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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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This Week In Survival November 30, 2013

Well we’re back with another This Week In Survival – or are we? It’s too soon to tell.

Another Supernatural Week Of Survival!

Another Supernatural Week Of Survival!

All I know for sure so far is Black Friday came and went, bringing zombies and demons and what appears to be a slate of phobias to its survivors…

Want to know what’s been happening around SOS, who’s surviving and how and why? Me too. Check back here over the next 36 hours or so while I try to figure it out and put up the links.

Thanks to everyone still surviving with SOS. Still keeping on keeping on against all odds and good judgement….



Welcome to Sethslist 

Classifieds for Surviving Supernaturally…

Know a Monster Who Needs Therapy? 

–>>Got a friend or family member in denial of a supernatural condition or monstrosity? Are you a vampire who loves a werewolf? Contact the HATTER, certified Monster Therapist. Follow the link for easy instructions and a quote within 6 business days.


–>>Dragonfly blood and some angel tears (Hmm that’s a tough one. How many?) If you  are an angel who cries or know how to make an angel cry,  please contact SCARLETT LUPA here, asap. *

*I’m not sure about her exact condition yet, but it seems to involve a lot of *cough* coughing* from the effort of following the no real names, ages, or locations rule.

Transformation Time: 

–>> ZERETH new dragon, just grew wings. Now what?? how do you hide those?

Phobia Phight Night: How Powerful Are You?  

–>> The HATTER, M.T. gets into it with VELANKO, FENRIR and KENJI but cleverly doesn’t say what happens to him if he loses his hat…

And what if I find it? Hmmmm….. On a related note, I found a pair of gloves yesterday and I’m still trying to figure out their powers. They have a mysterious symbol on them, a-k. Maybe they were sent by The Glover… speaking of which…

Lost and Found? 

–>> How will you know if a Hatter sends you a powerful HAT?  Did KENJI find one? Ignore this thread and you could be missing out!

–>> On a related note, The SENTINEL has taken his cycle to destroy another realm but ostensibly left his powers with a newcomer named KENJI. Just when I thought the weak were winning…

Meetings and Beatings

–>> This can’t be good. LOKI here and judging by his last name is probably the real deal. Hope he doesn’t find Fenrir.

Did the zomborgs get Rusty?

Did the zomborgs get Rusty?

Cyber Monday Zomborgs

–>> After surviving the snow zombies aka “melties” did the zomborgs finally get RUSTY? A mysterious email has survivors concerned today —>
Been Avoiding the Void for Fear of the Chipmunks

–>> Better make sure you know what it is first. The void debates with VELANKO, CHAOS and PERFIDE

–>> And  review ZYBORAGON’S Void Chipmunk fighting tips before you set out. I know, I know. Hardly this week in survival. But still, timeless tips from our favorite metal cyborg dragon. Some say the void chipmunks got to him but I prefer to believe he found Forresst Fenn’s treasure and retired to his island cave.


by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

22 comments to This Week In Survival November 30, 2013

  • Jerry9012

    Oh, yeah. Zyboragon is alive. I can sense his life force. I don’t know where he is, but he is alive.

  • Loki Odinson

    Hail Seth.

    I come to you, humbled by your presence. I do have a question, how is the weather on earth? I plan on returning soon, and I need to know if I must bring a sweater or not.

  • Chaos Alpha

    It’s kind of repertory to say myself and sicarius since we are the same just opposites. Like sides f a coin, or…………….. yeah I got nothing.

  • Hatter

    Seth if you find one of my hats it can be used to travel safely to other dimensions all you have to do is spin the hat brim up a purple gas portal should appear and then you just jump into the hat and then just walk though a door and you end up in a separate dimension but whatever you do don’t walk though the mirror oh and as a general rule the exact number of people who enter must return no more no less and no it does not have to be the same people. And just as a warning don’t borrow anything from the caterpillar if you do go to wonderland last time I almost came back without a head thanks to him.

  • Hatter

    If you want to know how to know if I sent you a hat it will most likely be a black top hat in a brown hat case

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Well this sums everything I missed and didn’t miss….we have a newcomer oooo time for initiation….and by that I mean time to be annoying…..I’m have such amazing hobbies don’t I?…..I’m a remarkable person just look how nice I’m thinking….annoy and annoy people till they explode of their own foolishness…yep perfect hobby….

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