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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Once In a Blue Moon How You Can Wish On a Blue Moon

Blue Moon Rises Bringing Important Wishing Occasion

Once in a blue moon…

As with most, if not all old sayings, this one too has ancient supernatural roots that have thankfully come to light just in time for the blue moon on July 31.

20150727-132009.jpgAs you know, the saying once in blue moon, means things that very seldom happen.

In other words, things that you wish would happen more often but don’t happen in the general business of ongoing life. The blue moon, itself a change in the usual order of business, can bring about a rare exception, just as the saying suggests.

It’s a fact that was recently brought to light here on the site  by a survivor named Ravenwillow. And further research into the matter validates her experience and reveals long tradition of wishing on the blue moon. (Just one of many tips and contributions made by survivors here on the site that keep me keeping on as a supernatural survivalist.)

Don’t let the moon set on this excellent wishing opportunity! Read on and get ready to make your own blue moon wish.

How To Wish On a Blue Moon 3 Easy Steps

1. Select Your Blue Moon Wish Wisely

Whether it’s a genie in a lamp or a leprechaun-owned wishing well this is always good advice. However in the case of a blue moon, it’s not a matter of be careful what you wish for! life-or-death.

No, in this case it’s just a matter of maximizing the blue moon potential by understanding the nature of the blue moon. As the second full moon in a single month, blue moons are rare but regular and predictable occurrences – but not in and of themselves supernatural events despite their ability to temporarily suspend the usual order of business in the world.

Your wish should reflect this. It’s not an occasion to wish for something that has never happened before. It’s an occasion to wish for something you wish would happen again.

2. Write Your Wish In Stone

Your cave wall would be an ideal place. At least that’s what the ancients did. Granted this used to be easier. If you no longer live in a cave, find a smooth rock or stone and write on it with a decent marker instead.

Just make sure your rock is big enough – or your wish small enough – to fit on the stone you select or you could end up with only half a wish, in other words a wish that almost-but-not-quite comes true. And research shows the only thing worse than not hitting that home run in the ninth inning of a tie game with loaded bases is almost-but-not-quite making that epic catch in the ninth inning of a tie game with loaded bases.

3. Bury Your Blue Moon Wish Rock

Two key words here, timing and location. 


First, the rock must be buried at the height of the blue moon. Normally this means when the moon reaches its fullest height and certainly if you suspect that you are a Blue or Silver Werewolf  you need to be aware of this. But for blue moon wishing, the key timing here is precisely midnight on the last day of the month.

What if you bury it well before midnight? While reportedly not optimal, research reveals that a before-midnight wish-rock burial is not wholly ineffective like an after-midnight wish burial. So erring on the side of caution here is not out of the question. If you can’t make a midnight date with the blue moon, better to make it before than after.


Anywhere the moonlight falls will work. Now this gets tricky if it’s a cloudy night. Tricky but not not devastating. Not if you pick your location with careful observation and weather research well in advance of the blue moon.

Now I’m not saying there aren’t other valid ways to wish on the blue moon but the research suggests if you follow these three steps your wish has historically corroborated odds of coming true. We can quibble about numbers all day, whether that means 99.98 or 99.00 percent – and I freely admit to not testing my research yet –  but hey, wouldn’t this time be better spend in preparing for the blue moon instead? Nothing here involves burying a dead animal or risking your eternal soul or inviting a maliciously playful fey being into your life forever. And you don’t need a whole wishing team.  So where’s the risk?

I know I’ll have my wish ready.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

55 comments to Once In a Blue Moon How You Can Wish On a Blue Moon

  • Hail Ravenwillow,

    Thanks for keeping on and for checking out the article. Blue Werewolves in my understanding based on research left here by survivors is that so-called blue werewolves – whose fur and eyes are actually more silver than blue hence the silver werewolves- are those ruled by and/or initiated to the blue moon.

    I’ll try to post some links on my return to HQ later tonight.

    Til then long may you keep on keeping on!


  • Ravenwillow

    thanks seth, i guess i can cross that off my list…black fur, blue eyes.


  • Zyboragon

    Earth’s moon still exists?? 😯

  • catveena

    If I had one wish. It would be to go back to the fairy realm. *sigh*
    so I’ll have to make my wish.

  • Agent RB

    *Words can’t even begin to describe the sight of an entire collapsed dimension. Noah’s ark begins to enter orbit around the ring of gas and dust being pulled into the black hole at the center. Ideally a universe will expand after it collapses, what humans call a Big Bang. But in this cases the entirety of Lilith’s world was condensed into a super massive black hole. Noah prepares for the FTL jump into its center, to try and catch a glimpse of the past… To prevent something like this from ever happening again…*

    The Faux Cycle…

    *Noah whispers under his breath*

    Alright, everything is set, you ready hatter?

    *Noah senses somthing is off*

    What did you say about something getting slower…


    • Hatter MT

      The reaper corps response time, their record is nine minutes but this time they took almost enough time to disguise themselves as multiversal civilians… Then run towards us almost like they knew we were leaving for somewhere else in the multiverse. 199 extra seconds means either it took them that long to figure it out or they were gonna chase after us

      • Agent RB

        *Noahs jagged smile twists into a sneer, as if he smelt somthing putrid, he did. Reapers. The rushing waters of Styx flow out from a portal, carrying with it a fleet of reaper boatmen.*

        And to think, I founded the naval branch of reaper corps!
        How do we always manage to find ourselves in this situation!


        I guess this is as good a time as ever, hold on tight!

        *noah engages FTL and dives head first into the black hole*


        • Hatter MT

          *hatters shoes seem almost magnetically attached to the ship as he walks towards noah* well… Mach wasn’t available and we had an appointment so I decided to go with you somewhere, the reaper corps has a Draco ruler of Athens approach to me and always wants me, you, or both decommissioned and well despite obvious attempts to save their sorry hide *the reapers are heard screaming as they are pulled into the singularity* they find us dangerous which is remarkable because they’re the ones with the weapons and lack of intellectual prowess enabling nearly miraculous escapes by yours truly

          • Agent RB

            We crashed…

            *noah stands up, the broken peices of his ark surround him, who knows how long he was out…
            He quickly realizes hatter was with him and looks for him in the rubble, but he is no where to be found. Noah looks around and notices that he had acctully succeeded on what he wanted to do, see the past. All around him are the swirling mirages of the past. The entire history of Lilith’s realm was at his finger tips. Time to get searching he presumed. He could worry about escape later…*


            • Hatter MT

              *as Noah looks around the past of Lilith’s realm he hears a high pitched whine which turns into a scream as he gets hit in the head by hatter falling right on him* probably should have said “Geronimo” sorry about the crash Noah but hey beggars cannot be choosers and well the reaper boat got 100%blasted to smithereens so just be lucky you didn’t also get spaghettified or had every bone in your body splintered into toothpicks. Me I prefer taking things slowly and jumped as soon as I saw the timeline

              • Agent RB

                Hatter, we are the first people to every see the inside of a black hole…

                We are stepping into the realm of theories rather than laws. From this point on, anything that can happen will happen…

                It’s Murphy’s law…

                *Noah and hatter walk through the timeline of Lilith’s realm, and happen upon it’s ruler, his mother Lilith… She seemed to see the two of them, but she couldn’t have, she was just an illusion. She walks through noah and hatter…*

                We need to go further…


                • Hatter MT

                  Why are we going backwards in time? Shouldn’t we be looking for the moment the faux cycle came into this realm?

                  • Agent RB

                    I wish it was that easy…
                    No, I belive the seed for the faux cycle was present during the first few moments of this realm’s creation…
                    I’d like to think it was Lilith herself that put it there, considering her passiveness twords this realm’s eventual destruction, but in this case I belive my emotions twords my mother may be clouding my judgement…

                    *Noah and hatter continue walking, and they pass by a scene of Lilith arguing with noah*

                    If someone has the power to recreate and weponize a force like the cycle, we need to find out who…

                    *penelope climbs into hatters shoulders and whispers into his ear*

                    Watch your back around Noah on this trip…
                    I know he sounds calm, but his mind is in a very volitile state…
                    He believes that everyone is conspiring against him but you…
                    Let’s keep it that way…

                    *Noah calls for Penelope, and she runs back to his side*

                    I think were getting close to the answer hatter, I can feel it…


                    • Hatter MT

                      Noah, I don’t think that it would have been there since the beginning since these kinds of things usually don’t show up until things are already winding down. For example look over there *hatter points at something that looks suspiciously like reaper opening a jar with the fake cycle in it* I don’t think that is Lilith or near the beginning

                    • Lilith

                      “Hatter, my brother. Noah, my son.” Called a voice from within the timeline. “To time travel through Innocence,” it said. “A silly notion. If you wished to do such a thing, you need only walk backwards.”
                      The time stream twisted away into an endless plane of white nothingness. Hatter and Noah were pulled past such luminal barriers, until they inexplicably arrived on a cold, glass floor.
                      There they were in that same Glass Room from which Lilith rules Innocence. And there, reclining upon a rather cushy sofa, hair white as snow, skin like ivory, eyes like chrome; Lilith.
                      All around surrounding them were stars and galaxies upon universes.
                      Dressed in a luxurious white robe of silk, with black inlays. “It is such a shame,” she said, her eyes bright amethysts. “I had hoped that my, ‘cycle’ as it were, would keep anyone from desiring to enter my sweet Innocence.” The side of her mouth twitched. “In addition from separating the true Lilith from me. But you are family,” she said, as they immediately sat at a glass dining table, appearing from no where. “And I bear no ill will. To what do I owe this visit?”

                    • Agent RB

                      You destroyed innocence…
                      As far as I’m concerned, that was an arms test for the most dangerous weapon in the multiverse…
                      Do you know how many reapers fell collecting all those spirits!

                      *Noah starts with a light chuckle, then bursts out laughing*

                      Clever girl, using Thanatos to release it!
                      I knew I should have trusted my gut!
                      Tell me, what could you have possibly offered the king of reapers, so that he’d betray his own people?


                    • Lilith

                      Lilith simply smiled silently for a few moments, an otherworldly giggle coming from all directions radiated within the glass room.
                      “I destroyed nothing,” she said. “Merely concealed. From you, and those who would take advantage of my lovelies.” She gestured to the thriving universe outside.
                      “Those were not souls that were collected. It is ever so simple to make someone believe something has happened which has not,” she said, as that laugh again sounded throughout the Glass Room.
                      “I watch from a front row seat as the Mutt wages war with the Flawless.”
                      “M’lady, I–” a voice called from behind them, as Cortez snarled, entering through a wall from seemingly nowhere.
                      “Ahh,” Lilith said, sipping a glass of odd, green liquid. “And Cortez so callously discarded by his brother.” She said, as the tuxedo-clad hybrid fell to her flank, regarding the two with suspicious, shifting eyes. “Whom I spirited away from a damable void of destruction.”
                      She turned her eyes back to her visitors, her silver hair falling to her side. “So again, I ask… Why is it you’re here?”

                    • “Life, Noah. She gave me the gift of life. Both literally; and metaphorically.” Thanatos stated. “Why do you choose to fight still Noah? After all that Lilith has done for you… Don’t you think it’s time to repay her?” Thanatos chuckeled and coughed from his throne of bones. He was old. He’d gone unworshipped for many years now… Soon his form may give out on him. Soon. Not now. “Noah of Eden… Son of Lilith… Respect your mother… For once…” The coughing fit got worse and the reaper guard came and had to make sure he was alright but he motioned them away. “I’m not dead yet, you freaking vultures…”

                      –The Reaper

                    • Agent RB

                      *reaper is speaking to noah telipathicly, he answers him out loud keeping eye contact with lilith*
                      Thanatos, my king, you must have grown confused in your old age…
                      I am a product of Lilith’s selfishness, her need to fill some void…
                      Everything you say she’s done for me, has been for herself…
                      She wanted a son, but she got a monster…
                      Isn’t that right Lilith, mommy’s little monster…
                      And we all know what humans do to monsters…
                      If you knew what I went through as a child, what my family did to me, what the cult did to me, you’d see why I don’t show her respect…
                      Oh, but you’ve never been a child have you, Big G made you just the way you are…
                      Just like Lilith made me just the way I am…
                      *Noah addresses lilith*
                      As for why I’m here, mass destruction strikes a certain nerve in me…
                      I wanted to make sure no one had a power to cause it on a level like what I thought had happened to Innocense…
                      To make sure no one would turn out like me…
                      Which is why I’m glad it was you…


                    • Lilith

                      The cosmic laughter continued fervidly as Noah finished, growing into labored screams before ceasing altogether.
                      “Dear Noah,” said the goddess. “I am not thy mother. Your creator lay in the Earthly Realm. Her bureaucracy becomes her. If this truly what you desire,” she said, as an ivory door appeared on one of the glass walls. She gestured to the door. “Visit her.”

                    • Hatter MT

                      *hatter grabs Noah’s shoulder as the door appears* remember that there are Two Doors there not just one, one leads to the true Lilith the other leads to the timeline when RB becomes TL again so choose wisely and know that reapers can come into the room and collect the snake demon that is your soul from your body

                    • Agent RB

                      *Penelope shifts into a scythe*
                      I need to see Lilith, the real Lilith…
                      We have a lot to catch up on…

                      TL was fun while it lasted, but that chapter of my life is over…
                      Besides, a reaper’s body is much more…

                      *Noah spins the scythe over his head, and points it at the door leading to the true Lilith as it opens as if by his command. Blinding light floods the glass room as noah steps through the door.*

                      And no reaper in their right mind would go anywhere near my mother…
                      Good thing I’m not in my right mind…

                      *The door closes behind noah with a slam and fades away.*


  • Ravenwillow

    greetings, lilith. im pleased to see your return after your long absence.


  • Reaper

    There he was, in his throne room. The Reaper guard centered around him. They wore the black robes associated with them. But these robes weren’t uniforms. They were ceremonial. This was the death of the king after all. “Call… My children… Tell them that I’m sorry…” He said weakly. “Call Olympus… Tell them that they need followers…” He coughed once. “Call Lilith…tell her…I loved her…” His hand started fading. “Heh, I wonder… What’s next for me? Can I even experience an afterlife?” Coughing again, faded up to his elbow. “I doubt it… Men – gods like me – we don’t deserve peace… Remember me, will you? Tell me… You’ll remember…” And with that, light filled the underworld. And 2 forms stood in the place where the king was. Baron Samedi and the Grim Reaper. But they soon fled the scene as well, not liking the area anymore. The Horseman would set out to find a new host. But… Something filled the air. It was evil. Nothing but. Every spell the king of the underworld ever cast… Undone… Including the binding of 7… 7 souls too dangerous to ever be unbound were released. 7 souls set out to find hosts. 7 sins set out to wreak havoc…

  • Assanjin

    Once in a blue moon I would wish many things. I would wish for peace, for happiness, I would wish that my brothers were still alive, I would wish I wasn’t a freak of supernature. I would wish my life was simple and happy, I wish Derek had not run from me in fear and shame of himself all those years ago because of what he was. But alas no wish of mine will ever be granted for what is done is done. All I do now is simply watch and observe the world, seeing how immortals fail their duty, how mortals enjoy their simple and cozy lives and realize I will be alone for all my life, unlike the rest of my kin where my soul will go is uncertain for I neither belong to the depths of Tartarus or the fields of Elysia, I know not if Niflheim wants me or if Valhalla would ever call upon my name, or if Olympus could come calling. My existence is uncertainty itself. Where in all the realms, all the worlds, all the dimensions could I ever belong. My once in a blue moon wish, is to find where I can belong now.

  • Angel Roar

    I’m still alive people. I’m just never coming here again. Ciao

  • Lilith

    “Ugh, how drab,” groaned a voice from the dark. As if on a stage an overhead spotlight shined on a woman, silver and serene as anything was her hair, with flawless skin like milk. Eyes of amethysts, she wore fiery opals for jewelry with a short dress all of gold zippers and and black leathers for clothing, her feet bare. “I leave for five minutes and you lot go to Fenrir for advice.” Running a hand through her lengthy, platinum locks she grimaced. “So, who cares to catch me up on what I’ve missed?”

    • Fenrir Iceborn

      I it answered a few of them. And HEY my advice isn’t horrible.

      Basically all you missed was me trying to find someone to help free me from the magic that’s limiting my power.

    • Hatter MT

      The long and short of it is that some lucifer type decided out of the blue to start destroying magic in all it’s forms using what is quite ironically a bunch of witches and now things that are made from magyk are besides yourself I don’t want to use this term but dissolving and Fenrir is a git who likes magyk so of course you can’t fight a fire without liquid oxygen so someone related to the Person dissolving magyk decided to recruit Fenrir a person literally famous for the apocalypse then I was brought in but my Magyk is going wrong so I can’t really help out.

    • Sloth

      “Also the Reaper King is dead and we’ve been released.” An apathetic male voice who clearly didn’t even care about Hatters lacking update yet still felt it was needed to go ahead and speak. The man the voice came from was average. He had light blue eyes and a shaved head. He was laying on a black leather couch being carried by a small group of women who’s faces were strained with the effort of carrying both the man and the couch. “Hello, my Queen. Did you miss us?”

  • Assanjin

    As it has come to pass for too long have I lingered in shadows doing nothing but watching. The flames shall burn brightly again. My kin will be revived and the blue wings shall soar again. And this time, I come with a vengeance to be had. 9 betrayers, I will devour thee all as you once devoured my own bloodline.

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