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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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3 Ways to Survive the Ghost Moon for New Werewolves

With the Ghost Moon on the rise and things getting weird for half the globe, take a minute to look on the bright side. Also known as the Dog Moon, this one marks the mid-point of the Dog Days. Survive this and you’re almost home free. All you have to worry about then is well, the next full moon. And the one after that. And basically the rest of your life, or unlife as the case may be, which granted for you vampires is a very long time. SOS Survivor Prize

Also on the bright side, if you do survive this full moon, you can check back here for the full moon announcement when one lucky survivor will receive a small but heartfelt thank-you prize for keeping on keeping on.

On the less bright side, more new werewolves will transform over the next 72 hours than any other time of year. But sadly most new werewolves will not survive their first full moon.Why?

Whether you are a werewolf or a friend of a werewolf, take a minute to review the top three reasons why most new werewolves will not survive this full moon:

#3. The One Who Bit You Probably Bites

Obviously for you genetic werewolves this does not apply, although it should be pointed out that somebody likely bit one of your parents or ancestors and might still be on the loose.

But for any bitten werewolf on his or her first moon, the third biggest threat to your post-transformation survival is still the one who bit you. Is he or she other coming to finish you off now to avoid taking responsibility for your survival and training?

Or worse, take embarrassing photos of the first minutes on your new legs for pack YouTube night and then kill you?

You’ll never know until it’s too late. On to number two.

 #2. Fur Chasers

Yes werewolf hunters. New werewolves are very attractive to werewolf hunters because they almost always tend to go full wolf. They can’t control the stages in between yet. Werewolf hunters may have many different motivations but are often but not always, individuals who may be supplying WW parts to unscrupulous merchants in a number of industries: fashion, health food, you name it. Sometimes it’s a vampire, true, but sometimes it’s just a leprechaun on the loose. Fur chasers are basically anyone trained in the art of skinning really, really fast, like before you can transform back to your human pelt.

Now, last and most terrifying of all, the number one cause of death among new werewolves is..

AP photographer Tim Bartlett caught a werewolf in the act of chasing cars.

AP photographer Tim Bartlett caught a new WW in the act of chasing cars.

#1. Chasing Cars

Yeah. So don’t chase them. Just don’t. No, not even motorcycles. Oh you’re going to WANT to do it. For many new werewolves it’s the first thing you’ll want to try after you master standing up on your new legs.

And who can blame you. Who wouldn’t want to chase cars? They’re shiny and cool – but just don’t do it. Unless you want to end up in road kill pie at a roadside truck stop.


Remember this and stay safe survivors! Check back throughout the full moon to see if anyone needs a hand or a paw or if you need one. Tomorrow night Graham and I will be on full survival duty, putting up the links.

Or if you’re brave enough read, about Ghost Werewolves from the lupine lifers over at yourlupinelife.com.

And if you survive, be sure and stop by in aprox. 72 hours for a big-gish SOS announcement.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

6 comments to 3 Ways to Survive the Ghost Moon for New Werewolves

  • adisa fabiano

    Seth can you give me some tips on preparing my cousin for this moon
    PS she is a singing were wolf

    • Hail Adiso,

      Thanks for keeping on. I’m not as familiar with the differences between werewolves as I should be but if this is her first moon, the best thing you can do is always contain her in a secure location until you can connect her with her clan or pack.

      Does your cousin have a pitch pipe? Or a transformation tune?


  • adisa fabiano

    No but we trust each other very well
    Would a sleep over work and thanks to you I will know how to contain her PS there is a fresh muffin on the bench
    and thanks for your help

  • adisa fabiano

    Sorry i forgot to tell you that she is just a new were wolf we found out she was a WW 2 weeks ago and does not belong in a pack

  • Marie

    So I don’t know if I’m a WW cause I wake up with leaves in my hair and I don’t remember anything from the night before and most of my friends act like WW’s. I really don’t know but if I am I will find out tonight cause I am a ghost wolf.

  • Wanna be werewolf

    🙂 hey Seth please tell me if you know the packs of werewolves in XXXXXXXXXX Montana

    {Edited by Seth: For your own safety please do not post personal information like your location (state or country is okay but city or town is too specific) age or birthday or full real name on the site (or anywhere else for that matter). Your survival is important.}

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