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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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SOS Hall of Fame: The Many '_' of Stigma

Dyan Moon Brings Survivors of the Month

How appropriate that THIS survivor should be our Dyan Moon Hall of Famer.

Let me explain. The Dyan Moon is all about things double. Twins and double lives. For instance, it’s said that werewolves turned under the Dyan Moon generally have two different wolf forms. Forms that really don’t like each other. This leads to all kinds of problems.

Also I’m going to guess this week’s epic transit of Venus has somehow affected the results. Because if there was a prize for strangest relationships on the site, I think this survivor would win.

Quote Clues: 

“Uhh seth is one of the symptoms hopping a fence into a football field and tacking the guy with the ball?”

“Forgive one’s enemies – but never forget their names.”

“May no axes split your skull.”

“Werry Wolfmas Everywun.”

And if you haven’t guessed it by now, or even if you have,  here it is…

Meet The Many ‘_’  of Stigma

Pre-chimera Stigma

Those who know Stigma now as a dangerous chimera dad at civil war with himself, would likely be surprised to recall the details of his survivor history.

He came here seeking advice about Regina, his WW gf, who had a nasty habit of wanting to make out in wolf form. Naturally Stigma was worried about the physiological consequences of her accidentally biting him.

We all warned him against it but well, love prevailed over wisdom and next thing we knew Stigma was undergoing his first WW transformation. However his transformation wasn’t exactly your typical 48-hour full moon fever.

Unfortunately, his reports came to the attention of a rogue A-51 agent and next thing you knew? THIS: My Day In a Nutshell by Stigma.

It was a good news-bad news fight. Although Stigma managed to rescue his sister, the rest of his family appeared to have died. But on the plus side, he was saved by his lifelong friend, a tyromorph from Pandora named Clara Kitty. She’s not the cutest pet you’ll ever have, and she’s bald in human form, but whenever Stigma is missing or needs help, Clara Kitty is there. Usually freaking out, but definitely there!

Stigma soon learned that his family were actually lycomorphs back to 1200 BC and in fact that his grandma bit his GF Regina’s grandpa, so in a way, they were actually related. This may have been one of the factors in their breakup. When he broke up with Regina, she took it, “pretty well.” 

It quickly became clear that Stigma was no ordinary lycomorph. In fact, his wolf form, had a wolf form. A shadow form. A double wolf, if you will. Stigma called this second wolf his “shadowing.” Is this what happens when a genetic wolf is bitten too? Or is it just the sign of a wolf turned under the Dyan Moon? It was unclear, until some time later. So read on!

The only thing really clear at the time, is Stigma’s shadow wolf had really bad spelling compared to the normally super-speller Stigma. And that his wolf selves did not get along with each other. And you were never sure if you were talking to Stigma or one of his wolves or if they were talking to each other. It turned out that one of them was a girl named Cinna.

On the bright side, Stigma also discovered his family wasn’t dead. They had faked their deaths and split up so they could come to his rescue later.

This seemed to bring a time of some peace. He still didn’t like transforming but his wolf self had cubs and he seemed to like hanging out with his wolf family. And Clara Kitty was not so secretly happy that Regina was now gone.

But then something weird happened again. Camping in the woods, Stigma met a WW with red eyes who told him he wasn’t actually a werewolf at all.

Stigma didn’t know what to think. If he wasn’t a werewolf, why was his mom doing this on his 13th birthday?

And why was his dad acting like this?

It turned out the same things were happening to Mr. Mutt. More about that later. But now Stigma was to learn the real story of his mom and dad’s relationship. How they went from mortal enemies to Stigma’s mom and dad. 

Thus began the angelic werepyre stage of Stigma’s life. Wings sprouted from his back and he made friends with white wolf named Cheyenne. Oh yah and there was that brief demonic possession stage, after Mr. Mutt invited him on a road trip through hell.

(What kind of a holiday is that Mutt? Really. And then put him to sleep? Was that necessary?)

Many of us remember what happened next. A strange new virus. Was it a case of supernatural food poisoning? I blame myself. No, not because I delivered a bad pizza. Because I wasn’t online to warn him. Next thing we know, Stigma woke up in a cave and  SOS would never be the same again…

(And nobody would ever eat chimichonga in quite the same way.)

Our story ends here because to describe Stigma the Were-chimera is virtually impossible. Which one would you describe? Read a summary of his current status here. 

Bonus question for anyone including Stigma here: Lychampirakyriasovameranthropic ???

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

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