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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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This Week In Survival May 11, 2014

Thanks for keeping on with SOS.

Thanks for keeping on with SOS.

With half the world off dealing with the mummies today, I’ve erected a full hieroglyphic barrier and hope to spend some time doing what I normally do for This Week In Survival – that is, figure out what the heck happened around here and who survived and how and why…

I’ll add the links below as I decipher it all to an estimated 51.3% accuracy.  With another full moon coming in mere days time, expect a little lunacy.

If you’re still keeping on with SOS, first of all many thanks. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here at Survival HQ as Graham and I embark on a new top-secret mission that I hope to be able to announce soon. But who knows. Survival is a process, not a destination or a single battle.

This Week In Survival under sporadic construction until like, 2:00 am EST between mummy magic battles.

Cyborg Man Fears Water Balloons

–>> Find out why he is  being water bombed? Has he been targeted by human activists? Or maybe they’re just after his lizard dog…

Hatter’s Notes:

–>>Thanks to the HATTER for this summary, questionable though it may be, it’s a place to start. The question now is would this return of Eden business be a good or a bad thing? Should NOAH be stopped once and for all? He’s still offering to save supernaturals and their loved ones but…can I figure this one out?

–>> Or even who this NOAH really is. Read REAPER’S description and see what I’m dealing with. Samuel or Danny? You decide…

–>> Okay here’s the deal so far. I think. I’m almost 25% sure that after the events described by Hatter above, a Voidgate was found. Gate to where or when  exactly is still somewhat unclear. CHAOS & VELANKO  had been  working to secure it with some help and considerable commentary from others but a meeting went sideways despite Velanko’s negotiation tips here. This resulted in…

Void Agent At Large

–>>Is VELANKO still seeking Special Agent Backdraft? Thanks to CHAOS for helping him out on his mission.  Any survivors with intel please follow the link on Velanko’s name.

–>> But who or what is the RX-01 anyway? And how did this result in this ongoing series Eating With Gods that appears to be unfolding…

Is Your Soul Hammy or Soapy?

–>>ZYBORAGON’s questionable claim ~which I will not repeat here~ sparks a spate of cannibalistic confessionals that raise among others, the question what does a soul taste like anyway? 

(Need I remind survivors that the nutritional benefits of a cannibal diet have recently been debunked by a real-life Dr. Cannibal. Let me find that link…

Professor Dale Jefferson aka: Dr. Cannibal, once thought cannibalism would be an ideal diet and has devoted years of study to testing his theory only to discover… well, read it for yourself here. Has Dr. Cannibal changed his own diet as a result? I’m still waiting for his reply, but as a human myself I’m really hoping the answer is yes.)

–>>And on that note, what’s this about eating deities? If you think I mean deities who eat, think again… Why is LILITH messing with the Aesir now? Does this has anything to do with that 8 legged goat that was recently born in Croatia? Here it is definitely linked to the Day of the Mummies… Does anyone else get nervous when Lilith says she’s going to eat?

Swearing vs. Cursing

–>> Which will really help you survive? WOLFBLOOD  here on an important topic.

Night Patrol

–>> RUSTY disappears after stopping to question two trespassers on his turf. What did he uncover?



by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

28 comments to This Week In Survival May 11, 2014

  • Really though, why does my soul smell like ham? Did I store my ham there by accident again? Ugh, I’ll be back just as soon as I get to the bottom of this hammy soul problem.

  • Ahem, well. I found out why my soul is hammy. I had forgotten I had stored a pig in their last winter. I got it out now, but it got away. No luau for me. Also, time for the Reaper Weekend Update.

    1) A voidgate has opened over Phoenix, Arizona. So far the mortals haven’t seen it yet. Will explore and get more info.

    2) The reason for the wildfires in Oregon, were not natural. Dragons.

    3) Have you heard through the grape vine about the Tornado’s in Oklahoma? It was caused by a mummies spell. And you people though ti twas only possible for Mummies to exist in Egypt. Not true, many people buried their deceased like this, the Mayans, the Norse, of course Egyptians, and a few Native American tribes as well. Meaning, that if they were mummified, they have the chance to return to life.

    That’s all for this weeks Reaper Weekend Update, Keep on Keeping on.

    • Lilith

      Yes my tampering with the Book of the Dea d seems to have set off a mass resurgence to many mummies around the world to life, mostly ones embalmed to Egyptian tradition, though a few others, it would seem. So sorry about that 😈

      And the Void Lords… we’ll, more on that later. I need to finish my meal, its always best fresh.

      • Uh, uh, uh! I DON’T TASTE LIKE HAM!

        • Mr. Mutt

          *dispatches a final voidling before leaning heavily on his sword* I…I’m getting to… Old for this…. *hair fades from black to grey* not even my illusions are holding together…

          • *Reaper walks next to Mutt* I will protect you… *He summons his Scythe and his hood appears.* Ere sin could blight, or sorrow fade. Dea th came with friendly care. The opening bud to heaven conveyed… And bade it blossom there… *After finishing his poem, a blast emanated from his scythe, destroying 200 voidlings around them. He stabbed the pole of his scythe into the ground, and looked up. His eyes glowing with red fire.*

            • Lilith

              Lilith arrives. She wears a scarlet red Adidas track suit; sweatpants, jacket and all. Her dark tresses left to fall messily at her shoulders, no jewelry, nothing extravagant. She looks somewhat strained, dark circles are present under her eyes. She trudges through the forces of the Void Lords, dragging her sword behind her in the dirt when not swinging it. She licks her lips, hungry. She swings her sword, the blade of flame taken from the angel who guarded Eden, in a rhythmic manner, singing to herself, her words for once carrying no power.
              “I’ll be waiting for you long until the sun goes down… No tide or wake could turn me around~” She whipped her sword around over her head, the blade moving in a bizarre manner, making it appear as if a tongue of fire striking those around the First Woman. She reached the place where Mutt and Reaper stood.
              “You are a good man, so I shall fight with you,” was all she offered. A shock wave of power boomed out of the crack in the sky that was the Void’s opening, and all three could feel that a larger power of the Void than had yet appeared on the battlefield was approaching. Lilith’s sunk in deeper than the void itself, endless chasms without light. “For I was hungry, and I ate you. I was thirsty, and I drank you.”

          • Bluestar/nightwolf

            Theres a voidgate again good thing im not going to Arizona yet

  • Mr. Mutt

    *I look at my hands and see them wrinkle and age* darn it not now… *my skin returns to normal and I sigh* my immortality has almost run it’s course…

    • Lilith

      Lilith cupped Mutt’s face in her hands and she smiled at him, an action made far too unsettling by the voids of her eyes.
      “And what have you done with your immortality mutt? Can you truly say it was all worth it?” Lilith probably would of narrowed her eyes. “It is of little importance. Do you remember, Mutt? Do you remember the Promise?” Lilith’s face fell beside Mutt’s, and she held him close. “The Promise…” She whispered in his ear. “All Shall Be Well and All Manner of Things Shall Be Well.”

      • Reaper stood stalwart in front of the two, his mind elsewhere. “Oh snake of the garden, how many times must you harm? How many times must I clean thy mess? You may either continue the path to destruction… Or repent. Remember what happened to Noah of Ark? Hatter and Hecate destroyed him to stop his rain of terror… I ask you, what is your choice?” Reapers Scythe transformed into a sword, it’s aura was cold and heartless. “I cast ye out once, dost thou wish to go again?”

        • Agent RB

          Noah stand behind reaper, his scythe Penelope pointed at his neck.*

          Snakes must stay together, and snakes must feed. I will stand by Lilith to the end.
          I will not hesitate to do this. Infact I want you to snuff more than anything right now. You have something of mine. The Shinigami soul. I ENVOKE the rite of Reair. I challenge you reaper.
          Let’s go riding.


        • Mr. Mutt

          *I smile at the two, the reaper and the dēmon* has my immortality been well spent Lilith? No. Not yet. *i look up at the Void opening feeling the presence of the Void lords as they descend* I have created this… All those years ago when I kįlled my creator and opened the Void. A life was lost opening the Void… A life must be given to seal it… Permanently. *I look at Lilith and the Reaper* this won’t be the last time we meet but this is the last time in my life that I will see you. *I feel the Voud lords drawing closer and pull out a scarlet stained wooden dagger* take my advice… Run. *I plunge the dagger into my chest*

        • Lilith

          A laugh resounded from Lilith, deep, echoing and inhuman. “She’s not home right now…” Lilith, her face, smiled. It wrapped wrapped it’s arms around the Reaper’s neck. It speaks of horrible things, abhorrent even to the Reaper. No matter how hard he tried, he could not raise his blade to her words. It looked into I the eyes of D eath.
          Reaper was then walking up stone steps. He looked up and at the top of the stone pyramid, to face the three hungry king priests.
          He was then then falling down a shaft. He landed in water, he was in a well. His arms and a thigh were torn ragged. Too much bloo d. He won’t have time to drown. He won’t have time to drown.
          He found himself trembling on the ground of the battle field. His blade was gone.
          Lilith held the scythe, watching mutt’s display. “I’m sorry it happened like this Reaper. I truly considered you A friend. But it was going to happen at some point. I saw my chance and took it.” The scythe struggles against her will, but I could not overcome her. She held it up towards the sky and red/black lightning struck the thing, and it became hers. “For the Great Work.” And she was gone.

          • The Reaper screamed in anguish, it wasn’t the blood loss, or even the terrifying words… Those bothered his psyche and his body. But she had taken his Scythe… His Scythe! The last place his soul had been stored. Not only that, it was his soul! Then he realized something… He could be at peace… Despite the fact she tried to hurt him, she had ended up helping him in his true goal…peace. He smiled blissfully as he began to ascend, the smiling face of G in his sight. But then he realized, he wasn’t ascending… That wasn’t G… This was someone else, someone he never wanted to see again. Especially after what had happened 400 years ago… Melinoe… Goddess of ghosts… He had stolen her soul… Her divine essence in a last ditch effort to save a species from existence. He failed, and Melione perished for nothing, whatever this place was… It wasn’t any afterlife… This was unexistence… His soul was in Lilliths hand, and until she decided to destroy it, or give it back… He was gone, even his name was gone. Lost to the wind, his body was the last of him.

          • Agent RB

            *RB chuckles*
            I haunt you like a shadow Lilith, I am your shadow, the you you don’t want anymore. You promised me a place in Eden, and I was left to the gardener. You owe me at least this Lilith.
            *RB becomes serpentine and slithers into Lilith’s mouth*
            The great work? I’ve seen better lilith, come on, your not loading your edge are you?
            *he says from inside*
            I wish it didn’t have to happen this way 🙂


            • Lilith

              Lilith shivered a moment before reaching her hand into her mouth. Her arm went further and further inside in quite a morbid fashion. She slowly pulled the snake out from her mouth, now coated in blood and saliva, stopping just before his head left her mouth, she bit down. Hard.
              She threw the thrashing body to the ground and spit out the head.
              “IT WAS ALL FOR YOU,” she shrieked. “You…” she regarded her child. “Disgust me. I never loved you. The Great Work was all for you, and you threw it away. Do you know what it shall do, Noah?” She laughed. “He is coming. I was going to save you. No more. You shall be consumed like the rest. I forsake you.” She turned away then, if only so he would not see the tears.
              “A reckoning.” Then there was no light. Noah stood in some empty expanse, not the void, though, this place was indescribable in words. There was nothing. There was only hatred, here.
              “Do you recall how they came to that place? And we sang of our lightnings and shapeful disgrace? They tilted their vanes and ennobled their spires. We welcomed them then and commingled all choirs. If we could remember those days. If only we could remember.” The voice wasn’t deep. It simply was. A laugh like that of God. All-consuming. “A reckoning,” it spoke again, as hands wrapped around Noah’s throat. A tall, hunched figure in a cloak the only visible aspect of its form were eyes of sickly green fire. “Shall not be postponed indefinitely.” And though Noah could not see it, he knew that it had opened its maw, hungry, as it’s face came closer to his.
              Then he was where his mother left him.

              • Agent RB

                You are not a mother to me, nor anyone else… You are a wretch… A witch… A disgrace upon all. You call yourself human! Ha! You are he least human of anyone! The great work is still imperfect and you know it! Don’t let emotion consume you. The GW still needs time. So I’m going to stick around and be a mentor. Your gaurdian angel from down under. Like I wasn’t already. *he chuckles and spits venom into Lilith’s eyes right before the shadowy figure consumes his physical body*


          • Mr. Mutt

            *I smile through the pain thinking to myself, “they will be fine without you” then light begins to shine through my skin*

            • Akantha

              *I watch Mutt’s display with saddened eyes and say nothing*

            • Ice

              * I walk towards the crater hoping against hope that I won’t find what I know is there, images of white light and explosions flashing through my mind. When I reach the rim of the crater I see his body untouched except for a ragged hole In his chest. His eyes are open and he is smiling serenely at the sky. My father. Dëäd. This time for good. If his body had disappeared then he would have been in limbo. But his body is still here. His soul has left. I kneel next to his corpse and close his eyes* father… You closed the doors to soon…

              • Hecate

                So, he has truly di ed? Well. I believe it’s time for another funeral, albeit a real one this time. Was there a will, Ice?

                • Agent RB

                  Did someone say Grimm Reaper? Your father was a tough one to reap, ill tell you what. Any-who i stuck him somewhere between Duat and Valhalla if your looking for him, i couldn’t decide where he belonged, so he is there for safe keeping… just until i make up my mind. He doesn’t really fit into any afterlife does he 🙂
                  I love funerals, don’t you? You know why i love them? All i own is black 🙂
                  later alligator


                • Ice

                  No will… He never thought a will would be necessary… He has to be burned though. His DNA cannot continue to exist. It’s too risky. *i touch the body and it disappears. He should be safe for awhile there… *i pick up the burning knife and blow it out to find it remarkably unblemished* Void key. Impossible to destroy.

  • Lilith

    Lilith sat in a greenhouse with Noah in a garden if unparalleled beauty, not Eden, of course, but a construct inside her head. Noah now resided there, among the many other faces of Lilith, chorus of voices all screaming inside her mind, each facet and identity locked deeper and deeper in her psyche. Noah resided in the tear closest to the surface, the garden a private domain constructed for his residence. Lilith could not have thrown him deeper inside of her psyche if she had wanted too, he was free to do as he pleased. “They’re getting worse,” Lilith said, after sipping her champagne. “The episodes. I think it means he’s getting closer. And the cravings, dear Lord. How do you like it here? Comfortable I trust?” How could he not be, he was free to speak and taunt her at anytime he pleased, even appearing in her vision and fooling her senses.

    • Agent RB

      *a snake coiled around Lilith’s shoulders in a non threatening manor, it was swallowing a smaller snake*
      You’ve got a lot of madnesssss…
      In here…
      Don’t you…
      I’ll take care of the screaming for you…
      Like a good little boy…
      Rest now, while I take care of the others…
      And when you awake…
      We will perfect the great work…
      Free from those other nasty taunting voices clouding your judgement…


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