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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Cyborgs vs Robots: Finally Somebody Takes Us Seriously!

Cyborgs and robots react to the exciting news: Cambridge researchers are urging the world to stop treating them as the stuff of science fiction and start thinking of them as a part of reality!  A potentially threatening part of reality!

Cyborg J.D. Hancock going to Cambridge University

Scientists at the Center for Existential Risk made a big announcement this week. They resolved to devote their department to study the reality of artificial intelligence and its impact on humanity’s future.

And while cyborgs like this one, couldn’t be more pleased, robots are said to be *very concerned*

“Finally someone believes me!” said cyborg J.D. Hancock (right). “I’ve been warning the humans about this for years. Robots are not cute little sidekicks with bleepy lights and handy tool compartments like you see in science fiction. They’re actually really, really mean! Look, they took my face!”

Professor Jaan Tallin, one of the founders of the Center for Existential Risk and known fan of survival himself, puts it this way on his blog:

“People sometimes complain that corporations are psychopaths, if they are not sufficiently reined in by human control. The pessimistic prospect here is that artificial intelligence might be similar, except much much cleverer and much, much faster.”

Faceless cyborg, JD Hancock could not agree more.

“Exactly what I’ve been saying! Like, they took my face. A whole gang of them. They jumped me and told me to stop acting like a human bleeeeep and one of them had a knife for a hand and the other ones held me down and next thing I knew, he had my face. It was my favourite one too.”

While the Cambridge scientists will work with Professor Tallin to determine just how much of a threat artificial intelligence could be to the world, cyborg JD Hancock hopes to tell his story to the researchers and hopefully learn more about the gang of angry robot pride activists who took his face.

“Did I mention they took my face? That’s just not nice.”

Robot denies taking cyborg's face.

But in a recent interview, Robot 4U2C (left) indicated with a series of bleeps and vibrations that he was quote *very concerned* about the prospect of an entire university department devoted to describing all the ways that he and his kind wil be a threat to the world.

*It’s not fair! Do you know how much one professor can talk? Let alone a entire department of them? We robots do not stand a chance.*

Further, 4U2C categorically denies taking JD Hancock’s face.

*Do I really look like somebody who would steal a face? He probably just forgot it somewhere.*


by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

4 comments to Cyborgs vs Robots: Finally Somebody Takes Us Seriously!

  • CyborgBeastCop

    I am Chuck Lonestar, a Texas Ranger in El Paso, Texas. I have two cybernetic arms that I got when my organic arms were blown off in an explosion, and I was bitten by a werewolf. So, if you see some sort of wolf with two human metal arms… don’t shoot.

    • Hail CyborgBeastCop,

      Wow! WhileI am used to some pretty incredible stories of survival I must say that this one is quite shocking.

      First of all welcome to the site.

      Second I have a few questions for you:

      Did you become a werewolf before or after becoming a cyborg?

      Do your cybernetic implants reduce or increase the pain of your transformations? it seems to me like that would make it hurt more.

      Does having two human arms in wolf form make it difficult to walk? Have you considered getting replacement cybernetics that also transform?

      Thanks for writing in and keep on keeping on.


      • CyborgBeastCop

        Sorry my reply took so long Seth, you can see my reasons on the post Vampires: You may be dealing with a vampire. I became a werewolf after the implants, and yeah, it hurts, but having opposable thumbs as an animal is useful in some situations. Mainly when I need my battle-ax.

  • Zyboragon

    Fascinating topic.

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