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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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SOS Hall of Fame Announcement, Dragon Moon 2013

Hall of Fame Announcement

Hall of Fame Announcement

Dragon Moon, 2013 – It has come to our attention again that several Hall of Famers have been going overlooked on the site. One of them because he asked to remain invisible for a time for good reasons – we know who that was ZYBORAGON – and others just because well, just because Survival gets a little crazy sometimes and it’s hard for everyone to keep up and still survive, even me.

Which is why I really appreciate you Hall of Famers, past present and future. When they’re not off on more important missions, you help me and everyone survive, moon after moon. For those who don’t know, Survivors are randomly inducted into the SOS Hall of Fame when they have demonstrated an ability and willingness to inform and otherwise help save other Survivors on the site – including me – using their knowledge and imaginations over the long haul. In many cases, Hall of Famers have been helping us all survive for several years.

Meet the Goddess of Fate

Goddess Of Fate

1. This Hall of Famer has a historic grudge against the lower angelic beings, like a certain Seraph named Cupid, along with Aphrodite.

2. This Hall of Famer once had a ring, you spin it one way and it turns into a shield when you spin it the other, a sword.

3. This Hall of Famer was inducted into an important Pantheon on certain Tuesday in 2010, trained by her dad, Poseidon.

4. This Hall of Famer is prone to very descriptive, specific and helpful warnings, suggestions and predictions about the future. I for one I have never died as a result of not doing or doing anything she warned me to not do or do. (Although I did go without new shoes for a very long time one year…)

5. This Hall of Famer has a pet unicorn cow adopted by accident. (It followed her home after she named it.)

6. Has a special affinity for werewolves on her mothers’ side.

7. Can dream travel on occasion and likes to receive dream turkey. Like for sandwiches.

8. May be summoned with an offering of ww fur, ww tears and any type of blood and just throw it into a river or lake or ocean.

9. Celebrates Hephaestus’s b-day and…

10. Has silver hair.

Have You Met the Goddess of Fate?

Goddess Of Fate

Yes that’s right, at SOS we have met the Goddess of Fate and can report that she looks exactly like this photo, above.

Er okay, well she’s probably hiding behind one of the pillars in this photo of the Parthenon. But if you woke up one day to discover that you were responsible for the fates of mortals and half-mortals, you would probably hide in the Parthenon too. Can you imagine all the mis-informed people who would stalk you if they knew? All the people who didn’t like their fate, following you around begging for changes…

Okay, yeah maybe I did. A little. But that was before I understood that fate doesn’t work like that and also that you don’t get free McDonalds food in prison after all. What a relief to know the Goddess doesn’t write your fate in stone or even sew it into a rug or whatever like the old days. It’s just kind of like, she lays out possible futures, keeping track of them all as they unfold and making sure everyone is informed who needs to be along the way. It’s a valuable service, mainly for the gods if you ask me. And she won’t actually tell you exactly how she does this, that’s a secret. But we do know it involves water – because her dad is Poseidon and possibly animals because her mom is Artemis.

Which doesn’t mean the Goddess won’t drop in and hang out with us from time to time. From time to time she will drop in with hints from the fate line you might be travelling. Or occasionally just to say HI! Because underneath all her fately responsibilities, she is just a simple god like everybody else. She accepts offerings of turkey or pancakes NO GOATS PLEASE! (She has lots of friends who are half-goat and it makes her really upset.) She doesn’t even drive a chariot, not even a water chariot – or at least she didn’t last time I checked. In fact the only thing that really gives her away as a goddess is her silver hair.

So next time you are facing a war like situation or one involving the gods, you might think to check with the Goddess of Fate.  She once said you could try leaving a message for her here or you could try on another one of her comments, just don’t forget to leave a handful of werewolf fur or tears or blood. I will post some links below from the last three years. I can’t guarantee they will work, but it’s always worth a try.

A few links:

Demigod Weapons

Controlling Fate

Advice to Another Demigod 

Dream Travelling

Demigod party for Hephaestus Birthday

Responsible for Demigods

                                                                  …and many, many more!

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

4 comments to SOS Hall of Fame Announcement, Dragon Moon 2013

  • Werewolf13

    I wish I had joined SOS when all these legendary people were still around. Maybe then I could really understand why they made Hall of Fame.

    • Hail Werewolf13,

      Thanks for keeping on and for your valuable contributions to SOS. It’s true we need a better way for everyone to access the archives so thanks for pointing it out. It’s on the long list of problems to be solved for us to survive in the long term. But in the short term, we’re always just surviving around here…

      Thanks for surviving with us.


  • GoddessOfFate

    Hello Seth,
    Thank you for choosing me for the Hall of Fame. I feel very obligated to be around much more often now, but a busy goddess like me has much to do.
    I have received my “Chariot” from my father as a ‘Coming of Age’ Present. As many things can appear as other things in my realm, it appears to mortals, such as yourself (Maybe, I’m still looking at your history in my spare time), as a Silver 1968 Ford Falcon four door.
    But, like most traditions around here, it was kept to still be drawn by silver horses in it’s off time. (Much more horsepower when it’s a car though haha).
    Sincerely, Goddess of Fate.

  • Assanjin

    As once I heard, none defy what the fates decree, that is how it must be. To each their own and every journey. Fate is a funny thing, it seems set in stone but is really a paper tiger in a hurricane. We each must command our own destiny, we need not pray or hope, what mortals need is action. For there is nothing more obedient than a disciplined mind and nothing so disobedient as an undisciplined mind. We cannot simply live our lives forcing deities to do our work for us, it is time we are our own refuge, be your own refuge, be your own island in an ocean of despair, defend yourself against the hurricanes and typhoons of ignorance, make truth your island, make truth the refuge for in the end there is no saviour for us but ourselves.

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