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Waxing Gibbous Moon
Waxing Gibbous Moon

Distance: 57 earth radii
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Ecliptic longitude: 103 degrees

Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Gory Green Beings Claim This Full Moon

This full moon rises in a glaze of green glory, get ready for a great glut of greenstrosities geezunking into your night.img_4125
The Interwebs agree to disagree, tonight will rise the first green moon in over 400 years.

Does this really mean the moon will go green for a full 90 minutes at its highest point?

No. Not for those of us lacking the green gene. For us it will be a wild moon like all others in this April, the so-called cruelest month.

But also, yes! A growing gang of the green eyed kind, have laid claim to this moon so be prepared for these greenstrous gangs on the howl and the roam.

So arm yourself now! Know the top three greeners and how to defeat them tonight:

1. Green Werewolves 

Always a threat, Green werewolves remain among the most dangerous lycanthropes due to the silver toxicity that gives their sick hue. In their constant fight to stay alive, they will do anything to remain in werewolf form. Reversal to human equals death.

Fortunately for you, a good supply of salty green snacks can keep them at bay. Chips, pretzels, wasabi peas… Load up your weapon of choice and fire away.

2. Leprechauns

It’s the end of their season but they won’t go without a fight so hang onto your pants and your wallets tonight and beware the strange couches and chairs that remove them.

And forget the potato chip gun. For these guys you need some liquid green, so load the stinging lime and green peppers.

3. Aliens

Aliens aren’t all green, it’s true. But those who are include many strange and slippery species and they will be out in full force tonight.

(If for no other reason than to take notes.)

These green visitors won’t go for your goodies though and they thrive in green slime but they hate bright lights. Almost any spectrum will do the trick, provided you shine it right into their eyes. So load up your phone with a few flashy possibilities before you go out tonight.

And may the green moonset find you keeping on keeping on.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

16 comments to Gory Green Beings Claim This Full Moon

  • Drache Morte

    That’s much better. As irony would have it I find myself stalking grounds I have not touched in many a year. Hopefully I have not been forgotten by those here while I was away seeking my quest. Greetings to thee all once again, for Drache is back.

    • Scarlett Lupa

      Hello Drache. There’s hardly anyone on anymore. I’ve come to known that most have left.

      • Drache Morte

        Such is the passing of time Shailohah, only the long lived can see the futility of it all. All uprisings quell, all fires burn out, all revolutions eventually become quiet, mountains become valleys and seas become desserts. As such is nature….this place too has become silent. But still, I wandered back here on my mission. And hoping to see friendly faces once more.

        • Zyboragon

          A journey with friends is an adventure.
          A journey alone is a trial.

          How many trials must be endured before the very end?

          • Drache Morte

            Every journey is a trial. For even with friends, we are in the end alone brother Dracar. Every trial must be endured lest we fall. And in the end we still fall. For even the strongest stone is paved by the river eventually. All that begins must also end. The very end comes only when we have given up. And when we surrender to the river’s flow then we find peace.

            • Zyboragon

              And of course at every end is another beginning.

              I am pleased at your response.

              • Drache Morte

                Obey the river or master it. Either way we must follow it. Only through acceptance do we find tranquility, only through letting go do we bring peace. For all rivers great and small eventually lead to the sea. That sea is our heading, where new cycles begin, where the old evaporates to begin anew. Follow thy flow Dracar for it is within us. The Drache are like a Tsunami given life, Hurricanes made flesh. Power at its most primal and a very echo of the Earth and the Cosmos burns within our souls. We are nature.

                • Ravenwillow

                  As much as I am willing to jump in… I have questions regarding dragons… And sub-species of dragons… At least in regards to the terminology of such as I am painfully aware of how long the list would be otherwise…

                  For starters… Dracar and Drache… where you refer to Z by Dracar… You call yourself Drache and make reference to it as if it were a species lineage in some of your other posts… What, specifically, are they referring to?

                  • Drache Morte

                    That is because it is. Those of my family line refer to ourselves as Drache while we refer to those of other lines and subspecies as Dracar. Drache is like literally saying “my family and I” while Dracar refers to my species as a whole. No bloodline is created equal, not all of us can breathe flame, not all of us can swim, not all of us can fly and not all of us possess a sentient intellect. We come in every shape and size from the mightiest Sea Serpent to the tiniest Wyvern.

                    • Ravenwillow

                      My personal connection to Dracar, pretty much draconic races in general, is not quite clear on what level it originates… But from my dreams I gain knowledge… And I know the difference between a flight of fantasy and the feeling of dreams I must pay attention too…

                      I have been several species of Dracar in my dreams… I morph with the fluidity of flame, yet not every form is governed by fire… From an Eastern-looking “Aurora” variety, to the standard western look of blue and black scales (the colors I wear most often as a reflection of my inner flames), to my common form I use in flight and physical combat as a wyvern…

                      I have touched the egg of a great golden male and a ferocious green female with a great dark marking across her main chest-plate… My touch changed this egg… Changing its color to blue with gold veins and marking its shell with a sigil of crescent moons… The reaction of the great dragons that towered over me amount the forgotten halls they had made their homes… They responded to this by looking at each other, a withheld message in their eyes… And then giving me their egg… I woke after this dream with the crescent sigil imprinted on the underside of my wrist and had to draw it before it faded so I would remember…

                      And even beyond dreams, I have known Dracar… As teachers, friends, and comrades in arms… From my young guardian E-Tak to my sensei in Lung-Ki…

                      The variety we come in… seemingly the only non mysterious thing about us…

                    • Ravenwillow

                      *Black veins, not gold… I apologize

                    • Zyboragon

                      It’s always refreshing to see these posts.

                    • Ravenwillow

                      Sure… But you can only see one of the posts… The original message is still moderating… Like 3 of my messages still haven’t come through…

                    • Zyboragon

                      I’d imagine so, the ones who run this site aren’t exactly the most active bunch these days.

                    • Drache Morte

                      No, they aren’t. Because this place has reached its dusk and is soon to fade into its night. All grows still and silent as slowly each of our friends and foes alike move on to new horizons and leaves here for naught more than forlorn and forgotten memories.

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