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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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This Week In Survival May 4, 2014

Another supernatural week of surviving

Another supernatural week of surviving

This Week In Survival:

Delayed due to secret SOS project I hope to reveal soon,

All will be reprised before the next full moon,

Thanks to everyone for staying…

Keeping on keeping on.

Thanks in advance for another supernatural week of Survival. Look for two weeks of links and summaries on Friday. Thanks for your patience.


by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

34 comments to This Week In Survival May 4, 2014

  • Hatter MT

    Ok Seth two things 1) you added a 1 in for no reason on the title and URL 2) you don’t have to keep the project secret, even I know what it is and you didn’t even email me that you were doing it

    • Agent RB

      Genetic make up of on Noah of Ark:
      1/5 werewolf, 1/5 vampire, 1/5 draconian, 1/5 human, 1/5 demon…
      Genetic make up of one Hatter of Wonderland:
      1/5 werewolf, 1/5 vampire, 1/5 draconian, 1/5 human, 1/5 angel + undetermined trace DNA compounds…
      See… We are basicly the same…
      Let us not fight over 1/5 of our DNA…
      Return me to my beutiful form please…

      • Hatter MT

        *snaps his fingers* there you go! oh and I thought creatures like you died out 734 years ago

        • Agent RB

          Oh my oh my how silly of you, consider me the regenisis of the assasin race. You are the last of the gaurdians so the universe had to balence itself out in one way or another.
          The only problem is…
          If you get to close to me, instinct takes over, it’s a survival mechanism…
          Sense because you know, the guardians are why We’re extinct.
          After my DNA was rearranged I know all of this assassin lore, it’s like a shared genetic history.
          About becoming one in the first place, I’ve no idea how that was even possible, any thoughts?

          Oh my, look at the time, I’ve got to get to work, who’s been working in my place whilst I was gone from the underworld?


          • Hatter MT

            The latest shinigami is the reaper, oh and by the way every fight we are 49 to 1 because you can’t form split yet 49 because every living guardian can do it, 1 because your a shape shifting, paramecium brained, assassin buffoon. Oh and tick tock Noah, your two days slow

            • Agent RB

              See, even now it’s in your nature to hate me…
              Oh and the deal with reaper, I’m going to need him to step down…
              PACT OF: E649

              * Penelope grows into a battle Liger, RB mounts her*

              Let’s go riding reaper…

              P.S. You may want to get that heel checked out, nasty little bite isn’t it…


              • Hatter MT

                Noah do you remember the last words I said before you couldn’t gain a human form? They were “savage garden” I remind you of this before I tell you two things 1) only creatures that work for the good of the earth can do the job of a reaper and you are a blazing swirling inferno of hate, 2) the snake bite doesn’t really hurt

                • Agent RB

                  A maelstrom would be a better term than inferno I’d think.
                  How can I feel hate when all I do is for the betterment of the earth?
                  Who decides my fate, God? Ha! He’s never spoken to me since the day of the flood! Omnipotent my a$#%!
                  That little bite isn’t supposed to hurt, that’d defeat the purpose…
                  It’s a gift… Just make sure it doesn’t get out of hand is all I’m saying…
                  Beware the snakes of Eden dear hatter, for Lilith is their mother…


                  • Hatter MT

                    Yes the man who decommissioned an entire planet for nothing should be amended for his service and now he is trying to decommission the only thing between the planet and total chaos oh and please know this, a snake from a peaceful garden will never harm a cat from a savage one, and guardians do look a bit like manticores in their true form

                    • Agent RB

                      Not for nothing, for everything…
                      The world you see now wouldn’t exist as it is if not for the flood…
                      The snakes of the garden are awakening, the Assassins return to earth…
                      And before we go any further, why am I two days slow? Whatever could you mean by that?


                    • Hatter

                      Two days slow that’s what you are, in fact it’s why your rushing about. Oh and if Eden is returning then the assassins should beware for they shall be defeated by the seven guardians that are left, one of which got attacked by slenderman, and decapitated, then got up and decommissioned slenderman then to put his head back on to tell me about it. And 1 of the other six is me

                    • Agent RB

                      You do realize that tells me absolutely nothing about what the phrase “two days slow” means right?
                      Oh and BTW is like to see him go up against slendermotherinlaw, now that’s scary…


                    • Hatter MT

                      Two days slow is a me qoute from a conversation with the white rabbit, it makes sense because you keep saying look at the time

    • Hail Hatter,

      It’s true that I’ve been slow on the email while we sort a few things out around here at Survival HQ so thanks for your patience. The issue of the 1’s is a little voidmunk action. Blame Agent RB. I know that I don’t have to explain this to you, but Survival is an ongoing process not a single battle and not for the faint of heart.

      Thanks for keeping on keeping on with SOS,


  • Agent RB

    Genetic make up of one Noah of Ark:

    1/5 werewolf, 1/5 vampire, 1/5 draconian, 1/5 human, 1/5 demon…

    Genetic make up of one Hatter of Wonderland:

    1/5 werewolf, 1/5 vampire, 1/5 draconian, 1/5 human, 1/5 angel + undetermined trace DNA compounds…

    See… We are basicly the same…
    Let us not fight over 1/5 of our DNA…
    Return me to my beutiful form please…
    I’m more likely to bite like this now arn’t I…


  • Hatter MT

    ALERT TO ALL SURVIVORS: slenderman is real, nothing is safe

  • Seth I Sent you a Email I Hope YOU Respond ASAP Im Having very bad Luck I need youre help!

  • Bluestar/nightwolf

    YAY! im in the picture 🙂

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