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'My Lupine Life' By Louis Pine

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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Will You Be Cyborg Soon - or Sooner? First Telepathic Emails Sent

When a human in France sent a telepathic email to another in India this week, people everywhere are beginning to ask, how soon until we are all cyborgs?

Will we all be cyborgs soon?

Will we all be cyborgs soon?

Granted it was a pretty short email, just two words HOLA! and CIAO! but still, the message was transferred directly from one brain to the other using direct B2B, or Brain 2 Brain link technology. This technology relies on electroencephalography to translate brain impulses into binary and back again, as per the diagram provided by plusone.org .

The message appeared as a flash of light in the corner of the receiver’s vision and marks the first time that one human has sent a message almost directly to the brain of another human.

Cyborg scientists are understandably excited by the possibilities but before you and your BFF line up for B2B chips of your own, SOS urges you to stop and consider the pros and cons of receiving direct messages to your brain…

PRO –>> No longer any danger of losing your device and therefore your email.

CON –>> No more excuses you can give about not receiving your email and replying promptly

PRO –>> Ability to read your email in front of others without seeming rude. As long as you’re still nodding and smiling, nobody has to know you’re secretly catching up on your correspondence.

CON –>> How will you edit your thoughts? What if you like me don’t think in complete… sure wish I had another cookie right… why is my foot so itchy…hey is that a Tesla?

PRO –>> In case of emergency, the ability to send an SOS could be instantaneous.

CON –>> How will you prevent unwanted transmissions? Never mind talking in your sleep, what happens when you email those er, nocturnal emissions to the wrong recipient?

PRO –>> No more keyboard pain. Slow typer like me? No more worries! Can’t spell? Well, we’ll see about that. Will your biomechanical pulses be any faster? For me that depends on the day.

CON –>> Brain Spam. If you hated spam before wait ’til you start receiving promotional offers for knock-off drugs and merch direct to your brain. And if you worried about the Cloud before how much worse will it be now?

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

20 comments to Will You Be Cyborg Soon – or Sooner? First Telepathic Emails Sent

  • assanjin

    It’s actually supposed that we won’t only become cyborgs, we’ll even go all the way to become robots in a century or so by placing our brains into a robot body making us immortal.

  • Well, spam isn’t always so bad. It all depends on your point of- OOH, EMAIL! A new pill that is said to give you superpowers… All I have to do is send all my viable information, weaknesses, and species to Sehth@Sehthondeahth.com… I’M SO DOING THIS! 😮

    • Agent TL

      Ah, so my little side deal with Sehth worked!
      Oh, in case you’re wondering I gave him the ability to send signals across dimensions.
      I also gave him the e-mails of some of the more… gullible survivors.


      • Assanjin

        If I get messages from this doppelganger, this fake, now I know whom to blame.

        • werewolfgirl

          who are you goimg to blame

          • Assanjin

            Who do you think? The one giving other people’s email to a homicidal maniac from another dimension who only seeks our damnation while he professes our salvation.

            • Kurogane

              Homicidal maniac who only seeks others damnation? Are you referring to me in my younger days,jin?

              • Assanjin

                Not thee eldest gane I speak of Sehth if I am typing the name correctly. I care not what you do, or who you do it with, frankly it’s none of my business but one must remember that every once in a while if what you are doing is for the right reasonsor if it’s right anymore, not all methusala deserve damnation and you know that, not everyone chooses to be turned and to those cases you must offer leniency if I may be so bold to speak. They breath like us, they live like us, they want to survive like us, they are no different than us.

            • Kurogane

              Although I no longer am a homicidal maniac hellbent on human damnation,I’m now a sadistic,blood-drinking homicidal maniac hellbent on the damnation and eternal suffering of vampires! I usually spend my weekends torturing and killing vampires with my wife! Who by the way is equally as sadistic!

              • Assanjin

                And I am but a child, barely a teen in biological age, but I spend my time pondering the very fabrics of existence, the causes of hatred, the beginnings of suffering and also their solutions. As is the only thing I carry in draconian nature anymore, my intellect is honed with thought, practice, poetry, philosophy and riddles, I love making riddles. Which no one ever thinks me so young, I have been called the grand oak sapling, the eldest tree, the forest elder and the mountain father. I did not come to SOS on my own accord, I did not even know this place existed until Leafpool asked me to come here and I have been happy to help out in knowledge what I cannot do in power old one.

    • Kurogane

      This is a question for the reaper, have you ever heard of reaperification?

  • Leafpool

    Hm, I have a lot of energy today, just go go go! It’s interesting to say the least. Homework, you will be conquered! 😈

  • Wicked Moon

    I am new so this is wierd to me i am a proffessor on werewolf clans and history
    I am a hybrid adopted by dragons i am i knight of the dragons

  • Wicked Moon

    It is a private school for werewolves and i am looking for a female wolf with golden fur named Vrax at least that is what she told me

  • Wicked Moon

    I am telepathic and can cause other wolves to transform also i can speak some greeκ Ωσξφ

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