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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Satellites Need Help Finding Lost Plane

It may be a dramatic turnaround of singularity news this week, as all earthlings are being asked to assist the satellites in solving the mystery of a missing plane – but critics wonder how there can be so much missing info.

Earthlings being asked to help find missing plane.

Earthlings being asked to help find missing plane.

As everyone on Earth is no doubt aware, Malaysian Flight MH370 mysteriously vanished from the face of the earth five days ago, taking with it the lives of some 239 humans – a very tragic event that coincided with the release of an ominous info-graphic demonstrating the overwhelming number of satellites surrounding Earth.

Yet Earthlings are now being asked to examine these satellite maps to help find the missing plane.

More than 25,000 Earthlings have signed up to search satellite maps at tomnod.com to help find the missing plane by following the link above, and a number of promising leads have already been generated, but still nothing solid, leaving many observers wondering how it could be possible that a plane could simply vanish without a trace.

To help the satellites, you are being asked to zoom in on each satellite image and drop a pin if you spot anything suspicious. Overlapping tags are noted and prioritized for investigation. The top ten most noted locations will be investigated. More images are being added all the time so searchers are being asked to return frequently.

But how is it even possible in the singularity world for a Boeing 777 plane to go missing without a trace? Other researchers continue to work on this vexing question but every theory so far continues to raise more questions.

Theories so far include (but are not limited to):

✈     A mid-air explosion: committed by whom? Or what?

✈     Structural failure: this plane was previously in an accident.

✈     Aeronautical black hole: generated how?

One question in particular has passengers’ families particularly upset – many of them report their loved ones phones still ringing and therefore still receiving service.

It would be distasteful and possibly actionable for me to speculate further on this serious matter and its potential links to the so-called Extreme Revolution called by the mysterious communications company who wants to lead it – so I won’t do that. Until we know more, all I want to say is, please join me in searching the satellite images and hoping for the best.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

17 comments to Satellites Need Help Finding Lost Plane

  • Agent RB

    Oh that’s simple, I took the plane. Um, does somebody want it back? If so they shouldn’t have left it in a crossroads storm portal. I’ll send it back, wait, oh god, i just dropped it somewhere in veitnam, whopsidasies.


    • Agent RB

      Who wants to go on a search an rescue mission to veitnam, reaper, your grounded right now, we can’t risk you on this mission, you can however monitor for more crossroads gates in the area and alert us of the pan dimensional doorways.
      Whoever helps gets to be an honorary deputy for the day.


  • Kurogane

    Keep your nose out of it rb.this is no job for a reaper . Your amateur skills can do nothing in this case. Only void magic can be used. That plane you claim to have taken…IT WAS A PLANE FROM ANOTHER dimension . One that I was in the middle of conquering.the real mh370 was taken by the Ashdown witches. How I know u ask? Well……….the were using my magic. And who are the ashdown witches you ask?…..sadly…..they’re my sisters.they were going through my grimoires and found the book of the void and now they’re using it willy nilly at every single situation they can find. But in teleporting the plane they’re purpose was not evil. All they wanted to do was teleport it to Beijing so that the flight would reach there faster. But they accidentally teleported it to another dimension.

    • Agent RB

      But wait wait wait, I have reason to believe that the crossroad are reopen ing some how, about 50 years after the witch trials in Salem we closed all ports from the underworld for good, some how new ports are being ripped into the fabric of the universe. Oh my god. That’s how they did it. It was a human all along. But. How. Only a supernatural could do that. But the supernatural are tied to the planes above and below. How can a being be both not from earth and from earth. It’s almost like. A paradox.
      The situation is worse than we thought. I need to see reaper immediately. I’m sorry about your pan dimension plane and all that but I can’t waste another second dwelling on the past. And the past is something I could lose.
      Noah out.


      • Agent RB

        When I say this take note I’m not talking about the missing plane. It’s not about that anymore. It’s about a breach in the gallery.
        The gallery of the gift.


        • Hatter

          Find the theif and then have the reaper send me an email with the location I can handle the rest with only one fatality

          • Agent RB

            The reaper is the theif you dolt, he doesn’t know it because his own subconscious took his free will, he’s the only one who could possibly reopen the crossroads. He probably hid them somewhere that his surface thought could never find. This is all on account of hi paradoxical complex. I need reaper here now. Please help apprehend him.


      • Hecate

        And when the dead shall rise
        So too shall the Queen of the Crossroads
        Forever old
        Ever young
        Lady of Youth
        Hag of Old
        All thresholds shall be torn asunder
        All ways connected
        All doors open
        Heed this warning now
        Aall who tread her path
        Hecate shall spell destruction
        The Witch Queen eeeeeq1

      • Lilith

        And when the dea d shall rise
        So too will the Queen of the Crossroads
        Forever old
        Ever young
        Lady of Youth
        Hag of Old
        All thresholds shall be torn asunder
        All ways connected
        All doors open
        Heed this warning now
        All who tread her path
        Hecate shall spell destruction
        The Witch Queen
        She must burn
        Lest the Way be opened
        And the Crossroads united

        • Agent RB

          If the rest of the crossroads are opened a wave of paranormal forces will infest the world starting a new war between mortals and supernaturals. Salem witch hunt number 2. This time it would be contained to Salem ( a city built onto of the world largest crossroad) but the entire world will be plunged into a new war a new hunt. A new trial. I have a plan but I need reaper here at headquarters. Please gt him here immediately. This is urgent.


            • Agent RB

              Oh your here, now down to the matter at hand. While I may not be Able to stop the crossroads from reopen ing, or the insuing witch hunt for that matter. But I may be able to save the freewill of yourself and others from the ghostly grasp of your Ba, however that will mean I will have to tear your Ba from your being and promptly despose of it. The only side affect would be you will not be able to dream or have dreams for that matter. Shall we begin?


  • Bluestar

    I believe it was terrorists how unbelievable because after 9/11 they upgraded the planes mostly the pilots area to where the doors are locked from the pilot’s side and cant be opened till after the flight

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