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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Angry Ex-Boyfriend Buys Haunted Mirror

A jilted ex-boyfriend has offered to buy a haunted mirror on eBay after it caused its owners a run of bad luck, missing objects and stabbing pains in the middle of the night.

But can you really buy a haunted mirror for revenge on an ex? Should you? Or will it backfire?

An SOS truer-than-true story in progress…

Mirror that haunted flatmates now for sale on e-Bay.

Students Joseph Birch and Sotiris Charalambous did not realize the antique mirror was haunted when they first brought it into their home. Not even when their landlord was trying to dispose of the mirror after using silver paint in a desperate attempt to rehabilitate it.

(These  facts would have been a dead giveaway to SOS readers who are aware of the supernatural utility of silver and could have warned Joseph that a suspicious old mirror with a silver border is not exactly a good find. Clearly the landlord was trying to coax the ghost out of his antique mirror but failed and gave it away instead.)

Shortly after Joseph and Sotiris brought the mirror into their home, weird shadows began appearing, things started to go missing, and they both began to wake up screaming in the middle of the night with stabbing and burning pains in certain unmentioned parts of their bodies.

After enduring this ghastly situation for several months, the renters gave up dealing with their mirror ghost – or ghosts  – and began to advertise it for sale on Ebay instead. The haunted mirror has received several offers, including one from an angry ex-boyfriend who says he will pay £100 and give it as a gift to his ex-gf.

But will the angry ex-boyfriend have his revenge? Or will the joke be on him?

As SOS readers know, old mirrors become haunted for two very good reasons. First, old mirrors are made with a real silver backing. Ghosts love silver. The molecular structure of true silver is highly conductive and responds easily to their energy.

Second, old mirrors see and reflect a lot of events – not all of them good. When a tragic event takes place in front of a mirror, as they often do, the mirror can trap the energy of that event for all time. If that event resulted in the death of somebody, the mirror may also trap their ghost.

But sometimes a ghost will actually choose to stay with the mirror and the energy of the terrible events that killed him because he thinks it will help him communicate his situation to the living. Clearly this is the situation with Joseph’s mirror. The landlord tried and failed to draw the ghost(s) out of the glass by providing a silver conduit. Did he also try to establish communication with the ghost by placing a cherry pie and a candle in front of it before midnight? We don’t know.

We do know that whatever communication attempts have taken place, they have not been successful. Until we know for sure what events this mirror witnessed, we will never know what the ghost wants.

Which brings us back to the angry ex-boyfriend who thinks this mirror will be the perfect revenge on his old GF. Will it work?

Ghosts are not like angry attack dogs. You can’t just sic them on anyone you want! He doesn’t even know the ghost(s) in question. Is it a guy or a girl. How did they die? What do they want you to do?  All we know for sure so far about this mirror ghost, is that it seems to like haunting a couple of guys…

Would you invest?

Friends selling haunted mirror to jilted ex-boyfriend.
by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

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