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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Dog Moon Hall of Fame Announcement


SOS Dog MUTT Moon Hall of Fame Announcement

While the dust still settles on the Dog Moon, and the Ghost Moon fades for another year, SOS will induct another survivor into the Hall of Fame, in keeping with my pledge to catch up with Hall of Famers over the summer – at least until a cure for the dread Survivor of the Month curse can be found.

Thanks to everyone contributing to Survival research this moon. Long may you keep on keeping on! Without you, there would be no SOS.

Do you know this survivor? 

1. Has this moon in his name. Well sort of. At least in part of it.

2. Yet he is not all werewolf, strictly speaking. He is somewhat more of a mix than most, and his name means that too.

3. Once believed himself to be the last of his kind

4. Owing to this, he sometimes rhymed.

5. Many thought he would never speak again

6. But a trip to the underworld gave him the yen.

7. And something else. Please keep on while we fill you in…

8. It took an angel and a pastry chef and a demon, just to bring him back.

9. After a nasty Silverbloods attack.

10.  But what exactly was in that evil eclair? ‘Cuz we’re still trying to determine his new plan here…

Mr. Mutt

Mr. Mutt

If you, like Stigma, guessed everyone’s favourite Heinz 57 werewolf hybrid, Mr. Mutt? Congratulations, you were right! Looking back over the years, I see whenever SOS got weird – er, weirder –  Mr. Mutt has been there to warn me. When I see an email from Mr. Mutt on my phone I know something’s going down and I better get to the site as soon as possible.

Confession time here. I actually thought we had already inducted Mr. Mutt into the Hall of Fame, but then Graham reminded me why we scrapped that plan. It was based on Mr. Mutt’s last comment way back here in February, when we thought he didn’t survive. And unfortunately by definition, one must be actively surviving to be inducted into the Survival Hall of Fame. Otherwise it’s kind of like, false advertising.

So I’m glad you’re back Mr. Mutt. Even if you are possessed by a demonic pastry chef or whoever your demon turns out to be, it’s great to know you’re still keeping on out there in the world, surviving and still lending a paw from time to time. I’m glad we can finally add you to the Survival Hall of Fame.

Thanks to everyone still surviving with SOS this month.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

21 comments to SOS Dog Moon Hall of Fame Announcement

    • Hail Chaoswolf,

      I don’t want to alarm you but for some time the Survivors of the Month have all fallen prey to a dread curse of disappearment. Until we know more and we can reform the curse in the system, Graham and I have decided to put that prize on hold and double down on Hall of Fame, at least until fall.

      Thanks for keeping on with your chaotic research.


  • soup4577

    How am I suppose to know who it is

  • Alex

    About time, this person really deserves it. (If I’m correct, silverblood and dog moon gave it away.)

  • Arcahaea Venomtongue

    Well, I’m completely lost. And I just realized, I haven’t posted here in months. My, how the time flies.

  • chaoswolf

    Seth how long has the curse been in place!!!????

    • Hail Chaos,

      Thanks for keeping on. We’re still investigating. The curse was identified last month by a survivor on the site who observed that Hall of Famers were disappearing at at alarming rate, some of them almost immediately after being inducted! We still don’t know how or why, if it has anything to do with The Beast and his cure or the A-51 agents killed by Angel or Mr. Mutt’s demon, but until we get to the bottom of it, it would be irresponsible of us to continue inducting survivors to the SOTM. Until we know more or until the fall, we will instead by trying to fill up the Hall of Fame. From now on, everyone goes into the Hall of Fame, for the sake of your safety and mine.

      If you have any clues about the curse and how we can lift it, please let me know.


      • Zyboragon

        The curse is definitely caused by my absence! 😛 Well, probably not.
        I think it’s just a matter of crisis, when you get SotM or HoF, it’s almost as if you feel like you must do more to benefit the survival of others. No doubt the other grand survivors are out there helping those who need it most.

        Now I congratulate the Hall of Famer.

        And at last, I make my way back to that other dimension..

      • P5t5r

        Hey Seth I suggest that we use a four pronged attack against the curse. Prong One we have the people from the Ghost page ask the spirits about any disturbances with angry and restless spirits that may be involved in the curse (it is possible that the unhappy spirits of those slain by the survivors may be casting ill fate upon those who have attained SotM status). Prong Two we ask the Witches page if anyone in the witch community might be behind the curse (someone might have angered a witch leading to a curse on them and the position as well). Prong Three we ask the Angel page to Bless both the Position of Survivor of the Month and it’s recipients (a blessing might cancel out the curse). Prong Four we investigate to see if it is not a curse but Area 51 who is targeting the survivors of the month (it would make sense for them to target the people who were most active in the SOS community).
        Your local Cyborg,

        • Hail P5t5r,

          Well well well what a nice surprise. Thanks for stopping by and for your awesome suggestions as always. I am going to implement the P5t5r 4-prong attack on SOTM curse immediately. Kind of like a fork. I’ve always advocated the use of forks as improvised weapons.

          To summarize then, we need a helpy spirit, a witch and angel and ongoing investigation into the continuing activities of A-51. With this plan, I think we can crack this case by the fall.


  • P5t5r

    Congrats to you Mr. Mutt on reaching the HOF. I didn’t realize that there was a curse on people, making them disappear. I wish I could help out more but I am usually swamped with work or need a good rest. Please do let me know if I am needed though. I can always try to make room in my schedule for someone in need.

  • Alex

    I don’t really think it’s a curse. I’m going to be honest here, bu5 there is really nothing to help with. The same issues keep repeating and we can’t just say the same simple solution over and over. That’s how I feel, at least.

    • Hail Alex,

      Thanks for stopping by and keeping on. I feel your pain. Sometimes Survival’s a slog no doubt and it’s STILL not ideal – BUT I’m still not convinced there’s no curse. I’m calling for implementation of the P5t5r 4-prong plan to find and fork the curse by fall. You can read about it here and help out if you like.

      At least I hope we can get to the bottom of it and survive until the end of September because there’s going to be some changes and big-ish announcements around here this fall, so definitely don’t need any curses laying around.


  • Knox the Hovering Moon

    The curse was caused by humans at A-51 . They start by finding the people on the hall of fame and boom their gone .

  • Mr. Mutt

    *a dark shadow floats through the area where the enslaved Hybrids are being kept. Occasionally it will stop as if to converse with one before moving on. The figure is not exactly solid, nor is it completely incorporeal. Overall it exudes a rather kind and old aura, of someone that has lived many many years and as a result has been softened by the passage of time.*

  • ARC

    When did this happen? MUTT! How dare you!!!
    ARC is infuriated at the sight of this! And ARC doesn’t even have eyes!

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