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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Survivor of the Month, May 15 2014

Who will it be?

Who will it be?

Well thanks to an urgent message from Agent RB on this Dragon Moon of the Killer Robots, we prepare to announce once again a Survivor of the Month here at SOS.

Now I don’t know if it was the flurry of Four Million Moon  prizes or the SOTM curse, but there was no Survivor of the Month last month.  However, we survive! At least so far. The moon is still full…

But barring any unforeseen robot attacks, I’m pleased to announce there will be another Survivor of the Month at moon fall. So to all of you who keep on keeping on against all the odds here at SOS, check back here for the clues as I study the archives and roll them out over the next 24 hours. See if you can guess the next recipient of this dubious ~not to mention dangerous ~ honour…

Guess the Survivor of the Month

1. This Survivor has been keeping on here at SOS for approximately 6,480 hours over the last 10 months.

2. However you may not even have noticed because this Survivor is member of an ancient order whose code requires them to blend in and punishes members who reveal themselves…

3. Is trained as an assassin for peace. A paradoxical set of skills which this survivor has often deployed here on the site in the defence and aid of other survivors. For instance when a human named Andrew came on the site threatening werewolves who wouldn’t agree to turn him…

4. His training – if he is a he, which I think he must be judging by his words to Scarlett Lupa back in October – his training includes dream walking. Those who dare to dream walk with this Survivor will wake up with a certain mark in the shape of a C.

5. Teamed up to help Mary & Jerry9012 to defeat the Dark that rolled in here last September, the dangerous shadow of a Survivor named Blaze.

6. Studies to command the element of fire.

7. Was abandoned at birth by both mother and father and left to fend for himself. A tough beginning to be sure, but this appears to be a tradition for members of his clan.

8. Has great difficulty remembering things from moon to moon and that’s why he writes it all down. Lucky for us, he chooses to file some of these notes with us here on the site.

9. He does not fear death but he does fear resurrection. Or at least the repeated cycle of death and resurrection at the hands of certain beings on the site including Scarlett Lupa. And who can blame him?

10. Collaborated with Mr. Mutt and others last year to fight off the dread Sentinel, asking  many key questions that lead to a resolution of that supernatural situation.

11. Seems to appear and disappear through a certain graveyard at midnight. Which graveyard? We don’t know…

12. Helped Reaper investigate Mr. Mutt’s report of 12 mysteriously murdered angels and werewolves in the battle for the Throne of Creation. While the resolution was not entirely resolute, his investigative assistance was greatly appreciated, as is all investigative assistance here on the site.

13. Defends and monitors the Throne of Creation. But can he also repair it? 

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

51 comments to Survivor of the Month, May 15 2014

  • The first one I am unable to guess since Mary. Very good picking Seth. :mrgreen:

    • Bluestar/nightwolf

      Dude its chaos alpha look we know that alpha is an assassin and i remember saying that in his clan you left to fend for yourself

    • Hail Reaper,

      Well credit must go to this Survivor then. It appears he has fulfilled the requirements of his order to remain in the shadows. But once you know you’ll likely think of course!


  • Bluestar/nightwolf

    Chaos Alpha of course!

  • Agent RB

    Who wants a kitten!
    My sweet little Penelope is now a mother!
    *sobs tears of joy*
    She has given birth to 5 little ones named: Asphictiation , Aneurysm, Heart Collapse, Combustion, and Cuddles.

    Who wants one 🙂


    • Hatter MT

      *raises hand* me but can I change it’s name when I get it?

      • Agent RB

        Sorry, their names came preprogrammed like Penelope’s but I can assure you they are just about the sweetest cats ever 🙂
        Which one would you like?


        • Hatter MT

          Anyone is fine but combustion sounds like a nice cat I hope they don’t have any magyk of their own because that might be a tad dangerous

          • Agent RB

            They are completely safe!
            I can assure of that. However they were born of a scythe. So, there is no knowing what powers they might have.
            *hands hatter a small cat with red and orange fur, he seems a bit grumpy for a kitten*
            Here is combustion, I trust she is in good hands 🙂


            • Hatter MT

              I dunno RB last time I excepted a gift connected to magyk *has random flashback* well I just hope combustion never bursts into flames. Oh and who is the male cat in this scenario because odds are a female cat(Penelope) can’t just have kittens at random so who is the male?
              By the way I promise I won’t harm this little kitten,

    • Do they come with applications? Like Angry Birds? If so, I’ll take Cuddles.

      • Agent RB

        You can download apps on to them directly from iTunes because Penelope was origanum an I Mac before she became a cat.
        *hands Urban Squatch a raggedy looking kitten.*
        Little cuddles isn’t the prettiest but she sure is the sweetest 🙂


    • Bluestar

      Anuerysm! ill give that kitten to my mom or scare my nagging grandma

      • Agent RB

        *hands over a grey kitty with an oversized head, you can smell the cuteness*
        Here she is, she needs a lot of love and care 🙂


    • Kurogane

      Can I have aneurysm!

      • Agent RB

        Sorry Charlie, the only cats left are Asphicsiation and Heart Collapse, I just gave blue star aneurysm. But I can assure you they are all Verry sweet cats looking for a home 🙂


        • Kurogane

          Firstly my namesnot charlie, secondly i’ll take heart collapse

          • Agent RB

            Well Kurogane didn’t ryhme with sorry as well as Charlie so I said Charlie insted.
            *hands Kurogane an extremely small black kitten that seems to be shivering somewhat, her eyes are hidden by her tiny eyelids*
            Here she is, this one you’ll need to give medicene to.
            *hands orange bottle with prescription medication inside*
            Just one pill a day and she should grow up big and strong 🙂


  • Chaos Alpha

    Cool finished clean up and hospital just in time for sotm

  • Agent RB




    • Hatter MT

      Umm… Penelope, since RB either is forgetful or just slow, I have two questions. 1) who is the father to these kittens? 2) why are their names all ways someone can be decommissioned?

      • Agent RB


        • Akantha

          Cuddles is indeed a fairly cute name…

        • Cuddles reaped her first soul! Urban Squatch was quite surprised. Only problem is, now a sasquatch has all the powers and abilities of a reaper without the responsibilities… Oh well, he’s only using her laptop and cat mode and my Lizard/Toaster/Scythe need to train Cuddles before she can truly control her Sycthe form. As of now, I am working on removing the soul from her claws. Probably going to have to uninstall the soulware from her computer form.

        • Hatter MT

          Well that’s nice you were dating a Cheshire Cat, me and jarrod the great grandson of the Cheshire Cat in the book will take good care of combustion. Oh and your right cuddles is a cute name, I just hope combustion doesn’t have any Cheshire Cat qualities to her.

          • Agent RB

            Hey hatter um… What’s this about a male, I’m still lost on that…
            What are you keeping from me!


            • Your cat… Had a relationship… A very intimate relationship… With a Cheshire cat… Oh, by the way, Cuddles ate a rat, and then turned into a sabertooth tiger. Is that normal?

            • Hatter MT

              A male and female of a species or two different species are needed for breeding to occur, your scythe had a intimate realationship with a Cheshire Cat named simon thus said breeding forced such things as combustion, heart collapse, cuddles, asphiciation, and aneurysm, to come into existence. Oh and how didn’t you know about the delicate nature of breeding you literally brought 1 male and 1 female of every species onto the ark with you thus meaning you had an understanding of this principle

  • Kurogane

    Chaos alpha, can you handle the curse?……..”background maniacal laughter”

  • Kurogane

    If so. I pass the curse to you

  • Chaos Alpha

    Um ok. I’m going to say yes cause I want to see the curse for my self.

  • Hecate

    Cyborg Cheshire Scythe Kittens? I just popped down to the underground Starbucks theme park to embrace my inner white girl and I come back to this?

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