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I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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This Week In Survival, August 10, 2013

Another Supernatural Week Of Survival!

Another Supernatural Week Of Survival!

It never fails. When it’s been a quiet week on SOS you can guess that something big is brewing and this week is no exception. My apologies if your comments are in moderation, the site is in lockdown mode.

—>>Mostly because of this SENTINEL



First he brings his 32 clues or warnings, most helpfully compiled here by MR. MUTT

At first I thought it was a case of duelling demons. The Sentinel here to collect. Like maybe the Mutt ate one of those underworld pastries on his last trip and now he had to pay.

(Although shifty ARCHAEA says we should rule this one out, on the grounds of symbolic appropriation alone! Fair point. Very inconsiderate of those demons to steal a symbol like that. But that’s another story.)

And what do you know about Protocol XTXKW, the plan to eliminate the strongest beings on Earth? Click here to learn more. 

So How DO You Survive a Sentinel Cycle?

The first step I’d say is to help Mr. Mutt figure out what it is. Preferably before it’s too late. Maybe there’s something in the 4 missing clues.

If this cycle, invented by alien mages, really operates through the use of demons like the one that currently has Kzazrier, well then defeating a demon historically involves knowing the right angel – or sometimes the right other demon –  to call. If my research is correct, and we get the right angel – or fallen angel or even another demon – for the job, and call them correctly, we can have this Sentinel not only defeated, but bringing us fireworks and possibly even build an awesome tower for all eternity. (Seriously. If Solomon can get one to help build an entire temple I figure we can get at least that!) Whatever you do at this point, one thing is clear. Don’t yawn! At least until we get this figured out. Or if you must yawn, remember to snap your fingers really loud while you do so.

And what did the sentinel do with KZAZ anyway?

–>>what is Mutt’s plan with the salt  to restore Kzazrier?

–>> And is THE REAPER trying to take him down too? MARY thinks he have opened a portal under her house.

Meanwhile In Other SOS Reports…

–>>  BELLAWOLF has some big little issues here. What do you know about werewolf rituals? Why does she want to know? And is this what happens when you make a leprechaun trap? Er, does anyone know how to treat leprechaun bites?  Many thanks to CHAOS for helping out.

–>> FIREFANG thought it wass a classic A-51 abduction, now thinks it’s something much worse. Is this linked to The Cycle? Many thanks to VELANKO for his sound survival advice on this one.

Keep on keeping on,


by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

36 comments to This Week In Survival, August 10, 2013

  • Archaea Venomtongue

    Just the fact the pentagram in Sentinel’s avatar is up-side down upsets me greatly, as it is things like that which make uneducated people think that people who use the pentagram (pointing up, not down) to show their neo-pagan faith are devil worshippers.
    I would just like to point out that there is no devil-worshipping in any neo-pagan faith.

    • Sentinel

      Do not worry about that.
      I only use this pentagram to make sure my leader will recognize me.
      My leader is not Satan, since he isn’t as strong as you would expect. He is only the most known among Earth. Actually, he is nothing if you compare him with other demons.
      He just copied the pentagram and claimed it for his own. I do not worship such a weakling as he is, I worship my leader, the Cycle. The Cycle cannot be shown as an image, but if I had to do it, it would be an upside down pentagram, alive. But the Cycle chose something else… But that is not importand at the moment.
      Survive the Cycle,

    • Hail Archaea,

      Thanks for the symbolic clarification. And I agree, this Sentinel certainly doesn’t seem like a demon. Do you have any theories?

      Thanks for keeping on,


      • Sentinel

        I am indeed not a demon.
        I am Sentinel. A Sentinel. The Sentinel.
        Not a mage. Not an angel. Not a demon. Not a god. Not a human. Not a cyborg. Not a computer, altough you could compare me with a living one…
        I am a Sentinel, the Sentinel.
        Survive the Cycle,

        • Hail Sentinel,

          Thanks for the update. So about this whole preying on the strong business. Do you define this in musculoskeletal, psychological or maybe odoriferous terms?

          Survivally Yours,


          • Sentinel

            If a warrior can deafeat hundred foes, you consider him strong, correct? BUT! The warrior is wounded very badly after the fight. There now is a healer. Who is stronger now? The warrior is at the mercy of… Who? Yes, the healer. So, the healer is strong as well.
            If a mage loses all non-magic fights, is he weak? Yes and no. He isn’t strong in the best known way among humans. However, what if is able to control all the elements of the universe? Then, he is strong, correct? Even people without wisdom or muscels are able to be strong, and thus prey for the Cycle. However, magic and muscels aren’t the only way to be strong… There are creatures who are able to use mind-control, just because their soul-power is very strong… We’ve had Muscel-Strongness (warrior), Wisdom-Strongness (healer), Magic-Strongness (mage) and Soul-Strongess (creature).
            The mage might survive…
            Survive the Cycle,

            • Knox the Hovering Moon

              Sentinel the “cycle” is a fan club of Micheal Jackson and all the bad things you sentinels have and will do because of his death . If I’m correct the sentinels being created can easily be destroyed by music and simply tapping them in an inappropriate way . The cycle is just life itself .

  • mary5544

    Yeh Seth add I’m angrier and I WANT TO DESTROY A HUMAN 👿

  • Vianna

    And just as i was going to ask if anything exciting was happening anywhere XD its true…NEVER FAILS! Ha

  • mary5544

    I managed to calm down I’m still mad but my necklace calms me down the silver calms me

  • firefang

    Seth I don’t like what’s going on and it’s weird

    • Hail Firefang,

      Agreed! Weirdness abounding, please keep on keeping on. Maybe in all the confusion, your A-51 agents will be defeated too.

      On the bright side, demons once defeated, are known to do really cool things for you, like build you a teleporter or a chocolate fountain.

      Of course defeating them is never easy and if you do it wrong, you risk making other demons, angels, fallen angels and related beings crusty. Survival is always a risk.


  • mary5544

    And Seth HOW DO U GET RID OF DEMONS because reaper opened a portal to the underworld and something bad is going thunder has been booming when there are no clouds the demons are saying something but I can’t ever remember and my mom and step dad can’t hear anything the thunder or the scratching so what is going its on its really freaking me out and if this comment gets sent to moderation answer as soon as out because this is an emergency

  • mary5544

    Seth the last clues are ‘riddles are long'(29) ‘riddles are fun ‘(30) ‘ this riddle takes time ‘ (31) ‘ this riddle is done ‘ (32)

  • mary5544

    This is very stupid but I’m going to find that portal

  • mary5544

    Well no luck finding a portal but I have no idea what they look like so I wouldnt know what to look for

  • mary5544

    Seth answer fast how do u protect yourself from my problem I’m not naming it so my comment won’t go in mod answer ASAP seth

  • Mr. Mutt

    So I called up Trenzalador, have him safely controlled in a pentagram, then the **** just grins at me and steps out! What the heck? So then after we turn an entire planet into a barren wasteland (to be fair it only had one toad as its only living organism) we fight ourselves into a standstill and I finally get a chance to pull my six shooter. Long story short Trenzalador is very very dęäd and I am very very tired. So try and keep the world from falling apart while I take a nap ok?

    Mutt Out

    • Sentinel

      Master Mutt,
      The surroudings in the collapsed lair of Trenzaldor have been scanned. There is no sign of reacting souls or life. Kzazrier has succesfully survived and escaped the collapsion, since no corpse is found. However, many souls have been lost.
      Trenzaldor is known as an anti-magic-demon, they are rare and usuallly weak and quiet, but Trenzaldor became stronger. That is why you were unable to use a pentagram. Also, the pentagram looks alot like the demonic rune which is his name, that is why pentagrams usually power him. Especially upside-down ones, since they look even more like his name.
      I have scanned Oblivion Core X V_Earth and no signs of Cycle-activities have been found.
      My AI is telling you good night. Oh, I love this AI. Woah, I’m even able to love… What Sentinel made this? Probably the original one… Anyway…
      Survive the Cycle,

  • Mr. Mutt

    I have managed to destroy all but 7 of the sentinels that fell to earth. I’m currently being chased by the seven I didn’t destroy, I’m trying to find oblivion core X. I’ll report back once I’m not being shot at

    Mutt Out

    • Sentinel

      Has petted a cat and has destroyed Excelliber.
      Sharing information with other Sentinels…
      Unable to share information.
      Message: Hehe… As you might have guessed, I’m still using this Sentinel as communication. Right, Mutt, make sure you don’t destroy them, but make their monucules disappear. If even one of their monecules exists, it will regenerate. However, this will take time. That’s why I asked everyone to destroy the Sentinels. Oh, and a funfact: I made that AI… Hehe, it was a virus with as purpose to destroy the biggest firewall. That’s why I was able to hack it… Alright, I’m hacking into its files now. I won’t be able to see what it says, but I hope it will be useful…
      Message has ended.
      Force-open files…
      Oblovion Core X has been made on [missing data] with as purpose [missing data].
      Oblivion Core X’s place is now Pyrafrey’s center.
      Going into sleep-mode…

      • Mr. Mutt

        Pyrafey? Where is… Excuse me…. Ahhg these things don’t want to disappear! K so now we need to find Pyrafey…. Sounds really familiar…. Planet? Ugh…

        • Sentinel

          Warning, warning, warning, virus traces detected…
          Looking for commands…
          Must tell message…
          Message: Heh… I did it… Pyrafrey is my home. It’s the capital planet from the Contali. It’s very cold there. If you have water, it will freeze the moment it is there. Magic works better when it’s cold, that’s why Contali love coldness. Most of them at least, I prefer the warmth of a forest… Also, don’t destroy it… Oblivion Core X is the thing that made sure the Cycle isn’t impossibly hard. It’s also the thing that stops the Cycle when he ‘thinks’ he lost. Even if he’s winning, sometimes he stops the Cycle. Darn it… I just saw Sentinel has informed Area 51… By the way, I changed myself into a program in Sentinel’s mind. So, if you see a Sentinel who looks like me and is petting cats, please don’t destroy it, you will kill me again… And it’s annoying to make a new body.
          Message has been finished.
          Must pet more cats…

  • The Reaper

    I believe I am near oblivion core X I have seen a trail leading to him, I’ll let you know.

    Reaper out.

  • Zereth

    A51 agents near my house. 0-0

  • mary5544

    Did anybody know dandelions were used for healing and for food

  • mary5544

    Ok someone tell me what is with the searing pains I get for no reason and what’s with the stomach ache

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