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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Frost Moon Rising 2013 Will There Be A Survivor This Month?

Howling wild moon photo by Wolf Boy.

Howling wild moon photo by Wolf Boy.

Feeling the chill yet wherever you are? Maybe you or somebody you know, seeing his own breath on a glass or mirror? Are you like me, finding frozen spam everywhere?

Then it’s time to take cover, that’s the Frost Moon effect. Between the full moon and the frozen spam storm (void chipmunks anyone?) it’s maybe not the best time for Graham and I  to be uploading the new Monstrometer but hey we’re FINALLY done so we’re giving it a shot.

Meanwhile let’s catch up on the week that was and see who’s still surviving, supernaturally. And answer the question on everyone’s mind – including mine –  will there be another Survivor of the Month? Did THE REAPER contain the curse long enough to pass it on to another unlucky survivor, just as KZAZRIER and MARY did before him? Or will the chain of Survivors of the Month forever be broken and lost in the void forever?

Even I don’t know the answer yet. Please keep on keeping on…


Reaper recommends Enochian Symbols to fight demons.

Reaper recommends Enochian Symbols by Water Pixie to fight demons.

–>> So far so good. THE REAPER appears to be alive and reaping but not sure we can say the same for The Rolling Stones at this point.  Check out REAPER’S report on the anti-demonic use of Enochian symbols here. But which of these symbols do you use against a Nematon demon? Find out BEFORE you make an appointment at your local ink artist!

–>> Hmmm… but the KZAZIAN addendum on unstable auras and the use of certain foods is also instructive – if a little bananas. Maybe an enochian symbol out of a chocolate-bannana cheese cake? But which one to make?

–>> Does this explain the mysterious disappearance of survivor NEW BLOUD?  What exactly did he see in the woods that night?

–>> Be sure and check out KNOX THE HOVERING’s comprehensive report on the Slender Man while you’re there. You’ll think twice before crossing the playground this moon! How did he survive?

–>> Read WEREWOLF13’s interview with KZAZRIER on his Shadower report and decide for yourself if he has the real scoop on New Bloud’s disappearance. WW13 has seen the Slender Man in the woods near her home. Many thanks to her for getting the scoop. Will she hunt him down and find NB tonight?

–>> Or will ADISA be forced to attempt an exorcism?

Who’s Back? 

–>>  THE BEAST recruiting for a study…? Will HATTER the monster therapist and SOUP really help him? Does anyone recall the last time he was around? Cause I do. He was recruiting werewolf blood for a study and a few werewolves including LycantheProtector along volunteered and well… let’s just say the Lycan man hasn’t been around much ever since…

–>> Did the DARKONE really raise MARY from an untimely temporary mid-transformation death? If so many thanks for helping to save the SoTM chain from the curse.  Just don’t call her a dude.

Now What I Do With All This Troll Soup?

Soup that comes in a bag like this not likely to help with your demonic head cold.

Soup that comes in a bag like this not likely to help with your demonic head cold.

–>> Survivors please learn from the error of my mistake. When you get a tip involving supernatural demon-fighting products connecting vicious subterranean bridge dwellers AND too many vowels together – i.e.: o-a and NOT o-u …. well the result can be disastrous. Take it from me. When Fenrir appeared to be advocating the use use of TROLL SOUP on the site, of course I went searched under every troll bridge around the world until I found a vender. Only after it arrived in this biohazard shipping container did I realize the error of my mistake. Of course I could have just listened to the survivors who realized it first…

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

34 comments to Frost Moon Rising 2013 Will There Be A Survivor This Month?

  • Hey wait… Did I survive this month? I think I did… Let me check real fast Seth… Yeah, here it is. Bony exterior, hooded face, and an undead complexion. I am alive. Kind of. But, I think you should worry about the rolling stones. I’m still babysitting them.

  • Knox the Hovering Moon

    Hello again my fellow humans and supernatural beings . As you can see im still alive . And id like to know what happened while I was gone . Nothing out of the ordinary happend to me fyi .

  • Werewolf13

    The Slenderman? Ah, I have seen that guy roaming my woods a few times. He is pretty quick, I’ll give him that.

    • Kzazrier Vetanari

      Well, actually he isn’t quick…
      He glitches because his existence is very fragile.
      He isn’t meant to exist.
      His real name is The Shadower, because he is actually the shadow of Cycle, but he escaped.
      Back when Cycle still had a body…
      It was weird, Cycles body kept changing form.
      That’s probably why Cycle doesn’t have a body anymore…

      • Werewolf13

        Quick as in thought or attack, I meant.
        Though, your theories do interest me. Who is this “Cycle”?

        • That is perhaps one of his forms. But, the one I know, is a Reaper. Like me.

          • Kzazrier Vetanari

            Cycle is Cycle and Cycle does not exist.
            But Cycle does exist, in a way…
            Anyway, “Slenderman” is just some sort of nickname The Shadower got. Slender Man, Him, Der Ritter, Der Großmann, Bundle, The Tall Man, The Thin Man, Der Schlanker Mann, Fear Dubh, Schlankwald, Tree Man, Slendy, Slenderman, The Pale One, The White King, Master, Mr. Slender, Black King or The Shadower.
            They’re all the same.
            His real name is The Shadower.
            He came into existence when he ran away from Cycle.
            For some reason that was also the day that Cycle’s existence became fragile…
            And a year (I think) after that, Cycle gave up on Cycle’s existence and became how Cycle now is.
            Remember this: The Shadower can time-jump, space-jump and realm-jump.
            And he’s also as immortal as you can be.
            He can clone himself, that’s one of the reasons he is immortal.
            But being the shadow of the strongest thing to exist and not to exist helps a lot too.

            • Werewolf13

              I have also studied some of his illusion systems. They are connected to the glitches in himself or his clones, yes?

              • Kzazrier Vetanari

                See it as a video game.
                There are lots of grunts.
                Weaker than the boss.
                So, those Shadow Fragments as I like to call them are not even close to how strong The Shadower himself is.

                • Werewolf13

                  So Cycle has no body, and The Shadower/Slenderman is just his strong shadow? Where would the rest of Cycle be now?

                  • Kzazrier Vetanari

                    If you know how God exists, it’s a bit like that.
                    Cycle is everywhere, but also nowhere.
                    Actually, I’d say he’s likelier to be nowhere than everywhere.
                    The Shadower is the boss of some stronger Shadow Fragments.
                    Those Shadow Fragments are the bosses of all the other Shadow Fragments.
                    There are only two Shadowers in this realm.
                    One is on earth and one on Mirth.

        • Kzazrier Vetanari

          Here we go again…
          Cycle’s existence is the opposite of fragile, yet Cycle does not exist.
          I don’t call Cycle a he, she or it because Cycle doesn’t exist that way.
          Cycle is likely to be the most powerful thing to exist…
          To not exist.
          Most powerful thing to exist or not to exist.
          Cycle doesn’t abuse those powers.
          Cycle made Mirna and Cranon.
          Let’s just say that Cycle is very, very, very, very powerful.
          Cycle is the one that made chaos and order.
          Both those realms and the chaos and order itself.
          So, Cycle is not a “Who” or a “What”, since Cycle doesn’t exist in that way.
          Think of it this way.
          There are three balls.
          Each one is in another one.
          Here they are: ((()))
          And here they are with what is inside it: (existence(before time(time)before time)existence)
          Although this is not really how it works…
          In the (time), there are a lot of realms.
          If you reach the end of those realms, you will notice some sort of wall.
          If you touch that wall, you will either be teleported to the center of the realms or allowed to go to (before time).
          And Cycle made the (existence) ball, (before time) ball and the (time) ball.
          The only other things Cycle made were rules.
          Rules for gods to obey, even if those gods don’t know about them, they still obey them.
          This is not really how it works, it’s a very simple explanation of it.
          There is more than just Cycle.
          Lord Cranon and Lady Mirna for example…
          And the other two idiots…
          I have met Cycle, Lord Cranon and Lady Mirna.
          Lord Cranon is a very kind, polite man.
          The only bad thing about him is that he invented death…
          Lady Mirna is a funny woman.
          She invented life.
          The funny thing is, Lord Cranon defends life and Lady Mirna defends death.
          Weird, right?
          Oh, and…
          If my existence fades, it’ll be because of Cycle.

  • The Shadow holds the soul… So, does that make Der Ritter the key to defeating the cycle?

    • Werewolf13

      Why would we use him to defeat his figure? I thought he was Cycle’s shadow.
      Oh gosh, this is complex. My mind is already spinning enough from the moon.

      • Well, again. Kzazier originally thought that the Cycle had no soul, but if he has a shadow, he has a soul. So, that makes Slenderman reapable, and if Slenderman is reapable and Slenderman is the Shadow of the Cycle, that means that The Cycle can be defeated rather easily! *Takes a bow*

        • Werewolf13

          I guess that makes sense… *Closes eyes in confusion*
          I haven’t caught up on survival in awhile•~•

          • Kzazrier Vetanari

            And it would work if it wouldn’t have been Cycle.
            Not everything has a soul, even though everything alive should have a soul…
            There are some people, like the Five, who don’t have one.
            And don’t need one either.

            • Werewolf13

              Due to the fact that shadows are almost reflections of one’s soul, wouldn’t Cycle have a soul?

              • Kzazrier Vetanari

                The Shadower isn’t a reflection of Cycle’s soul, since The Shadower existed BEFORE the Souls were invented.
                Just wait for some comments that are awaiting moderation…
                I’ll explain something else for now: The Shadower isn’t the reflection of Cycle’s soul. The Shadower is a bit like Cycle’s son, if he would ever have one. But… Cycle accidentally made him. Kind of. It’s complicated…

              • Exactly WW13. Unfortunately for us, the Cycle is unnatural. It doesn’t abide by the known and unknown laws of physics.

                • Kzazrier Vetanari

                  By the way, Cycle invented most of those laws of physics…
                  Cycle also made this rule: “With power, there will be enemies.”
                  And… “Time is not limited nor unlimited, but a limit it shall have.”
                  And some other rules for people with power.

        • Kzazrier Vetanari

          Nice strategy.
          It would work for anyone but one of the Five.
          See the comment I made for more details.
          (although you’ll have to wait because it’s in moderation)

      • Well, again. Kzazier originally thought that the Cycle had no soul, but if he has a shadow, he has a soul. So, that makes Slenderman reapable, and if Slenderman is reapable and Slenderman is the Shadow of the Cycle, that means that The Cycle can be defeated rather easily! *Takes a bow*

    • Kzazrier Vetanari

      No, the Five invented the Soul-System.
      They don’t need souls.
      And Cycle invented the other four.
      And the rules…
      Those stupid rules…
      Anyway, you can’t reap The Shadower.
      Because, well…
      Oh, wait.
      You can destroy the Shadow Fragments, but you can’t kill the original Shadower.
      You can kill/destroy the clones, though.
      You CAN’T destroy Cycle.
      Cycle isn’t meant to die.
      Cycle doesn’t even exist.
      Oh, and…
      Please don’t refer to Cycle as a he, she or it.
      Cycle is none of these.
      See it as…
      In mario, there are some blocks you can’t destroy, right?
      It’s a bit like that.
      No matter what you do (except hacking it, but that’s not possible with life in this way), you won’t be able to destroy that block.
      It’s a little complicated…
      But, you can’t kill something that can’t die.

      • Your saying that it’s hopeless? No, no, no! You WILL find a way. Or I will sacrifice myself to shut it off by merging myself with it.

        • Kzazrier Vetanari

          You’re looking at it from a wrong perspective.
          Imagine you are a god.
          The creator of a new world.
          However, in this world there are other people with a lot of power.
          You don’t want them to mess up everything, do you?
          So, what do you do.
          You create rules.
          But then they break them by giving other people power.
          They create magic.
          They create weapons.
          They create war.
          What can you do to prevent a HUGE war with a lot of mortals?
          You wipe the ones that are too strong out.
          It’s that simple.
          Cycle made rules and we some people are disobeying them.
          Cycle is the good one here.
          We are the evil ones.
          The bad ones.
          Cycle made this world and doesn’t want us to mess it up when we have a lot of power.
          Oh, and…
          Cycle doesn’t exist in a way that you can just destroy Cycle…
          So, if you want to look at it that way, it really is hopeless.
          Although Cycle can’t enter earth at the moment…
          But sacrificing yourself won’t gain anything.
          If Cycle is shut off, reality will break down.
          Cycle isn’t meant to be gone.
          It’s impossible for Cycle to be gone.
          Even if it was possible, it’s still impossible.
          Cycle made time and reality and existence.
          If Cycle’s gone, time, reality and existence will be gone too.

        • Werewolf13

          I’m just gonna go now… I gotta get all my preparations and stuff done before the moon fully rises.
          Good luck with whatever you are trying to figure out.

          • Kzazrier Vetanari

            It’s ice-moon, isn’t it?
            It feels like I forgot something importand about ice-moon…
            Oh whatever, it can’t be that importand if I can forget it, right?

    • Kzazrier Vetanari

      Fun fact:
      Der Ritter is German for the knight.

  • Venomtongue

    It amuses me how something created no more than what, 4 years ago? is being talked about as though it is real.
    Time to grow up, kiddies…

    • Kzazrier Vetanari

      If you are talking about Slenderman, he’s fake.
      If you’re talking about The Shadower, he’s real and he’s older than time itself.
      Oh, and the slendermyth exists longer than four years.
      More than 100 years.
      If you’re talking about something else, how am I supposed to know whether it exists or not if I don’t even know what you mean?

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