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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Guess the Survivor of the Month

Well it must be International Happiness Day as well as the spring equinox because we appear to have survived another lousy leprechaun moon, the longest, losing-est one in  history due to the loopifying effect of St. Patrick’s Day.

Don't let this happen to you.

A CATastrophic warning from Agent RB. Don’t let this happen to you.

It never fails the little leapers get me every year at this time. But I CAT-agorically deny  responsibility for what happened to Agent RB’s computer — see photo. Leprechauns like to lift your pockets and shake down your site but they almost never turn your computing devices into a cat. Sounds more like the work of a witch to me. But if you woke up to find a feline felon where you last left your devices, talk to AGENT RB about it here.

And congrats if you survived with SOS. Thanks to everyone who continued to email and enter the 4 Million Moon Contest which will be extended due to the difficulties. Please keep on entering, I haven’t lost your info. Graham and I have stabilized the site enough to survive but will need a few more days to fully repair the damage.

Thanks to the longevity of LILITH who carried the SoTM curse without dragging a single survivor down into the underworld,we are ready to announce the 4 Million Moon Survivor of the Month:

Guess the Survivor of the Month

10 Easy Clues

1. This survivor has been keeping on for almost 6 months, not always saying much, but his detailed and helpful comments and questions indicate he might be strong enough to carry the curse until the next full moon. But is he? That remains to be seen.

2. At one time I thought he might be a demonic pet dealer because he appears to know a lot about that. But he is actually a genetic werewolf on both sides of his family. Specifically, a necromancing cyberwolf. He even has a theme song…

3. Alerted the site to the dangers of radioactive plutonium weapons after his pack caught a certain Vonderblack Vanhellio whose hunter guide was protected by it.  Is there an antidote yet? Trying to contact the Radioactive Wolfman of Ukraine Dr. Vadim Siderovich to find out. 

4. Has – or had –  a vampire GF

5. Also had – or has – a zombie GF. Actually she was a human he resurrected – normally a solid relationship move – but it’s unclear how that’s working out.

Oh wait… belated update….

6. Not great. Does this explain his very clearly expressed hatred for cupids here? And for the record, I for one give great relationship advice! 

7. Makes the startling claim that zombies crave not brains, not rotten cauliflower heads but hydrangea leaves.

*Please note this is entirely unconfirmed.

8. Recently acquired a nice cyborg arm that works in both WW and human form. While Janus is clearly jealous, Valenko insits he could have provided one both more stylish and sturdy – but at what price? How/where did he get that anyway? 

9. Has a device called the Heart of Eve keeping him alive which like many of the more awesomer devices, sounds equally poetic and creepy. It distills pure emotions into life force. And er, it seems to require certain organic parts so any human females on the site are well advised to be very wary of Kurogane.

10. Seems to have a longstanding aquaintance-ship with Lilith who seems to have something on him. The details are sketchy but involve zombie samurai.

If you guessed it, or you read The Reaper’s spoiler – hey no  complaints I used to give prizes for that too just to see if anyone read this so thanks to you Reaper-  the SoTM this month is *drumroll* KUROGANE! A small iTunes gift card is going out to him as soon as I can find a reliable provider for his region and we will see if he can carry the curse to the next full moon. Look for his SoTM profile tomorrow along with This Week In Survival. Thanks to everyone for another supernatural month. 

Many thanks to Lilith for doing her part and passing it on to him. 

If you’re looking for a pretty concise summary of what’s happening here on the site, check out THE REAPER here.

My suspect list however is HERE in reply to FENRIR. 

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

21 comments to Guess the Survivor of the Month

  • I’m going to go with… Necrowolf Kurogane.

  • Agent RB



  • Agent RB

    Oh good gods

    I was loged on to seth on survival when it transformed into a cat
    Now it can post as me
    Anyone speak bianary, or cat…


    • Hatter/Janus/guardianR.S.

      Well the binary says: I am Penelope I am cat kind I love tuna I love yarn I love bianary I love mice I love laptop I love master I hate dog I hate water I hate virus Cuddles is my frog Meow Meow Meow, but cat is something I can’t translate

    • Hatter/Janus/guardianR.S.

      I can speak binary

      • Agent RB

        Can you figure out what my cat is posting?


        • Fenrir Ulfangr

          This is why I don’t have cats, they’re inherently evil.

        • Hatter/Janus/guardianR.S.

          I already did it’s in moderation

        • Hatter/Janus/guardianR.S.

          It says: I am Penelope I am cat kind I love tuna I love yarn I love bianary I love mice I love laptop I love master I hate dog I hate water I hate virus
          Cuddles is my frog

          • Agent RB

            Oh god,

            Well, I guess that’s not evil per say
            But I guess I’m stuck with a cyber cat named Penelope.
            I don’t know what to say to that but, thank you, Penelope, I guess…

            You know, I kinda miss haveing animals around, I’m keeping her 🙂


            • Fenrir Ulfangr

              This is almost as funny as those snakes on Hermes caduceus.
              Or Odins ravens… hahahaha

            • Hatter

              Hey Noah look what I just found in Latin: Puerorum, et puellarum, omnis aetas,
              Quid tibi novi aliquid videre?

              Veni, et vide
              Hoc est in civitatem, consectetuer

              Quantum est hoc, et hoc est ipsum consectetuer
              Exclamaverunt autem in noctis cucurbitas

              Quantum est hoc, ut omnes a scene
              Agnus dei timorem occidere donec vicinis Trick aut tractant
              Suus ‘nostra civitas, omnes clamamus
              In hoc castello Halloween

              Latet sub lecto sim
              Et stridebant dentibus acutis oculis rutilans

              Ego sum, latent ista gradus
              In digitos capillos sicut serpentes, et scorpiones et aranearum

              Quantum est hoc, et hoc est ipsum consectetuer

              Turpis! Turpis! Turpis! Turpis!
              In hoc dicitur sedes
              Ut omnis, grando cucurbita canticum

              In hoc, quod nunc non diligimus?
              Exspectabat sequenti enim mirum Acturi

              Circum angulum est, qui se absconderant in purgamentorum
              Quid magistratum nunc exspectat, tu … ululantes

              Damnosus! Hoc est, consectetuer
              Red ‘n’ nigri, virides, leve,

              An non metuis?

              Bene, quod suus ‘iustus teres
              Dic semel, iterum dicam,
              Ut ac talis evolvere casus
              Intempesta nocte, cum luna Equitare

              Ut omnibus appareret, clamatis, omnes clamamus

              In oppido turpis!

              Ego sum a facie mea tarn lacrimante,
              Atque hic, sine vestigium fulgur

              Ego sum, “qui” cum dicimus, “Quid est?”
              Ventus perflans comas sum

              Luna noctu sum in umbra
              Nondum venit hora mea perterrita sunt implere vestri,

              Quantum est hoc, et hoc est ipsum consectetuer
              Turpis! Turpis! Turpis! Turpis!
              Turpis! Turpis!

              Omnia teneri lumplings
              Suspendisse metus nulla, nisi vita a bono,

              At nos, sed nos non intelligimus
              In villa consectetuer

              In hac civitate

              Nunc non diligamus?

              Exspectabat sequenti enim mirum Acturi
              Ossa Jack back, ut caperent vos in
              Et a banshee ut puerperæ:
              Vos cutem prosiliunt
              Quantum est hoc, scream omnes
              Solet haec omnia, quaeso, viam ipsum dolor sit amet

              Donec accumsan et est qui natus est rex noster,
              Donec quisque vocet ad regem: Ecce,

              Quantum est hoc, et hoc est ipsum consectetuer
              Turpis! Turpis! Turpis! Turpis!

              In hoc dicitur sedes
              Ut omnis, grando cucurbita canticum

  • Kurogane

    I hate cupids cause a certain vampire who I was dating,got hit by one the cupids cameras ended up f&8)&^% and marrying a certain person I once called my best friend
    By the way I’m still dating my zombie gf and her name is Sakura.

  • Kurogane

    Seth,use these two posts in my SOTM profile.

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