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  1. Zyboragon says

    Hmm, Khufu’s pyramid. I wonder if I should go there sometime and try to find Khufu and his treasure. I’ve never been to Egypt either, it might fun.

    I’ve met a mummy in museum before, he didn’t like being away from his crypt but, he did like the attention he was getting. He also mentioned that when a person is alone and wanders off that he’ll start talking and freak that person out.

    As for other mummies I’m clueless. Seth, What safety measures should I take when I face other mummies?

    • Seth says

      Hail Zyboragon,

      Thanks for keeping on and for keeping up with the supernatural state of the world. I guess that’s how museum mummies deal with the boredom of their jobs. Who can blame them?

      The only thing worse than a bored museum mummy, is an angry museum mummy roused by looters, like what happened last February:

      As for survival tips there are a few – but not many – here: With your help this is an area we can work on and maybe add them to the Monstrometer next.

      Thanks for all your help on the site.


  2. Zyboragon says

    Hail Seth,

    Thanks for keeping on and showing me these links. I always enjoy reading informational posts that benefit survivors. Also thank you for editing my typo, (nifty ability you got there). Also Your welcome.

    Do you happen to know anymore mummies I could possibly talk too? The one that I mentioned earlier keeps going on about how he “used to rule”.

    Also, why are dragons such greedy creatures? I’ve never had a fascination for treasure until I became a dragon.
    Any information would be most appreciated.

    P.S stole your phrases. Ha Ha.

    • Seth says

      Hail Zyboragon,

      Thanks for keeping on. My apologies for overlooking this post until now. Please steal any phrase or expression you want around here – just be sure to leave one every now and again too. In case I run out. See I only have a few. I’m always on the lookout for a new one.

      And thanks for your ongoing mummy research. I expect dealing with Museum Mummies might be different than mummies in the wild. What do you think? BTW which museum mummy did you encounter?

      As for dragons being greedy er, with all due respect, is this a trap? If I agree and offer an explanation, are you going to flame me down on my own site? No offense but I have a bit of history with you draconians around here!


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