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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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This Week In Survival August 24, 2014


Hooray for the weekend everyone still alive say HAIL!

Ok yeah I know I’m the only one who still says that. I logged on hoping to see REAPER being doused in ice water, instead what do I see? He’s hunting ICE trying to get him into a suspiciously bloody bucket…

Well the day isn’t over yet but the week nearly is. So if you’re keeping on keeping on this weekend check back here while I review what’s been going on here on the pages of SOS, posting all –  or at least some – of the news and views posted by other survivors here on SOS This Week In Survival…

Evil Twin Alert 

–>> Okay I don’t want to point fingers here but by my count ☞☞ HATTER  with a little help from REAPER has all but opened the rift with their evil twin mispells unleashing evil alts everywhere including ….

–>>RETTAH  what is the clay sculpture he speaks of? 

–>> On the bright side, some of you appear to have a GOOD TWIN like AGENT LT or at least chaotic neutral ones…

That said, er, idk if you should accept the hugs…

–>> While ASSANJIN claims to have an easy way to dispatch them back to their own universes. It sounds both fun and easy… but what is it? I guess that’s the hard part.

Not-So-Good Good Morning

–>> MORGENSTERN again? What’s his connection to this evil twin outbreak? I’ve got nothing against demons with god complexes but things are getting weird HERE and HERE and…. HERE… among others.

So far t looks like there was an explosion that Lilith barely survived thanks to a fortifying vial of water from the Well of Weird, I mean the Well of Urd, retrieved by Fenrir and delivered by Mr. Mutt but I’m still piecing together the facts.

NB Interview With Velanko

–>> NEW BLOUD gets the goods on VELANKO’S recent brush with a moon goddess. What does it all mean?

SOS From Vamp Camp? 

–>> Just saw this harrowing report from MARNEY if you thought your camp experience was bad…

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

47 comments to This Week In Survival August 24, 2014

  • Leafpool

    I have not fallen to the curse! 😎

  • Leafpool

    Who else besides WWG has seen my philosophical post on the werewolves’ page? If not, I can repost it here if it gets through the mod filter.

  • werewolf girl

    I want to know how do you p- shift

  • werewolf girl

    No wait I know witch one I read that

  • Just don’t say Sehth… As long as no one says Sehth, we should fine… Sehth can only appear if we say his name…

  • Lilith

    Seth! I have been to the future!

  • Morgenstern

    Why Seth, do you think every Hybrid you come across is a Dęmøn? We do not have any shared linage! A dęmøn as defined by classical terms is a malicious spirit from one of the many hellish dimensions that surround our own world. A Hybrid, is corporeal, not spirit, comes from our dimension, and can trace its linage to Angels werewolves and vampires. We are in no way dęmønîc. Although my actions may be construed as cruel or even ëvįl, I am not a dęmøn. So kindly stop referring to me as one! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m in the middle of kidnapping TL so that I can retrieve something lost to me and endanger all existence.

  • Assanjin

    Look I’ll teach the trick to you now, you simply grab a mirror and keep it close at all times. When you see the doppelganger you simply speak this but one time in a firm voice showing them their reflection. “From one to infinity and infinity to one, your fun is over now curse undone, you have failed to consider my plea and plight now I command and banish my blight.” Afterwards shatter the mirror on the ground and it should send him back, this works on humanoid doppelgangers, sorceres and gods from other dissension will not be affected as what times them to the world is hard to break. I hope this helps the survivors in their future endeavours. Drachen valum en venas de vos( May the valor of a dragon move through your veins).

  • werewolf girl

    If someone put a werewolf’s heart in my body does it mean I am a werewolf or I am just part werewolf part human can anybody tell me you too seth can you tell me

    • Assanjin

      Hard to say, possible if the hex can still spread, otherwise all you have is the heart of a wolf but that is the best part to have.

    • Hail WWG,

      Thanks for the interesting question. I am not entirely sure if having a WW heart will introduce the mutagens that will trigger your ultimate transformation – only time will tell that – but I think it’s safe to say very clearly that you are indeed part werewolf, in a most unusual way. How did you come to have a WW heart in your body again?


  • werewolf girl

    Oh I am going sowewhere for the whole day so I won’t be in my house

  • werewolf girl

    Ok I’m back and thanks A

    • Assanjin

      Anytime, just remember, what you are at heart is all that matters in the world. What you are in here( points to chest) is who you really are, regardless of what others say, that is identity. The ideal we think we become, the emotions we feel we are and the hearts we know we join. This is the true nature to we who exist. Our thought for all we are first started with what we think.

  • Son of Night

    The time of the Olympians has come. Let them be warned that darkness is coming. They will soon experience fear like never before. Let them know Diana brought this upon them. She was warned.

  • Mr. Mutt

    *I turn the last Void Key over in my hands. This could be the only weapon that could work against Cortez… But it could also open the Void, and release Lilith. Ice enters the room snapping me out of my thoughts* “They’re ready for you out there Mutt.” *I frown at him* you could have told me you were my son. *He looks back with hard cold eyes* “and you could have told me who my mother was, but you never did. Now there are more pressing matters to attend to.” *I sigh knowing he is right and walk out into the main hall. It was a beautiful ballroom of a old hotel we had temporarily “rented”. In it were at least 500 Hybrids. Only a few clans had refused to show and those who were nursing or Ill weren’t expected to come either. I get up on a podium and tap a microphone to make sure it is on* Hybrids. *my voice echoes and the roar of voices quiets abruptly* when we first began there were only five of us. Myself and four others, created to fight the horrors released from the Void by Abstract the Devourer. However we have spread more quickly than even I expected. Across time and space. *I pause for a moment* I have always considered you all to be my children, my brothers, and sisters… However a new threat has made it obviously clear that we are family, only in spirit. Not in blood. *I look down at there faces trying to gauge there mood* all Hybrids who share linage with me, have been captured and imprisoned. The one responsible for this is a creature by the name of Cortez. He looks like us, sounds like us, and feels like us. But my dear Hybrids… He is NOT one of us. Not only has he imprisoned our brothers and sisters, he is torturing them, using their genetics to create more effective weapons to harm and even end us. In other words, he is one of the greatest threats we have ever faced. *I see them start to shift angrily and one raises his voice* “How can he have taken so many so easily? What clan is he from?” *I shake my head* he is not from any clan. He himself was created by a woman of great madness and vision. He was able to take so many because we don’t really know his weaknesses. You no doubt all heard his message to you? Normally only I can contact the Hybrid Collective. However he seems to be the Original of this new race. A race that seems hell bent on our destruction. *A Hybrid stands up and shouts* “well what are we waiting for? Let’s get him?!” *The other Hybrids erupt in cheers and it takes me awhile to calm them down* we must be subtle about this my dears. Full out war could prove to be fatal. But I have a plan… *I begin to explain my plan and by the end I see a mixture of resentment, approval, and distrust. Ice leans in* “are you sure this will work?” *I shake my head* absolutely not. But it’s our only shot.

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