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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Guess the Triscadeca Moon Survivor of the Month

So far so good Survivors, the triscadeca moon is on the wane and it’s safe to take that elevator beyond the twelfth floor again.*

Who will it be?

Who will it be?

*Providing of course you have verified that it is not in fact a hellevator in which case I would still not advise hitting any buttons below the ground floor.  Although there have been no official Black Shuck sightings yet, I still cannot guarantee there won’t be any…

But if you are reading this then you must have survived so far so congratulations, knock on wood and get ready for to guess the new Survivor of the Month. This time it’s a particularly appropriate choice because Graham and I are preparing an investigatory mission to his realm.

So here are the clues. I’ll roll them 13 of them  over the next 24 hours. See if you can guess who it is before the final announcement on Sunday night.

Guess the Survivor of the Month

1. He was a police officer of the underworld, shade class 5th in command. As such he deals with a lot of infernal paperwork – and definitely not the kind you want delivered to you, trust me. If you are currently in default of an infernal debt, you might find out for yourself.

2. You many remember that he originally came here on a criminal investigation, to gather evidence and deliver a summons to somebody on the site. But who was he investigating again? I seem to recall it was… oh yes… wow that was close… good thing I have another year…

3. As such, he worked hard to remain neutral or as he puts it, unfavored by both the under and over worlds. If you had loose ends or unpaid debts in the underworld, his job at the time was to find you and get you to trial. A job which to his credit, he always executed in a fair and impartial way, with great deference to the correct rules and procedures.

4. But this job wasn’t his exactly his choice. Having finished his original mission here on the site, he was finally able to leave his position and fight his way to a new position.

5. His promotion seemed pretty good at first and then went horribly wrong. To be released from his job, he had to defeat a Shinigami  named Rizoriregoon in armed combat. While at first it appeared that he succeeded, it soon became clear that his opponent had in fact joined him in a most unusual way.

(6. Although on the bright side, he was along with Reaper, a founding member of the Society of Grim Reapers.)

7. Along the way we all discovered the reason for his life sentence serving the underworld. In life it appears he had been a sorcerer of with great elemental power who played a particularly cruel game on the world once, deploying a massive flood that became a part of history.

8. Discovered that Reapers come up as zombies on The Monstrometer, owing to the smell of death and decay that lingers on them as part of the job. A helpful tip that I appreciate enough to overlook some of his er, less helpful moments here on the site. Of which there are admittedly quite a few…

9. One part of his mission involved cracking down on Reapers who have spent too long in the Overworld, in his opinion those who have may have gone a little soft on us mortals – and The Reaper in particular.

10. That said, he is a big defender of Wisconsin. I don’t know if it’s the cheese or the fact that he claims this state holds the biggest reaper stronghold in the mortal world but he successfully defended it from the wrath of Azreal on at least two occasions.

11. In general though, he doesn’t think much of mortals. Human mortals anyway. He actually likes mortal animals. (Which likely makes him a friend of the werewolves too, I would think although he hasn’t explicitly stated this.)

12. He is also partial to giant boats. Although not partial enough to remember where he parks them.

13. After an unexpected encounter with a mischievous cupid, he did for a time acquire a number of Akumi inlaws. I’m not sure how that turned out for either of them…

I think that’s more than enough clues for this infernal survivor. I’m pretty sure that anyone who has read them will have guessed it by now and if you thought it would be a cold day in the underworld before SOS would honour this survivor, well, you’re not alone. But you know what I always say sometimes, with survival anything is possible…

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

6 comments to Guess the Triscadeca Moon Survivor of the Month

  • Hatter MT

    Congrats Agent RB AKA Noah Eden AKA Noah Ark

  • I’d like to make a speech for my good (acquaintance?) Agent RB! Merely 8 months ago, no reaper was in the Hall of Fame. And now, there are two. OVERCOMING ADVERSITY WE ARE RB! Although, I still have no idea how you made it, before Urban Squatch or Marney. That is indeed a mystery.

  • Bluestar

    RB didnt even look at the comments it was so easy :I how come i dont get it im not insane lije RB kind of is

    • Agent RB


      I ment to hit reply to you 🙂


    • Hail Bluestar,

      There are many great survivors on the site and since we can only have one survivor of the month each month there are sadly always going to be survivors who are deserving who didn’t get it. However next month is a new month and theoretically there will be another new month after that as long as we don’t completely destroy the space-time continuum.

      Keep on keeping on.


  • Agent RB

    I honestly resent that. I am of sound mind! Tons of people on this site can vouch for that…
    Like… Umm… I’ll get back to you on that…

    Oh wait! Eris! She knows I’m not crazy!

    *begins to talk to Penelope*
    Well I’m sorry you didn’t get an honorable mention!
    What do you mean I’m a pig nosed imbicle!
    Of course I speak english!
    That’s what you are but what am I? *sticks out tounge*
    I am not childish! You take that back!


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