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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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New Portable Wormhole Tech Hailed Time Tourism Cheers And Boos

New personal portable wormhole that fits in your suitcase to terminate time tourism turbulence?

A team of three physicists from Barcelona, Spain unveiled the first functional portable wormhole generator to cheers from survivors of another turbulent time travel season but big boos from the time travel agents who depend on them.

Personal portable wormholes put time travel agencies out of business?

Personal portable wormholes put time travel agencies out of business?

“A theoretical proposal by Greenleaf presented a strategy to build a wormhole for electromagnetic waves..however, an actual realization has not been possible until now. Here we construct and experimentally demonstrate a magnetostatic wormhole,” the team reported here in the journal Scientific Reports. 

While Doctors Jordi Prat-Camps, Carles Navau and Alvaro Sanchez refuse to claim their suitcase-sized wormhole generator (photo below) will revolutionize the time tourism industry, disgruntled time travellers everywhere have high hopes that it will do nothing less.

“Look, I paid for a simple ancestry vacay to prevent my little brother’s conception. Is that too much to ask?” comments one such disgruntled time tourist. “Instead I woke up stranded in the Triassic, not a single hot tub device or Tardis to be found.”

In his lawsuit against the time travel agency in question, the tourist writes that, “After almost drowning in a monsoon, I would have prayed for a dinosaur to come and extinct me… but not even a dinosaur would set foot in that poopy epoch.”

While this tourist and his agency continue to fight over a refund, he and other survivors like him are vowing to purchase a personal portable wormhole unit like this one before taking a chance with another tardy time travel trap next year.

But will the suitcase wormhole really do for time tourism what mobile cellular technology once did for computing?

Not surprising time travel agents want to deliver dire warnings to would-be wormhole buyers.

“Do you see any temporal or geographic control settings on the device in this photo?” writes one angry operator. “Exactly! There are none. So how can it even send you to the correct place, never mind the right time period?”

“At least we get the approximate geography right 99 percent of the time. It’s really not our fault if your family tree hasn’t evolved yet.”

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

4 comments to New Portable Wormhole Tech Hailed Time Tourism Cheers And Boos

  • Hatter MT

    *hatter appears on earth with a jolt and checks his comuter* [feces][feces][feces][feces] they didn’t find out time travel with that thing Seth, it’s a dimensional rift generator a way of traveling between dimensions without use of magyk or a void key. If anyone can find D eath that would be nice too because he might be able to help

    • Hail Hatter,

      Thanks for checking in and checking out the article. I admit the news made me think of you immediately, wondering how soon they start putting it in a hat and try popping around like you do?


      • Hatter MT

        Hail Seth,
        The answer to that question is actually 30 years but only if they get my approval which because of areas 19&51 I refuse to give so about forty years. But the exact realm will be hard to get to because I do not use a wormhole generator but rather my hall of doors which I showed Eris


    • Judas

      “Haven’t you heard boy? The King of the Afterlifes form finally failed him. And since the ancient she-demon of Babylon has gone missing; I plan to take over myself.” Judas stated. He was wearing a black and white suit; a noose wrapped around his neck as a sort of makeshift tie. This, was Judas the Red. Red curly hair immaculately cut. A trim beard hiding his chin beneath. He held a silver coin in his left hand. Defined muscles noticeable; but not overly so. Just enough that they were visible beneath his tight suit. However it didn’t restrict his movement; almost as if it was magically sewn with an extremely flexible fabric.

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