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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Howling Harvest Moon, 2013

Have you heard the howls? That’s cause the HARVEST MOON is here, in the Northern Hemisphere anyway, bringing all the singingest werewolves out. Will you put a moon cake under your pillow tonight? I’ve got mine ready. Cuz there’s a lot of strange dreams going around, you might want to join the fun. Whether it’ll be the Nyte Mares or a Dreamcation, it’s too soon to tell, but hey you can’t win if you don’t play.

Full Moon Rising

Full Moon Rising

For instance….

–> Need an item delivered this full moon but not sure who to trust? Leave a message for URBAN SQUATCH he seems like a reliable if hairy and fragrant delivery dude. No werewolf will attack a sasquatch – not even an urban one. And he may have managed to deliver THE REAPER his free will. But is he brave enough to deliver that ambrosia mixture to…

–> …the SCARLETT LUPA What’s she up to now? Is this something about the Night Mares again? Thanks to dark dragon JERRY for looking into the situation. It looks like something epic brewing here. What exactly is a mashin raylight anyway? If I ask will she just call me CHILD again? Will somebody else ask?

–> Ever wondered about how different packs celebrate on the full moon? WEREWOLF13 talks a bit about that here.

–> Or maybe you, like JERRY the dark dragon have been wondering about the chaos werewolves AKA the Chaotica who sometimes stop by SOS then read up about it from CHAOS ALPHA...

–> How does VELANKO stay calm on the full moon when he’s not fighting off other reapers and dragons? You’ll have to read to find out.

In the morning we’ll see who survived this moon and how and why. AND then make our last full moon Survivor announcement before Halloween when we have a big-little surprise to reveal. Look for the SURVIVOR OF THE MONTH curse, I mean, clues coming soon.

Hope you’ll keep on keeping on for that and more.

Survivally Yours,


P.S. for more information check out this article over on yourlupinelife.com, “What Makes the Harvest Moon Sing?“.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

42 comments to Howling Harvest Moon, 2013

  • Urban Squatch

    Just to say that I did survive here within the last month. I just had to make a delivery and I knocked out for 2 days. Apparently it’s not just terrorists who deliver bombs. It’s also crazy ex-girlfriends to there exes.

  • The Reaper

    I have am back from hiding. I am sorry it took so long, The Horseman thought we should hide with a pack of wolves. And then they kicked us out… I have left The Horseman’s control.

  • Jerry9012

    So, Harvest Moon eh? You know what they say… When the orange moon rises, the dead hold surprises.

    • Hail Jerry9012,

      They say that? Who says that? I have never heard that one before and I am quite intrigued. Please tell us more. I am not really sure that I like the dead having surprises except perhaps a tub of Cherry Garcia ice cream.


      • Jerry9012

        Ooh I love cherry garcia! But as for the actual surprise, as you know, Fall is one of the seasons of Death. Along with Winter. Thing is, Death has a funny way of sneaking up on you… As The Reaper might be able to tell you. All I can say is, stay inside during the Equinox.

        Sincerely yours Jerry.
        Oh and P.S I’m trying to send you some Cherry Garcia ice cream at this moment.

  • Chaos Alpha

    Another thing people say is that a werewolf is strongest on there birth moon.

    • Hail Chaos Alpha,

      Indeed the birth moon is a strong factor but I think not the only factor in determining on which moons werewolves have increased power. Many werewolves have an affinity for a moon that is not their birth moon. My friends over at yourlupinelife.com have put out a Lycanthropy Profiler, a great feature in their iOS app that helps werewolves figure out their moon. So far most or the werewolves that have tried it have reported good results but not being a werewolf myself I can’t personally test it. Have you tried it? https://itunes.apple.com/app/lupine-life/id537354036


  • Chaos Alpha

    Thanks for spelling chaotica correctly.

  • Urban Squatch

    Why thank you Seth! You know, it’s hard being a Sasquatch and working for the UPS… It’s good to get recognition for once!

  • The Reaper

    I missed this so much… :mrgreen:

    • mary5544

      hi reaper im happy ur back matbe ull be more help than pale

      • Jerry9012

        He might be, but I’m more help then any death type deity.

        • mary5544

          well do u have any idea why everyone is after me an is tamerious as dangerous as he is making me think he is

          • Jerry9012

            For me, no. For you, possibly. And I’d say it has something to do with the “Damsel in distress complex” men have.

            • mary5544

              do not get me started on that and no offense i do not really like men mainly since in third grade i think i got a chair thrown at my head and now some kid is throwing eraser pieces at my head and mainly the people who want me its not for a good reason

              • Jerry9012

                I apologize Mary, I did not mean to offend you and or upset you in anyway. It’s mostly due to the fact that most humans, (present company excepted i.e Seth, Graham, and Sam) are not smart enough to respect a predator when they see it… I hope that you will not react to the feelings of predation… No matter how annoying the Human males are, it will end up most likely turned from Predator, to Prey. Let’s not forget the Medieval ages when my kind was hunted to near extinction.

                • Marney

                  well wolves are predetors to mind you. And I highly respect dragons. I thought for a while dragons were apart of my bloodline. before I was in my pack. i still remeber my first deer hunt but I was alone at the time. Anyway as for males, most human males I just stay away from. I have my husband but thats it.(yes he knows what I am and respects it)

                  • Kzazrier Vetanari

                    They are one of the more beatifull creatures…
                    Of course, my cute little Kyni are cuter.
                    Oh, and the Crystal Giant of the 63th realm! That thing is huge and so beautiful…
                    Well made. Very well made.
                    It’s going to be Harvestia, one of the only MPs (MP = Moon Party)the Contali have. This year, it’s going to be HUGE! Too bad I can’t come thanks to those curses I got… Well, my niece promised to come… She’s called Veenucia, just like a certain type of alcohole… We used to fight a lot, but then I forgot about her and created Veenucia, the most alcoholic drink to exist… It’s also the only way for Contali to get drunk without having to replace their blood with alcohole. Don’t drink it! It’s called Veenucia for a reason! Veenuk is the Contaalic word for death…
                    Happy Harvestia!

                    • mary5544

                      what is a moon party sorry i dont know much all i know is things about humans and i think there cag mag

                    • Kzazrier Vetanari

                      Well, I don’t know about humans, but I do know this is a party for Contali.
                      It’s going to be HUGE!
                      It was much fun last time I was there…
                      Too bad they don’t allow people from the future…
                      Anyway, some stuff happened, bad stuff and good stuff.
                      I now have yet ANOTHER thing to do. This has more priority, though.
                      Someone in Europe (I can’t be more specific in this) is a Gemstone. I need to find that person… Does anyone have some sort of ability? Excluded magic or anything that involves special species. If you do, you’re probably unable to use magic.
                      Oh, and it’s better to let me find you… You REALLY don’t want ‘them’ to find you.
                      No, I don’t mean A51 with ‘them’…
                      Right, about that MP…
                      It’s just a huge party on Pyrafrey where we eat and drink until there’s nothing left. Last time it lasted for two ages and seven years… That was fun…

                    • mary5544

                      that does sound like fun but jeeze thats a long time

                • mary5544

                  jerry u didnt offend me u would know if u had because im not a good person when im mad. plus the only the reason the eraser thing is getting on my nerves is because its get tangled up in my hair i dont want my hair cut off again. also i like dragons i have always found them interesting

  • Jerry9012

    I’ll ask Seth, even though I am more powerful than she, she calls me child anyway…

  • Marney

    last night I did not have any weird wolfy experiances. did not go back to the beach unfortunatly or that i can remeber anyway. despite that i am so tired even though i was in bed early…

  • Jerry9012

    Good morning everyone! I had to fight off some Therians last night… But they were weak, I sent them home afterwards. Now to buy my cherry garcia ice cream!

    • Venomtongue

      Evidently, you are talking abou the shape-shifting sort, and not the other kind. The only modern therians tha are fools are the ‘teenn werewolves’ and give the rest of us therians a bad name. It would be wise to not call modern therians weak, as we are not. Do you have any idea of the stuff we have to put up with when we try to explain what theriananthropy is to the undeucated people, of which you clearly are one?

  • Jerry9012

    Dream cations are amazing! After I fought off the weres I went to sleep, suddenly I was in an ancient castle in Ireland. I love that castle… It’s where my horde was located until I was robbed by greedy little leprechauns… Nasty little beta humans…

  • Jerry9012

    Ugh! I might be a bit to reply… Some void chipmunks have been seen near my cave…

  • Knox the Hovering Moon

    I will survive . I lock myself in my room every full moon . But I still wake up and my face is covered in blood .

    • Kzazrier Vetanari

      One drip if Vampirism Venom, a glass of holy water, some hair of a necromancy-focussed male witch and a tear filled with hope. Put it in a bottle once used to kill an add six drips of your own blood. Warm it until it cooks. Freeze it. Now melt it again. Spit in it and let some moonlight shine on it. Tell it if you want to be protected from the switch or want to switch at that moment. Offer it one bottle of rum (not in the magical liquid, just burn it) and light the magical liquid on fire. Repeatedly say ‘Pyra, savry Pyra’.
      And you’re done, you won’t switch for one night.

  • Jerry9012

    Back from fighting off Void Chipmunks with a tube of salami… I have one can of pineapple juice, and all of a sudden they just swarm…

  • Hunter

    Once again, the full moon does not cause any lycan to go ‘wolf’. That is merely propaganda created by the early werewolf films of the late 30’s / early 40’s.
    Apparently there is a Hungarian myth of werewolves shape-shifting on the full moon, but I or any other person that’s tried to find it has been unable to do so.
    And wolfsbane is’t the only way to harm a ww, that is just the easiest and most common.

    • Jerry9012

      Well, how would you know? Perhaps it’s true, but none of them were near you Hunter.

    • Kzazrier Vetanari

      Not entirely true…
      You’re talking about the genetics.
      You clearly haven’t found out about the bacteria that creates Lycanthropy.
      It has a transformation-enchantment with lunar-focus mana, sometimes known as ‘white mana’.
      There also are different types of werewolves.
      Som will transform because of the moon and some won’t.

  • Vianna (I have returned from the dead)

    Seth! I can see you’re still funny-ish! How nice. I have indeed dropped off the grid and the SOTM curse has sort of…let me leave for a bit? I guess? Need any info and I have it right here. It’s very odd. Long explaination. Just ask and we can protect this month’s winner.

    • Jerry9012

      You’re a dragon as well? It is good to meet another!

    • Kzazrier Vetanari

      Even though I’m pretty good at doing the impossible, a little bit of advice us always useful…
      So, what happened when you got the curse?

      • Vianna

        Oh well……….I felt like I needed to leave. So I went to New Zealand. Still didnt satisfy me. So I went to sleep one day and I wake up and there’s a ghost beside me, he tells me to take his hand and so I give him a claw. I was in dragon form at the time. So basically I was living outside of time for a while. Nice to meet you Jerry and Kzazrier.

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