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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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This Week In Survival August 31, 2013

What a week…

If you survived the Reaper(s) and the Eggmen un-reaped and uncloned, not to mention unspammed by Alex’s spam-zombie twitter account, please join us here to find out more about the week that was here at SOS.

Another Supernatural Week Of Survival!

Another Supernatural Week Of Survival!

I’ll post multi-colored links and convoluted summaries below. Just as soon as I figure out what the heck happened! Please follow the links and lend a hand or a paw where you can.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our Survival this week. There are big things just around the corner here at SOS so thanks for your patience with my relative absence from the site during the week and thanks for keeping on keeping on….


*Is  VELANKO working with REAPER? Or against him? Velanko certainly has a loooooonnng list of his own but… How is this linked to the Sentinel’s Cycle again? And who is the Pale Horseman they are talking about? A third reaper? Things are getting a little apocalyptic around here. Until we get to the bottom of it, survivors are advised to guard their real names and images more secret than ever and it wouldn’t hurt to do a good deed for another on the site here to keep on the right side of the rapture…

(Want to join RISING ALPHA, CHAOS, KNOX and MARY? Looks like a BIG battle gearing up around here. But is it true what KZAZ says? Fighting only makes it worse?)

(And what’s with KZAZ and his zombie-making recipe? Does this look like a zombie cooking class to him? Is there any trouble that guy won’t find?)

* a HUNTER stops by  and re-opens the wolfsbane debate but what is his real game? Doesn’t sound like a simple fur chaser here. Otherwise he would be after the pack wolves. Seems like he has his hands full with CHAOS and MARNEY

*Here’s a new one. Seriously. Got a supernaturally friendly school like SOUP? What could be the cause of it? TY to KNOX for breaking this story…


* What’s happening here with BLAZE?  This is going to take some looking into…


*GABRIELLA is back for her Moon! Did somebody howl for help? Was it BELLA WOLF whose entire family appears to be wolfing out? Wonder if THE BEAST wound up in her hospital? Was she trying to get that antidote from him at last?


* NIGHTSHADE sounds like a werewolf but is there something s/he’s not telling us? Should you trust your witch friend?

*NEW BLOUD another suspected new werewolf has a question about transformation rituals. Werewolves to you agree with KNOX, no rituals necessary?


by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

16 comments to This Week In Survival August 31, 2013

  • Hunter

    Oh brilliant, another person who is yet against misinformed about what we hunters are.

    • The Reaper

      Clearly, you need to find out yourself.

      • Hunter

        I’m sorry, you must be confusing us with the fools who blindly go in and ruthlessly kill mythological creatures for no apparent reason, other than to say they did.
        Real hunters only kill with a purpose; we only go after things that need to be exterminated.
        For example, a vampire taking a victim once every few months? Totally normal. A vampire taking five victims per night? Then it would need to be exterminated.

        • Mr. Mutt

          Ah yes your kind. You know when hunters are to struck I dislike them. But when hunter are too lax… Well then real problems begin to occure.

        • Kzazrier Vetanari

          Are you one of the Guardians?
          If so, don’t worry, I am one too.
          Though I never do a very good job, I’m better than the ordinary Guardian.
          You sound like a Guardian, except that Guardians would NEVER call themselves Hunters…
          Well, maybe that’s just a difference from Earth and Mirth?
          If you’re a real Guardian, not a Hunger/Guardian-wannabe, are you in one of the Higher-Ups or are you one of the Organization? Or maybe you’re just a hunter with honour…
          If you really are a real Guardian, you could’ve told me.
          Or at least try to contact other Guardians.
          You never know when you get a big job…

    • The Reaper

      Clearly, you need to find out yourself.

  • The Reaper

    For the record Seth, I do not team up with imbeciles who decide to go after the Horseman death.

  • The Reaper

    I have not teamed up with Velanko.

  • mary5544


  • Marney

    well I know real Hunters DO have a Code for example in Teen wolf it acualy says some of the Code (the first was in the first season the Code now was in the fanalie of season 3) we Hunt those that Hunt us. And we help those that cannot protect themselves. I do know a Real Hunter in RL. Not a bad guy but we clash. But he follows a real and simmilar code. Some Hunters out there are just wow… I Knew one who claimed to be simmilar to Blade half Vampire powerfull ect. Threatened to kill other non human beings ect. he gives real ones a bad name.

  • Knox the Hovering Moon


  • Enron(Oscuri)

    It is good to be back.

  • Venomtongue

    Nothing about ‘therian school’ Seth? :mrgreen: 😆

  • Venomtongue

    Ugh, why does this seem to happen about once a year? Someone decides to either make multiple accounts or uses twenty different screen names to act as twenty different people.
    Quite annoying, if you ask me.

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