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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

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New British Prince Vampire Like Grandpa or Werewolf?

Born on the full moon, at the height of the Dog Days, the new British prince has tongues and tails wagging but is he really just another vampire descendant like his grandfather Prince Charles, or is he actually a werewolf?

Prince Vampire or Werewolf

The baby’s grandpa, Prince Charles openly admitted to the world just last year that he is in fact a descendant of one of the very first vampires, the notorious Vlad the Impaler of Transylvania, whose bloody legacy inspired the Dracula story.

“Transylvania is in my blood,” Prince Charles admitted in a television interview in November 2012. “The genealogy shows I am descended from Vlad the Impaler.”

Which means of course, that his new grandson, the little Prince George Alexander Louis also has vampire blood running through his veins.

Add to this a statement made by self-hating Russian vampire politician also named Vladimir himself, who recently warned the world that this new prince would grow up to be a vampire. “This new royal baby is another blood-sucking British monarch whose birth should not be celebrated,” he said.

All very compelling evidence the new prince is indeed a vampire, just like old grandpa Charles. Or is he?

Vlad the ImpalerNot so fast. If the baby is just another vampire like his grandpire, why did he refuse to come out until the full moon?  Vampires are famously very often born on the crescent moon, not the full moon and certainly not on this full moon, the Dog Days Moon, the Mutt Moon, the Ghost Moon? With all that ghostly moonlight and all those new werewolves running around, it’s just not safe for a baby vampire.

But what other evidence do we have the first prince is a werewolf and not a vampire?

Well, consider his name: Prince George Alexander Louis. The first thing you will notice is no Vlad on the list of names here. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

On to the name George. Pundits note the name George appears to refer to Queen Elizabeth’s father, George VI but it’s impossible to ignore its relationship to another George, the George who started it all, St. George, who became famous for, among other things like balancing a spoon on his nose, slaying a dragon! To be clear, St. George is normally depicted slaying dragons on a white horse, with a glowing halo above his head, making him appear more angel than werewolf but werewolves too were known to take down dragons back then.

(Actually back then, everyone wanted to bag a draconian. Almost makes you wonder if Dragons are really jerks or just justifiably annoyed at everyone.)

So back to George. Conclusion on George? Inconclusive.

Let’s look at Alexander. Alexander hails from the name of Alexander the Great, Greek ruler said to have never lost a battle, often depicted with eyes or two different colours, “one as dark as night and the other as blue as the sky.”  He was also said to wield a thunderbolt from time to time and stated that Zeus was his father. Sound like a werewolf to you? Er, not so much.

But wait. Before you shut the book on the case, don’t forget the baby’s third name: Louis. Has a more werewolf name ever been named? Sure it means great warrior or defender but this by way of its obvious connection to LOUP? – LOUP GAROU –  LUPINE…? The little prince certainly appears to have hair like a Louis already.

So, Prince Vampire? Or Prince Angellic Demigod Werewolf? You decide for yourself.

Or better yet, add the new prince to your list of Important People to Scan. I already did. I’ll let you know how it goes.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

41 comments to New British Prince Vampire Like Grandpa or Werewolf?

  • Archaea Venomtongue

    But we all know the show Doctor Who is just a cover-up by Torchwood, so if one can recall the episode called ‘Tooth and Claw’, one would know that the new prince is, indeed, a werewolf.

  • chaoswolf

    Seth I have actually mentioned before Alexander the great is the first famous chaotica, Zeus was being punished for claiming to be stronger than Chaos.

    • Marney

      true I remember you mentioning that. who else were the known ones? And no one is stronger then Chaos. well as long as free will is not taken away.

  • The Reaper

    Clearly the boy is a vampire. The most recent supernatural blood relative being a vampire and due to the fact, that the werewolf blood has been weakened since the early 1800s when the first werewolf royal blood appeared, and the other werewolf husbands and wives were either mortal or only a small part werewolf instead of the purebreds of the Royal line.

    • Hail The Reaper,

      Thanks for weighing in. By your logic I suspect the mom’s family, the Middletons of harbouring lycanthropy genes. We’ll have to keep an eye on the situation until we know more.

      Speaking of which, er, what kind of a reaper are you again? And how and are you here to reap anyone in particular or…?

      Just checking!


      • The Reaper

        Ah yes I apologize Seth, I prefer to call myself a liberator and guide to the afterlife but in truth (Or rather as people see me.) I am a grim reaper but I warn my targets before I come for them. If you noticed I didn’t come for you with the lake monster. As for why I am here is rather tricky… I am not here to reap anyone as of yet, however I have heard tell of Loki Scarlip Father of Hel and Fenris nearing his release. I came to warn you and the other survivalists of this. Get the word ragnarok nears I shall stay on the site to warn you of the updates.

        • mary5544


        • The Reaper

          To elaborate a little better death isn’t one entity but rather many entity’s serving one major entity the pale horseman himself. I suppose you could call us angels or public service workers but we are neither we are the bringers of death. The only rule when dealing with a reaper is watch your back. If you are the reaper don’t fret for once you fill the qouta of souls you get a promotion!

          • marney

            reaper since you know alot about your kind of I have an important question. one are Reapers alive or dead? I know stupid. I had an experiance where the Morrigan Herself came to me and said I am a Raven. I know Ravens are a simble of death ect. when a human dies even in the family I do not cry… does NOT mean i don’t care but I just don’t cry death itself does not have an effect on me. can you tell me what this means? (The Morrigan is the Celtic Raven Goddess of death war rebirth and if she does come to you usualy you die in 3 days unless its for a different reason)

            • The Reaper

              Well as to your alive or dead question reapers are undead, but we are able to blend in to the human population because despite popular belief we are NOT hooded skeletons rather we are undead that look like regular humans. As for the raven thing I would consider this an honor! The Morrigan hardly ever appears and or manifests outside of Ireland to make a special trip… But I believe the raven is not only a symbol of death but also of war. As you know one of the Morrigans forms is the battle crow. I do have a question for you. On what circumstance did she appear to you? The morrigan is a famed augar reader so I merely wish to know.

              • Marney

                she appeared with very much raven black hair and I noticed a kind of shadow aura. when she told me I was a Raven like her many starting flying around. I had a hard time accepting what she said and never was sure what she ment. but she wanted me to accept myself. Does this mean I am like her?..

                • The Reaper

                  Hm… It is possible of course the hooded raven hardly ever speaks untruths, but what an intresting riddle! Anyway I have an appointment in New York soon so I will see you after that.

                  • marney

                    hmm so i could be a reaper Raven or something lol. I hope to see you when you get back.

                  • marney

                    also could The Morrigan be my mother? even though I know my human mother could it still be possible? Still don’t know my father though..

                    • The Reaper

                      Tis possible Marney, the morrigan is the goddess of ahem s*x so I suppose yes, it’s also possible your father is a reaper like myself. Now that I think about it… I did have a fling with the hooded crow a few years back…

                  • marney

                    well i am 31 now So who knows. But tis a big possibility.

                  • marney

                    so I wonder what a decendant like that would be called.. and what the abbilities could be.

                    • The Reaper

                      Not a reaper nor a demigoddess perhaps a hybrid? And I would say the powers of the Morrigan and a reaper. Also my job in New York not quite a dream vacation 4 people died during a Russian roulette game… *sigh* brutal… But I did win the game!

                  • marney

                    makes sence. Gods humans and their games I swear lol. But its nice to make sence some of my roots now. no wonder I feel more connected ever since she came to me. She is more in my life then i feel coyote is..

                    • The Reaper

                      The Native American trickster god or just a wild coyote? I’ve met both coyote the god enjoys messing with reality and making people do stuff over petty deals.

                  • marney

                    The Native Coyote not a regular coyote.

                  • The Reaper

                    Ah that coyote… Tricked me into letting him “borrow” my scythe.. I got it back with a note that said “Thanks for letting me use your inter dimensional toilet plunger!” I still have trouble getting it to work…

              • marney

                also i guess if the Morrigan is my mother I can assume a raven/crow like form? Also what is the hteory of how it could be possible since I know my human mother also. Many sujested posession overriding the body could have been a factor but are there any other possibilities?

                • The Reaper

                  Adoption is the most mundane. Perhaps druidry considering it is the morrigan… Guardianship could be a possiblity… Hm… Other than that I am unsure could just be circumstance or neccisity.

                  • marney

                    probibly I know for a fact i was not adopted. but I guess your right. i do know my family is catholic. No druids there. but I guess anything is possible with the gods.

                  • marney

                    but why Druidry what would druidry do?

                    • The Reaper

                      Truly anything that wouldn’t harm her. Camoflauging into her form. Melding with her mind. And this IS a goddess so even binding souls is possible.

                    • marney

                      I am very glad your of help. I wonder now if I can change into a Raven myself she did say I am a Raven. what abbilities does say aa Reaper have also? I know I have done things for Her in the past but would I also connect to reapers?

                    • The Reaper

                      Well that is im IF your father is a reaper, but if that is the case reapers have the ability to summon horses that go super fast.

                    • Marney

                      so reapers can reproduce.. Anyway it would explain further a connection i have with horses. I had a dream where I was a pegasi or something but black. So its making further sence.

                  • Marney

                    I guess it also connects to the Horsemen of the endtimes to I take it. or well the 4 horsemen

                  • marney

                    well reaper thanks to your help and even Seths I am finaly comming to terms with who and what I really am. I did not at first ever since She came I did not want to accept I was apart of The Morrigan Herself. I guess it does not matter HOW I am it just is. I did not want to accept I am a Raven even when she tried to show me. The Raven is much like Coyote in many ways. And from what she once told me. the Raven Trickster bloodlines are interconnected with Coyotes. I think now I am figuring that out lol. so as a semi demigoddess Raven lol hybrid. hmm what would you call me? thanks for the help so much. I hope we talk more also you seem like a good friend of a fellow reaper even if i am just a half blood.

          • mary5544

            I’m not a reaper I’m a previous ww

          • mary5544

            OK I never full read the comment about death I’m totally lost explain plz

        • chaoswolf

          My cousin is almost free.!?

  • Vianna

    OH I am justified in my annoyance Seth. Especially now.

  • P5t5r

    He could be a hybrid of both types of monsters. Part Werewolf-Part Vampire hybrids are not entirely unheard of. Who can be sure with the way the supernatural affects genetics. If someone could just obtain a sample of his DNA… Supernatural DNA should really be studied deeply. I wonder if they give out research grants for the study of supernatural DNA in comparison to normal DNA. I suppose Area 51 probably knows the truth. Anyone want to hack into their records to find out? In any case this could be interesting.
    Your local Cyborg,

    • Kzazrier Vetanari

      Hello P5t5r,
      This is importand, memorize this, write it down on word. Whatever you do, do NOT lose it! Here it comes: ‘And the shadows fight. (4)’
      Remember that. Beware of the Cycle…
      See you later,
      Kzazrier Vetanari

  • Adisa

    the results are in my cousin is a were wolf
    i saw her transform but i controlled her thank you

  • Blaze698

    I say the kid is a werewolf

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