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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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SOS Humans Are Coming Martian Light Mystery Solved

The mystery of a strange light that appeared from beneath the surface of Mars this week has finally been decoded by experts who say the Martians are sending an urgent SOS message to the solar system, help us the humans are coming.

An SOS signal from Mars has been detected this week.

An SOS signal from Mars detected this week.

The news put to rest a week of intense speculation about this light detected in an image on April 03 by Mars Curiosity Rover.

UFO watcher Scott Waring first broke the news that the Martians, widely believed to live underground – or at least hide there whenever humans come probing – were clearly caught on camera projecting light from an artificial source.

“This is not a glare from the sun, nor is it an artifact of the photo process. Look closely at the bottom of the light. It has a very flat surface giving us 100% indication it is from the surface,” he writes on his UFO Sightings Daily website.

While his findings were dismissed as findings often are, by some who say the light is more likely caused by underground lightning, also very cool, or a so-called vent-hole light leak on a glinty rocks, SOS can reveal the truth today. The light is an SOS signal and the message is clear – Help us the Humans are coming.

Professor Dominicus Van Buren, who first broke the code through careful sequential study of all widely available photos on the Internet, says The Martians have clearly been made aware of humanity’s full slate of Mars missions for the near future.

“Think about it. Would you want an endless season of Spring Break In Space shooting in your back yard?” said Professor Van Buren, alluding to Mars One, a proposed televised Mars colonization plan, due to begin shooting immediately. “Not every species dreams of having a network TV show,” he added, a clear dig at me.

Unfortunately the net result of their signal so far has only been to increase the speed and number of humanity’s proposed visits to their fine planet. NASA has already announced they will interpret the Mars light signal to mean hello please send more probes with cameras. On their website NASA states the main purpose of this new probe will be to address key questions about the potential for life on Mars – which remains an open question for the camera-shy underground Martians as well at this point.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

42 comments to SOS Humans Are Coming Martian Light Mystery Solved

  • Martians just want to be left alone. You know, so they can finally start reterraforming that planet. Having been there, I assure you they are friendly to one or two mortals, they don’t take kindly to the third or fourth. Humans need to stop encroaching on ancient lands! You know how close miners in Alaska are getting to the underworld? I can hear the dynamite. Let the Martians come on their own time.

  • Martians just want to be left alone. You know, so they can finally start reterraforming that planet. Having been there, I assure you they are friendly to one or two mortals, they don’t take kindly to the third or fourth. Humans need to stop encroaching on ancient lands! You know how close miners in Alaska are getting to the underworld? I can hear the dynamite. Let the Martians come on their own time.

    • Agent RB

      Oh god reaper!!!
      The Alaskans are bringing in there Canadian artillery!
      How are anceint seals placed on our plane by the old gods being broken by crude dynamite!
      God those seals are cheap…
      No, they got an arm though…
      There invading!!!
      someone send help!!!
      We can’t be discovered!!!


      • Janus

        Here is a very complicated but ingenious idea Noah: move the underworld maybe 11 kilometres deeper and fill the current cavelike area with pixies, oh and btw *snaps fingers causing his idea to happen* hades/Pluto he owes me $20

        • Agent RB

          umm, doesn’t hades already owe you money, like a lot of it?
          he is never going to pay you back you know…


          • Janus

            You know what Noah, if you can get me all the money that hades owes me every cent I will see if I can get G to I dunno work for you at reaper corps for a week. Oh and by the way if you like I can make sure that the supernatural and natural worlds never find each other other than the odd update from Seth about faeries, including but not limiting to making the underworld unreachable by living mortals thus meaning that no living human will at any point find enough actual evidence that the supernatural world exists. But this only will become a thing if I get what I am owed by hades

            • Agent RB

              I’m not on the bet of terms with G right now. I ate from the fruit for example, but he’s always sorta hated me…
              You know, you help a guy out, and then he turns and hits you in the back…
              As for the money, I don’t think anyone could pay off what he owes you…


              • Janus

                That is why 1) he still owes me and 2) I’m saying I can get G to do it, if you walked up to him and started telling him how to run things you end up the king of hell or something like that, but I ask him to do something as a favour and you get Easter 22 A.D.to prove a point that no one remembers. Oh and Noah if I don’t get that money hades owes me but the summer solstice I will tell Tartarus that the Greek gods insulted him

                • Agent RB

                  No no no, you don’t have to do that,
                  I’ve got an alchemist, who can make some…

                  As for G, I don’t want him near the underworld…
                  All I want from him is an apology and a pardon, even a little freedom to interact with mortals would be nice…
                  I don’t understand why he loves and protects humans in the first place. I’ve never felt anything close to love for them, or anyone for that matter, why are they even worth his time. They are merely objects to use at his disposal but yet he gives them free will, that’s why he needed a fresh start with the flood, I did it for him, I was starting to think he was getting soft in the noggin, and needed a wake up call which I provided, I’m the victim here not him!


                  • Janus

                    Why would the guy who created the multiverse and by extension you have to apologize because you flooded the entire world then exiled yourself to the paperwork devision of reaper corps? I mean from the way that is read you are punishing yourself it’s not G who did any of that, and as most Christians know G helps those who help themselves. So really he helped you on the path you chose but never actually punished you

                    • Agent RB

                      You honestly think anyone wants this job, this is the dirty work of the supernatural world, this is the work that no one has the stomach for, I can assure you, I never wanted this…


                    • Janus

                      Hey beggars can’t be choosers, ann those who choose often shouldn’t beg. Oh and Noah if you really decided to become a reaper then why are you complaining? All G did was make a good idea a great one and a bad idea a terrible one so really it’s all your fault you got exactly what you wanted to get and as most fans of marvel comics know power = responcibility

                  • Mr. Mutt

                    Ha good luck getting an apology.

                  • Jerry9012

                    If you speak of the ‘G’ I think you do, you will have more luck getting an apology out of me. Or hell, God himself! Both of which are impossible.

                    • Janus

                      That awkward moment when you realize “G” is the short form nickname for God and that jerry just said that “it’s easier to get God to apologize than to get God to apologize”

        • Kurogane

          Hades owes you money too! Welcome to the club.

  • Zyboragon

    I think I overslept if this event is happening already. 😯

    • Lord Zyboragon! You have returned! My name is Matrix L. Christopher. I am also known as Reaper. You sir, are a personal hero! Tell me, how did you sleep?

      • Zyboragon

        Lord Zyboragon? I’m not one for such title.
        And personal hero? I’m not sure what that implies.
        And finally to the question, I slept well.

        Oh, and nice to meet you.

        • I am sorry, I am just such a big fan. My scythe is even made of a similar metal to your scales! Granted, it’s not nearly as hard, but it’s still similar. But, I also heard from Mr. Mutt you had fallen. But I heard from another draconian you merely slept. May I ask, to sate my own and Seth’s curosity. Do you really have Forest Fenns treasure?

  • Zyboragon

    Hmm, I must’ve broken the mod filter again.

    It was never a fan of me.

    • Lilith

      Hello there, I am Lilith, charmed to meet you, zyboragon. You’re something of a legend around here. The pleasure is all mine. *bows*

      • Zyboragon

        I assure you, I’m no legend, I’m merely a being that just happens to exist.

        • Agent RB


          • Zyboragon

            Wow. I can’t believe I’m unable to read this, perhaps I’m not the cyborg I used to be, or maybe I’m not fully awake yet.

            • Hatter

              It says “Who is this beast, this man, this mouse. I will devour all who are of the void, and you who are of the void are my enemy. Where comets you, awnser wisely…

              Oh and by the off chance your not a void lord, I welcome you to the funeral of Noah.
              Mabey you can explain things a bit better to him hatter, I’ve got to prepare the funeral arrangements, any word of Anubis yet?

              Meow” oh and Penelope Anubis is back on the page he was summoned on, by the way Z lots of older cyborgs forget binary but Penelope is still very young

              • Zyboragon

                I am surprisingly amused by that.

                • Hatter

                  Well she is a cat as well as a cybernetic weapon so if you are amused by the last three words of her message I agree that they are funny, oh and do you have any questions as to the goings on within the sites pages?

                  • Zyboragon

                    I’m sure that within a week or two I’ll be caught up.
                    At least I didn’t oversleep past the best parts of the horrible disasters that are soon coming.

                • Agent RB


                  • Hatter

                    Penelope that is not a void lord look at the very first SoTM profile read it all the way through then apologize for being rude, he is on our side oh and typing at someone to burn in a lake of sulfur is not nice

                    • Agent RB


                    • Zyboragon

                      Joyous. More Voids.
                      Void lords, void chipmunks, void dwellers, devourers, and pineapple bears.
                      Couldn’t have awoken at a better time.

                    • As a matter of fact, we found a new type of Void creature. Chickens. Those things are pure evil, they founded McDonalds!

                    • Zyboragon

                      I actually believed it was a possessed void clown that did that.

                    • Ice

                      Z… We thought you dêád

                    • Zyboragon

                      That’s not entirely inaccurate, but I’m way too stubborn to remain fallen.

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