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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Researchers Race to New Portal at End of the World

Researchers are racing to a remote region of Russia named the End of the World to solve the mystery of an infernal portal that appeared this week.

Fire and ice portal appeared at the End of the World this week.

Fire and ice portal appeared at the End of the World this week.

This enormous 262 foot fire and ice portal appeared out of nowhere in the Yamal Peninsula of Northern Russia, whose name translates into English as, “End of the World.”

The portal’s scorched rim gives way to an icy chute that slides down to an underground river.

Theories so far about the portal’s origin include everything from aliens, a meteorite, a stray missile or a methane gas explosion. While scientists around the world suit up to explore the portal, only supernatural survivologists are brave enough to state the obvious – this is clearly an infernal portal.

“Mysterious ice portals have a long history of going wrong. Things tend to come out of them,” stated Seth Greening on his website Seth On Survival, currently the 7th most popular website devoted to supernatural survivology on the Internet.  “I’m talking about the kind of thing that can possess and almost perfectly replicate your fellow researchers before turning them into monsters.”

Seth warns all researchers to consider maybe staying away, at least until the presence of infernal things has been eliminated.

But if you really can’t resist an infernal mystery like this and you must go investigate, at least familiarize yourself with the signs that one of your fellow researchers has been possessed by an infernal entity or demon or as scientists prefer to call them  in order to avoid any supernatural language – Things.

Has That Other Researcher Been Inhabited by an Infernal Thing?

3 Things To Thingk About


1. Research the other researchers inside and out

Infernal researcher-inhabiting things are capable of molecularly mimicking everything about a researcher except for the bits that don’t actually contain the researcher’s DNA. That’s why it’s important to know that other researchers has any fillings, facial jewelry, broken bones or replacement parts from the moment you meet him or her. The portal Thing won’t be able to replicate, and may even spit them out, so getting to know your fellow researchers in radiological detail is very important. Subtly ask them to see some old dental records and/or X-rays if possible, if not, a casual conversation comparing fillings and old injuries will suffice. Subtle is the key word here. Try to work it in naturally. “Pleased to meet Dr. Alexei. Mind if I check your teeth before we begin?” is just going to alert them to your suspicions.

2. Leave your dog at home

Infernal ice portal things hate dogs because they can identify them. If you bring your dog to the research site, it will be the first to die.

3. Bring a flamethrower if not a pile of grenades 

Unfortunately fire is the only way to deal with an infernal ice portal thing. Unfortunate because fire is also the best way to create a new ice portal. It’s just a paradox you will have to prepare for if you are planning on going ice portal spelunking with the researchers of the world.

And if you do decide to join the race of researchers at the End of the World, I hope you keep on keeping on.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

27 comments to Researchers Race to New Portal at End of the World

  • Assanjin

    In Russia, you don’t go to Hell, Hell comes to you. Do please remember to never ever mention names of anyone anywhere near these kinds of portals, reason being they can track down people based on names and let’s just say that they have a special set of skills, they will find you and they will kill you.

  • Akagane

    I know what caused that! It was my…

  • Kurogane

    Aka! I told you to never mention that “cough” “cough” “incident”

  • Akagane

    Gome-ne, kuro nii! I shouldn’t have brought up the crater incident while you were testing out your thought to text machine.

  • Assanjin

    No, you are tiamat, you call yourself Lilith but I know better of what wings carry you mother Drache. Tis a pleasure to meet you though I no longer count among your children’s kin

    • Lilith

      Eh? I’ve been a lot of things in my time, I still am, they’re all here inside my head. I’m just the newest model. Well, I won’t be around much longer till the new “self” gains awareness. Tiamat was the name I took when I birthed the dragons into existance, I’ve been so many others, but rest assured, I am indeed Lilith.

      • Lilith

        Well, not all dragons, the dragons of today are far more than those sweet wyrmlings I created. Twisted by the flows of magic, the dragons can hardly be counted as my children, only the eldest remember me. But, again, I did not not create all of the dragons.

  • Assanjin

    A hundred lifetimes I have lived, brothers to many I am. Neither name nor interest my soul wanders among the kin of many. I, son of typhon and son of fain lung dragoness of black lung still greet you by the name I know you, Tiamat, but prey a question I ask, my mother had black scales and so did my siblings, then why were my scales born sapphire blue?

    • Assanjin

      Not only that but I am unable to use magic in most it’s forms and am immune to it’s flows as well. Could you please explain how this could happen?

      • Morgenstern

        Hmm you’ve been cut off from the force young padaw- *eyes turn green* ignore him. Me. Other me. Many things can cause one to be cut off from magic. Been cursed by any witches recently?

        • Assanjin

          No I was never cursed by witches, I am/was draconian but I was never able to use magic. Not only that but even though my entire family on my mothers side is black dragon I was born with blue scales, as blue as sapphires, it possibly could be because my father is the Greek titan typhon. But I still don’t understand why I was so different. Even now I don’t have answers, a former draconian that never possessed magical ability. Strange isn’t it?

          • Lilith

            Some beings are just inherently born with the power. It’s not so unusual that someone in a family of magic weilders just turns out to have no innate magical talent whatsoever. Btw, have we met before?

            • Assanjin

              Not likely, but I have a way of getting around. Where would you have met me before? I would tell you if I knew but sadly I don’t recall.

              • Hail Assanjin,

                Thanks for keeping on. We haven’t had a draconian on the site since Zyboragon. He might have been able to answer your question but based on our research of him, I can say that Zyboragon did not rely much on magical powers either. Instead he relied on his innate Draconian abilities ampified by cybernetic technology. What powers do your people normally possess that you appear to be missing? And how often do you assume dragon form?


                • Assanjin

                  I don’t shift any longer, there were situations that arose that made me have to give up my bloodline trait. However I still ask around because I was a strange draconian, I was descended from black drache, yet my scales were sapphire blue, things like this I search the answers for even when I am no longer accounted as draconian kin. I lacked ability to use even the simplest magic, while my brothers could use the more advanced spells. Another abnormality is that I’m half Titan since my mother had an affair with Typhon and made me in the process. I couldn’t ever tap into the connection that draconian had with the primal forces of nature and that is about it. I could use no magic, now I live permanently human because I gave up the power.

  • Kurogane

    note:unless you want to be chased by my crazy cousin Sui feng. Never upset the kitsune yakuza. Also if you happen to be in japan don’t mention my name to a certain yachiro urahara.

    • Hail Kurogane,

      Thanks for checking in here. I fully agree upsetting any yakuza is never a good idea, let alone the kitsune yakuza. But tell us about this yachiro urahara? What happens if he hears your name and why? Is this related to your missing sister?


  • Kurogane

    By the way, any of you spoken to my eternal pain-in-the ass younger sister Aka?

  • […] Tips are incorrect about the ‘Portal to the underworld’ thing, like we were with the portal to the underworld in Russia, then you should most definitely avoid drinking the tap water and water from the river itself. If […]

  • Assanjin

    Demons can only possess those with a weak will and mind. They seek out mortals with this weakness to enter this realm. If a demon follows you practice concentration, focus, something that strengthens the mind to cast them out or make them submit to your will.

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