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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Who Fears The Reaper?

ReaperMany of you know THE REAPER, as the reaper of souls and part time TacoEnthusiast. But did you know he’s also a blogger? That’s right. THE REAPER’S TIPS (http://thereaperstips.wordpress.com/) is a survival blog much like Seth on Survival,  and while it’s not been updated for a while, it still has some valid survival tips that may just help you in the days to come.

THE REAPER first joined SOS in early 2012, he had apparently come to help us with KZAZIER VETENARI’s Cycle. But helped us with many other issues, including the ROYAL BABIES SUPERNATURAL IDENTITY (http://sethonsurvival.com/survival-resources/new-british-prince-vampire-like-grandpa-or-werewolf/comment-page-1#comment-289813)  and while his BOSS (http://sethonsurvival.com/survival-resources/the-yule-cat-cometh/comment-page-1#comment-297319) can be a bit friendly – er wait, Ex-Boss? – THE REAPER still seems to be on the side of survival.  – At least somewhat…is it just me, or is he constantly shifting sides? – He is a dedicated professional, and may have to go on a hiatus from the site from time to time. But he always returns with a quick quip, or an answer to some supernatural strangeness going on, on the site.

The God of Death as he calls himself, enjoys many things in his off time. From taking in stray survivors like Lilith or The Urban Squatch, to sitting down to a movie and a bowl of popcorn.

He can get a bit GRIMM at times, but in his line of work that is to be expected.

The Reaper and his friends – and frenemies – are always ready to help anyone on the site. Albeit in their own special ways.

He is the ‘King of the Reapers’ – or at least that’s his claim – and will almost always help a survivor in need.  Even at the cost of his soda.

He was even the headliner of a band known as Death on the Highway. – Who were the bandmates again? –  They were big in the 50’s, and were quote ‘Metal before Metal was cool’.

So congratulations to THE REAPER and the rest of you survivors out there. Just remember to stay off the Reapers list…even if we do have a handy list of tricks to get you off of said list…(http://sethonsurvival.com/survival-news/who-reaps-the-reaper-reaper-survival-101/)

And if you need to contact THE REAPER, try his SOTM page (http://sethonsurvival.com/survival-news/hunter-moon-survivor-month-2013). Or really anywhere on the site. He’s always somewhere around here…

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

50 comments to SOS HALL OF FAME: REAPER

  • It seems like a year ago that I had joined the SoTM and I am now a Hall of Famer. It’s odd to think, that after after this much time that I can still be found.

    Life is filled with pain and strife. May you find peace among the streets in downtown Toronto. All Hallows’ Eve approaches soon and this chat may be our last. I hope to see you once again, but I’m surrounded in darkness, covered in pain…on All Hallows’ Night…Oizys and Odyne, pain and woe, lead me through the night. No, it’s my burden to bare…and bare it I must.

    Wait…what the heck just happened? Ghosts… >.>

  • Reaper stood at the top of a hill overlooking a large military base. Base 19. They had his information, his DNA, and worst of all; his roommate. He had his scythe in one hand, it was trying to talk him down. And in the other was his phone. He was getting messages from Velanko and Hatter telling him it was too dangerous to do it alone. “This is it… I have to take this place down before they take down everyone I care about… I will get the urban Squatch… And I will stop them from harming Lilith.” The Reaper spread black angel wings, and he was ready. He was Azrael, Thanatos, Anubis, and Mors… He was dèáth made flesh… And it was payback time. He sliced open a portal and dropped in to alarms going off.

    • Mr. Mutt

      *I stand before Reaper my arms crossed shadows flickering behind me* I’m afraid I can’t let you do this Reaper.

    • AP

      For once, I agree with Mutt, Reaper.
      -the shadows became AP-
      Charging in by yourself is foolish.

    • AP

      (And much belated congratulations on getting into the SOS Hall of Fame. You earned it.)

      • (Thanks AP) Reaper looks to Mutt and AP. “I have to do this… They have the DNA of 6 survivors. Maybe more. They have my information. They have… Urban Squatch…” Reaper said looking away. “I’ve taken care of him since he was just a kid… I need to help him…”

        • Cortez

          Cortez fluttered down on his black wings, landing with grace, his tuxedo spotless. “Sorry bro,” he said, opening up a bar of chocolate. “But you can’t just charge in head on before we know anything. Lilith has been contacted by Base 19. She’s set to have a conference on Saturday. I’m here to extend an invitation to attend to everyone effected.” He bit into the candy, chewing hastily. His chewing stopped suddenly. His eyes flickered between Mutt, AP & Reaper. “Under the binding agreement that no hostility will be acted upon during this meeting.”

          • Hatter MT

            *a hat appears in front of the group and starts to rise until a man recognized as hatter appears like a Cheshire Cat* is the hand of hades in this grouping? Oh yes reaper sorry I’m doing an errand for of all gods Erebos I mean hades, Erebos is the old name of that area.*hatter hands a sheet of paper to reaper that has names and times on it that follow the pattern of a three man assault all the names being members of area/base 19* ever since that incident with temper tantrum I mean Sisyphus (read sissy-fuss) hades decided that the list should be given out in pieces so here is the bit for tomorrow and yes it’s the master list you can tell

          • Reaper was devoured in shadows. And when he reapeared, he wore a black ring masters uniform. His flesh once again replaced w/ bone. This was new even for him, but he knew what it meant. A new challenger approaches. The Black Ringleader. A new master form. “Now come one come all to this tragic affair. Wipe off that makeup, what’s in is despair. So throw on the black dress, mix in with the lot! You might wake up and notice you’re someone you’re not. If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see. You can find out firsthand what it’s like to be me. So gather ’round piggies and kiss this goodbye I’d encourage your smiles I’ll expect you won’t cry Another contusion. You’ve got front row seats to the penitence ball When I grow up I want to be nothing at all!” His scythe turned into a baton and he spun it around shoving it down the throat of an Area 19 Agent who had come up behind AP w/ a sledgehammer. “Sorry Cortez, but unless they release the Squatch, you ain’t got a deal.”

            • AP

              -uses shadow elemental powers to knock Reaper down-
              Cool your jets, Ghost Rider.

            • Mr. Mutt

              *I smile grimly.* unfortunately Reaper, I need the research that this agency has for my own plans. I’m not going to let it be destroyed. *I snap my fingers and darkness surges all around. When it clears I have disappeared and everyone else is standing in an empty field where area 19 was previously.*

              • “You’re a fool Mutt. You’ve just allowed an evil to fall upon the supernatural community. One that might be unstoppable.” Reaper snapped his fingers and a circus appeared behind him. It was entirely black and white. “Good luck on your research, I hope you are happy with doom for entire races and species. Doorman, if you please. Show the mutt out.” Reaper walked off, this form leaning heavily on his scythe. It had modified itself to better suit this form. A cane with the sickle blade hidden within the shaft. “If any of you wish for safety, I recommend you see a show.” Reaper said then walked away. The Circus disappeared but tickets addressed to each present appeared.

  • AP

    I’ll pass.

  • In the circus, a couple clowns walk into the middle ring. “Before we begin, you should know.
    All of the sins and hatred you have cast during your life
    Have whipped and spun into form, the form of one
    One who leads this gruesome parade of pain into your life
    One sinister beast, one known only as RINGMASTER
    All of the rare exhibits you are about to encounter
    Are strange and wonderous creations of the one and the only
    Leader of them all
    So both dead and undead please welcome the R-r-r-ringmaster!” Just then, the ringmaster appeared from the shade. As the survivors of A-19 appeared. “Welcome one and all to a very special performance… The last performance of Thanatos!” The lights shown down on a winged man with long ragged hair and pale skin. Thanatos AKA Reaper Supreme.

    • Haley

      *Haley takes a step towards Thanatos, but when one of the clowns looks at her she freezes in her tracks. Conflict between helping a friend and fear evident on her face, finally she turned to Ringmaster* Why? Why destroy him?

      • The Ringmaster turned to Haley. He now looked like thanatos’ twin. Except his hair was short, he had no wings, and he was clean shaven. “The same reason any would destroy another.” Ringmaster walked over to Thanatos and delivered a quick kick to his stomach, and as Thanatos looked up in shock, Ringmaster smiled. “Survival.”

        • Hatter MT

          *hatter walks up to the ringleader holding a contract and rolls it out pointing to each signature of a group called the council of magic* it is by the order of the magic council that gentleman dęāth thus forth reffered to as thanatos or concrete be reinstated as he formerly was due to a loophole in dating vernacular and as such is also reconnected to his titles in full effect after this sentence is ended which is right now. *thanatos regains his strength and breaks free of his chains* any last words ringleader?

          • “A few,.” He grinned once more. “You forgot a signature, Janus. Mine.” Thanatos falls down once again, weakened. “And I won’t sign over my own life.” Snarling, the ringmaster kicked Thanatos in the ribs and pulled out his cane. It changed itself into a naginata. He raised the spear over thanatos’ back and prepared to strike. The carnies held everyone back, chaining a couple audience members to the seats to keep them watching. “Any last words Thanatos?!” The God kneeled his head and was prepared for destruction.

          • AP

            -swatted the Ringmaster like a fly and cut Reaper’s chains with his claw-

            • The ringmaster flew across the tent landing next to a shark tank an acrobat was attempting to walk over on a tight rope. They fell into the water, and within seconds nothing was left. Ringmaster stood and readied his naginata. Then, Thanatos stood. Grabbing a sword from a choking sword swallower, he held it in front of himself. Ready for a fight now. “Such a shame… If it weren’t for Janus trying to force me to return to you, I could’ve kept you around. Like a puppy.” Ringmaster said circling with Thanatos. “Shut up, you dumb juggalo.” Thanatos spat. And the clink of metal on metal sounded.

            • Ringmaster was thrown across the tent, he hit the next wall then stopped. He stood up wobbly. “Carnies! Keep everyone away from me and Thanatos! This is between me and him.” He raised the Japanese spear and prepared to duel Thanatos. Thanatos stood, wiping spit from the side of his mouth. He got a sword from the sword swallower and wielded it much like a baseball bat. “I couldn’t agree more, Juggleboy.” And the tent filled with the sounds of battle.

              • Lilith

                “Actually,” Lilith called from the stands, holding a bag of popcorn in hand, some candy in the other, she had bought for Cortez, who could not make this show.
                “I have a proposition, oh Ringmaster.”Lilith wore a set of simple white leather. A coat, pants, boots, gloves, and a pink cotton shirt. She for white designer sunglasses on head, as well.

                • “Speak then Mortal Queen of Hell! Before I gut the wretched excuse for a king!” Ringmaster stated avoiding Thanatos’ blows who didn’t speak. This was a fight for existence. Neither wanted to lose.

                  • AP

                    -took his human for and took Lilith’s popcorn, eating some-
                    Oh, you’re welcome by the way, Reaper.

                  • Lilith

                    “I want Thanatos. And I’m willing to pay.” Lilith rolled out a contract with shining red words that glowed and glimmered as fire did. “Sign here and I will incapacitate and take possession of Thanatos; leaving you victor of this duel.”
                    She glared at AP. “Your debt is growing. You now owe me 11 pieces of buttered popcorn. 12. 13.”

                    • AP

                      -he scoffed-
                      I don’t owe you any debt.

                    • “You can’t be seirous.” Thanatos said pausing and lowering his defenses long enough for the ringmaster to knock his sword to the side. And forcing the spear point onto the skin of Thanatos’ jugular. “What is the payment? And does he have to be alive for the contract to be enacted?”

                    • AP

                      -sends a beam of light at the Ringmaster’s hand, knocking his sword away-
                      Whoops. By the way, you owe me 2 solids as of now.

                    • Susan

                      *The temperature in the tent drops as I appear in the ring* oh she’s completely serious Thantos. *I glare up at Lilith with distaste* after all she wants power over the apocalypse.

                    • Thanatos blanched. The pale rider, lived up to his name. “I-is that it? I’m basically just a battery of apocalyptic energy to you?” The Ringmaster laughed. “If that’s the case, that’s more entertaining than anything I could possibly think up! However, I’m also a business man. I’m not going to sell the only one who could possibly bring about my true end, for nothing. Again I ask, your price.”

                    • Lilith

                      If Lilith heard the Ringmaster, she didn’t show any signs of it. She scowled at Susan and grit her teeth. “Power over the Apocalypse? Sweet Susan,” she said, restrained anger clear underneath. Phantom images of the Four Horses appeared out of dust. “The Apocalypse already belongs to me.” She pointed to the first one in line, clearly representing Conquest. A crown of gleaming, yet, unadorned and simple gold appeared on her head, as did a bow and arrow in her hands. Power hummed from them.
                      She glowered. “Got this from my most recent husband, and Reaper sold me his horse to settle a debt.” The caricatures of dust scattered back and commingled in the air, and the badge and weapon of Conquest disappeared.
                      Finally, she turned her attention back to Ringleader. “Give me Thanatos and I guarantee you he will never be a threat to reign as the primary avatar of deth.” She put a hand on her chin and looked up, thoughtfully. “Or you could off him yourself, and he gets whooshed back to the collective place where all your other aspects do, waiting and plotting to seize control again. Also, I am willing to trade with you a number of my experiments, adding to your carnivals– ahem, ‘freakshow’.”

                    • Lilith

                      “Oh, yes, and my taking of Thanatos will in no way lessen the collective deth’s power, I assure you.”

                    • Susan

                      *I stand unphased by Liliths show of strength* Thantos, I will offer you my help *I smile at Lilith* Free of Charge.

                    • Ringmaster grinned from ear to ear. Skin transparent for a brief moment. “Lilith, you have a de-” Thanatos pointed the sword at Ringmasters jaw. “I accept the offer Susan. Get me away from hell and the freak show.”

                    • AP

                      -he interjected-
                      If I may, Lilith and Thanatos, your plans are foolish.

                    • Susan

                      *Dark hounds jump through the cloth walls of the tent and surround the Ringmaster growling* lets us take our leave then *Shadows well up around me and Thantos obscuring us before disappearing completely*

    • AP

      -had been quietly watching from the audience stands until he saw clowns, after which he took his dragon form-

  • Didnt work trying something else sup yall friends

  • Reaper sat next to the bed of an elderly woman. Ringmaster had scared him, but… He had a job to do. Her pulse was faint. It wouldn’t be long. It was always hard for him when someone he cared for passed on. He wore a dark grey dress shirt under a black lab coat and a pair of black slacks. His name tag read ‘Sephtis’. He stroked the woman’s hair, smiling weakly. He was tired. Very tired… But there ain’t no rest for the wicked, until we close our eyes for good. “I’m sorry, Amelia…you don’t have much time left. I will never forget eating cookies and milk and listening to you tell stories… Or all those times you invited me to spend the day with you just because I hadnt seen you in a while… I’m sorry I wasn’t there towards the end, but… I hope you know how much you meant to me…” In the room stood her son, and other assorted family members. They didn’t see him, of course they didn’t. Her mind had started going… Amelia turned to her son and said her final words. “I think I’m going to take a nap.” She smiled at him. Her son nodded. “Yeah, I think that’d be good mom.” He smiled back. Then she closed her eyes. She winked at reaper, knowingly. Reaper choked back a sob. He could reveal himself now… He could show them who he was… But… He didn’t. He stroked her head once more, collecting a soul gem for her. Everything was silent, all except the steady beeping of the heart moniter. Then… Flatline. Amelia went peacefully. A bald man got a phone call, it was his son wondering when he was going to pick him up. The man choked back his tears as he told his son… His aunt had passed on. Curious, he flew to the boy. Standing next to him. He was shocked, dumbfounded. The boy was 17 at best, 300 pounds with brownish black hair and blue eyes. He was crying… This was the nephew… The one Amelia had confused him for, for so long. He touched his shoulder and the boy shook slightly, but felt slightly comforted. He could feel it in his bones. The poor kid missed his chance to say goodbye… Eventually the white pickup truck picked up the boy. His life would now be filled with pain, and suffering. A new challenge every day… But reaper would be there to help him.

  • Assanjin

    Congrats friend, I knew you’d make it.

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