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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Introducing The Monstrometer Report

Hail Survivors,

I’m happy to announce on this fine full moon the survival of the first video in my new series, The Monstrometer Report,  a show that covers the supernatural survival news and views unfolding here on the site and around the world.

In this one, the burning question that should be on your mind anytime a fireball falls to Earth or even when you take out the trash: Am I living In An alien zoo? And if so, what to do?

Do you live in an alien zoo?

Do you live in an alien zoo?


Thanks to everyone for helping SOS keep on keeping on and especially for helping out with the site so I could make the new videos. You know who you are: Survivors of the Month, Hall of Famers and everyone who continues to share their supernatural advice and experiences here at SOS.  Long may you keep on keeping on, supernaturally.


by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

18 comments to Introducing The Monstrometer Report

  • Well, if I am correct this is not only a zoo, but a hunting range. Think about this Seth, we have an extremely diverse ecosystem. Over a billion different types of known organisms live on this ball of mud we call home. However, have you noticed extinctions? And for that matter, humans discover new organisms every day. Last year, someone found an Alaskan grey wolf in Kansas. Now, I realize that you are Canadian, and that might not be uncommon there. But in the USA wolves are extremely rare. Coyotes are regular, but you see a wolf? You know something’s up. The aliens are here Seth, thing is… How do we survive an alien hunting party?

    • Lilith

      In the Hunt there is but predator and prey. We survive by being the predator, but the only way to survive as prey is to adapt or die.

    • Fenrir Ulfangr

      Actually they have become much less rare now Reaper, and I intend to keep it that way. Humans hunt for sport they have no honor.

    • Fenrir Ulfangr

      easy rip their hearts out guerilla warfare beats heightened tech becasue they can’t use it if they can’t find you.

      • Lilith

        Hypocrisy. You speak of honor yet advocate guerrilla warfare.

        • Fenrir Ulfangr

          only against a superior, foe who is foolish enough to fight where the terrain doesn’t favor them.

          • Guerilla Warfare is not honorable. Guns and explosives… If you want to speak of honor, at least stand by your statement Ulfangr. You always say that the vikings were idiots. However, did you even stop to consider that they fought with more honor then even today’s soldiers? Don’t get me wrong, we have brace troops. But honestly, this culture has lost all promises of honor. Do you know that Pirates have more honorable methods of fighting then “Blow this place to pieces! Argh!”

    • Hail The Reaper,

      Thanks for an excellent question. Trust you to think of it. Aliens on human hunting safari? I wonder what part(s) make the trophy….

      • Hatter

        Hey Seth I found a new kind of monster here’s some info on it I set it up like a Monstrometer page incase you want to use it to make a page and no that last sentence is not for any not vampric creature

        The protected

        Eye colour chart for the mood
        Pissed = green with yellow ring and amber flecks,
        calm = grey with amber ring,
        active = dark grey with no ring,
        white = worried,
        blue = sad

        Marvellous creatures the protected are very loving and will often companion to a guardian, a current modern day example of the protected is hatter’s mate M. Common qualities among protected are :

        -they are highly aggressive when they have green eyes
        -Often will favour their right hand when fighting and are very strong with that hand
        -impervious to certain pains but not others
        -excellent hearing
        -health & condition get better when they agree with their mate/drink blood Warning: not proven

        Some common mislabelling for these creatures are:

        Normal human

        The reason for this is as yet un explainable but is believed to be the result of their split nature for this same reason they will often shun the idea of drinking blood. If you are the mate to one of the protected please try and get them to stop this behaviour for it shows a high likelihood of causing weakness in the legs and most commonly the knees.

        If you are the protected

        congratulations you are part of the second greatest race of creature upon the earth. This makes you very special for that please note down that members of your race of creature often meet their mate at a very young age. but this does not mean that the first person you decide to date is the one for you and a bit but not a lot of this information will have changed by the time you need this. Please go get about a 1/4 cup worth of blood to celebrate you deserve it

  • Moon Song

    There is just one problem I have with that – the picture of the couple, separated by a chain-link fence.
    That photo was taken before the pair got the electric chair.
    Not good if you want to keep your webseries alive, even if not many people know what that is.

    • Hatter

      And also a group called the intergalactic council stresses though a proxy named Tom Scott that humans are to be avoided at all costs and are extremely dangerous so if they create an alien zoo on earth wait never mind they wouldn’t

      • Hail Hatter,

        Logic dictates that one of these three statements must be true:

        1) There are not a lot of aliens
        2) Aliens don’t like zoos
        3) You are in an animal in a zoo

        Since we all know that #1 is untrue (there are LOTS of aliens) then it’s got to be one of the other two that is true…


        • Hatter

          I guess alien don’t like zoos then Seth oh and please make a page out of the info I gave you above because as new kinds of monster arrive we will need to know more about them and it would be a very good idea if you created such a creature compendium because you could have site regulars be able to help you add to and explain certain monsters instead of the usual 26 that you have

    • Hail Moon Song,

      Glad to see that you are still keeping on keeping on.

      If that’s the only problem that you have with this then indeed I am pleased. Still I think it is better than a picture of them after the electric chair, wouldn’t you agree?


      P.S. What’s new with you?

      • Moon Song

        Smartly said, Seth. Though I do imagine few pictures of anyone after getting treatment of the EC would exist, as I would believe few people would be able to handle the sight of it.

        As for what’s new, nothing much, somewhat upset by the fact hardly anyone from when I first came here in 2012 is still active on the site :/

  • Protected

    I have noticed that the description of the protected provided by hatter somewhat fits myself

  • The protected

    Hatter, I believe myself to be one of the ‘protected’ as you say. Is there any way to prove this ❓

    • Hatter MT

      Of coarse there us but unfortunately the most reliable method is still in its beginning stages and will hopefully fully functioning in a matter of weeks

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