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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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November 2013, Survivor of the Month Fenrir

10 Fun Facts about Fenrir, Survivor of the Month

mark of fenrir

1. Might ask you to unbind him. But don’t do it, especially if you’re a Viking. Even if he promises to give you this. Fenrir is the demigod wolf spirit bound in dwarven chains made of gleipnir.  Although around here you can never be sure of the status of these chains…

2. Is a friend of the dragons. Blue dragons in particular.

3. Hates frost wraiths.

4.Subsists mostly on a diet of beef, pig and peanut butter, in part because humans taste like armpit and in part because he doesn’t want to eat the sun. (Or so he claims.)

5. Has a distinctive mark (above) – 3 claw marks, the middle one longer, right paw only SEE CORRECTION HERE. This mark has been spotted around Survival HQ. If he gives you this mark, it can increase your strength and power temporarily, at least until it heals.

6. Gets a little surly sometimes on the end of his chain, but in part this is because he misses Brigantia and maybe in part because he recently survived an encounter with the so-called Slender Man.

7. Has coached several werewolves through difficult transformations. While SOS can not endorse all of his advice, there’s no denying the evidence that the werewolves he assisted did indeed survive.

8. Being chained spends some of his time penning pithy poetic warnings that are strangely inspiration, like the following:

I have little to fear for death is small
So many worse things I’ve felt through it all.
But I cannot die My time is not done
and if you attack me you’ll wish you had run

9. Why is he banned in Russia? Something to do with the Mongols here.

10. Knows a lot about the Nemantion spirits. As him about how to avoid them or what to do when you raise one, he can tell it all.

Fenrir helps many werewolves through their first moon and submitted several excellent warnings to the site, including a series of recordings which helped save an untold number of survivors in the woods on the full moon.

But as Fenrir himself says, he is already cursed once. Can he really carry a second curse for the next 28 days, long enough to pass it on to another survivor? Will he elect another survivor to help him? Or will all the future Survivors of the Month be lost to history?

Keep on keeping on to find out.


by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

45 comments to November 2013 Survivor of the Month Fenrir

  • Midnight Moon

    Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait… So there IS such thing as the Slender Man?

  • Moon Song

    I do believe you mean 2013, not 2014, Seth.

  • fenrir9

    what happened to all the other comments Seth?

      • fenrir9

        took me a moment there are two survivor of the month pages but both list me, confusing

        • Scarlett Lupa

          Ha ha ha wow really? Woah total bathtub moment there…..o mi gods I’m LOLING……must be old man sickness kicking in ha ha ha…you had that coming there…..ha ha ha….

          • fenrir9

            quiet Ms. forgot the reply button

            • Scarlett Lupa

              I didn’t forget nothing sir where are all the comments…..I told you I wasn’t gonna live that down and I ain’t……

              • fenrir9

                I just didn’t realize it was a new page that’s all
                And I’m not that old!!!!

                • Scarlett Lupa

                  Your like half a billion years old I’m like only 10,713 years old so yeah your old I would just deal with it cause now your new name is old man….what a wonderful nickname…..and it matches you so too….

                  • fenrir9

                    actually its roughly four and a half billion I was alive before this world existed so yeah I’m old
                    deal with it

                    • Scarlett Lupa

                      Ok old man….but got any tips for making your brain stop going on to overdrive which makes me all jittery and like an ADHD person….and I’m not ADHD….I just don’t want to think or have thoughts for a bit remembering hurts I sometimes get what I call”big blackouts” where it’s like I’m in a coma but I’m not my body just shuts down and I’m in one big dream in my past but it’s so real that once I seen myself fell down and got a cut on my arm…then when I woke up I was bleeding so that it soak some part my sleeve it was the same cut at the same place where I got cut…..it’s like I’m reliving my past all over and that’s not something I want to do….it wasn’t the greatest…. got to stop thinking about it…I might trigger a blackout….

                    • fenrir9

                      I got nothing

                    • Scarlett Lupa

                      Least you try right….no you didn’t do anything at all never mind not a single drop of help….

                    • fenrir9

                      I have similar things happen, but I remain conscious. I can still feel where Odin’s spear pierced my skull and where Morrigan shot me with her arrow. best suggestion I can give is put ice on it and try to keep anything from bleeding. eventually you just get used to the pain.

                    • Scarlett Lupa

                      Oh no I heal really quickly with a bit of dragonfly blood or some angel tears I’m fine and dandy…..it’s just….you know how they say that your past will come back to hunt you….that’s kinda what it’s like but it won’t go away and I can get hurt….magick can’t fix this mess…sometimes I awake face full of sweat…sometimes I awake with a scream…sometimes I awake choking to find my breath….but I never awake with a smile or happiness…just sadness or being horrified with what I just seen….

                  • fenrir9

                    wow you really are a young one well at least you don’t call me child

                    • Scarlett Lupa

                      Course not I got a vibe that told me that wasn’t an good idea…plus Seth doesn’t like it when I do that….cough cough whatever cough cough….l

                    • Scarlett Lupa

                      I’m not that young! I’m older than most here….so aha ha ha….

                    • fenrir9

                      But very Young for an Eldar

                    • Scarlett Lupa

                      Elder…. I’m not my grandma here….I wonder if I have an grandma….if so I haven’t met her….maybe she’s dead maybe she’s not I dunno….what about grandpa?….dunno….can’t ask my real mom she’s always busy never has any spare time…can’t ask my real dad he’s off somewhere putting battle plans in action and stuff usually it’s very rare for him to come home….but at least I know what he looks like….scholars?….I know the hall of learning in summerland yes finally something to do…l

                    • fenrir9

                      Not elder, Eldar as in the old ones as in the gods
                      (small g, big G is only for the creator who is technically the only real God. The rest of us either serve or oppose him)

                • Assanjin

                  Dude when people say genesis you say so that’s kids are doing these days, you’re very ancient, an age befitting of both and Eldar and father of the Anvir.

  • fenrir9

    oh yeah uh about that curse nothings happened yet I think it might be because I am a manifestation of Nature itself so my awareness is to broad for it to specifically locate me

    • fenrir9

      plus I have very specific protection wards around me and frost wraiths bound to protect me

      • Scarlett Lupa

        Got a question….don’t get too excited it’s not bingo night yet…but…what’s a frost wraith? I’m sorry I dislike anything that’s cold or involves any form of water coming from the sky….that’s why I flunked most of my water spells and stuff…..I just try to avoid it I hate snow and rain….and other types of water coming from the sky and the cold….

        • fenrir9

          beings made of Ice and Freezing mist they serve me and rule over the draugr and Ice spiders. They are humanoid in form but have strange features it varies between them. They serve the Elemental Overlords of Ice who also serve me

  • fenrir9

    The Forest Goes to War any who enter with ill thoughts or wickedness forfeits their Life the time is coming and I cannot
    allow humanity to weaken this world any more than already

  • fenrir9

    Just noticed how Ironic this is cause I have died multiple times

  • Olivia

    I’m half angel. I can help you out with the tear thing.

  • Assanjin

    Well Slenderman is a Wendigo afterall, they inhabit northern regions that are mostly either cold or covered in snow, they are cannibal spirits that possess people and give them ravenous hunger.Which is why people experience paranoia, the reason he wears a suit I’ll never know but the likely reason Fenrir fought him is because Anvir and Wendigos fight for the northern lands and Fenrir being the mightiest of Anvir(wolves of winter, desbribed in tales and stories as the big bad wolf)was a delicious target to pass up. To avoid wendigos you simply don’t look at them, the eyes are afterall window to your soul, so if you don’t look they aren’t able to neither enter or track down your soul.

    • Fenrir Iceborn

      I’m not food for anything kid.

      • Leafpool

        It’s Drache, Fenrir. He just likes to change his name

      • Assanjin

        Wretched hound, you do not recognize me, but my name has changed and I am no child Eldar. Try to see and remember who I am and all that I have lost because of you, otherwise my soul and bloodline would have been worth nothing to give up. Drache Blud movisan en venas mias. Meizmul Fenrumahu.

        • Fenrir Iceborn

          Much apologies, but I do not know all you names.

          Isa es min blodhrem. I have not spoken to the in a while.

          I haven’t had an encounter with any wendigo in near 1700 year and even then that was when I killed 6 of them to gain the trust of the great lakes tribes.

  • werewolfgirl

    yay hes back

  • Fenrir Iceborn

    Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul,
    Ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul

    One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them,
    One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

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