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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Due Diligence For Your Diabolical Defences

Lessons from London Tower for your Halloween kit

Halloween heads up from UK survivor this week, Agent RB, your All Hallows plan must go far beyond – and far below! – that effective weather-proof disguise and colossal candy collection contraption!

Indeed, if your checklist doesn’t include a detailed inspection of your first line diabolical defences, no amount of zombie makeup or stale chocolate can help you survive even a dust-up with a dervish.

Now as with all things supernaturally survivilogical there are no hard and fast rules, only ancient principals and old lessons that stand the test of time.

This supernatural life lesson comes from the roof of London Tower, where a series of symbols scratched into the wood reveals how residents there fought away demons in the mid-16th and earlier 18th centuries using the following knowledge:

Shape used to trap demons in medieval times.

Shape used to trap demons in medieval times.

1. Demons can only follow straight lines

It’s what makes them so infernally good at chess but on the bright side this also means you can trap a demon within a circle like this —>>

The London Tower roof has several trefoils like this one, designed to lure demons into the spirals and drive them insane.

For added efficacy, note how this Triskele shape also uses the number 3. Demons, as you know, hate the number three.

2. Demons like the number 6

Ever hear of a demon who didn’t like a hex? That’s why several ‘hexfoil’ symbols –  six “kissing” or overlapping circles – was scratched into the roof of London Tower.

You can make your own hexfoil at home using a compass or tracing the lid of a jar.

3. Demons fear nets

Know any religions that like fishing? Turns out it’s more than relaxation. A mesh net can catch a demon and prevent it from entering a building.

On Halloween, use fake cobwebs to make nets over the corners of the windows and doors to your domain and you’ll remain 99.98% demon free, guaranteed.

4. Demons are no good at anatomy. 

The good news here? You can easily fool a demon into thinking he’s too late to claim you…cause you’re already dead! All you need is a fake skeleton. The London Tower demon duellers made their fake skeletons from cow, sheep and rabbit bones, but today probably easier to pick up a pre-made pack of polystyrene bones.

Don’t forget to assemble your skeleton in a strategic location, that is any place where it can be mistaken by demons for you personally.

Knowledge is power Survivor! Now you know the London Tower Lessons, you can’t pretend that you don’t! Use them on this Halloween and your survival is virtually guaranteed.

And many thanks to AGENT RB for his email alerting SOS to this supernatural situation.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

9 comments to Due Diligence For Your Diabolical Defences

  • Fenrir Iceborn

    Seth that symbol is called a Triskelion and is associated with the light. Which makes it particularly harmful to demons. Best of all it’s accessible in jewelry form all over the world.

    And your not wrong demons do tend to like straight lines and harsh pointy angles as opposed to curves and spirals.

    • Mishael

      Your wrong Fenrir I am a demon but I in fact like curved lines I hate straight lines and I like curved lines I have a few of these triskelions I corrupted them and turned them into soul harvesters which are associated with darkness and suck souls right out of mortals and spit them back out only for the soul to be corrupted and turned into a demon and its harmful to mortals but strengthens me and my demon which I will use to eat your soul.

    • Agent RB

      Can confirm, though I may be a biased source considering that I have been part of the intensely structured and uniform reaper corps for over 6 millennia, which may have affected my outlook on curves…


    • Hail Fenrir,

      Thanks for keeping on and for confirming aspects of the report. I understand there are many traditional anti-demonic measures not covered in it but these are the ones described at London tower.


      • Mishael

        Are you accepting my offer Seth and if you want to know my price is your soul in exchange for a ton of power

        • Hail Mishael,

          Thanks for keeping on. I am considering your offer – the price seems somewhat steep though in exchange for a “ton of power.” Is that a metric tonne? Or imperial? And how will it be shipped?


          • Mishael

            No I mean supernatural power you will be filled with the power of chaos and transform into a demonic killing machine. And I will have your soul it is a blessing to be blessed by one of the gods of chaos such as myself and turn into a demon. I am Gwyn chaos god of eternal horrors and my chaos space marines and cultists alongside demons my worshippers and soldiers are to bring you to my shrine where you will be blessed by the power of chaos and transform into a demon. Don’t worry once your a demon you will feel no pain no immotion only blood lust and an undying urge to kill and serve your gods every will. You have no choice no prepare to embrace chaos

            • Hail Mishael,

              Okay well thanks for the clarification here at this point I’m going to have to decline your generous offer as I fail to see how it would be conducive to continuing the cause of survival. Here at SOS we work supernaturally hard to promote the survival of every soul. Alone we survive, together we survive supernaturally! It’s not just an ambiguous catchphrase here at SOS, it’s our motto and we thrive by it and while I may not-so-secretly seek a simple fame and fortune for first-born kind of deal, I can’t go for the whole blood lust and chaos mines mojo.


              • Mishael

                Oh you have no choice I will kill every last human and make them my slaves my chaos warriors and cultists are hunting you down and will bring you to me. I need souls to survive.

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