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'My Lupine Life' By Louis Pine

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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Survivor of the Month ASSANJIN

SOS Survivor of the Month

ASSANJIN Survivor of the Third Supermoon, Now One of the Generous Three

1. Assanjin once survived a Wendigo attack using this old trick –>> never look into their eyes.

2. As a draconian who formerly had sapphire blue scales currently stuck in human form, Assanjin could have once flown right over your head on a sunny blue-sky day and you might feel a ripple of air or see a shadowy outline but he would remain almost invisible. Fortunately, he prefers to travel by water now.

3. Although once bitten by a werewolf who was also his best friend, Assanjin never turned himself, leading him to the discovery  that his Drache powers protected him from lycanthropy. In the wake of this incident, Assanjin went on to develop a lasting affinity for the lupine kind, defending them against all.

4. Like many of his draconian kind, Assanjin makes his home on a sheltered island. So sheltered there is no way to receive his SoTM prize…just one reason he is passing it along today to another survivor on the site…

5. Assanjin provided excellent intel on dealing with Black Ice Dragons. And as soon as I can determine the best material for muzzling one as per his technique, I’ll pack Graham’s bags for Russia to test it.

6. He is very knowledgeable and you might even say philosophical and a bit poetical on a number of important topics. I can always count on this SoTM to add to or clarify a supernatural situation in progress, including his own.

7. Assanjin actually replies to questions and comments, mine and others. It’s a  rare quality that I appreciate a great deal. Not quite as rare as survivors who actually leave questions and replies for specified others, which he also does quite often, but a very close second.

8. Gamely volunteered to help Agent TL map the multiverse, no small task. If you thought Google cars were fun, wait until you see what they will use.

9. After once killing a very famous mermonster, Assanjin developed a healthy respect for sea monsters and still prefers to travel with them.

10.  Assanjin chose to join the ranks of the generous three SoTMs here on SOS. Rather than accept his small SoTM thank-you prize, Assanjin chose to honour another survivor on the site with it, just like Mr. Mutt and Devorah once did. Proving once again, that Survival is its own reward, and that generosity is a supernatural survival trait. And may I add a perfectly fitting decision as WEREWOLF GIRL was indeed our runner up choice anyway, providing hours of pistachio-fueled debate here at SOS HQ on the Supermoon.

Thanks to ASSANJIN for keeping on with SOS and helping us through the third Supermoon of 2012.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

59 comments to Survivor of the Month ASSANJIN

  • Mr. Mutt

    Uh Seth…. That’s AKANTHA’s icon, not ASSAJIN’s… Oh and CONGRATZ!

  • Uh… Seth… Just for the record, it’s 2014. Not 2012.

  • Oh, and congrats to whoever really is the SOTM, I think it’s Assasjin, but I’m unsure with this WWG stuff….

  • Scarlett Lupa

    See I knew I was completely wrong at the whole guessing thing…congrats through….

  • Leafpool

    I knew I was right!

  • The Protected

    Seth’s 😈 got hold of the SoTM! That’s why there are mistakes! ❗ ❗ ❗

  • Assanjin

    Since the beginning nature has been a fewd, continents waging war on each other, mountains rising and falling, oceans flowing and churning, stars colliding and storms the magnitude of which would make entire islands disappear off the face of the earth. In the end we must count the beginning among chaos. To preserve order there must be disorder. For light there must first be dark, for end there must be beginning, for good there must be evil. For survival it is necessary to realise we cannot survive forever. Death is as much a part of living as being sick, growing old, being born and being happy. Love for the hateful, understanding for the apathetic, truth for the liar, generosity for the selfish and wisdom for the ignorant. Conquer each with what is due and you can find happiness in a long happy life, diseases and other problems not included. Find the truth to survival, find the beauty in the path less traveled. For this is what knowledge I offer all of thee.

    • The Protected

      In every darkness shines a light. In every light, darkness falls

      • The Protected

        If there was no dark, nobody would know why light feels good. If there was no sadness, happiness would not exist. There must be war, else there would not be peace

        • Hatter/Janus/guardianR.S.

          And that is why you’re the protected and I am a guardian, war does not mean peace will come. War means déáth will be a part of everyday life. Peace means all understand each other as being what they are, peace means that dęàth only happens in beds or because it is attacked by something and kìlled not with guns but with tooth and claw, peace exists when war does not, and life is what happens when you have other plans. Be proud you exist and keep on keeping on, travel the path less traveled because normal is overrated

          • Assanjin

            In times of peace never forget the possibility of war. In times of war never forget compassion. We each have a struggle of two beasts within us, one is humility the other arrogance, one is love the other is hate. The one who wins is inevitably the one you feed for the beast you starve dies out. So it goes with twi and la, push and pull, birth and death.

        • Lilith

          No. You’re wrong. That is but simple word play. I recommend looking and reading up on logical fallacies. That is like saying there is no such thing as cold because it is only a lack of heat when cold is simply a word we use to describe a certain facet of temperature.

          • The Protected

            Ah! And this is where you are wrong. We are not saying cold is the absence of heat. We are saying cold is the opposite of heat. There would be no cold without heat, for there must be an equal balance, else it would destroy us all. If there was no darkness then the light would blind us. And vice versa. Everything must have an opposite. Or it would cease to exist.

            • Lilith

              Incorrect. Again, I refer you to research logical fallacies. You say cold is the opposite of heat. This is false, as ‘heat’ is simply a way in which someone describes higher temperatures. At sub zero, we reach the total absence of all heat. At this point, all matter becomes inert, and it would be grammatically incorrect for someone to describe it as ‘cold’ due to cold being used to describe lower temperatures, not the lack of heat in totality.
              To say light cannot exist without dark, I ask you to consider this; what is light? Light is simply the way in which someone describes an excess of photons while dark is what we use to describe a lower amount of photons. Again, a logical fallacy.

            • Assanjin

              Cold is not the opposite of heat but it’s source. Cold is still a stage of heat, however the amount of heat is low, that is why we call it freezer burn and not freezer cold. Instead of a game of opposites everything is really one and the same.

      • Assanjin

        That I know all too well.

  • powerwolf345

    leafpool do still talk with nanna if you do can you ask him what kind of spirit animal i have and how do i see it

  • Bluestar

    Hey uhh seth this is kind of urgent. This man in hong kong killed his parents, chopped them up, and stored their heads in a fridge

  • powerwolf345

    seth sometimes i reply to my comments when i got the answer

  • Azrael

    Hey, Assanjin. Your survival of the Wendigo intrigued me (do not look into its eyes). I just wanted to know, however-is there a way to kill it that you know of? Thanks in advance.

    • Ravenwillow

      I’m not Assanjin, but I did write an essay on it so I’ve done quite a bit of research… If the findings are to be believed… There are recorded ways of doing a Wendigo in but they are inadvisable because that would also involve getting close to one…

      Fire (creature of ice), silver to the heart (creature of evil), one tale claims a hunter managed to take one down with his hunting knife to its skull/heart (varies)… Decapitating it and burning the body like in the legends of the European Strigoi (impractical)…Those are the most common ones at least

      What I really want good accounts of… Are the rare and elusive cases where the mortal trapped within the beast didn’t have to die as well… The cases where a changed person is saved… Though I found tell of such cases… None of my resources could state HOW they had managed to be saved… Which is rather frustrating to say the least…

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