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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Frost Moon Survivor of the Month

Who will it be?

The Frost Moon is rising to its fullest and frostiest and werewolves everywhere are curling up in their cribs, or roaming free – hopefully NOT in search of angels. Yes, I know this is also technically speaking the Moon of Angels but is that any reason to go looking for a fight?

Why not stop here at SOS instead? I’ll be posting clues about the Survivor of the Month. And this month we will also be inducting one member to the SOS Hall of Fame. One long overdue member.

Enough said here are the first clues. I’ll add some details to them throughout the night. Answers and prizes posted tomorrow….

Frost Moon Survivor of the Month Clues:

1. This Survivor hates wet fur.

2. This Survivor runs with a group of coyote shape shifters.

3. This Survivor is member of a very interesting Zombie Apocalypse Survival team.

4. This Survivor lives in a very dangerous situation. Members of her friend’s family could be A-51 agents.

Guessed it? That’s right it’s:

Moon Song

A small Survivor of the Month iTunes thank you is on the way to Moon Song. Or it will be as soon as I send it! Thanks to everyone who contributed to Survival this month. You keep me keeping on. It may not always look like it, but Graham and I and other survivors all over the globe are always thinking of epic new things we can do with your valuable research and epic tales of survival, so please keep on keeping on. (Seriously. We get dozens of emails every week about it.)

Also, I promised a Hall of Famer this month. Hall of Fame members are not quasi-random like Survivor of the Month. Hall of Famers are beings who have contributed to the survival of countless others here at SOS, including mine. I rely on these Hall of Famers for warnings and reliable research along with general help and goodwill toward other survivors on the site. Like all of us, they come and go on important and sometimes secret survival missions but always seem to keep in touch one way or another. So without further ado, this month one more survivor will be inducted into the SOS Hall of Fame. You will no doubt, recognize him, he’s often the first to greet a new survivor on the site, maybe because of his wings. Yes, that’s right it’s:



Thanks to everyone who contributed to survival this moon. Without you there would be no survival. Please check back for the true account of Moon Song and the Hall of Fame story of Zyboragon – coming up as soon as I send their prizes. Don’t forget to check out some frosty full moon poetry  by Ashpaw if you haven’t already. Or check out the werewolves at yourlupinelife who posted the true story of the Frost Moon along with the epic tale of Louis Pine. (I’m pining for more! When is there more???)

More later! Thanks for keeping on keeping on with SOS.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

28 comments to Frost Moon Survivor of the Month

  • Zyboragon

    Hazza!!! It’s here! It’s always exciting to see survivors and read their stories, this site is like a book, each character develops and grows into the survivors we see today, it’s amazing to watch honestly.
    Congrats to the upcoming winners!!

  • Shadowhunter

    Ah the Angels moon. When we Shadowhunters are at our strongest.

  • Zyboragon

    Also I’m slightly curious about this “incredible plot” mentioned.

    • Hail Z,

      Thanks for pointing that out. A.H.’s story is so incredible that it truly strains credibility- to the extent that I am corroborating it now to make sure that it’s really real. So far, all I know is the survivor known as “A.H.” once banned from SOS for being an indiscriminate werewolf hunter, has been bitten by a Frost Wolf and turned werewolf, only to uncover a bizarre world-domination plot in progress.

      We’ll see if it checks out. If it turns out to be true, I’ll tell more of the story. Thanks for keeping on.


  • Zyboragon

    Speaking of Zombies, it’s nearly time for the Brainfest! Such fun.

  • Moon Song

    I kind of have an idea I know who it is, but reading through the (slightly) older comments I feel it could be anyone.

  • Werewolf13

    Oh wow congrats moon song!!!! And Im really happy you were picked for the hall of fame Z!!!! You both deserve what you got!!!! NOW IM HAPPY FOR PEOPLE

  • Moon Song

    Seth, I feel like correcting you on one of the clues.
    I never said it was a group of coyote shape shifters, it’s just one.
    He’s reading this over my shoulder as I type (in human form, of course,) and he’s laughing at what seems to be a theme among humans- the fact they seem to get the littlest of details wrong.

    (It’s the coyote shapeshifter here, temporarily stealing Moon Song’s phone)
    First off, she’s right about what humans seem to get wrong.
    Second, I have a name, but it’s what I’m known by in the coyote world: Shard. I gave up my human roots long ago and only return to this form once in a great while. If you spend enough time in your animal form you become an animal to human shifter, not human to animal. It’s what happened to me. I may sign up for this site one day, but till then, the forest calls to me and the moon’s calling to Moon Song.

  • Zyboragon

    Is there a way of declining?

  • Silvermoon

    Congratulations on winning survivor of the month Moon Song!!! And congratualtions on being added to the survivor hall of fame Zyboragon!!

  • Gabriella5917

    I Knew that Z was gonna be in the hal of fame!

    • Zyboragon

      Why do I feel like I’m being ignored? 😐 I really don’t want to be in Hall of Fame, I didn’t even want to be Survivor of the Month all those months ago. Argh… How annoying.

      • Moon Song

        Isn’t there a quote/saying somewhere along the lines of “Some are born great, others have greatness thrust upon them…” If there is a third part the. I forgot it.
        But seriously, just deal with it, because you almost seem to be to the point of whining about not wanting it. And when people start to whine is generally when they start to be ignored.
        Maybe if you sent and e-mail to Seth explaining why you don’t want to be in the Hall of Fame then maybe he’d reconsider about adding you to it.

  • mrjaffa

    Well done to you moonsong, and a DOUBLE well done to you Z. Even if you don’t want it, I think you deserve it. You’re one of the largest contributors that’s been on this site.But seriously mate, it gets to the point where modesty is silly 😛

  • Mitsuzo

    Congrats Moon Song and Zyboragon!!!

  • Moon Song

    Little late for this but thanks for all the congrats, fellow survivors.

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