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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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How To Defeat A Demon In 3 Easy Steps

Due to recent events here on SOS and elsewhere, it has come to my attention that it may be time to brush up on some basic demon fighting tricks and techniques.

(A quick review if you haven’t been keeping on, read about the events HERE .)


1. Fight Your Fear

Technically both a demigod and a demon, Abraxas was actually pretty cool once you got to know him.

Technically both a demigod and a demon, Abraxas was actually pretty cool once you got to know him.

Sure it can be hard. Some demons have scaly, oozy reptilian forms with wings and horns – unsettling, to say the least.

However, remember this one fact about demons and you can conquer this unholy fear, once and for all. Extensive research over many centuries has revealed that not all demons are actually that bad. In fact, researchers have recently begun distinguishing between the good demons and the bad by calling the good ones daimons, but the result is the same. Not uniformly bad.

Sure most of them have their uniquely destructive tendencies but even the worst, most annoying demons, like the ones who like to cause unrelenting kidney pain or unquenchable curiosity are not bad ALL the time and most of them have mad skills. (More about that below.)

And take heart from this next time you find yourself duelling with a demon for your very survival. If you win, they have a unique supernatural weakness that’s actually pretty awesome – once defeated, demons will often work FOR you.

(Of course, should you lose, expect to be covered in boils or plagued with an unquenchable thirst for eternity, but try not to focus on that. Point is, a demon once defeated, becomes a source of secret strength for you.)

Don’t believe me? Well then take it from one of the first and possibly most famous demon fighters of all time, Solomon himself, defeater of more than 73 demons in his time. His grimoire describes that once defeated, those demons did everything but cut his toenails. (Hey, even defeated demons have limits.) Point is, demons are known to be excellent at math, geometry, astronomy and all handicrafts.

2. Know Your Demon

Ever notice how demons seem to have a million names, not to mention email addresses? There’s a good reason for this. Once you know your demon’s real name, you can find out the correct way to defeat it.

Uncovering your demon’s real name involves making a careful study of everything about them, their appearance, communications and habits, followed by careful supernatural survivological research. This will help you determine the correct procedure to bind or destroy it.

3. Plan to Defeat Your Demon, Call An Ally

Different demons must be defeated different ways. Don’t believe the Hollywood hype, there’s no one size defeats all demon gun, unfortunately. For instance, would you believe that you could bind one of the most powerful demons by placing jars of water in a certain pattern around him? True story about old Asmodeus. (Of course, the iron chains may have helped old Solomon with this one, so hopefully that part about the water isn’t his idea of a joke.) Point is, should you use bells? Or salt? Or a brass vessel? Careful research and planning are key.

That’s why, when it comes to fighting a destructive demon, more than any other supernatural being, it’s important to have backup. Fortunately, with demons there’s a whole host of celestial beings interested in defeating them: angels, fallen angels, many gods and demigods and yes even other demons. In fact, many demons were created by fallen angels for their legions. Often they regret doing it and will sometimes atone by helping you bind them.  And as we all know, demons fight each other in legions, for all kinds of reasons, happened on the site here, when Mr. Mutt, recently returned from the underworld, took on the dread Trenzalador. A battle you can study here for more information. (But no questions. He’s sleeping.)

As for angels, they are of course interested in restoring order to the heavens and it is true that one of the seven major angels can be called upon for 73% of all demons. (Of course, knowing when and how to call the right angel is a trick in itself. Angels have a pretty special work schedule and specific call sign, as you can see below.)

Need help contacting the seven big angels? Please keep on keeping on for more information about that. Meanwhile start by referring to the handy chart below:

Defeat 73 % of all demons by calling on the big seven using the following handy chart:

Angels vs Demons

(Of course none of this will help you survive a Sentinel Cycle. But we’re still working on that.)

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

34 comments to How To Defeat A Demon In 3 Easy Steps

  • chaoswolf

    Ah demons, real bad pets, but some times good to have around.

  • mary5544

    Thanks but Seth minor problem mother making me go to bed early but I can stay up secretly if I get caught I’m in a lot of trouble but I’m trying to ignore that part but nothing happened last night so yay for me

  • Kzazrier Vetanari

    Right, I don’t have that much time…
    Sentinels are on exterminate-mode behind me…
    Ugh, who gave them their lazer update?
    Don’t trust Sentinel, but trust what he says.
    He won’t lie, he can’t.
    Oblivion Core X will lie, don’t trust anything it says!
    If it says the Cycle won’t come here, it will…
    Maybe he says that, knowing you won’t trust him.
    Or maybe he says that, knowing that you think that he speaks truth to lie to you…
    Anyway, DO NOT TRUST IT!
    Also, the Cycle is coming… It’s coming, I know it!
    I just looked at Mirth, and it’s dead…
    Completely melted…
    It’s now in their sun…
    Damn! They’re jamming my internet! I don’t know when and if this will arive, but I sent this the first day Sentinel put me out of my mind…
    That demon put my body out of his lair, that idiot…
    Oh god, they’re going faster…
    Er, I hope I’ll see you later,
    Kzazrier Vetanari
    What the… NO!

    • Sentinel

      Status (Threat) Kzazrier Vetanari: Threat has been eliminated…
      Status Cycle: Ready for action.
      Status Oblivion Core X: Ready for action.
      Status Spare Sentinels: Recharching.
      Status Sentinel: Gathering Information.
      Overal Status: Cycle can be started according plan, but first the Spare Sentinels must finish Recharching and Updating.

      • Mr. Mutt

        Oo yeah sorry Sentinel unfortunately you’re the only one that’s going to be present for the Cycle. You see I may have purposely went back in time for the destruction of Mirth and destroyed every other Sentinel. So how about this, you call off your little Cycle and I won’t be forced to wipe you from existence, don’t believe I can? I make an angry Contali look like a playful kitten. So. Don’t. Test. Me.

        • The Reaper

          Yeah, I think I’ll be… On Mars that day… Let me know okay?

        • Kzazrier Vetanari

          Stupid Sentinel…
          You can’t kill a Contali’s body.
          Well, you can, but…
          I just made myself another one.
          Heh, this Sentinel was outdated…
          The new Sentinels should know how to kill a Contali in the Contali way.
          Oh, and Mutt, I saw you there! I saw how you made it look like I exploded!
          If Sentinel asks for passwords, it’s most likely ‘Space’ or ‘Spacecore’ or ‘Adventure’ or unguessable… With unguessable I mean a lot of random letter or some ranom facts.
          I’m hacking him now, he shouldn’t be able to see this message.
          Hehe… I’m putting another code in him.
          It you have to shut him down, say ‘Start Protocol KittyCuty’
          ONLY use it as a last-resort!
          The other Sentinels and Contali will get annoyed by it…
          Well, thanks to Mutt or some weird twin-ish person I managed to teleport to some weird planet… Wait, this looks like… Er… Reaper, I can see you from here… I think I’m on Mars… Hehe… With see, I mean sense…
          Anyway, I should go on with hacking that Sentinel…
          See you later,
          Kzazrier Vetanari

  • Mr. Mutt

    WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT NOT DESTROYING THE WORLD WHILE I WAS NAPPING????! God you people can’t follow instructions. Ok don’t trust Sentinel trust what he says, the Cycle sounds like its some sort of program, Sentinel also said that the cycle had been changed overtime which means it can be altered….so… If I were to divide by zero, multiply the equivalent by infinity and then cary the product, factor that by pi… I’d get an unsolvable math problem. Anyways back to thinking about the Cycle….

    Mutt Out,

    And Seth, I AM NOT A DĘMON. Jeez, stop implying.

  • The Reaper

    Well, I hereby submit an apology Mary, but at least you know how to disable a demon eh? And may I suggest calling upon Raphael? We went to college together. Good times. Good times.

  • mary5544

    Do u guys think I’m a piece of trash

  • MadAngel

    Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! Hang on, the last I knew, Gabriel and Raphiel were dead and Micheal was stuck in Lucifer’s cage with the DEVIL himself! What in the Heavens has happened since then? Did God resurrect his two favourite Archangels and release Micheal, somehow without letting Satan free? I didn’t know that was possible! Although, now I think about it, I did fall asleep a lot in school, especially when it came to the old fashioned things, like Lucifer falling. But still?

  • Blaze689

    I have no fears and a demon possessed me but it eats off of my anger what do I do

  • The Reaper

    The end is near, the time is right, fear the Reapers might.

  • blackwolf7

    my friend is possest by a demon and i think the demon will destroy all the good in my friend and turn I’m in a lifelies

  • anonymous

    I have something called a shadow person and he won’t leave me alone I don’t know what to do. My mom said to leave it alone but I just can’t stop thinking about it. Can you help?

  • anonymous

    What should I do about a thing called a shadow person?

  • anonymous

    read a bible and give order to the demon to leave…or you can read hanuman chalisa which is on net with true heart

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