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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Lightning Moon Survivor of the Month

Thanks for helping me keep on keeping on!

Thanks for helping me keep on keeping on!

Okay here goes, against my better judgement. Is there really a Survivor of the Month Curse? This is the moon to find out. Will the Survivor of the Month curse take another unlucky lucky survivor off the pages of Survival forever? Or will it have the desired effect of thanking and encouraging those who choose to share their supernatural survival  knowledge and experiences here on the pages of SOS?

The jury is out. The die is cast. The game is ventured and insert other idioms here. Read the clues. If it’s NOT you, well congratulations. You may survive to see another month. If it sounds like you, congratulations too, you will be receiving a small iTunes gift card in your email but well, good luck next month…

The Lightning Moon Survivor of the Month…

1. Is a supernaturally skilled ambulatologist. 

2. Is preternaturally sensitive to sugar.

3. Has a white wolf for a spirit guide. One time the White Wolf told her to follow to a cave and when she got there she saw something strange on the cave walls. It may or may not have been Ashpaw hereself. (Thanks to Ashpaw for getting that story out.)

4. For a long time she thought she was a werewolf from her dad’s side and then she discovered the truth – it could be her mom’s side. Although she continues to deny this, The Reaper thinks its likely.

5. Has a mysterious silver turtle necklace with a green gem inherited from her stepdad that can prevent full moon ww transformations. It also helps with the WW rage of inherited lycanthropy.

6. Has green glowing eyes.

7. Is a werepyre, mostly werewolf but part vampire. As a result she has not transformed into either one yet but experiences powers of both intermittently, especially on the full moon. Powers she temporarily lost when an A-51 got to her with The Beast’s cure but has since regained. She would secretly like to be a mermaid but doubts that it will work.

8. Unfortunately, these super powers sometimes interfered with her powers of navigation. She would sometimes run right past her school without even seeing it.

9. Is a big defender of dragons. Does this mean she may become a dragon wolf some day?

10. May have once been visited by a passing apocalyptic angel who very unhelpfully visited a plague of ants on her house.

If you haven’t guessed it already it’s Mary5544. Over the last several months we have come to know Mary as a dedicated survivor who is always quick with a question or just a hello. While her reports are few and short, she is somehow able to get other Survivors talking about their experiences and for that I am very grateful. Just let her know before you go on her turf because she patrols her territory very carefully!

Now let’s hope the SOTM curse doesn’t get her. Thanks to everyone who contributed to SOS this month. Please keep on keeping on there’s big-gish things just around the corner, including we hope, more Survivors of the Month and Hall of Famers.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

50 comments to Lightning Moon Survivor of the Month

  • Chaos

    Sounds to me like Mary or Marney, good luck you two. I’ll be waiting… 😈

  • The Reaper

    I’m afraid I don’t know how long I can hold him back, but what he means is! He’s planning his own curse for the next SotM! If you can find a way to restore me fully! And fast… Chaos is coming back, goodbye and good luck mary! 😉 👿 I’m baaaack… And sorry for ruining the surprise… By the way congrats Blaze… 😈

    • mary5544

      Chaos I knew who it was and Seth later can I have a conversation with u later because there is one thing I was hopeing that would be a secret and by the way that was a one time thing

  • mary5544

    Seth what does the last word in the first clue mean

  • Sentinel

    Loading Message…
    I understand why they call it ‘Lightning Moon’…
    The dimension I am in had a HUGE thunderstorm…
    Well, the good thing is that I now have enough mana to create a time-hole big enough to get back…
    See you soon.

    Error, signal lost…
    Searching KV again…

    • Mr. Mutt

      Just when I escape that sword an entire group of young contrail surround me and throw me in jail. Ugh!!! Your kind really need to lighten up you know

      • Kzazrier Vetanari

        I’m back home…
        Thought it is very annoying my body died again…
        I guess humans can’t jump in time-holes too frequantly…
        Well, it can’t be helped, I’m now a program on someone’s computer to send this.
        Mutt, Contali have no justice, no war. They rule.
        At least, the higher ranked Contali do.
        It’s an unwritten rank-list, you see?
        Young Contali, eh?
        I guess I’m not the youngest Contali anymore…
        Also, who made my little Sentinel crash?
        I came back from the weird time-loop and the first thing I see and hear is a Sentinel going crazy about ‘SPACE!’… Seriously, it’s flying around in ‘SPACE!’.
        Ah, I see…
        It downloaded all the files from Portal and Portal 2…
        Who let him on the internet?
        Well, I’m glad he didn’t download-
        Mutt, Contali work a little bit the same as Angels, just try to out-imagine them. And don’t kill them, that’ll just anger them more.
        Oh, and try not to mention space, facts or adventure when Sentinel is near. Otherwise it’ll go crazy…
        Please, try not to lose that damn sword, I already lost it TWICE! Not once but twice…
        Hm… They threw you in jail… That means they didn’t use the REAL prison…
        You’ll be able to escape, don’t worry. Just knowing that some younglings were able to throw you in the jail tells me it’s either a magical jail or a fortified jail.
        Don’t worry about Mira, I sent her a thought-message not to kill you anymore. So, she’ll help you out… Just… Don’t try to hit on her, you’ll regret it…
        Er, anyway… I’m going to recreate my body again.
        Hehehe… Area 51 is trying to contact me… Hehe, they amuse me…
        I always act like I’m much weaker than I really am, even in real fights. That makes it interesting… Heh, I told them the truth now… Their existence is a joke… No offense to you, Seth, but it’s true. In Mirth they made several names for the project. Project Small-Ear (for the elves), Project Giant-Length (for the dwarves) and Project Small-Brain (for some weird species with HUGE heads). Heh, it really is true, human exist as a joke. “Let’s make an animal that can communicate like Mirth animals, but can’t use magic. Or at least make it harder to use it. And let’s give them a little bit of technology and put them on a Mirth-like place instead of a living Sentinel.” that was the idea of the joker-Contali.
        Well, I got to say, they did invent some nice things… Like rum… and coffee… and tea sometimes…
        But those things existed already.
        And you did impress us, you were smarter than we expected.
        But still… Weak…
        Anyway… I should make a body again and then do stuff.
        Don’t worry about the Cycle, I had a look at the future…
        Everyone will live, except for me, I will die alot of times…
        It will be annoying, but I don’t mind.
        Hey, area 51 is trying to hack in this computer…
        Er, cya!
        Kzazrier Vetanari

        • Mr. Mutt

          The crime I committed was before Contali did away with legal systems. You have asked whether I was one of the Iz’Den…. Would you like to know the answer?

          • Kzazrier Vetanari

            Tell me, are you Iz’Den?
            If so, why did you leave your home planet?
            It just doesn’t make sense…
            Another Iz’Den…?
            Gosh, this doesn’t make any sense at all…
            Are you after Him too?
            He’s trying to kill anything alive, you know.
            But don’t worry, someone else already is after Him.
            Someone who is Iz’Den.
            Though He is Iz’Den too…
            Also, if you really are Iz’Den, you probably speak Contalic… So, then you know Iz’Den means The First.
            Wait, it’s impossible you are Iz’Den… Iz’Den would never call us Contali, they would call us Van’Den, which means The Second.
            Just what exactly are you…

            • Mr. Mutt

              The answer to your question is both yes and no. You see Iz’Den were the first beings to exist in this universe. We considered ourselves gods. Anything we imagined came into existence, we lived for many years content and amusing ourselves by expanding this universe creating species and planets and stars. But then one of us imagined dęath. Once it was Imagined it existed. We desperately tried to save ourselves, so we imagined immortality. But then someone imagined an end to immortality and we were again left vulnerable. So we imagined that only certain things could harm those who were immortal, stakes, silver, iron, and such. Finally we had found balance. And then came a war. Two separate factions kìlling of entire sections of the universe in a struggle for power. That I imagine is when the cycle was created. I dįed before it existed. I was kįlled in the first battle of the war. As I lay dyįng I imagined rebirth. And so when I dįed I left the world only to return as a child, with no memory of my past life. And so that has been my existence. Every time I’m struck down I am born again. But not always as Iz’Den. I have been reborn as a dragon, kitsune, Druid, witch, man, wolf, anything you could imagine, everyone with no memory of my past life. But eventually during all my lives I end up at Iz’Den Taljem. The First Planet. And when I do the memories rush back into my head. And I run. I run as fast as I can because I know my fate. I am the one that can never die. Whenever I’m struck down I arise like a Phoenix. So no, I am no longer an Iz’Den. But yes I have the mind and spirit of one. And the reason I call you Contali is because that’s the shortened word we had for your kind. You speak a dialect of our language. Our actual name for your kind is Vantali’Den. And who is He? What do you mean other Iz’Den? They’re all deäd! I saw the planet it’s nothing but ash and bones. They all dįed…. There are no more Iz’Den!

              • Kzazrier Vetanari

                I guess not everyone has heard the news…
                There are other Iz’Den…
                Not as many as firts, but they are there, on a planet.
                Not the first planet, but a different one.
                And He is trying to kill everything alive.
                No idea why, but probably so the mortals won’t bother Him anymore.
                If you don’t know about Him, then you probably don’t know about the other Iz’Den…
                Heh, the other one tries to stop him.
                We should hope he is faster with his plan than Him.
                When I said there are not many of them, I meant something else…
                Actually, they are still immortal.
                I think when someone created Mortallity, the mortals were born.
                By the way, you sound more like Contali than Iz’Den… Contali is a word in Contalic. Con means mind and Tali means vessel (or ship…) so that means, and it’s true, that Contali are not the body, but the mind. That is why we can’t die. Our mind isn’t binded on our body.
                If you are reborn, that means…
                Are you Nveil’Den? The Third?
                Or are you Iz’Den…
                I truely do not know anymore…
                I should ask my mentor-ish father about that…
                I’ll let you know what I find out, first I have to lose those A51 braatoi…

                • Mr. Mutt

                  I am Iz’Den, but that is not all. Each Iz’Den had a pet project. My brother created the dragons. One of our elders created the stars. But I was the one who attempted to make beings as powerful as us. I failed but I came close. I was the one who imagined the Contali.

                  • Kzazrier Vetanari

                    You know what’s funny?
                    The Iz’Den who imagined life is trying to kill the mortals, while the Iz’Den who imagined death is trying to safe them.
                    Ironic, isn’t it?
                    Anyway, I don’t think you know about this, but there is something that existed even before you did… But… I don’t think my father would allow me to speak of them…

                    • Mr. Mutt

                      They were not of this world. We were the first to be born in this universe. Tavac’Izden as we called them were from somewhere else. I know of them. All Iz’Den knew of them. They were our concept of Ęvil. The one who created life?… Where is he? Tell me now!

                    • Kzazrier Vetanari

                      I can’t…
                      I’m sorry, I can’t tell you…
                      Ugh, someone put some sort of curse on me…
                      Either a dissease-curse or a weakness-curse…
                      Now I’ll have to remove the curse…
                      Why do people think they can curse me for eternity…
                      Anyway, can I get Mira back?
                      Oh, and you shouldn’t interfere with their fight…
                      This fight has to be fought by Him and the one who made death…

                    • Mr. Mutt

                      Mind the buisness that is yours Van’Den. Tell me, you have to tell me now!

                    • Kzazrier Vetanari

                      It’s not like I don’t WANT to tell you…
                      I really do wish tot tell you, but I can’t…
                      Someone knows my True Name…
                      And that person forbid me to tell it.
                      That person also forbid me to tell that person’s name or any other details…
                      So, I CAN’T tell you.
                      I’m sorry, I already said too much, so this day will be a day of pain for me.
                      But maybe…
                      Yes, it should be possible…
                      But I need Mira and your trust…
                      Then it is possible for me to tell you.
                      I just need her, I need Mira…
                      You have to trust me with this, okay?

                    • Alex

                      So did anyone find Mira yet?

                    • Kzazrier Vetanari

                      There are several places where Mira can be…
                      I guess I shouldn’t have given her a teleport enchantment…
                      Right, she can be at Pyrafrey, in my backpack, in the center of Mirth and even nowhere.
                      So, she can be everywhere.
                      Though I think she’s at our old home, on the ruins of Tatsoka.
                      That is a little village where the species ‘Kyn’ lived…
                      They looked alot like humans, but they were gifted in hunting and climbing.
                      Seriously, they were the masters of the forest.
                      But then something happened…
                      And the forest died.
                      So, she could be there by now.
                      Actually, I think she’s either there, on Pyrafrey or still annoying Mutt.

                    • Alex

                      I think I found Mira, actually… or know where Mira is at least. What does Mira look like?

                    • Mr. Mutt

                      I grow tired of sitting in your people’s prison. It’s time I leveled it.

                    • Kzazrier Vetanari

                      She’s a sword.
                      You’ll know when you have her, trust me.
                      She’ll swear in a weird language…
                      Hehe, I taught her that…
                      Well, if you found her, let me know.

                    • Mr. Mutt

                      I have a fairly good idea who is controlling you, and why he doesn’t want me finding the one who created life. I also have a pretty good idea where to find him. And when I do I will exterminate him.

                    • Kzazrier Vetanari

                      No, Mutt!
                      Don’t kill that person!
                      Darn, I still can’t say anything about that person…
                      Mutt, you don’t understand!
                      That person is… Or was… A friend of mine.
                      That person also made a mistake…
                      My True Name is not a regular True Name…
                      The thing is, I don’t know my full True Name.
                      It’s complicated…
                      Just don’t kill that person, please…

        • Hail Kzaz,

          Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with that whole new body business. That must be quite a 3D printer you have! Will it be the same as the last one or…?
          Also any idea why the Sentinel is picking on you?

          If we had some idea maybe we could help.


          • Kzazrier Vetanari

            Hallen Seth,
            I don’t generate bodies with 3D printers…
            It’s more… I change the air-molecules to other molecules.
            Well, actually… I…
            Er, I destroy the air molecules and use them to create my own body.
            That’s how Contali build.
            Oh, and that Sentinel…
            Well, it’s broken.
            It doesn’t pick on me, it’s more attached to me… I think…
            I have to find a way to fix it so I can use it without making it explode.
            It’s just…
            I’m very bad at making new bodies…
            Hell, the first time I made a normal body, I accidentelly made myself a girl… I had to kill myself and start again.
            I’m pretty ‘attached’ to a human body I once saw… It is from a boy I had to protect.
            I failed…

            Anyway, I had a body, then Area 51 agents ran in the house I was inside. I had to create some clothes or they would find me naked, so I barricaded the door and made some clothes. Then they destroyed the door and thought they got me. I was pretty amused so I let them take me. And now I am here, in one of their jails. Hehe, they were looking at my DNA and saw human DNA… I was messing around with bodies when they came in, so I am now in a new, human body. And they are still messing around with my body, trying to find something weird.
            They saw me spawning a sandwich… And now they think I am a wizard… Hehe, it’s funny to mess with them like this…
            But now I’m getting a bit bored, so I’m going to pretend I have super powers. Who will I be? I think I’m going for the hulk, I feel like smashing my way out of here…
            Well, see you soon, and if you see explosions or hear about a mutant who escaped from Area 51, you know who it was.
            Kzazrier Vetanari.

  • Knox the Hovering Moon

    I study walking daily . I could eat sugar all day but I do not have any connection to white spirit wolves .

  • mary5544

    O and Seth last year I said I had an ant problem we still have one and I’m a little mad because I’m moving in Kansas far away from my creek and that creek holds so many happy memories and I’m never seeing it again

  • mary5544

    Ok question I’m listening to a song called haunted but sometimes while I listen to it I get a sharp stab of pain I smell something I shouldn’t or I hear things what is going on

  • mary5544

    Seth by the way the cure didn’t work it was temporary so I’m still a wolf 😮

    • Hail Mary,

      Thanks for clarifying. Glad to know. Congrats and may you evade the SOTM curse!


      • mary5544

        That’s why I’m getting my sword out if I can find a strong enough and long enough stick I can use that as a staff I’ve never used one but I have watched the higher ranks use them and I remember how to use them a little

      • mary5544

        And Seth the candy thing was a one time thing I was hyper and hyper+candy=running around like a crazy person well for me any ways ALRIGHT ANSWER THE BOOMS ARE GEETING CLOSER AND TIME BETWEEN THEM IS SHORTNING HELP ME

  • mary5544

    Hey seth I have a good but bad idea on how to deal with chaos I took karate for two years and I learned how to use a sword and I still have it I could use that to defend my self for a while since it is only wood

  • Knox the Hovering Moon

    Congrats mary .

  • mary5544

    Hey Seth u can keep the prize and I also changed my email and picture and its still me

  • mary5544

    Hey seth how come my name isn’t in the survivor of the month thing yet

    • Hail mary5544,

      Because I have to manually add it over there and I forgot to do it so thanks for the reminder. I sometimes forget to add it until the next month! I’ll get it stuck up there shortly. Thanks for your patience.


      • mary5544

        Sorry I’ve also been a little busy my cousin was really sick and got sent to the hospital me and him are both sick but I’m not as bad as him but Seth do u think it might be chaos trying to get me mad so I can attack him

  • The Reaper

    My list is full, time for light, no more life after tonight.

    • mary5544

      Reaper if u do this I will find a way to stop u even if it means me dieing u threaten my friends u will die I though I made that clear to chaos but I guess not

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