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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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SOS Survival Hall Of Fame - 2012 Ghost Moon Inductee

10 Clues About Newest Hall of Famer:

SOS Hall of Famer

1. This survivor time travels into the future at the amazing rate of sixty seconds every minute.

2. Once ate dragon soup and deep-fried dragon and lived to tell about it. (So far anyway. He also has a good friend who is a dragon so we’ll see.)

3. Studied hapgido which is a martial art involving the knees and elbows.

4. Known to vacation in Atlantis with his brothah. (Prize for anyone who can tell us why.) (Seriousleh. Real question.)

5. Speaks Hebrew and Dragonese. (And hopefully didn’t learn either from a bowl of soup.)

6. Time travel jokes aside, has been known to control time with certain instruments, playing songs backwards and forwards to stop or speed up or even rewind time.

7. Once found a lycanthropy “cure” that almost killed every WW on the site.

8. Has a limited number of portal spells he can use to help you if you’re in trouble but

9. Sometimes runs out of mana

10. Although he doesn’t always say much, he has been a shining being of light to many survivors over the years. And by that I do mean in part that he has channeled lightning bolts at many, including me.

I’m sure you’ve all guessed it by now it’s…


Okay maybe not ALL about Alex. That would be impossible. Because Alex is in fact the oldest survivor currently here on the site. He is both the one millionth survivor, the two millionth survivor and yes you guessed in the three millionth survivor. Yeah, he comes and goes – everyone has to do that if they want to survive – but the Alex abides. He is the first WWW on the site,  that is, wizard werewolf.

(And now also the first Daevah-daddy, but more about that later.)

Alex doesn’t always say the most of anyone and you do have to watch out for stray lightning bolts especially when he’s using his injured hand to cast, but he’s generous with his portal spells and his funny one-liner help and advice. His advice is often delivered with a lot of creative spelling and *0_o* faces and sometimes in the form of a question.

These are just some of awesome Alex askings:

Why does everyone want to turn anyway?
Why do I agree so much?
Do you mind stuffing me into a shoe?
Why would a human be allergic to pure silver? What human dreams of running 4 legged?
Does anyone want magic lessons?
Wanna know what else is pleasant? YOU CALMING DOWN AND NOT KILLING.|

To understand Alex, remember this. When he first came on the site, it was because like many of us, his parents made him clean up a lot of bloody corpses and as a result the vampires in his neighborhood would not leave him alone. Of course survivors advised him to give up this job and I think he did, because the vampire attacks seemed to improve. Alex even made a couple of vampire friends on the site, including the infamous Vampire A.A.

That’s when he started to study magic, beginning with three simple elemental spells. He’s not one of those wandy wizards though. Alex uses his bare hands, which enables him to cast in wolf form too. The position of his hands and fingers helps determine the spells he casts.

Which is great, except that Alex suffered a mysterious attack one time. Walking down the street one day, he was attacked and a message delivered to him in the form of a spike right through his hand.

That message was pretty strange – totally blank. Magic ink? Did it ever appear? I don’t know. But keep reading because this mysterious stranger appears later in Alex’s story too. The point right now is the injury to Alex’s hand that he uses to cast his spells. Around this time, his spells started to miss. Yes he zapped himself a few times. Did he get his hand insured yet? We don’t know. But it’s something to be aware of if he offers to come and give you a hand – make sure it’s not the injured one.

Injured hand aside, Alex’s magic and advice has been good enough to help plenty of survivors. Tracking down the mysterious Miles. Finding and returning the Vampire A.A’s daywalker ring. Serving as commander in Ice’s army. Helping A.P. to bind Wolf Princess’ soul. Just a few examples.
Did I mention he rained out Wilwolf’s track meet? Now that’s a friend.

Now the latest twist in Alex’s story. The mysterious stranger, possibly the same street. One day the stranger follows him down the street, yelling at him in Latin and then disappears. When Alex translates his words, he discovers the man is calling him a DAEVA, an immortal being of light, with many powers. Now Alex’s family are not Daevish, none of them. Not even his Uncle Potato. So how did this happen? Was it related to the strangers’ attack, the strange message on the spike through his hand so long ago? Or was the man casting a spell on Alex?

We’ll have to watch and see. All we do know so far about it is that, as a Daeva wizard werewolf Alex made a great match for Wolf Princess, a demon wolf. They have a number of pups together so if you see them on the site, stop and say HI! and tell him if you don’t mind stuffing him into a shoe.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

154 comments to SOS Survival Hall Of Fame – 2012 Ghost Moon Inductee

  • Wolf Princess

    Don’t hold your breath?


  • Zyboragon


  • Alex

    Thanks Seth.
    (I had waaaay more grammar issues back then)

  • Raven

    Congrats Alex! You are a really awesome guy who deserves a title. This time it’s yours! Also good luck wit the pups… parenting is hard stuff

  • Alex

    “Did I mention he rained out Wilwolf’s track meet? Now that’s a friend.”

    I know it’s sarcasm, but it sounds like r3venge from when I accidentaly shocked you. Wilwolf asked me to make it rain so his friend didn’t have to use his phone’s camera.

  • Scarly

    Ahhh congrats, Alex! So happy for you. You deserve it. You are a great survivor and a true friend to all SOS people.

    Hope you enjoy the title!



  • mrjaffa

    well done mate, you had your name on it.

  • P5t5r

    Congrats for getting in the hall of fame.

  • P5t5r

    Who is Ballius anyway?

  • P5t5r

    Let’s throw a Hall Of Famer party for the next one.

  • P5t5r

    We could tell everybody about it in the SOS newspaper I suggested on my hall of fame page. It could be hosted by former Hall Of Famers, and survivors of the month could be the staff. We could have Jaffa cakes, and muffins. The last two Hall Of Famers were part werewolf, they would like muffins. We could have riddle contests, make rhymes, and share haikus. Survivors could share survival stories around a campfire.

  • P5t5r

    We could hold other kinds of contests. Like a race between the different races of monster. We could call it “the race between the races”. Different kinds of monsters could form teams. Team vampire, team werewolf, team dragon, some sort of mixed team, etc. . We could have flying races too, and an obstacle course.

  • P5t5r

    Survivors could teach classes to each other such as: supernatural survival, fighting, demonology, dragonology, werewolf training/survival 101, werewolf crib making, day walker ring making, natural healing techniques, 1,003 things to remember about saving your possessed friend from evil entities, the 12 basics to dealing with a foe who is part cyborg, what not to do when time travel is involved, 21 questions to determine if your friend is am amnesiac or an entirely different person, name suggestions for newbies, what to do against draconian bigots, the 33 things to do about shapeshifters, body language, how to determine if your friend is evil: withou getting killed, surviving death, the non permanence of enemy death, 4 reasons not to be concerned about your friends death, why vampires appear sexy, the 14 basics of understanding basic quantum mechanics, why your friend (and enemy) is not what he seems. These are just a few of the many classes that could be offered to survivors.

    • P5t5r

      I think that having knowing these things prior to their occural could have avoided a lot of trouble. This makes it important to teach these things to newer survivors so that they don’t have these problems.

    • Hail P5t5r,

      A belated thanks for your entertaining and excellent suggestions re: survival classes, survival party and contests and of course the SOS newspaper. They are very much appreciated. Graham and I are trying to make the newspaper format happen and along with a few other surprises that includes the lost videos of Louis Pine and a new game called Monster Mayhem. But you know us humans – we’re not too fast but we keep on keeping on.

      As you probably know, there’s a blue moon in August so TWO FULL MOONS. So we may need two survival parties…

      But could we survive that?

      Thanks for keeping on.


      • P5t5r

        Thanks Seth, I thought that my ideas hade gone relatively unnoticed. I was hoping that other survivors would join in and give input and ideas. I specifically hid references to past events in the classes section and was hopeing that someone would notice and comment on it, perhaps suggest other classes based on other current events. Instead the idea just kinda fizzled. I am glad to see that you liked the idea though.

        • Zyboragon

          I have a few ideas actually, I’ve been wanting to list them for awhile, but I apologize, I haven’t really been in a great mood since I’m having some problems with my very existence.

          I’ll share my input as soon as possible or as soon as I escape this funk…

          • P5t5r

            Gee Zyboragon problems with your existence, sounds tough. Hope you feel better soon. You have solved plenty of tough problems before but I guess that problems of existence are tough to deal withh because you may not exist. I hope that you exist Zyboragon. Is there anything I can do to help ensure your existence or help you get over this difficult time?
            Your local cyborg and friend,

  • P5t5r

    I think if we had a poll to see who would want to have a Hall Of Famer parte for the next Hall Of Famer, the vote would be unanimous.

  • Enigma

    Enigma reporting in!
    Zyboragon’s existence was recently shattered, and with no sign of ARC, I’ll need to take over ARC’s post.

    Good to be back.

    Zyboragon faded out of existence just minutes ago. It was shocking!

    • Hail Enigma,

      We desperately need to find a way to save Zyboragon. Are there any clues? Did he leave any thing behind? Like maybe a note or some computer files

      We need to solve the mystery of what has been threatening Z’s existence. It seems to me that it might be a tome space disruption. We need to find out what damage was caused and repair it.

      Does anyone have any ideas? I am going to get Graham to try to hack into A51 and see if they have any files that might give us a clue but any information that we can get will be crucial to saving Z.


  • Bebe

    My Zyboragon…this could be why I feel so strange…the scale he gave me no longer glows 🙁 I feel like I’m changing my head hurts (holds head) Zyboragon my Zyboragon 😥

    • Enigma

      Le Ma’am Bebe, you need rest.

    • Hail Bebe,

      Fear not we will find a way to save Zyboragon. Do you have any idea what might have happened?


      • Bebe

        Someone went into the past and changed him , changed events…..(whimper) I losing my my dragon I’m returning to my former self….. 🙁 please find out how and who ……(holds head) I’m losing my memo…..

        • Enigma

          Someone? Who would do such a thing?

          • Ice

            Good question, who would harbor a grudge against Zyboragon? I think we can count Zanthre out as he relies on his fathers existance for his own. Hmmm perhaps one of the beings Ēvil brought back? Abstract perhaps? Whoever did this it means that there are going to be serious changes to this timeline. Prepare yourself for temporal flux.

  • Bebe

    Enigma,Ice I I I’m losing all traces of him 😥 The twins vanished last night and I’m changing…the scale of his has vanished now as well…Where am I ? what am I doing here ? I should be helping my sister Vee…no no wait she’s gone (holds head in pain) whats happening ? Who are you pepole? Leave me alone… I must get my sister out of that hospital…Why do I have fangs? (whimpers) 😥 please someone !!!

  • Mr. Mutt

    Me: so what are you saying?
    Ice: the rate of universe decay vs. My alteration speed will cause a fatal error.
    Me: in English?
    Ice: basically since I fade so slowly I will literally cause the universe to collapse. Zanthre never came back so there was no reason for me to.
    Me: who’s Zanthre?
    Ice: not important, basically we need to correct the laps in time.
    Me: my idevice that the doctor gave me can track this event, it’ll take an hour though.
    Ice: the entire universe has about 59 left.

  • Bebe

    Mr Mutt you and that funny Arc guy said you would help me get my sister Vee outta the A51 hospital….why am I so thirsty?….why does Ice look so tasty?

  • Hope

    I think I have some answers.

  • Mr. Mutt

    Me: we’ve found the correct time but we still don’t know what caused it, and why someone would want to destroy the universe.
    Nightshade: well dad what if someone put an alteration feild around this planet? Concievably it would cause this planet to slow the universal decay rate just long enough for Ice to dissapear.
    Ice: yes but not only would take a massive amount of energy but when I dissapeared, the universe would expand from earth with the resulting gravity explosion destroying the planet….. Someone wants to wipe out earth.
    Me: but who? Who are we fighting? I refuse to go into battle unless I know who my enemy is!

    • Hope

      I rewrote my existence so I wouldn’t vanish.
      I’ve been searching for clues, and I’ve hit a lucky break.
      It’s not a who that you’re up against, father always mentioned he wasn’t supposed to exist, the universe itself is trying to correct things.
      Those who interacted will either be erased or forget. Father had interacted with the entire world.
      You’re catchphrase Mr. Mutt.

      • Mr. Mutt

        We are fricken Boned.
        Nightshade: not necesarily.
        Me: what do you mean?
        Nightshade: well if a strong enough alteration feild was created around this Zyboragon, and if this could be done before he completely dissapears from the timeline, then we MIGHT be able to put him into existance bypassing the universal correction system.
        Me:…… Okay it’s official you have your mothers brains. So what your saying is that someone might be able to use alteration to hijack the universe and make it think this Zyboragon belongs?
        Nightshade: yes but we have to act quickly, we must go back in time where some part of Zyboragon still exists.
        Me: okay…… Let’s boogey!!

        • Matt

          You plan on doing something without me, Mutt?

          • Mr. Mutt

            Me: never stigma.
            Nightshade: everything is ready.
            Ice: Mutt….. If you do this, you’ll dīe in that cave.
            Me:…. I had a good run. It’s time to leave.
            Nightshade: o *grabs head* ahgh!
            Me: Nightshade!
            Nightshade: I’m, I’m okay. It almost feels like I’m being erased.
            Me: get us back NOW!

      • Hail Hope,

        How did you do it – rewrite your existence?

        Does this have anything to do with the solar flares?

        Please advise,


        • Hope

          Existence can be rewritten easily, preventing a birth, using your DNA to change who your parents are, using your purity to become one with water itself…
          I joined with the water, but I can’t remember why.. And who am I?

  • Bebe

    Hi my name is Bebe … 🙂 I’m not sure where I am or what I am … All I remember is waking up here… Who is this Hope,Nightshade and Mr Mutt…This place does look familiar but it’s abandoned and in ruins …. What does A51 mean its written everywhere? Looks like this place was a holding area (a thump is heard in the background)….hello anyone there? Can you help me? (noises get louder and closer)… Hello ! Who’s there? I won’t hurt you… Hello ! …….

    • Hail Survivors,

      This may well be the prison from the very beginning of Bebe’s time here on the site when she went in search of her sister Vee who had been taken away by vampire BF Damion.

      Has anyone figured out how to fight this?

      My apologies Bebe for talking to you like you’re not here. er HI! Do you remember Vee’s fiance Damion? He’s probably around so watch out. The good news here is maybe you’ll get away without him biting you…?

      Hm would that be a good thing or a bad thing… oh now what else will change then…?

      Keeping on keeping on,



  • Bebe

    Seth your funny …mommy gave me magic wings….(giggle). I can’t find anyone. 🙁 This guy found me in the damage place ….he says he Vee’s boyfriend….(giggle)….wait till dad finds out….(gigggle) he has baby puppies at this e estat e …I wuv puppies….(giggle)

  • Mr. Mutt

    Me: existance has been corrected.
    Ice: Mutt…..
    Me: wha? *looks down at shirt which is torn and soaked with blood* iii I had a good run *collapses*
    Ice, Nightshade: NO!

  • Bebe

    Tomorrow he said I’ll be a lot bigger…..giggle. he said Vee is away 😥 I miss her.

  • Bebe

    Me want Nightshade. 😥 why he all red?

  • Avalon

    I think I have a solution to this. There is a place where lost memories float around aimlessly. Think of it like this: When you delete a file on your computer it goes to the recycle bin first and then you can delete it from there or get it back. Think of this place as that recycle bin. In that place (we’ll just call it the Recycle Bin) forgotten memories are physical items that can be removed. If Zyboragon’s entire existence was erased he may be there, all we have to do is get him out. The only problem is that I don’t remember where the Recycle Bin is…

    • Avalon

      There’s more, it is also protected by an ancient being of unknown origin who erases all of these lost memories every 20 years. The next time he’ll do this is in the next 3 days, so we have to work fast!

  • Bebe

    Wow ! I’m going dancing at a ball…D said it will be fun…I can’t remwmber if I ever been to a ball I’m so exited…D also gave me a ring it’s so sparkly…he says this ball will change not only my life but history as well…not sure what he means but this should be fun….(giggle) 😀

  • Mr. Mutt

    Okay status update! Something went wrong. Me and Z seem to be alternately fading out of existance. I’m not sure but I think Z’s probably making his way to the ball, like I am. Bebe! Stay away from Damion! Run as fast as you can. Get over running water, into the dwelling pod a human just don’t *fades out of existance*

    • Bebe

      I can’t he won’t let me go ….D says you guys are bad and will hurt me and Earl…he watches me all the time now and the ring he gave me has emdeded in my finger..it transports me to him….I’m starting to get scared of everyone……D comming to give shots…… 🙁

    • Bebe

      (ouch) the shots hurt. 🙁 He says I have to sleep in a coffin. 😥 Earl been locked up …… 😥 tomorrow I go to the ball. 😥 I want my sister Vee ….. I’m so scared ……….

      • Bebe

        (giggle) Damion is so happy about my transformation…I can’t wait to go to the ball…there’s going to be many delicious humans there as well as many creatures….Damion has warned me to stay away from all dragons and hybreds,he said there only there to pervent me from my distiny…If I do encounter any I’m to run the other way….I feel like I’m dreaming the name Zyboragon,Ice and Nightshade keeps flashing in my mind…I’m still confused who are these beings that flash in my mind ❓ What is my distiny? What am I suppose to do? Damion said it will change everything and I’ll now what to do when the time comes…

        • Mr. Mutt

          *appears infront of Bebe* Bebe listen carefully, your being compelled. You have to eat this herb I have here it’s called vervain it will protect you. Once you have the chance run away from Damion and get into the nearest house you can find. You have to listen, Zyboragon is coming to hel…. *blood soakes chest, Mutt fades*

      • Earl

        Why did they lock me up Bebe? Why do they abuse me?

        • Mr. Mutt

          *fades in* don’t worry Earl, I’ll get you out of there. *blood starts to soak chest* no! Not this time!!! *golden light explodes out from body, lighting nearby objects on fire*

  • Damion

    (watches Mr Mutt fade) see Bebe they will do anything to stop you (knocks herbs out of hand) and these herbs are fatal Bebe I will protect you. Bebe you must fulfill your destiny. Look into my eyes Bebe (forces you to look) you will be the most powerful being there tomorrow night is you night to shine. Come Bebe we have lots to do ( takes your hand and leads you down to my lab)

  • Damion

    Akantha Bebe is very busy she is now finishing her transformation I placed Bebe in an iron maiden but insted of spikes it’s needles filled with the blood of the elders. 😈

  • Akantha

    WTF is wrong with you?!

  • Akantha

    Okay it’s official, I hate time travel!!

  • Akantha

    Really Seth some of these M0D words are getting out of control! Like m0d for instance!

    • Hail Akantha,

      Don’t blame me. Blame the server that runs the site… it’s going a little mad with power…. oops, did I just type that out loud.

      Ok… well… If you don’t here from me for a while you know who to blame. And where to find me. Put together a rescue party and come get me out of the Internet where I will have been imprisoned online by the SOS web server. 😕


  • Prince of Dragons

    Like Akantha for example.
    (clenches fists and eyes glow red)
    It’s so overrated. 👿

  • Damion

    Earl by the time Bebe awakes I’ll be lucky if she reconizes me let alone you. Bebe’s transformation is almost complete. I have her soaking in a pool of blood. Bebe will be ready in a few hours and her power will be awesome. 😈

    • Mr. Mutt

      *wakes up* wow! That was fun okay let’s see, still got legs, that’s good that’s very good, what else? Something important….. Right Damion! Gotta kīll him! Save Bebe, ummm anything else? No? Good good. Now where the hell am I?!

    • Earl

      Please, you must let me see her. Let me out please, she raised me!! Please!

  • Bebe

    …let me see Earl please Damion please…

  • Bebe

    Giggle… 😈 😈 😈 Giggle I’m commmming Eeaarrrl (ggggrrrrr)… dragon for lunch (smiles and licks her lips)

  • Bebe

    Soon I must free the others…giggle 😈

  • Damion

    Free the other’s ??? WTF ???

  • Damion

    Bebe what are you doing your not ready ! Get back into the pool. NOW (stands in front of you )your going back !

  • Bebe

    Now Mr Mutt of course life is to live and the others will… 😈

  • Alex

    Please move this to a diffrent page

  • LOLstigmaLOL

    Alex. Oh, Alex. 🙂 stickin’ to the site has paid off. Glad you won!

  • Alex

    It’s kind of interesting to think back on the site md see how it’s developed. I remember most of the old survivors. There are so many new ones that I can barely remember half of their names.

  • Wolf boy

    Wait if you took a vacation
    under water you must be the son of Poseidon
    or a mermonster

  • Alex

    Seth, you should make it so the avatar pictures on the post update like gravatar, if possible.

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