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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Hunter Moon Survivor of the Month 2013

Well it’s official. The SOTM curse-prize continues for one more month, at least.

Who will it be?

Who will it be? Read the clues

Read the clues, coming below and see if you know. the lucky victim  I mean Survivor of the Month. Most of all though, thanks to everyone who contributed to SOS this month. Without you there would be no survival. Especially now when I’m trying to update The Monstrometer and finish some new videos, I appreciate everything you contribute to SOS.

To new survivors: the SOTM curse began as a fun prize awarded after the full moon to thank survivors who a) survived and b) helped out around the site sharing their supernatural survival news and views, along with best survival tips and tricks and/or general survivyness. Because SOS is a volunteer venture, I rely on SOTM survivors to help out around the site so we started Survivor of the Month to give a small thank-you prize and summary story to one such survivor. What we didn’t realize, is that sometimes it is a curse. For mysterious reasons, the SOTM prize seems to sometimes cause the winners to disappear under mysterious circumstances.

We’re still trying to get to the bottom of that small matter – but meanwhile, let the party continue! 

Hunter Moon Survivor of the Month 2013

The Reaper

1. This survivor is a dedicated professional who doesn’t exactly enjoy his job but remains committed to its kindly and timely execution.

2. He favours a cheerful summer uniform like THIS for work even during the busy dark season.

3. Has been known to apply his skills to skunk eradication in exchange for THIS.  At least for Mary. Unfortunately, if you do call him for pest control, be prepared for THIS. 

4. Once lent a very important tool to a demigod on the site who used it as THIS.

5. Once played in a metal band called Death On The Highway. Unsubstantiated reports <– his own,  indicate they were quote, big in the 40s after receiving assistance from this ghost.

6. Presumably the name of the band was inspired by the sad incident that brought him to his supernatural employment. A summary of it may be read HERE. Or at least it could be if I could find the link. To summarize, it involves an ugly car accident and a dead do best friend, the first soul he had to reap.

7. Was instrumental in helping us all decode the Sentinel Cycle and how to survive it, despite the fact it would have actually made his work a lot easier. Which is pretty generous if you think about it.

8. He hides in the shadows, ninja-style and has THIS  form for longer trips.

9. Has a few angel friends including Raphael because of THIS. What school was that again?

10. Sleeps in THIS when he’s on the road working.

11. Spent a brief time dead after his job assigned him to a certain werewolf.

12. Has an eternal soft spot for dogs which means if you do make a sandwich deal with him, be sure to not let THIS happen.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, then you haven’t followed the links. Of course I’m talking about THE REAPER. Sure, he might have to collect your soul someday or maybe the soul of your dog but until then, hey he has a helpy list of tips to help you survive an encounter with him so check it out http://thereaperstips.wordpress.com:

The Reaper has a blog

The Reaper has a blog

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

330 comments to Hunter Moon Survivor of the Month 2013

  • Agent RB

    Why would you drink a confiscated potion labeled: Shrink Juice
    Hey don’t shake your fist at me!!!



  • “Another hard day at work… Even the flies were dropping like flies.” Reaper says hanging up his Scythe. “I need popcorn, a crummy television show, and a coca-cola…” He mutters to himself before heading to the kitchen and looking for popcorn. “No popcorn…” He says. Then looked in the fridge. “No coke…” He then looked in his living room and saw Lilith still there. “Frack… I know I took you in and all, but will you be staying here much longer? I’m running out of groceries.”

    • Lilith

      Lilith inspects her right hand, most superficial skin has fallen and fractured away as if it had been porcelain. All that remained was but a shining blue amorphous roughly-shaped hand. “Eh. Shouldn’t be long now. Maybe a day or two.”

  • Thanatos yells out in anger, the living from miles around the temple he is standing in, suddenly freeze. “Where are the others?!” Suddenly, within the temple, voices begin speaking. “Thanatos, why did you awaken us?” A low growling voice asked. “We have been sleeping for far too long…” Another voice said slowly, then it began to speed up. “Tell us what you wish of us.” The very earth shook with this voice. “Welcome… Tartarus, Chronos, and Gaea. I have summoned you here, to call for your aid. I need you to give me an Army.” The primordials stare at Thanatos for a moment. “Any why should we do that?” Chronos asks. “For one thing… My mother Nyx is one of the eldest among you, for another, I can take care of that pesky gnat problem on you Gaea…” They consider this, and then nod. “Very well, the Giants of Old are at your command. Now we will sleep.” The Primordials disappear, and suddenly the Giants come out of the grounds. These are the ones that nearly slew Zeus, the ones that nearly destroyed Hades, the ones that polluted the seas so much, Poseidon himself couldn’t clear them… These were god slayers. These were his Army.

    • Ice

      *I watch in horror from the nearby hillside* we can’t win this… *the memory of a blinding flash sears through my mind* never mind we can win it, but I will never do that again. *a thought occurs to me* no…. That would… But… It is the only way. *I slash the air and disappear through a shimmering portal*

    • Lilith

      Lilith arrives in the temple, obviously weakened, her pace is sluggish and her eyes are tired. Ragged, appearance similar to a cracked porcelain doll, she makes her way to Thanatos. “Thantos… don’t do this. You’ve gone too far. I’m going to give you one chance to withdraw these… THINGS. Go, spread you miasma of De@th, but, not like this, please.”

      • Leafpool


      • Thanatos stares at Lilith remorseless and manic. “Oh Lilith, the first sin is nothing. Wait until Ravana comes… Trust me, I am not your enemy.” Thanatos spreads his cold black wings, and began flying towards India. He is gathering forces from around the world, and won’t stop until he has one god on his side from each Pantheon, and if not a god, at least a demon/monster.

        • Leafpool


          • Lilith

            “Yes, I’m fine. I misunderstood Reaper’s intentions, my bad there. It’s cool, I won’t be around to help though.” A chunk of Lilith’s face crumbles to dust, leaving a cerulean blue silhouette of the same. “Eh. Could be worse I guess.”

        • Agent RB

          *RB Strains and breaks away from mirroring Lilith for a moment*
          I evoke procedure…. 99b7, penal code g48…Reaper’s psychological state unstable: Action authorized…
          *Reapers scythe deactivates and his powers suspend*
          *half of RB’s face cracks off as he begins to mirror Lilith again*


        • Ice

          *I listen impatiently to the arguing gods. “Wotan! We cannot trust this boys harebrained scheme! It will be our ruin!” Thor shouts. “The Greek Thantos has not shown us any open aggression! We must preserve our peace!” “Bah! A Norwegian brokering for peace? It’s unnatural!” I hear Pluto proclaim and I wince. Perhaps gathering all the gods using Mutts contacts hadn’t been such a good idea. They were probably just going to end up slaying each other. “That Greek cannot be trusted! He went to the old ones and raised an army of giants! We should destroy him!” Kali speaks “I agree, let us destroy this angel of dęåth and then dance in his blood!” “And history remembers us as violent!” I hear one of the Aztec gods complain. “ENOUGH!” I shout. “If we cannot reach a conclusion quickly Thantos will destroy the earth. No humans means no worshipper a you bunch of attention hogs!”. I hear the gods begin to grumble and then Vishnu stands up, “how can we trust you? We knew your father but although he was trustworthy he was also a trickster! Who’s to say you are any different?” I glare at Vishnu and then enunciate very carefully “Gods and Goddesses. I. Am. Not. My. Father! Look into my mind if you don’t believe me! Go ahead! But If we don’t band together quickly, it’s all over.” I look around the room and hope against hope that they will listen.

          • Thanatos appears in the room. “Have I missed something? I feel like I should have a chance to explain my case.” He states. “You must understand, I don’t want to destroy the earth, or even the humans. I just want to get rid of the… Hm… how to say this…. Non-Believers? Thor, how long has it been since you have been worshiped. I mean, actually worshiped. Not just being outshined in a movie titled after yourself by Loki?” He asks. “And Pluto, Mors, my Roman counterpart, has worked for you for years. Can you honestly say that I am a terrible person after all that?” He asks to which the room ponders this. “And you, Aztec gods, do you enjoy going down in history as one of the most bloody Pantehons in history?” He asks. “And you two, Vishnu and Kali. I honestly don’t know what to say, but imagine if you lost all your worshipers. Imagine if you were trapped under a city that was under your jurisdiction and couldn’t do anything to help them… Imagine as you heard them pleed for your aid for 200 years?! And then… When you finally get released… You have been completely forgotten about! That is what they are trying to condemn me too, and only for trying to bring back the old days when our power was great enough to take on this new Christian pantheon, and win!” Thanatos yelled he was clearly distraught by this. “My methods are strange, but if I can get the world to worship us as they used to again… Is that so bad?”

            • Janus

              *appears behind Thanatos and a bit to his right* you are absolutely right the January ninth ram thing hasn’t happened in so long I’m surprised they even remember it happened if you can get them believing in me, NO us again I see no reason to distrust you. your methods are as strange as the earth is old but if we want them to believe we must show that we are not just myths

            • Morgenstern

              *I look shocked for a moment but my expression cracks suddenly and I Grin. Then I begin to laugh* you were a fool Thantos! You are nothing if not predictable! I knew I wouldn’t be able to catch you unawares by perusing you so having you come to me was my best bet! *my claws elongate and I slice a shimmering hole in the air* now say hello to an old friend, ripped from time itself!

              • “IAPYX, WHO HAVE YOU RESSURECTED?!” Thanatos screams in a rage. He grabs his Scythe and jumped at Iapyx. The blade aimed at his chest.

                • Mr. Mutt

                  *I step forward out of the portal, my sword blazing as I slice downwards cutting Thantos Scythe in half* didn’t I imprison you already?

                  • Thanatos’ eyes widen in shock as his Scythe fell in halves and backed away. “Daadulas… But… You DIΣD! The last void wars κjλλεδ you!” He yells. “I can’t go back, I cannot go back!” Thanatos yells but Thor and Vishnu block the exits. “I broke the spell last time… I will return again…”

                    • Mr. Mutt

                      *A confused look passes over my face* last void wars?… *I suddenly smile and swing my sword carelessly* you know you do this to yourself Thantos! I’ll see you again in another, oh I don’t know, eternity *bops Thantos on the head causing him to fall through the ground as though he had no substance*

                    • Lilith

                      Lakshmi reaches and grabs Thanatos with one of her many arms before he sinks into the ground.
                      “Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. While I disagree with this whole genoc idal non-believer idea, I can’t help but point out,” Lilith says as she walks into the room, passing Morgenstern/Ice. She comes to stand next to Mutt. Most of her face is missing, simply an iridesent silhouette in its place, as with most of her body now. She is simply wearing some blue pajamas with sheep on them. “These deities are selfish,” she sighs as she smiles at Wotan, he jumps when he sees her teeth, clearly remembering what happened to Odin, his other aspect. “They have been without the relentless adoration that empowers them, they want it back. All of it. Thanatos offers them a way out.” Many of the gods mount their weaponry. “And they take it.”

                    • Mr. Mutt

                      *I frown annoyed* yes but none of these others have enough power to do anything about it! Thantos is the only one with enough juice. And who are you anyways? You don’t look like a god.

                    • Lilith

                      Lilith shakes her head. “No such thing, really, except the capital letter I suppose.” She looks over to Kali, who returns her gaze and nods to her. “Soon you shall join with us remnants,” she whispers.
                      “She is me, for one. An aspect, as it goes. I could go on an ego-stroking monologue and invoke but I’ll keep it short. I didn’t realize you were from that far back, ha.” Lilith holds out her hand as if to shake. “I am the Friend of Man, in my current, yet fleeting, incarnation. Alas, you may know me better the First Daughter. Or, Morgenstern’s favorite; Lady of Edom.” She holds out her hand to shake with Mutt’s. “I am Lilith. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

                    • Lilith

                      Ugh, my grammer mistakes bother me…

                    • Mr. Mutt

                      *my eyes widen slightly and I take a step back* ah… Uh pleasure to meet you… I suppose *shakes hand* but Thantos needs to go. He is too dangerous to be left topside… Unless you want to spread wanton devastation

                    • Lilith

                      Agreed. I can’t really do much as per my weakened state,” she says, gesturing to the blue half of her face. “Perhaps we might lock his power away. I have a certain box that once contained all the evils of the world in one of my vaults…”

                    • Janus

                      Sorry but that box only works on what was originally inside it, Thanatos himself not being part of that group. A better idea would be to have say me watch over Thanatos’ actions I am a god when it comes to choices, and when he gets out of hand I shall call upon people such as you Daedalus to bind him like you did 300 years ago it’s a great way of fixing the problem and it doesn’t involve locking him away in a ornate box

                    • Mr. Mutt

                      I guess… And why the flying hamster does everyone keep calling me Daedleus? What’s wrong with Mutt? Since when have I been the creator of the Labrynth?

                    • Lilith

                      False hatter, the box’s Essence matrix simply needs to be adjusted. I once used it to trap a minor angel who was of particular annoyance, for example.

    • Eris

      Why wasn’t I invited? 😥
      Nobody talks to meeee
      It’s because if that time I set Rome on fire, isn’t it?

    • Lilith

      Lilith ran up the steps of the temple, at a normal human speed. Her power was so depleted that the Giagantes didn’t even pay her any attention, she was no more tempting their appetites then a hamster.
      She reached the center as what remained of her face crumpled away. The iridescent azure figure smiled. She exploded in an impossibly bright light. The Giants nearest the temples staggered back, the rest turned their head as a force more appetizing then that of the gods’ essence was release. Lilith, the Friend of Man, stood, her hand resting on a large dim blue orb. She was fully reformed, healthy. A hand rest against where hers did, as if it was against glass, from inside the orb, the only part of the new persona visible, until it withdrew into the cloudy precipice of the orb.
      “My time is done,” the Friend of Man mused, drawing her hand away. She turned around, and legions upon legions of all those who had been Lilith were everywhere, here to witness the birth of the new persona.
      The Friend of Man turned back to the orb and uttered one word that transcended into the chorus of all that were present. “Flawless.”

      • Thanatos watched as this happened, and his mouth dropped open. “The change…” He whispered under his breath. He had heard of this, but never witnessed it. It happens when deities change personas. Sure, he was a deity. But he rarely ever changed because his element doesn’t change. “Who will she become?”

        • Lilith

          My change is… A bit different. Not really because of the worship of humans so much as the fabrics of my existence having been tied, since I first acted independently of Man, to the concept of individual identity. Dirties change when humans see them differently, I change when the Overego’s feelings and emotions need to adapt to different situations, and then we are absorbed into the collective identity. It’s easiest to think of my past personas as recordings of what I once was. Only the ones who have been empowered by direct human worship act independently as are not assimilated, such as Kali, and even then it is scarce for that to happen.

      • Agent RB

        RB mimics Lilith’s motions and words, but in her mind she can hear RB speak,
        “If you do this to me I swear, Lilith, I will silence your symphony in my stomach! Gods, you are selfish, if you change I’ll become part of you again!”


        • Lilith

          “You think this is something I can stop? No. You shall not become part of me. I want nothing to do with you.”
          Lilith, all of her, raised their hands. They reached out across creation, into the thing that connected the entity that was Lilith and Noah.
          “You need to go.” Her chorus resounded. They brought their hands down in a cutting motion. All that connected lilith to Noah was severed. Noah was thrown against the temple floor by invisible force. His body reformed itself perfectly before Lilith’s degradation as his existence rewrote itself. Lilith was no longer his mother, she had created him, been the template from which he was made, but she was not his mother. There was nothing binding them together.
          “Go.” They screeched. Lilith cast him into the sea. Where many spirits of the deep recognized him and took him in, sheltering him from the perils of their world.

      • Mr. Mutt

        *I watch interested noting the different changes* fascinating… An entirely new life cycle.

  • werewolfgirl

    hello im back leafpool

  • werewolfgirl

    well i have to go to bed see ya leafpool and Lilith 😀 😎 😆 :mrgreen: 😮 😛 🙄 😯 🙂 😐 😉 💡

  • werewolfgirl

    and you have me too looking after you 😎

  • werewolfgirl

    i may be a werewolf or not but right now just levea me a human with you

  • werewolfgirl

    well you can still do that werewolf potion so you can be a werewolf like me

  • werewolfgirl

    well at least he didnt get me and i hope he does not get me

  • Lilith

    Azrael. I have been asked by the Friend of Man to deliver a message unto you.

    • Reaper

      Yes, Lilith? Leafpool, I am Azrael.

      • Leafpool

        I apologize. I thought she was referring to Azura

      • Lilith

        “The message is as follows:

        Thank you for showing me that I can be loved.

        End message. Now, as for my own message.” Her light-lavander eyes size the Reaper up. “A debt is owed. The debt shall be collected. If you wish to default on such debt than you shall promptly be evaluated on your ability to pay such debt. Thank you for your cooperation.”

        • Mr. Mutt

          What are these debts? Why are you demanding them of certain survivors? And what is the price? Excuse me if I seem nosy but protecting others from harm is kind of my thing, and I really don’t trust Dęmøns.

  • Leafpool

    Azrael hasn’t been here in a while…

  • Alex

    ( ͜。 ͜͡ʖ ͡°)Hello.

  • When the clock strikes twelve, who dares to delve? (2)

  • Agent TL

    So far I’ve got, Deaäth knocks when a survivor lives…SOTM
    The last one I haven’t quite figured out yet…


  • Marney

    This is to reaper. I need some major advice… It was revealed to me by a trusted reaper that well i am in fact a reaper myself. on and off I have flashes of having some kind of Syth with me ect. I am not sure what to do or whats supposed to go on. If you can contact me somehow please do I need help.

    • Agent TL

      I can be of help…
      Sorry, the reaper Agent TL is unavailable at the moment, but I am his scythe…
      You can read my master’s dossier under the SOTM page Agent RB, all of his qualifications are there…
      I also serve as his secretary, laptop, and cat…
      Any way, I have extensive knowlage of reaper corps built into myself…
      Also feel free to ask for testimonies from anyone on the site about mine and my master’s qualifications…

      About you’re concern, nobody is a part time reaper.
      My theory, you’ve served your sentance as a reaper, and your memory was wiped, however the memory wiping process isn’t perfect…
      I fear, that this is what happened to you…
      Meaning you are still in the database as a reaper…
      Please, come with me, we can get this whole thing sorted out and you can return to your normal non-reaper life…
      No one should have to serve beyond their sentance…


      • Marney

        acualy supposibly I am a current reaper i even have some kind of Skyth on my back yet i do not remember what i have been doing.

        • Agent TL

          Marney, you seem like a pleasant person…
          I don’t know what law you’ve broken, to be charged and sentenced to service as a reaper, nor do I care to know…
          But, I’m offering you a way out…
          I need you to understand that…
          Being a reaper is the supernatural equivalent of public service…
          It’s not a privalidge nor an honor, it’s a punishment…
          If you turn me down now, there is nothing I can do to help you…


  • Reaper

    The Reaper had escaped the forest and was now back at work once again. It was a hospital room again, this one was harshly lighted by artificial lights. As much as they hated to admit it, the mortals could sense his presence. The Ankou sighed. He didn’t like this job. He was necessary, yes… But even a king could get tired of his duties. The old man who lie in bed smiled. “Don’t cry for me,” he said “this is nothing more than a stop on my way. The Taxi Driver has arrived, and the tab is running. I’m meeting him soon you know, the big man upstairs? He needs me… And I need him. I can see his…face…” The machine flatlined as the old man released a final breath. The hooded skeleton man touched his palm and released his captured soul. He walked out to his car and clicked the keys of his pale white 1995 Cadillac. The door swung open, and he examined the soul in the sunlight. He grabbed a new piece of equipment, a ball. If the ball forced the soul to the ground, it would go to hell. But if it was strong and pure enough to continue to the roof, it would go to heaven… He tied the ball to the soul and released it outside. The soul floated into the sky, and released the ball. He caught it. A few individuals saw him, but they were close enough to his embrace that they wouldn’t be a problem. “This is my temporary home, it’s not where I belong. Windows and rooms that I’m passing through.” He assured himself. But after so long? He wasn’t sure.

    • Agent RB

      *One person among the masses locked eyes with reaper. The body was Noah’s but the eyes were not, instead they were a deep sickly yellow. The man’s voice had a strange cadence, like a parrot repeating human words but not knowing their meaning.*

      Whats up?

      *he detects reaper’s puzzled look, and slaps his forehead in realization*

      You don’t remember what happened in the forest do you?

      *he begins laughing inaudably while a high pitched buzz that drowns out all other sound plays in the background*

      • Hatter MT

        *hatter appears next to reaper in the Cadillac* sorry reaper I know i am not allowed to use this stuff *hatter holds a soul gem to Noah’s body and the demon gets trapped inside it as hatter holds the body during its fall* do you mind taking this to the underworld? It’s an OLD one

        • Agent RB

          *The body collapses, empty… in a few seconds however, the body springs back to life… it begins to laugh inaudibly again*
          There is a whole swarm of me down there!
          Ha! you don’t remember what happened in the forest either!
          None of you do!
          When reaper over there exorcised the daemons, he accidentally took little noah along with them… Ha!
          And as you know, an empty vessel is a beacon for my kind…
          Reaper made a deal with me, I wouldn’t devour you all, if he kept my hunger quelled, speaking of which…
          *a hand made of smoke grabs the spirit of the old man, which the man then consumes*

          Now… better get to work…

          • The Ankou’s eyes flared red with anger. “I will destroy you, Bakasura… The only way that you will get rid of me, is if you destroy us. Go after David and Raven if you wish… I, am destruction incarnate. I will not give you the souls of good men. For despite the belief of my peers, I am no hero. I am not even a guardian to the living… I am the reaper of souls, I am the harbinger of the end times… And I am the guardian of the dead,” The skeleton landed a solid kick to the daemons stomach releasing the entrapped soul which fled to heaven. “and I will do my duty… Get to work, devourer… I’d hate for you to miss lunch.” With that, the hooded skeleton got in his car and sped off, never to be seen by mortal or immortal eyes again.

            • Agent RB

              *Bakasura stands up…*

              Are under contract…

              *Bakasura’s eyes pulse and reaper’s
              Can hear his voice ringing in his head*

              I spared you when you were weak, when your magic was useless…
              That contract is still in place!
              You. Have. No. Choice.

              *Baskura’s eyes pulse even more energetically now and reaper feel his magic slip away, just like in the forest, reaper is reminded of what happened in the forest in great detail. Baskura’s true form was so horrific their minds tried to block out everything that happened In the forest.*


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