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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Giant intelligent aliens could see Earth as an insect colony, says science this week.

Could it be true? Are Earthlings the ants in a universe of giant aliens? If so how will you and your colony survive the coming alien exterminators?

Is Earth a giant insect colony?

Is Earth a giant insect colony?

First here’s the new science. Most intelligent aliens weigh more than 661 pounds or more than 300 kilos and likely stand nine feet tall, says scientist Dr. Fergus Simpson.


“Larger biospheres will host a wider range of species and a greater number of individual life-forms. For these reasons it seems highly likely that larger biospheres possess a greater probability of producing an intelligent species. This reinforces our conclusion that most life bearing planets are smaller than the Earth.

Throughout the animal kingdom, species which are physically larger invariably possess a lower population density, possibly due to their enhanced energy demands,” writes Dr. Fergus in his paper. 

“As a result, we should expect humans to be physically smaller than most other advanced species.”

The challenge to the survivoillogical community is clear – need to review and rethink your SOS strategy! Aliens may be coming smart kaiju to a continent near you, less intent on laying eggs in your chest than systematically exterminating you and yours.

So how will you survive? Until the details are in, consider these handy tips as a starter guide.


1. Be Aware of Unusual Shadows

Yes, hidden underworld beings make them too but not like a giant alien. Got a sudden chill? Look up, waaaaay up! Is that a building? No?

Run to the nearest bunker immediately.

2. Insect Earthling Traps

If Earthlings are the insects of the universe that cockroach hotel could be a pest control trap for you, literally speaking.

Don’t be exterminated! Awesome architecture aside, avoid any structure that resembles a giant ant trap or smells of unknown chemicals.

3.  Protective Gear

In times like this, a good raincoat, boots and hat or tarp go a long way. To avoid contact with people pesticides wear them at all times when you exit your bunker.

Just be sure to safely remove and decontaminate all protective outerwear before you re-enter your domain or you could be responsible for an entire colony collapse.

Start there survivors and long may you keep on keeping on.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com


  • Zyboragon

    Also avoid areas with a “no smell” smell.

    • Hail Zyboragon,

      Thanks for weighing in on this situation. Follow up ❓ for you… er, yes what is a no smell smell? And what does it indicate?

      Obviously I know exactly what you meant here, just you know… for the survivors who might not know about the dangers of no-smell smelling places….


      • Zyboragon

        A “no smell” smell is literally something without a scent, it usually reeks of emptiness.
        Usually if there’s a “no smell” smell it means an area is under observation or being prepared for something.

        • Zyboragon

          Also, while I’m here I feel I should mention that there’s extreme amounts of interference trying to block my communication with this site. I guess it didn’t take long for the anti-survival transgressors to notice my return.

          Anyways, Seth, may I have a survival update from you? How well have you been keeping on?

          • Ice

            No Z, it’s not anti-survivalists… It’s time. Time is collapsing.

          • Hail Z,

            ‘M a keeping on keeping on against all odds and most recently with a term of employment as a supernatural safety consultant on a certain feature film the title of which I am not permitted legally to disclose but about which I can say this much —>>> low budget movies that raise real demons to save on special effects represent a new and growing threat to your survival and mine!! Beware any shooting in your land!

            I hope to tell the whole story of this someday very soon. Meanwhile I am exceedingly pleased to see you keeping on out there. If I go missing, you may need to get me a portal.


            • Zyboragon

              Sounds interesting, though I myself and really not fond of demons.

              • Hail Z,

                Thanks for your continued contributions here at SOS.

                Re: demons…

                I am currently establishing a safe salt perimeter around a suspected portal and keeping an eye on the effects PA but so far everything seems this-realmy enough. Altho my shooting script – or what passes for one – appears to be bound in some kind of skin.


                Seth, keeping on.

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