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  1. I happen to LIKE gingerbread men. And I don’t nibble I just bite off the head. So delic incomein(error error error transmition lost.)

    • Hail The One,

      Thanks for checking into this dimension however briefly. How are you keeping on? I’m saddened to hear that you too have received this cannibalization desensitization training. The next time a cannibal hands you one of these cookies, I urge you to please consider un-desensitizing yourself by at least leaving the faces!


      • You humans have a blown up opinion of your own taste. I drink blood Seth. Honestly I’d rather eat a deer but blood boosts my phycic abilities. You people just don’t taste that good. Gingerbread men are tasty humans ain’t. Simple

          • I happen to need blood at some times…sorta unfortunate side effect of being part vampire. . And I don’t take it directly from you primates. Ever here of grand theft bloodbank? And also the term cannabalism usually refers to members of your own species

            • Hail The One,

              Very good points you make there. Good points indeed.

              Now that you mention it I am wondering if maybe increased vampire activity in the summer and fall of 2008 can be directly correlated to the massive blood banking industry bailout that followed. They said the blood banks were too big to fail but now I suspect the vampire lobby influenced congress significantly. Actually a great many members of congress may in fact actually be vampires, some of them are definitely zombies.

              Anyways good points and keep on keeping on making withdrawals from the blood bank instead of my neck.


    • Hail Zyboragon,

      Thanks for helping to raise awareness about these cannibal cookies. You’re not alone. This clever cannibal desensitization campaign uses sugar and spice to cover up the carnal reality but I assure you they are human, the X-ray below is proof positive.
      X-ray of gingerbread cookies reveals human skeleton.

      So tell us, are you a face feaster? Or a limb luncher? Knowing this will tell you how far your cannibalistic tendencies have advanced.


      • In my experience, I’ve smelt cinnamon on gingerbread HUmans, and I’m allergic to that. So I’ve never indulged into eating one of these cookies.

        • Hail Zyboragon,

          Allergic to cinnamon… what part of you do you suppose that come from? Dragon? Zombie? Time Traveller? Cyborg? Human? Something else? The answer might help me to improve the monstrometer.

          Keep on keeping on.


          • Salutations Seth!

            Sorry for not responding earlier, my cinnamon allergy has been around since I was human. However, when I became cyborgic, cinnamon caused my “new skin” to boil.
            I’m unsure if it has something to do with my allergy or not.
            This may be worth testing.

  2. Cookies and humans, totally two different things. If you’re compelled to eat an actual human however, you have some deep issues.

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