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  • User AvatarAkantha { Selfishness being the most common trait... perhaps, but not necessarily the... } – Dec 22, 3:44 AM
  • User AvatarHatter { well, andré it really depends on quite a few things, however... } – Dec 04, 5:42 PM
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Lycanthropy Lunar Phase Tracker

Waxing Gibbous Moon
Waxing Gibbous Moon

Distance: 57 earth radii
Ecliptic latitude: 0 degrees
Ecliptic longitude: 103 degrees

Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Hunter Moon Eclipse

Hunter moon eclipse

Hunter moon eclipse survival party

The hunter moon rises again tonight in the wake of a long lunar eclipse that caused all moonlight fuelled activities to cease, and allowed shadowy beings with shadowy agendas into the night, creating one of the most dangerous full moons of the year. Or almost certainly in the top 12 anyway.

On the bright side, if you’re  surviving check back here for some cheery summaries of the midnight mayhem. We’ll check in on survivors with some colorful links in no particular order and maybe an exciting full moon announcement, who knows.

Will the curse continue and be passed on to another (un)lucky survivor? Check back here to find out…

On the Hunter Moon the Hunter Becomes the Hunted…

–>> So is HUNTER a hunted on the hunt? What or who is he hunting exactly this moon? On the Hunter Moon don’t click on this link at your peril.

Minotaur Defeat Report

–>> Find out how the DEMIGOD did it and why. Or not. Will he tell?

When Is Your Moon?

–>> Good explation here from VELANKO explains the difference between genetic and bitten werewolves, using 85% fewer words than any explanation I ever gave.

Anyone Know How to Re-cork a Sword Spirit? 

–>> Update on the malevolent spirit of KZAZ’s sword in progress… left with a cursed butterknife it seems the Contali is fading fast. MR. MUTT comes in with some time mojo here. Did he succeed in re-bottling her?

Warning for WWs

–>> I hate to link to myself here but…. okay that’s a lie. I love to link to myself. And in this case, I think it’s warranted.  WWs who go around threatening people i.e.: me like WOLFBLOOD here need to learn an important lesson in supernatural survivology…

Battle on the River Lethe

–>>SCARLETT and the REAPER … what in Hades is going on  here?

Delivery for Whom?

–>>Who is sending wraiths by UPS and why? Did  URBAN SQUATCH deliver a malevolent package on the lunar eclipse?

Demon Lore

–>> HATTER claims this is an effective demon repellent.  Is he madder than a hatter afterall? And where can a survivor get one of his handy hats? See what they do HERE

Proofs of Life

–>> Therianthrope VENOMTONGUE & WW MOONSONG checking in to say they still survive. Let’s see who else…

Reapers Day Off

–>> What does a REAPER do on his day off anyway? HINT: it involves popcorn. Why is he leaving this night to the hunters?

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

32 comments to Hunter Moon Eclipse

  • As much as I would like to stay and chat, it seems my list for North America just grew immensely. Let’s see, demon attack at 4:00 Hunting accident involving a blind man and a shotgun at 4:12… This is strange… Someone swallow another person whole… That’s in 5 minutes! Oh, man I gotta go Seth! I’ll be here in the morning! If I don’t go soon there won’t be much left to reap! Cannibals… They make me sick… Although, leprechauns are still the thing I hate the most… Bloody little wankers… Oh, apologies I went back to when I lived in Britain for a moment.

  • Urban Squatch

    Uh, quick question Seth. I realize your busy with that surprise for the SOS community. But, what do I do when a wraith asks for a package to be delivered at night and the package has holes it says live “animal” in quotations on the box and it might be moving and jumping around?

  • Hunter

    Ah, the Hunter Moon. The time when most others who call themselves “hunters” take the opportunity to hunt for sport.
    And Seth, you are correct in saying this is when the hunters become the hunted. Or at least the “hunters” are kept a close eye on by actual hunters.

    • Hail Hunter,

      Thanks for your agreeable SOS message but I am confused. Which are you again tonight, the hunter or the hunted??? If the former as your name suggests, does this mean normally you are the hunted? If so who or what is hunting you normally that tonight you hunt?


      • Hunter

        Not all hunters hunt for sport, as most so-called “hunters” do.
        I am one of the few that only hunts when need be. That is, when something [such as a rogue vampire] gets so out of hand that it needs to be taken care of.
        Tonight, however, is the night when those who hunt for sport are kept in check, as they are the ones who give actual hunters a bad name.
        I hope this clears it up.

  • Moonsong

    It has certainly been a while since I’ve been on here… Must be at least a couple of months since I last commented…
    But the Hunter Moon. My second favorite, due to its coloring and where it hangs in the sky. Like the eye of a predator stalking its prey. Such symmetry. Such beauty. Such power.
    My favorite has to be the Harvest [Singing] Moon, though.

  • Venomtongue

    Sorry I haven’t posted much lately, school’s been crazy.
    I’ve been working on a few digital drawings of werewolves and the like, and was wondering who would like me to link them here once I’ve uploaded them to my dA account?

    • Hail Venomtongue,

      Thanks for checking in with this proof of life. Please do send a link with your drawings along with any information you have about the subjects.

      Still keeping on,


  • hatter

    Seth if you want to survive this years hunter moon come to the address I emailed you.

  • Moonsong

    It has certainly been a while…

  • Demigod?

    I wanted to let you know I have survived. I have been trying to outrun monsters. I had some problems with a Minotaur. But I think I finished it.

    • Hail Demigod,

      Thanks for your proof of life. Tell us, how did you encounter a minotaur and how did you defeat it?

      Surviving minds want to know…


      • Demigod?

        I suppose I can tell you. It was the night before I posted that message. The Minotaur, who was apparently searching for something near the underworld, smelled me and decided to attack. Needless to say, I found a way to summon undead creatures. They fought it to it’s death, and I passed out. The only thing I can remember is waking up in Hades, and somehow using the Wi-Fi from Elysium.

      • Hatter

        Elysiums wi fi password is apple pie

  • Hey Seth, I wanted to ask you couple questions. Don’t get the wrong idea, but why do we only hear from you on the site? I know Graham has an account here mostly because sometimes when I’m not busy I tend to search old posts around here. And one other question, how is Sam? I know you Zombie proofed him but, even I can worry about my favorite people.

    • Hail The Reaper,

      Thanks for your nosy I mean excellent questions. The answers are not very supernatural, I’m afraid. Graham is just a bad person who never replies to anyone. Occasionally he will heck the email but mostly for the purpose of ignoring it. He spends so much time programming I think he might be merging with the machine. At least I sort of hope so. In between helping me program the Monstrometer he works on other stuff that he refers o as his “thesis” which I take as code for playing Happy Wheels.

      As for Sam, I cut him off long ago. I check his account and send long emails in his name telling details about his personal hygiene to complete strangers. He’s in grade 11 now – no small thanks to me – and still useful for unplanned experiments altho harder to catch so it’s harder for me to assess his supernatural condition.

      Thanks for your questions Reaper man. Let me get back to figuring out wthk is going on around here….

      Survivally Yours,


  • Kzazrier Vetanari

    Thank you, Risper…
    Risper has stopped the Cycle…
    He just…
    It’s weird…
    He made some runes, cut me in my belly some times (no idea if he just wanted to do that or if it was needed for the ritual), then he mumbled loads of weird spells no one is supposed to know and then… No idea what exactly happened, but it was amazing. Lights in all colors were flying everywhere…
    I’d be surprised if you didn’t see it.
    But now…
    He either left already or disappeared completely…
    Either way, I’m not worried about him.
    He’ll survive…
    And if he doesn’t…
    Well, he will survive.
    Woah, how did I survive this?
    Oh well, I just did…

    • Mr. Mutt

      He may have prevented it but the Abomination is still here. Sorry for the absence but I dįėd. No night just took me a little while to reform.

    • Mr. Mutt

      He may have stopped the cycle, but the Abomination is still here. It kįlled me shortly after I tried to stop it from fully entering this reality. No worries though, it just takes a bit of time for me to reform

      • Kzazrier Vetanari

        Maybe he’s handling that now…?
        …or perhaps not.

        Probably not…
        He’s not someone who loves to save the world…
        He just hates the Cycle…
        Do you need help with anything else?
        Ugh, this body is weird…
        Why did I choose this body?
        Oh well, I don’t have time to switch bodies now…
        So, can I help?

  • Mr. Mutt

    Ugh m0deratìon, my old nemesis

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Hey I made it back alive….I mean I’m still here but I’m not in good shape owww…….I hurt man if I knew battling an monster(if that describes it) that’s a good hundred feet taller than ya would get ya badly bang up then don’t ask me to do it again….oww….heh nemesis is the goddess of revenge heh…..

  • Anagrams are fun.

    Hatched Ken Knows. (3)

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