Either someone dies around me, or I die. So, it seems that the curse must be defeated one way at a time… Death curses should be stopped by Nightshade… I’ll see if that works for me.

        • Hatter

          Hey reaper your part of the curse could actually just be turned into a blessing by you walking around A51 and anyway you forgot to mention about half of the list of SoTMs so really it could still be trying to get at me so fenrir might have actually done what he said and converted it to a solid form much like the volcanic glass referred to as obsidian

        • Hail Velanko,

          It’s true the curse continues and threatens to fell all survivors. I don’t know how to defeat it yet as I’m still unsure of the origin. For a long time I suspected a draconian behind it, possibly even Zyboragon himself if not the much older, sleepier Ytseab. But now? I wonder about a witch who possibly coveted the prize and didn’t receive it…

          In any event, until we figure it out let’s hope that Velanko is strong enough to carry if for this month.

          Thanks for keeping on,


      • Moderating comment the gist about the curse.

    • Fenrir Ulfangr

      Wait, did a reaper just invoke the God?
      😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
      wonderful, just wonderful.

      • The Reaper will invoke whoever he wants Ulfangr. Let’s not forget that I still don’t trust you. And I work for an apocalyptic deity. I am an old one, and my kind are known for being hidden in shadows. However, I still believe in a higher power. Ulfangr, go take that snarky attitude and go bury it with your long lost followers of old. Okay?

        • Fenrir Ulfangr

          Actually they aren’t so long lost there are groups that exist solely to strengthen me that still exist. I am not the God but I am his servant, and so they praise him first, and lend aid to me.

          • Right of course, because Neo-Druidisim is sure powering the Tuathe De Dannan quite well. Except for the Morrigan who runs on Reaper power. I think you have 1 day of full power a year, and then the rest you just hang around Niffleheim writing the advice equivalent of a chainsaw to the face while in a volcano. Ulfangr, we both know that this is not going to end well for either of us. So, I’m going to be the better man… Monster… Reaper… Whatever. And back down before one of us gets hurt.

          • Lilith

            Fenrir please just shush, your making a jerk of yourself.

  • Moon Song

    It is so sad to see this site has gone downhill…
    It is a wonder I still visit, considering I am in the beginnings of my second year here and it appears thay no one I first met back in late 2012 is still on.
    Tis a sad, sad site now and I mourn for the glory days.

  • Err wish I was survivor of the month But there’s really not anything cool about a guardian

  • Lilith

    Lilith walked around the clearing in the wood, accompanied by several squads of Velanko’s men, all setting up for the ritual to locate the fragments of his soul. The men and women loyal to Velanko did what Lilith asked; set the drums up around the clearing, carve a pentagram in the Earth, place torches and lanterns here and there… but they did so with caution. They had all been briefed on who Lilith was, including her less flattering stories, a few soldiers even openly wore religious symbols, hoping it would prevent her from devouring their souls.
    Lilith knew this and it disheartened her, but she was too preoccupied surveying the local energies and to be too bothered by it. Her black hair was done up, accentuating her milky white skin, while her dark eyes darted constantly around the area, watching the convergent energy of ley lines come and go. She chewed on her painted black nails, which went nicely with the flowing white silk dress she wore along with her sets of golden jewelry. Her feet were bare. Her clothes were in much contrast to the combat gear the rest of the party wore.
    A blond woman trotted up to her. “Ma’am,” she spoke.
    “Yes, Lieutenant?”
    “We’ve finished setting up the drums.”
    “Good. We can start soon.” Lilith eyed the blue sky for a moment. “Just one thing is missing.” Her hand stretched up, as if cupping the sky in it while shutting her eyes. Her hand began to vibrate as ground shook. She heard gasps from around her as the sky darkened at an ever increasing rate. The pinpoints of stars and the glory of the moon finally appeared. Lilith smiled to herself and saw her work in all its splendor. “Ah, how I miss the Old World.” Lilith looked around at the startled crew. “Get to the drums! Beat like I showed you, we’ve only a small window!” The men and women started fumbling around, getting to their places as a mist started rolling in.
    As soon as that beat started Lilith began dancing and moving to it. Spinning and moving in a ravenous way, like a predator on the hunt. A few people began to slow their playing in confusion. “Stop playing and it shall be the death of you!” Lilith shouted, not missing a step. “Fear the Darkness, yes, but fear me more.” At her words the torches burned brighter and the pentagram was set a flame, burning with all the intensity of hell. Newly motivated, everyone commenced their playing with vigor. The stars were starting to be blotted out as thunder charged clouds rolled in. Lilith took the vial of Velanko’s blood from the gene bank and threw it into the blazing pentagram. She stood still for one small moment and in that moment it felt like all time had stopped around them.
    “I am Lilith.” she spoke. She began moving again. The shadows appeared to move with her. Whispers were heard in the dark. She spoke again while moving.
    My power has concrete feet
    My power’s and iron ball
    Wrapped around Man’s ankles
    Over the waterfall
    A chorus of voices began to sing with her from within the darkness and inhuman faces began to take shape. A few troops could see Lilith’s eyes were now a deep red with the slits of a serpent. A form began to take shape within the pentagram, the troops recognized him as Velanko. He walked out of the circle and began to dance opposite to Lilith.
    Is it worth the wait
    All this killing time
    Are you strong enough to stand
    Hold strong to both your heart and mind
    For I am the betrayer
    The killer in the crowd
    It is I who creeps in corridors
    Without making a sound
    Lightning began to crash down around the clearing, a few trees being struck and catching flame. The troops did not sway from their playing. The few who weren’t entranced by the Velanko and the Black Queen’s performance looked down to see the hands of monsters holding theirs. One man was held by a raven like beast whose talons caressed his skin in a delicate way, while the blond woman from before’s were held firmly by a tall man in an expensive suit wearing white gloves, each hand with seven fingers.
    As I move my feet
    Towards your body
    I can hear that beat
    Such an almighty sound
    The doppelganger Velanko’s eyes were pure white, never once leaving the gaze of Lilith’s blood red ones.
    Louder and Louder
    Sang the otherworldly chorus.
    I swear you could hear it
    It is such an almighty sound
    For a moment, Lilith’s face began to change, at least to the soldiers. Some saw a figure, pure black, with faces on the side of its head and multiple arms, each carrying a weapon while all its eyes and mouth emanated fire and light. Others saw Lilith as she was, but with bright red hair and green eyes, holding a broom in one hand and a pentacle in the the other. A few saw her with that same red hair, with pure white eyes, and menacing horns protruding from her head and back, a serpentine tail whipping to and fro. The blond woman saw an enormous seven headed dragon, each with a different color of scales in a different demeanor.
    The clouds began to part directly above the clearing, swirling like the eye of a hurricane. The drums stopped as did the turbulence of the wind and Lilith’s chorus. Two bolts of lightning crashed down into Lilith’s raised hands, sending arcs of energy around her, illuminating the clearing intensely. She shot the energy at the copy of Velanko, the fire from the torches and lanterns jumping out to do the same. Velanko was shot into the Pentagram and as he burned, the fires turned bright white. By the time his body was gone the fire had become something not quite fire, light, or electricity.
    It shot up through the hole in the sky in a pillar of heavenly energy. When it finally stopped, the creatures that had assisted in the ceremony no longer were there. From the portal in the sky small tiny bright orbs began to fly out in the thousands. Lilith licked her lips, restraining herself. The tiny lights all briefly skimmed along the dirt, floating around everyone, and as the soldiers touched them, they were given visions of where the remaining pieces of Velanko’s soul were. Lilith whistled and the lights all lazily floated towards her, congealing into a central light. Lilith held it in her arms motherly.
    “So beautiful,” she whispered. Her mouth briefly opened to reveal large teeth and a demonic tongue. She quickly shut her mouth. She could her the troops all drawing their weapons. She restrained herself and let Velanko’s soul go, it slowly faded out into nothingness, returning to Velanko.
    The clouds disappeared, all the energies Lilith had summoned was gone, but a beautiful Aurora had appeared in the sky. Arm of green light touched down to the ground.
    “Portals to the other side. Go.” Lilith said. Everyone hurriedly grabbed their gear and ran into the light, knowing exactly where to go. Lilith fell to the ground, holding her hands over her eyes, blood seeping through her finger tips. She laughed madly.

  • Lilith

    Velanko I’m just waiting for it to be moderated

  • Lilith

    And I have faith we shall prevail, but I intend to get to the truth.

  • Lilith

    Say, Reaper, could you tell me about yourself? Dispite our uneasy Détente I find you interesting.

    • Well as you know, I am a Grim Reaper. But I don’t really like my job. The paperwork sucks, sure I get to meet new people but the friendships are rather short lived. You could call me slightly pessimistic, and a little bit of a jerk. But much like Fenrir, I apparently don’t care. And I love music. Oh, I also love dogs and long walks in the moonlight.

      • Lilith

        Oh? No epic backstory or significant events to speak of?

        • Well, I suppose I could tell you my story. But remember, at my age my memory is a bit crummy… This story is 91.8% true. The rest my mind might have made up, or even forgotten, and then filled in. I was born in 1905 just before the aliens came and plundered earth for all of its candy. I was a young man, enjoying a nice Charleston’s Chew. When the aliens stole it. So naturally. I bought another one. Well, 20 some years later… I was working on the new highway, when I got hit by a car. Thus, leading me here. Becoming a reaper. Now, as you can read in my SOTM page, I was the lead guitarist in a metal band. Called: Death on the Highway. We were big in the 40’s, but mostly in the fae realms. And that’s where a leprachaun stole my robe. Interesting enough, that’s why I hate them. Yet, I guess that’s normal for a band… Maybe I should apologize to all the little green folks out there… Hm… Anyway, after that. I decided it would be best to hang around Elvis Presley. Who, of course. Kicked the bucket. Most awkward reap ever… So, about… 50-60 years later, here I am.

    • Hail Lilith,

      For more about The Reaper you can see his tagged Survivor of the Month profile here with links or on the sidebar. The comments beneath it are also instructive.

      Thanks for keeping on,


  • Scarlett Lupa

    I think I could…no I can’t tell…but I have to before it’s too late…but I can’t though it will have to be a secret for now till I need to tell…just not right now…oh…oh dear did I just type all of what I was thinking down…guess that’s what I get for having a one track mind heh heh heh one track mind heh heh heh…*cough* oww I shouldn’t laugh I literally can’t breathe…

  • Alex

    An update on me. I am a human. I am not special. I erased myself and have made no goal to reclaim. Even this way, all of you need to shape up in my opinion. Train harder. No one here has reached the peak of themselves mentally. Good luck, I may return eventually. In the time I’m gone, prepare.

    • Hail Alex,

      Thanks for the update. Unspecialification is hard and virtually impossible for almost any being, let alone a human. You have your work cut out for you.

      Survivally Yours,


      PS And I now officially suspect you as the source of the curse which hey! might make you a bit special again so… oops.

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